15 Thoughts Every Curvy Girl Has While Shopping

Shopping as a full figure girl is insanely emotional at times. It involves highs and lows that most people would understand at any weight, height and pants size. Unfortunately, it is slightly worse for plus size girls because of the way society portrays our bodies; this negativity affects us in many aspects of life, the worst being our wardrobe. Browsing through racks as a big girl is more than annoying and although we have stores geared towards our body type there are still so many things that are wrong or missing. Everyone is in their heads when they shop and the inner dialogue is usually a mix of sarcasm and sadness. Your thoughts are your own worst enemy but it’s worse when your thoughts are almost 100 percent correct. Here is a list of a few of the things that are going through a curvy girl’s head while she gets lost in the aisles of racks.

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15 Guaranteed That Won’t Fit Me

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Have you ever walked into a store and instantly thought “nothing in here is going to fit me?" yet, you have managed to convince yourself that you are being a Negative Nancy and you should just try on as much as you possibly can. Suddenly, you instantly regret talking yourself out of that negative space when you pick up a shirt that says it's an XL and fits like an XS. People always say go with your gut, your first instinct is usually right, so when you walk into a store or even see a cute AF article of clothing on a rack and just know it won't fit you, you are probably right. Nothing is more annoying than going against your better judgment only to waste your time on an outfit that you ultimately have to strategically maneuver yourself out of so it doesn’t rip.

14 Why Does It Have To Say Plus Size?

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Have we not evolved from labeling clothing as a means of distinguishing people from one another? Even though we have amazing celebrity designers like Tess Holiday who simply label their clothes on a scale of 1-5 it is still a rare appearance. There is no denying that society is obsessed with looks; we categorize people based on what or who they wear, how it looks on them and why they shouldn’t be wearing it. The term plus size while a nice version of fat girl is still one that deserves a turn at retirement at any time now. Why can’t it just be a number and leave it at that? Why do we insist on labeling people and putting them in categories? There must be plenty of other terms besides plus size, especially when it comes to categorizing retail stores.

13 Wait, Why Am I Limited To A Handful Of Stores?

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As a full figure lady, shopping can be hell. We get all geared up to go to the mall, the excitement of shopping is rushing through us. However, once we get there reality hits us like a ton of bricks. We quickly breeze through our body appropriate stores; Addition Elle, Torrid, Laura, Pennington’s and a couple of others. We are now faced with the task of going through the stores that claim to have a plus size section, again we are let down. Why aren’t there more stores that carry all sizes and don't have any sections? The only thing that should be categorized is the seasons, and the separation of tops, bottoms, and undergarments. While more stores are adding a plus size section, some of them leave us with shapeless garments and some of them only offer a few t-shirts pushed together on one small rack.

12 Why Does This Look Like It's Hiding Something?

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For fuller figure girls, there are more options than there have been in decades. Unfortunately, with great progress, there are still a few kinks. Like finding an outfit that accentuates our curves without us looking like we squeezed our bodies into it. Many women like to show off what they have every once and a while, and contrary to popular belief we are not all ashamed that we have a little cushion here and there. So why in the world do most the clothes we have access to hang off our bodies like it is a bag? A shapeless dress, a barely fitted fit t-shirt, a pair of pants that stretch out and never back again no matter how much you wash it. Believe it or not, not all of us are trying to hide.

11 Is This Button Going To Pop?

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There is no worse article of clothing for a fuller figure girl than a button down shirt. So many malfunctions go wrong when a chick with a big bust and wider mid-section tries to step out of her house with a button down on. The agonizing fear that the button that is holding it all together will pop is all too real, it seems like no matter how big you get that dress shirt the button that is supposed to protect your breasts is always threatening to pop open and make you indecently expose yourself to the public. Asking yourself how risky you want to be at work that day will decide whether you wear that shirt. You may as well leave it on the rack or get ready to sew those buttons shut every time you want to wear that shirt.

10 Guess I'm Hiding In The Change Room

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Trying on clothes is essential when shopping, every girl knows that you need that reassurance before you take the plunge. Thank whoever you need to thank for inventing change rooms because, without them, we would have nowhere to hide when we try on something that looks amazing on the rack but hideous when it hits your body. Who hasn’t had an experience where they refused to show their friend that outfit they were beyond excited to try on? The one that makes you think you have leaped into an alternate universe because it just makes your body look like something you will never recognize. At least once every shopping trip I refuse to leave the change room, nothing in the world can get me to come out of that room until that outfit is off my body and I am safely back in my own garments.

9 These Mannequins Are Not Plus Size

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How can you use non-plus size mannequins to showcase plus size clothes? It just makes no sense and truly there is no excuse for it as there are plus size mannequins available. Walk into any store geared toward a more mature woman or a store that only caters to fuller figure women most of the time those mannequins represent a fuller shape. They are still not the most realistic but come on, at least they are trying. How is a consumer supposed to take a retailer seriously if they are only half catering to their needs? When you walk into a store you want to see décor that represents you. Somewhere that you can feel comfortable taking your time browsing through the racks and not feel out-of-place and rushed. Maybe we're being petty but it's the least you can do.

8 What Is Going On With These Prints

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Bold patterns are great but not when they are only being used because the designer thinks the bolder the pattern the less voluptuous you look. If you haven’t noticed yet you will after reading through this article; plus size clothing is full of bold patterns that usually consist of flowers that make you look as though you are wearing a moo moo. Why can’t we just go into a store and grab a fitted t-shirt that is one color, not covered in some child-like pattern or has some kind of cartoon character on it made up for the brand. Are plus size women not real women that work and play in the real world? Now, no one is saying that patterns are horrible but maybe we don’t feel like wearing a pattern every day. Some days just call for simple, normal, running around, not drawing attention to ourselves outfits.

7 This Top Is Cute. Oh, It’s An Empire Waist

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Oh, the empire waist, it looks good on just about everyone, you can dress it up or down, and best of all it is so easy to throw on and walk out of the house with. The empire waist has been beaten to death yet, it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. We should mention that we are grateful for the empire waist because it works well when we feel bloated, gained a little weight, or just want to hide how big or small our midsection is. However, the empire waist also has a lot of unflattering qualities; people often assume you are pregnant. While staring at the empire waist on the rack several thoughts go through your brain; “do I need another one?” “Will this one look different on me?”, “Wait, do I have this color already?”. You regrettably pick up another one because, why not?

6 Why Does This Look Like Maternity Wear?

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It is clearly not a coincidence that Thyme Maternity, Addition Elle, Reitmans, Penningtons, and Hyba are all under one umbrella. Some of the clothes on the racks at these popular plus size store look like they are meant for an expectant mother. It is still a mystery to many as to why shopping for plus size clothing automatically means flimsy, flowy tops. You almost immediately feel like giving up as a sense of anger and annoyance flood through; you really begin to search for an answer to this age-old question. Many retailers feel like fuller figure women don’t want to accentuate any kind of curve, they are low-key encouraging us to hide anything that isn’t flat and trim. Our suggestion is to just put out a bit of everything and we will tell you what we like, thanks boo!

5 Damn, Is This Really The Price?

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The price of clothes for fuller figure women is outrageous, there is no disputing this. These stores that are supposedly made especially for us are also ripping us off, big time. An article by the Huffington Post calls it “fat tax” they investigated why bigger clothes cost more, and simply put, it’s because they need more material. The article called it a form of shaming but we call it highway robbery, the comparison has become even more prevalent as we browse through stores that have their own plus size sections. A pair of jeans that’s are basically the same in a “regular’ size cost more in the plus size section, a shirt with the exact same pattern, but maybe laid out a different way cost $10 more. Sound unfair? That’s because it is.

4 Why Is My Height Being Decided For Me?

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Sometimes clothing brands fail to realize that height is also part of being a fuller figure. Have you ever tried on a pair of plus size jeans only to realize that they are too short? Let us paint a picture for you: you search forever to find a pair of jeans, one that is your actual size, that you could wear with or without a belt. They are your dream jeans until you try them on and realize they are too short, your height is 5’6 or taller and all of a sudden, you have more obstacles to jump through besides being overweight. It looks like society has failed to realize that just because you are overweight doesn’t mean you can’t be tall. It’s not just pants it’s long sleeve shirts as well. No one wants to walk around looking like their clothes shrunk.

3 Wait, Is This My size?

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It’s hard enough navigating “regular” size clothes have you ever wondered how hard it is to navigate plus size clothes? 1X, 2X, 3X, so on and so on; it's not the actual size it's the measurement sometimes you are 1X other times you are a 2X and in some cases, you are a 3X. depending which store you go in and possibly how much you ate the night before. The cut and fit of clothes are always so different it can look amazing on the rack or even spectacular on the girl in the change room next to you, However, on you, well, you are forced to double check the size or question if you are even the size you originally thought you were. Why does buying clothes have to be so complicated when most of these stores are the same brand?

2 What Are The Chances That My Calves Will Fit In Those Boots?

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One wouldn’t assume that buying boots would be such a big problem, unfortunately, like clothes, it's an issue. Apparently having big calves is a thing and it is not only limited to fuller figure women. Shopping for boots every fall is such a hassle all you can think is, “please god, let me find a pair of boots today”. When you do finally find a pair of boots it's almost a ritual to pray over them and ask for guidance as the boots slide over your feet and hopefully glide up those calves just enough for you to feel comfortable to walk out of the store with them. Most of the time you can look at a pair of boots and know instantly which way the situation is going to go. However, that nerve-racking feeling of them possibly not fitting is enough to make you run out of the store.

1 I Should Just Get This Online

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With the limited options a fuller figure woman has in their local mall the thought always crosses their minds; “why don’t I just buy things online?” walking around a mall and constantly being disappointed at the options gets exhausting and truth be told, it’s a waste of time. Now that we have the option of ordering clothes online why struggle to find a size and style that fits you in store? You can simply take your measurements and order clothes online and usually for a lot less. The kicker here is that most of the stores you shop in at the mall has better options online for a better price, do you need any more encouragement? Shopping is a fun experience so when it's no longer fun why bother to leave the house to do it?

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