• 15 Things We Only Noticed In Hocus Pocus As Adults

    There are a few things that we do when it comes to Halloween, wear a costume, go trick or treating, go to costume parties, rot our teeth out with candy, and watch Hocus Pocus.

    Hocus Pocus is a hilarious Halloween classic that will forever stand the test of time. First being released by Disney in 1993, it’s packed full of everything that is Halloween. From black cats, witches, magical spells, foul-mouthed zombies, catchy singing, and so much more.

    As kids though, it’s easy to miss a few things that are easier to notice as adults. For example, as children we would never even think to notice that Halloween 1993 took place on a Sunday, so why were they in school?

    Here are 15 other head-scratching events that we missed as children but noticed as adults.

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    Where Did They Get All Their Ingredients?

    Watching the Sanderson sisters make their potions, we watch them throw things in like a dead man’s toe and blood from an owl. Some creepy stuff.

    According to bustle.com, one question we have as adults is where did those ingredients come from? One would think that with their house being turned into a museum, all their ingredients would be stripped bare.

    Maybe they had time to go shopping?

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    Mary Must Be The Smartest Witch Out Of The Three Because Of Her Powers

    As kids, most of us probably watched Hocus Pocus and immediately thought that Winifred was the smartest sister out of the three.

    According to thelist.com though, it’s obvious that Mary is the smart one. Let’s get technical for a minute, Mary has a very strong sense of smell that can detect not only a nearby child, but where they are, the gender, and even their age.

    It’s obviously her.

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    How Did Winifred Know What A Driver's Permit Is?
    Entertainment Weekly

    One of the funniest scenes in the movie is when Winifred is chasing the kids on her broom and flies up next to them in the car and asks: “Pull over, let me see your driver’s permit.”

    According to goodhousekeeping.com, as hilarious as this scene was, it raises some questions as adults. One being, how does she even know what a driver’s permit is if she has been dead for 300 years?

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    If The Candle Raises The Sisters From The Dead, Why Were There Lighters Sitting Right Next To It?

    So, for those who don’t know the legend behind the Black Flamed Candle, according to goodhousekeeping.com, it goes: “On a full moon, it will raise the spirits of the dead when lit by a virgin on Halloween night.”

    Now knowing the legend behind the candle, why would the museum set up a display of lighters right next to the candle? Also, why were all these historical pieces left behind?

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    There Were Some Filming Flaws
    Guff & DeviantArt

    Like any movie, Hocus Pocus had a few filming issues.

    According to goodhousekeeping.com, some of the issues, for example, were visible wires on Mary’s broom and Max being soaked from the sprinklers but being completely dry as he ran out of the house. One of the biggest issues out of all them though was Sarah’s hair constantly changing from curly to straight throughout the movie.

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    The Sanderson Sisters' House Should Not Be That Dirty
    The Best Picture Project - WordPress.com

    When the kids enter the Sanderson Sisters' house, Allison explains to Dani that the house had been turned into a museum but closed due to spooky stuff happening.

    According to thelist.com, with how heavy the dust and cobwebs were, it looked like the house hadn’t been touch since 1693. Also, if it had been shut down for years, why was there still electricity?

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    There Were Three Signs Hinting Allison Might Be A White Witch

    Throughout the movie, there are a few different signs that suggest Allison might be a white witch.

    According to thelist.com, the biggest sign of all is how she is drawn to the book. The entire time she has it, she is seen resisting the urge to read it.

    Also, when she makes the circle of salt around her, Winifred exclaims: “What a clever little white witch.”

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    Why Couldn't Binx Talk To His Parents?

    At the beginning of the movie, Binx is cursed to live eternity as a cat by the Sanderson Sisters. After they are hanged, he tries to gain the attention of his parents by rubbing on his father’s leg but is called a beast and shooed away.

    According to goodhousekeeping.com, the question on everyone’s mind is why he couldn’t talk to his parents but could talk to Max, Dani, and Allison.

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    Why Was Billy So Fresh For Being Dead 300 Years?
    Digital Spy

    When the zombie Billy is first resurrected, he rises with his mouth sewn shut, tattered clothes, and some crazy hair.

    According to goodhousekeeping.com, Billy had been dead for 300 years when he was resurrected. For someone who had been dead that long, he was quite fresh looking. Realistically, by the time of his resurrection, he should have been a lot more deteriorated.

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    The House Was Also In Christmas Vacation

    Just like Hocus Pocus is a traditional Halloween movie, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is a traditional Christmas movie.

    According to goodhousekeeping.com, these two movies have more in common though than just being traditional holiday movies. If watched closely, fans can spot the same house in both movies. First appearing in the Christmas Vacation as the Griswold house, and later behind Max in the cemetery as he talked to Binx.

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    The Book May Belong To Allison Now
    Disney Wiki - Fandom

    This adds to the theory that Allison is a white witch.

    According to thelist.com, at the end of the movie the spell book’s eye pops open. This can happen for two reasons: either the Sanderson sisters aren’t really gone, or the book has a new master, Allison.

    With Allison being so drawn to the book and all the curses being broken after the Sanderson sisters were banished, it's most likely the second option.

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    What Happened To The Bullies?
    Villains Wiki - Fandom

    In the movie, when Max shows up to save his sister and he finds the two bullies stuck in cages instead of releasing them, he takes his shoes back and leaves them.

    According to thelist.com, even after the credits roll through, they are seen still locked up and singing Row Row Your Boat. As kids, we never noticed, but as adults, we are curious to know if they were left to rot.

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    Why Didn't Binx Live Forever?

    At the end of the movie, Binx’s human soul is released and he walks off into the sunset with his sister after the Sanderson sisters are defeated.

    According to bustle.com though, this makes little sense since when Binx was cursed, the curse was that he would live eternity as a cat. Was there a fine print somewhere that stated that if the caster dies, so does the victim?

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    How Did Billy Not Drop Instantly?
    Bloody Disgusting

    At the end of the movie, we watch as the Sanderson sisters are defeated and Binx goes off into the sunset with his sister.

    According to goodhousekeeping.com though, this should have happened to Billy too, yet he was able to walk to his grave and fall back in like he was ready for bed. Shouldn’t he have collapsed into a pile of bones as soon as they were defeated?

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    Winifred's Spellbook Is Beyond Terrifying

    Out of all the spells, scary life-sucking witches, and zombies, the scariest part of the Hocus Pocus movie must be Winifred’s spellbook.

    According to goodhousekeeping.com, not only does the spellbook levitate, blink with its one eyes, and is made from skin, but if looked at closely while Winifred is reading it, it’s also full of some pretty awful spells and excruciating punishments.

    Sources: thelist.com, goodhousekeeping.com, bustle.com

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