15 Things You Probably Never Knew About Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl here, the one and only source for the scandalous lives of Manhattan's elite... Just kidding. While I would give anything to be the infamous scribe, that's just not the case. Still, as a fan of the show, there were many things that intrigued me about it over all those years. Watching Serena, Blair, Dan, Chuck, and Nate grow up and become the people they were always meant to be was just so satisfying. After the final credits rolled, though, I wanted so much more. Why did it have to end like that? Why wasn't there another series? There were just so many questions running around my mind.

Craving a GG fix once again? This is the right place to be. There were loads of secret messages hidden in the series and many people didn't notice them the first time around. Here are just 15 things that might have slipped by.

15 The actress who played Blair Waldorf was really nice

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Anyone who was a fan of Gossip Girl knows just one thing: Blair is a total cow. There's no denying that she was one of the most scheming, manipulative people on the whole show. From the very start of the first series, we get a taste of how this girl plays things. From cutting Serena out of her life when she came back into town to trying to control her minions, this lady was the ultimate mean girl and then some.

While some fans might have imagined this girl was the same off set, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, according to her co-stars, Leighton Meester was an absolute delight to work with. It's hard imagining her being a witch with a 'b' on screen and then being a total charmer when the director shouts 'cut'.

14 Serena and Blair always ate lunch in the same place

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Did you guys notice this one, eh? Whenever the two ladies had lunch together, they always sat in the very same place. Spoiler: It's the right hand side of the Met Steps! Now, we know that the ladies had a serious girl code thing going on, but what on earth was the deal with this special meeting place? Why would the girls (and their minions) always have to eat in the very same place every day?

Well, apparently, the answer is very simple. The truth of the matter is that these steps (or rather, this space!) were based on a real-life area. According to a Gossip Girl tour guide, the steps are based on an area where a group of rich private school kids sit every single day. So, the idea was to have both Blair and Serena adopt this very same practice.

13 The exterior of the school was really a museum

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Do you remember how the school looked so grand from the outside? Well, there's actually a reason for that. What you see on screen is not a school at all. In fact, it was a working museum. Sadly, Constance Billard School for Girls is a completely made-up place. It just doesn't exist. Sigh! Instead, the building was actually The New York City Museum. After filming, they would doctor the shots to make sure that we never caught a glimpse of the signs! Clever.

Many spots around New York were used during the filming of the show. For the team, it was crucial to show the kids living the ultimate Upper East Side lifestyle. That meant going to great lengths to make sure that there would be some famous places in many of the scenes.

12 Gossip Girl was originally meant to be a movie

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Can you imagine packing all the action of six series into one little movie? Um, no, we can't either. In fact, the very idea of trying to squeeze all of that into just one flick seems a little insane to us. After all, over the course of the series, the characters change and grow so very much. You see them turn into adults, make some serious mistakes, and eventually find their way in the world. Needless to say, it's a whole load of drama to handle.

Well, this next thing may surprise you just a tad. You see, when the idea was first pitched, it was supposed to be a movie adaptation of the book rather than a whole series. What's more, the producers had none other than Lindsay Lohan in mind for the character of Blair. Um, what?

11 Ed Westwick almost didn't make the cut

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Love him or loathe him (I just so happen to love him), Chuck was one of the best characters in the show. We can't imagine anyone else playing this iconic character other than the rather fabulous Ed Westwick. He just seemed to embody the massive personality in a way that no one else could. There's not an actor on the planet who would have had quite the same effect on audiences around the globe. Many ladies fell head over heals for this guy when he started portraying Chuck... and who can blame them?

Well, there were actually many things that stood in Ed's way when it came to getting the role. For one thing, his visa was delayed (he's British!) and he nearly missed the start of the shooting program. What's more, the directors were not too sure about his look. They thought he looked more like a killer than a lead! Ouch. Luckily, he proved them wrong.

10 Taylor Momsen was apparently hard to work with

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Now, few of us can imagine little Jenny being anything but an absolute pleasure to work with. The character is so very sweet that it's hard to picture the actress being the opposite. Well, there have been many rumors surrounding this whole thing. When the actress suddenly left the show, many of the fans were confused. What had happened? Why would they let one of the main characters go for no real reason? What was the deal?

Some people thought that the reason was that her band, 'The Pretty Reckless' started to get famous at that point. Perhaps Taylor didn't want to carry on acting and make music at the same time. But wait... There's another rumor here too. Some people believe that the actress was kicked off the show for being a brat. Hmm... What do you guys think?

9 The producers got many complaints from worried parents

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Looking back, Gossip Girl was quite possibly one of the most risqué shows on TV at the time. This was the mid 2000s remember; a time when we were all a little younger and a little more naive. Watching a show about sex, drugs, underage drinking and so on... Well, it was nothing short of scandalous and the show was known to draw in a young audience. Perhaps that was due to its name along with the supposed age of the characters. Either way, the viewership was mainly made up of teens and, let's just say, their parents were not happy.

The show got a whole load of complaints from parents about the themes it portrayed. Luckily, the producers knew how to turn lemons into lemonade, and so they used the complaints in advertisement campaigns for the show. Who wouldn't want to watch something that was meant to be 'every parent's nightmare', eh?

8 Vanessa could have been way more interesting

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If I were to ask you just one question, I'm pretty sure that I could guess the answer. Who do you think was the out and out worst character on the show? Who bored you to tears more times than you can actually remember? That's right, it's none other than the ever dull AF Vanessa. What was the point of this character, eh?

When the book's author spoke to MTV, she was very clear about her thoughts on the whole Vanessa problem. It seems that fans weren't the only ones who thought that this character was... Well, a little less than interesting. "I think Vanessa is one character they ruined," explains Cecily von Ziegesar, the creator of the original stories. "In the book, she's kick-ass and has a shaved head and wears lots of black." So, in another world, this lady could have pretty much been the star of the show.

7 Penn Badgley and Blake Lively really dated

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There was some serious on-screen chemistry between Serena and Dan, right? Well, there might just be a reason for that. Those sparks that were flying could have been very real. These two stars had something of a history together. Before they even started the show in 2006, they had both been home-schooled together. Bet you never knew that one, eh? But wait... That's not all, they actually dated during the show as well. So, while they were playing lovers on the show, they were actually seeing one another in their spare time.

Yes, between 2007 and 2010, the two were romantically involved. It makes a load of sense when you think about it. Spending that much time with one another is sure to have consequences. Sadly, their romance did not last the years to come. Blake Lively is now married to the stunning Ryan Reynolds. Lucky guy.

6 Leighton Meester is a natural blonde

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You probably thought that her hair color was 100% natural, right? I mean, what would Blair be if she were a blonde-haired diva. For some reason, it just would not suit the character at all. There was something so very fitting about both her hair and personality being darker than dark. After all, this is not a sweet and innocent little girl. Oh no, this is a manipulative lady who knows what she wants and how to get it. That was always the character's deal, right?

After casting Leighton as Blair, she was told that she would need to dye her hair for the role. Luckily, the actress seemed to have no problem with this request. Frankly, we think that she looked utterly fabulous as a brunette. We can't imagine how she might have looked otherwise.

5 Chuck had an actual monkey in the books

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The character of Chuck was always one for lavish things. During the series, he is constantly buying things and showing off his wealth. In fact, other than playing with the affections of many ladies, this is pretty much the only thing that he does. So, it would make sense that he would get himself a rather outlandish pet. In the show version of the story, Chuck has a little dog that he calls Monkey. Well, this is not entirely true to the book at all. Instead, it's a hat tip to what really happened in the original story.

You see, in the novels, Chuck does not have a dog at all. Oh no, instead, he just so happens to have a little pet monkey. Yeah, you read that one right. The character owns a real-life monkey.

4 The actors who played Rufus and Lily dated IRL

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Well, there was yet more chemistry between actors on the show. In fact, the two actors who played Rufus and Lily dated in real life once. In 2012, Kelly Rutherford and Matthew Settle were seen kissing in New York City. It all sounds like a story from Gossip Girl, right? Well, it's not. Much of the media reported that the couple were together at the time, but we may never know what the real story behind their romance is.

Still, it's odd to think that so many of the cast members dated both on and off screen. It just goes to show that the series chose well when it came to chemistry. The casting directors could clearly tell when there was something of a flame between characters. That must be why so many of them got it on after shooting finished.

3 Gossip Girl Day lands on January 26

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We bet you never knew that Gossip Girl had its very own day, did you? Most shows don't get that kind of respect. Still, this was more than just a series about Upper East Siders and their love lives. It was something of a cult hit. Over its six-season run, it became one of the most-watched shows on American TV, which says a whole load about it. The fans were more than just dedicated to the show; they loved it in a way that was almost unseen before then.

So, when the former Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, visited the set back in 2012, he proclaimed it the official Gossip Girl Day. So, next year, perhaps you should take the chance to celebrate the day. Why not dress up like a character and drink expensive cocktails? You know you want to.

2  Jenny and Blair make up in the final episode

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Did you miss this little telltale sign, eh? If you thought that Blair and Jenny's relationship was over for good, you were oh-so-wrong. There was a little hint in the very last episode that you should have noticed. Jenny actually carried a "J by Waldorf” bag, which is about so much more than fashion. You see, the hidden meaning here is that the two have made up and they are now working together. It would seem that Blair has given Little J a second chance and given her a line in her company.

In fact, there were many hidden little things in the show that you may not have noticed before now. The producers went to great lengths to make sure that they could convey as much as possible about the characters in the final scenes.

1 Gossip Girl's identity was never revealed in the books

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By the end of the final series, we all knew who Gossip Girl really was. (Don't worry, I'm not about spoilers here. If you have yet to see the entire six seasons, I won't ruin the big reveal for you. Still, you're pretty behind. You should really get on it and finish watching this series, pronto!) Let's just say that many of us were surprised about who the secret writer was the entire time. I for one, never saw the finale coming until the last moments. Plus, even then, I was still confused by who it was meant to be.

If you weren't happy with the ending, don't worry. The books have it laid out quite differently. In them, we never actually find out who the narrator is. While that may be frustrating for some, I think there's something intriguing about a cliffhanger.

Gossip Girl, XOXO

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