15 Things Vince Forbids WWE Stars From Doing

Just like every other company, WWE has strict rules that its wrestlers must follow, otherwise, it’s the door for them.

The rules the wrestlers are forced to abide by are always changing though, thanks to mainstream media and the WWE Universe. While some wrestlers who sit at the top of the food chain get by with a fine or warning, there are a few lower-ranked wrestlers who have failed to follow the rules and gotten the ax. Sometimes they are punished and had no idea that certain rule they are being punished for breaking even existed thanks to all the constant changes.

Keep scrolling to learn 15 things WWE employees are banned from doing. Some are quite obvious, while others are kind of a bit silly.

15 No Piledrivers


Over the years, certain moves have been banned due to the possibility of serious injury, although wrestlers such as The Undertaker have been known to use them now and again.

According to sportster.com, the piledriver, burning hammer, Canadian destroyer, and chair shots to the skull are just a few moves wrestlers are banned from doing due to fans emulating them and how they could lead to tragedy.

14 They Must Make Sure To Not Misuse Passive/Aggressive Words


One of the biggest rules that WWE has for all employees in the business is how they use passive/aggressive words.

According to givemesport.com, there is a difference between saying ‘Cena was upset and asked for a rematch’ and ‘Cena was furious and demanded a rematch.’

When storytelling, one must make it clear if they are a face or a heel by how they speak.

13 Cuts Are A No No


During the attitude era, bloodshed and violence were a big thing in the WWE.

According to therichest.com, blood and violence is something that WWE has completely ruled out of their programming. Unfortunately, there is the rare occasion where someone makes a mistake and injures another wrestler or themselves.

While some of the bigger stars can get away with it, there are some that have been hit with some hefty fines.

12 They Are Banned From Calling The WWE Titles A "Belt"


One rule that seems a bit silly is that the wrestlers are banned from calling the titles a belt or strap.

According to givemesport.com, they can call them championships or titles, but that’s all. The titles represent hard work and dedications and are a big accomplishment for those wrestlers lucky enough to win them. Calling it a belt would devalue the meaning behind it.

11 No Touching The Big Boss


One thing that all wrestlers are banned from doing, touching the great Vince McMahon.

According to therichest.com, a perfect example involves Titus O’Neil. As the roster gathered on stage to give Daniel Bryan a heartfelt send-off during his in-ring retirement, Titus grabbed McMahon as Stephanie tried to pass by. Vince blew his top and tried to fire him, thanks to Triple H though, he was just suspended.

10 They Have To Call Hospitals "Medical Facilities"

Wrestling Observer Newsletter

One rule that was recently put into place is the term hospital.

According to givemesport.com, WWE employees are only allowed to call them medical facilities now due to fans calling local hospitals to about wrestlers who were injured during the live tapings. By changing the term to medical facilities, it suggests they are being taken to a private surgery center.

9 All Media Bookings Must Be Pre-Approved


One rule WWE employees must follow is that they need to get approval for all projects or guest appearances.

According to sportster.com, this includes movies, tv shows, even online media like Xavier Woods’ UpUpDownDown show.

Wrestlers are also banned from signing any deals with brands like Nike or Adidas, due to WWE feels they may have to change their booking style if so.

8 While Under Contract, They Are Not Allowed To Wrestle For Other Companies


One rule that is an obvious one is that wrestlers can’t appear on another brand's show, not even as a fan, due to the chance of being recognized.

According to therichest.com, there are times when WWE as given permission though. A few examples being when Johnny Gargano appeared on Evolve and Apollo Crews who appeared in PCW.

It all depends on the deal though and if WWE agrees to it.

7 They Must Keep The Boss' Name Out Of Their Mouth During The Hall Of Fame

Detroit Metro Times

When it comes to the Hall of Fame, Vince has always liked to stay incognito, which is where the no talking about him rule comes into play, well unless you're Kid Rock.

According to therichest.com, when Kid Rock was inducted, he was instructed of the rule, but Kid Rock being who he is, chose to ignore it and mentioned him briefly.

6 Getting Injured Or Sick Makes Them Fair Game

Wrestling News Source

Jim Ross is one of the most iconic WWE announcers to ever work for the company, well besides the King of course.

According to therichest.com though, back in the mid-90s, JR suffered his first Bell’s Palsy attack and instead of allowing him time to heal, Vince decided to let his contract run out.

Just goes to show the world that getting sick in the WWE is not acceptable.

5 Putting One's Hands On Another Employee Is Grounds For Termination, No Matter What The Reason


Alberto Del Rio was one of the hottest stars in the business for a while there before his firing in 2014, which came to a shock to many WWE fans.

According to therichest.com, from what Del Rio has explained, another crew member made an inappropriate racist remark towards him and he slapped the person in question for it, causing WWE to have to step in and fire him.

4 Everyone Must Follow The Script WWE Comes Up With


In the good old days, wrestlers were just given the gist of what the showrunners were looking for.

According to sportster.com though, nowadays wrestlers and commenters have a script they must follow and are banned from going off it. By doing this, they are ensuring wrestlers memorize their promos and minimize the chance of cutting horrible ones.

3 Wrestling In Japan Is Ok, But Mentioning New Japan Is Another No No

Rolling Stone

Recently, WWE has allowed its employees to mention the TNA/Impact Wrestling company in their promos.

According to therichest.com though, New Japan Pro Wrestling is still off the table, even though a few WWE wrestlers came from it. For example, AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura both came from NJPW. When competing against one another, announcers can mention how they have been rivals since Japan, but that is all.

2 Getting Pregnant Will Lead To Termination


Over the past few decades, there have been multiple employees that have lost their job due to injury.

Well, according to therichest.com, it seems like pregnancy is also another no, no. Both Dawn Marie and Kharma, a.k.a Awesome Kong, were both let go due to pregnancy, Dawn in 2005 and Kharma in 2011.

1 They Are No Longer Allowed To Refer To Themselves As Wrestlers, But As Sports Entertainers

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Once Vince McMahon took over WWE, he decided that the wrestlers would no longer be called “wrestlers.” Instead, they are supposed to refer to themselves as “sports entertainers.”

According to therichest.com, all employees are supposed to use the term sports entertainer now. Many employees, especially some of the greats, feel that this rule is ridiculous, and it irks them to have to follow it.

Sources: givemesport.com, sportster.com, therichest.com

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