15 Things You Will Actually Learn From Your Worst Job Ever

If you’ve ever found yourself sulking in the bathroom at your job in the middle of your shift, tears in full bloom, then you probably hate your job. Or someone inconsiderately forgot to flush their number 2. Let’s pray for the first option. You probably start scolding yourself for remaining a little too long at an unfulfilling temp job that you literally took up just to pay the bills. It’s not fair but it happens to all of us. Well, don't fret! Even if this job is giving you permanent nightmares or anxieties for your shrink to dissect, there are plenty you will be learning through this experience. In the storm of horrible job-ness, you may not have had an umbrella, but you’re gaining more than a psyche drenched in angst. Change doesn’t happen without dramatic events, like a horrible job, that accelerate thinking. While everything about the job may seem pointless to your life, you’re actually learning and gaining qualities that’ll help you in the future.

These are the 15 life lessons you'll leave your horrible job with – go you for surviving through it all! If you're still stuck on that crappy soul-sucking job – hang in there!

15 Patience


Whether you are waiting for your shift to be over, or waiting for something better to come, you’ve developed patience at your worst job ever. It’s not easy being patient. Especially when you’re regularly bothered by something as irksome as a bad job. In patience you’ll find that you inherit a sense of tranquility. You'll even come to the realization that the current mind-numbing situation that is your job is not all that is in your cards. Patience allows you to let this horrible time pass and for other things to flourish and come your way in due time. As vague as that may sound, patience will do you good in the long run. So avert your eyes from the clock – time has a way of ticking at its own pace anyways.

14 Sarcasm


While sarcasm can’t be listed on your resume as a second language, it’s always nice to have. The negative connotation around sarcasm is that if you are sarcastic, you’re an a** hole, but in actuality sarcasm is a sign that you don’t take everything so seriously. And when you’re put in a position that’s hellish, sarcasm helps alleviate the blow of performing minuscule tasks. Sarcasm helps filter what is worth just laughing off and what isn’t. Most people who get offended by sarcasm, aren’t fluent in the language. Hashing out sarcasm and being able to endure it gives you thicker skin and peels off a layer of sensitivity that you don't need in the workforce.

13 Innovation


There is never just one way to get things done and that applies to anything. It’s a benefit to be able to perform a task but to have the ability to approach it in several different ways is even better. At your worst job ever you probably figured out several excuses as to why you were late or found a way to make it look like you clocked in at a certain time. This is innovation. Maybe not the most honest innovation, but who’s judging? Your co-worker probably irons their work shirt every day but you leave yours on the dashboard of your car to dry because you just washed it 20 minutes before your shift. Different, but mission accomplished. Innovation allows you to be on your way to creative problem solving and let’s all agree that that sounds pretty fancy.

12 Aspiration


The reason why your job sucks is usually because you aspire to do different things. And maybe it isn’t being an astronaut like you told your 4th grade teacher, but you have a longing for something else instead of your current job. Aspirations are the fuel you need to better yourself and your current situation. With some hard work and drive there’s no reason that those aspirations can’t become a reality. It’s odd that we sometimes have to be in a crappy situation to realize that we don’t deserve crappy, but we actually deserve fabulous and anything that’s bedazzled. We want a sparkly occupation that makes us squint and cry tears of joy like when the Starbuck's barista spells your name right on your cup.

11 Sense of Humor


If you can laugh at the idea of your horrible job then you have a sense of humor. You can laugh at the tedious things you have to do, or the way your boss yells at you over nothing. The point is to be able to laugh even if you’re the butt of the joke. Having a lighthearted approach makes it easier to endure. Now don’t laugh and cry at the same time because people will think you’re crazy. Genuinely find it funny and don’t take it too seriously. Being able to laugh it off will do you good when you’re actually at a job that you like. People will wonder how you got such a sense of humor and you can enlighten them on the horrors of that terrible job you had (or have).

10 Positivity


Before work you tell yourself, it’s only a certain number of hours, or you’ve only got to see a certain amount of clients/customers. That’s minimizing what you have to do at your worst job ever and staying positive. And maybe you even thought, "Hey, at least I am making some sort of money and can afford the combo pack of Ramen." If you can manage to stay positive in a bad situation, imagine how outrageously positive you’ll be once you’re put in a better situation. People will be attracted to your uplifting personality like a moth to a flame. And once you leave the bad job it will probably be a lot easier to remain positive because you aren’t weighed down by the stress or the feeling of dread that overcomes your entire body when it's time to go to work.

9 Coping


Everyone has different ways of dealing with misfortunes in their life. Whether you eat, drink or sleep the anguish away, it’s a start to developing your own coping mechanism. Having to face a horrible job everyday seriously puts your coping skills in high gear. Coping can help you in all assets of your life. Practicing coping mechanisms prepares you from having to feel jarred when something cope-worthy sporadically lands in your life outside of the work place. Dealing with what you have at the moment could never be a bad thing. The point is that you’re dealing with it.

8 Tolerance


Don’t mistake this for being able to take a line of tequila shots and still be able to recite the alphabet backwards. While that is pretty impressive, this type of tolerance means being to withstand things that are annoying. Being told something a million times, okay. Or to listen to someone complain about a food item you have brought back to the kitchen two times already, that’s fine! Why? Because you have gained tolerance for people and their baggage that always seems to land right on your lap. You don’t easily snap because you have already been bent out of shape over and over again. You’re malleable at this point.

7 Self-Control


Imagine a world where we immediately acted on our first thought or emotion? Prisons would be more packed than they are right now. Horrible jobs allow us to have self-control because we deal with ungodly conditions and people but yet don’t lash out on them (all the time) and get hauled away for an assault charge. Being able to keep your Zen even when people are pushing your triggers, is a gift. Besides, save your aggressive energy for things that matter like road rage or people cutting in line. Choose your battles wisely and leave them for outside of the workplace.

6 Self-Worth


A bad job helps you realize that you want something better for yourself. This is because you know your worth. Knowing what you deserve allows you to seek more suitable things for yourself. Once your wings have been clipped at this job you’re ready to fly to other opportunities that don’t make you feel like crap. It’s challenging to find a comfortable job when you haven’t experienced being uncomfortable. It gets you out of your comfort zone. Putting a value to yourself makes it almost impossible for anyone else to make you feel like you aren’t worth anything. The world is full of people that will take any chance they can get to knock you down a couple notches but you had a horrible job already and it coated you with the ability to put a price tag on you and your fabulousness.

5 Appreciation


Chances are you didn't get that much assurance of your skills etc at your bad job so you really start to appreciate when someone thinks you do something well or over the top. You also start to appreciate the moments that you aren’t at work and see the waiter bring you your third round of shots. You could be doing absolutely anything that isn’t at your job and it is almost always embraced and cherished as a memory. Learning to appreciate things and people are a way of life. It reassures people that they mean something to you and aren't just stagnant extras in your life. Carrying appreciation tendencies will never be a burden because it's meant to uplift not weigh down..

4 Confidence


The world should always be your runway. Shake what your mama or a horrible job gave you. Confidence is too often intertwined with being cocky. Confidence is comfortably knowing what you have to offer and just working with what you got. You’ll know you’re cocky if you don’t have friends or people just grin and nod whenever you speak. CAUTION this may be dramatized but confidence can be gained when you’ve triumphed your way from grim to glory. No one can walk in your shoes because they’re made just for you and you have flat feet. Some people are natural confidents and some have to learn it over time but regardless of how you acquire it, it’ll take you far. Not to get all karate kid but wax off insecurities and wax on confidence.

3 Assertiveness


Now this doesn’t mean that you barge through life reciting demands. That’s annoying and probably mimics the very thing you hated about your other job. Being assertive bleeds back into being confident about your expectations. So maybe you weren’t too assertive about not wanting to have bathroom duty at your old job. But you’re not taking that s**t (no pun intended) anymore. Being assertive makes you look like you actually have a goal and that any demand, if any, is working towards accomplishing that goal. Try the technique of assertiveness the next time you find yourself at a fast food joint. When the cashier asks you if you’d like to make your order a large, don’t just say, “Yes". You say, “Hell yes.” Assertiveness at its finest.

2 Humility


Escaping from the horrors of a bad job makes you extremely humble and you that’s a quality you’ll probably always have. From crazy hours to idiotic bosses and half-assed co-workers you made it. And once you find something incredibly more tolerable and sustainable it will continue to humble you. You’re a humble bumble bee because you’ve felt the sting of irksome employment and now have golden honey qualities like humility. Okay, enough with metaphors. Humble doesn’t mean you’re settling for anything but that you’re grateful for everything, even that whack job that gave you the boot towards your own interpersonal successes.

1 Acceptance


Down to the last straw that doesn’t suck more than you job. You’ve accepted that you were in a crappy place. You accepted that there were steps that could be taken. You’ve accepted that you have what it takes to get there. And you have accepted that that’s what you are going to do. Things are never as is and progressing to something new is about accepting that the present is not permanent. So maybe days seem like eternity and the clock seems to tick louder and louder to mock how long you’ve been in a place of employment but you’ve acquired all of these skills. Life goes on and some jobs will always suck but luckily you won’t be there forever.

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