15 Times Amazon Was A Walmart For Weird Products

The Internet is a strange place with a lot of interesting things to buy. It seems that everything one can (or even can't) imagine can be purchased on the Internet. There are pet rocks for those who don't want to get an actual pet, plush tonsils for those who have had their own tonsils removed, and even UFO detectors for those who don't want to be abducted by the aliens.

Sometimes, when we look at these products, we think that no one in their right mind would ever buy them. I mean, who needs a coin bank face or a cow udder purse? But, either I'm wrong or the world is full of crazy people, there are always those who need these strange things and buy them. Some of them like what they bought, and others don't think that they received what they expected. The next thing they do is leave a review and share their opinion, which proves that they did purchase the product in the first place — and this is what amazes me the most!

Now, while looking at the 15 weird products sold online, let's all think whether we are crazy enough to buy any of them (and be honest with ourselves).

15 For Those Who Don't Have Their Own Tonsils

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If you aren't well-aware of the anatomic peculiarities of a human body, you most likely don't even understand what this weird pink thing is. If you're wondering about it, I'm here to tell you: it's a plush tonsil!

Note: according to WebMD, "tonsils are a pair of soft tissue masses located at the rear of your throat." These tissues are believed to prevent and fight respiratory infections. However, at times tonsils get infected so badly that they need to be removed in order to prevent the infection from spreading to other body organs.

It doesn't mean that if you have to remove your tonsils, you won't be protected from infections anymore. In this case, your body will generate other ways to keep you from catching every single bacteria that comes your way. But, in case you do remove your tonsils, you might be missing them, and might want to buy a plush tonsil as a replacement to the removed ones...

On the other hand, imagine that your appendix has also been removed. Would you also like to buy a plush appendix as a reminder that you once had one? For some reason, I doubt it, even if it's going to look as cute as this plush tonsil.

14 Ever Felt Like A Pirate While Driving?

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Do you usually celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day? Do you like to dress up like a pirate for Halloween or other costume parties? Do you enjoy watching Pirates of the Caribbean? Is sailing on a big ship with a gang of friends the dream of your life? If you can answer positively to any of these questions, you might actually like this steering wheel, however weird it will look in your car.

And when you buy this wheel, every time you drive your friends or family somewhere, you can tell them, "All hands hoay!" inviting them in. And while you're driving and see something interesting on the road, you can say, "Yo, ho, ho! Avast ye!" which means, "Hey, pay attention to this thing!" Will your friends like this ride? I bet they'd be entertained!

So if you're already convinced that you want to buy this steering wheel, think about one more thing. Will it be convenient for you to steer a wheel of this shape, if you have never managed ships before? You should know it beforehand, right? It means that if you're an old sailor who wants to recall the past, go ahead and buy it. But if you're not... think again!

13 I Want To Believe

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If you have been a fan of X-Files and other movies and shows about aliens all your life, if you always wanted to meet inhabitants of other planets and prove that extraterrestrial life exists, and if you have extra $75 dollars (plus shipping), this item is for you!

You might want to ask how this UFO detector works.

And if you do ask, it's very easy to answer. Amazon says that it is designed to sense the "electromagnetic anomalies that have been reported to associate with the emergence of UFO somewhere nearby." It all might sound super-exciting to you, and some of the customer reviews prove it.

For example, one of them says, "I hadn't had this thing 2 hours and boom it went off. I installed my... probe prevention wand, and sure enough a space ship pulled up and sucked me into the tractor beam. ... they had found out i had came prepared and let me go with no probing, all thanks to the UFO detector."

But hold your excitement — the detector's range is extremely limited: it is said to work best when "placed right under the saucer." For this reason, it won't save you from being abducted, as many other reviewers claimed on the Amazon page.

12 Soo Creepy

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According to Amazon, this alternative to a usual piggy bank works great to teach kids to save money. They claim that kids will "be running around the house searching for coins to feed' their face bank" and also say that it's going to be a great decoration of any office table or reception desk.

Umm, do you really think so, Amazon people? Doesn't this face with its creepy smile make you scared as heck? When it moves its little mouth, it seems that it doesn't want to eat your money. It seems that it wants to eat you whole.

However, some people really liked this product and left positive reviews. Some of them claimed that this face bank became their new best friend who'd always listen to them. Others liked to have a nightmare fuel on their nightstand. And one of the happy customers admitted, "I bought this for a coworker as a going away gift. I hope it haunts her at night the way I think it will. That way she will never forget us."

So in fact, your decision to buy or not to buy this face bank depends on the kind of person you are and on your intentions to use it.

11 For Your Convenience?

Seeing the image above makes me think about a lot of things. First of all, it makes me wonder once again, why some women decide to do this kind of manicure. I mean, it's impossible to do anything with it! I'm  talking only about cooking, washing dishes, or cleaning up. Like, do these women have someone else to do all these things for them, and that's how they get away with this kind of manicure? I'm talking about is the impossibility (or, at least, the difficulty) to do ordinary things, such as using keys to open a door or a car, washing one's own hair, or typing something on a keyboard. It seems impossible.

But, despite all these difficulties, some women keep on getting these super-long nails, because they think that it's beautiful and it makes them look exquisite or something.

That's probably why they need some new appliances to help them deal with their manicure in their daily life. And that's why, such things as nail protectors appear in online stores today.

If you ask me, I'd never be able to get these kinds of nails, I mean, does anyone think that it's beautiful to have long nails with these weird things on their tips? And does it even add any convenience to what these women are doing?

10 A Bag For Those Who Like Being In The Village

Via: buzzfeed

Have you ever wanted to learn how to milk a cow? If it's the one dream of your whole life, you can buy this purse and practice on it before going to the farm to try and milk a real cow.

I'm not joking (or maybe I am, who knows...). You can hang this purse somewhere in your apartment, pretend that it's a real cow udder, and start pulling the teats You want to do it in a very hard way, because milking a cow isn't as easy as you think!

Let me tell you a story about a girl I knew, who came to a farm in the mountains, where everyone had cows and where everyone knew how to milk a cow from their very childhood. This girl decided to try it out one day, and the villagers smilingly allowed her to do it. When she sat near a cow and started pulling its teats, not even a drop of milk appeared! Then a village girl sat next to her and began to milk this cow with such an ease and speed, that the city girl's jaw dropped.

But will this weird purse really help you learn how to milk a cow? To be honest, I seriously doubt it...

9 With Hair Attached

Via: twitter

This bobcat mullet with a wig attached to it is made for those who want others to pay attention to them. I mean, imagine that you're going out wearing this thing. Do you think that you will go unnoticed? I'm not so sure about it! Probably, your appearance will turn quite a few heads. If this is what you want, go ahead and buy this product. But, for some reason, I don't think that you want to look like this man on the photo...

A lot of people bought this bobcat mullet on Amazon and left their reviews there. I must say that most of them are positive. 

One of the reviewers said that this wig helped them "land the girl of their dreams," another one claimed that "brunettes in American flag bikinis started dancing around" right after they put the headband on. One of the reviewers even admitted that the purchase helped them assimilate in a small country town and find new friends!

But if you want to buy the headband, mind that it only has the bottom back hair attached, not the one on the top of the head. So if you're bald or have hair of different color, you should look for an alternative.

8 Pet Rocks... Rock?

Have you ever wanted to have a pet that will be calm and quiet? And have you ever wished that you wouldn't have to walk with your pet or feed them on request, but play with them only when you wanted it yourself?

In this case, you can rejoice, because you have finally found what you were looking for  —a pet rock!

According to Amazon, a pet rock is the best gift for those who already have everything they need. It's also claimed to have been "born, breed, trained, and raised" in California. I have no idea what they mean by all these words and how they're related to a stone. It's also interesting that this rock comes with a leash and a manual that will tell the purchaser how they have to take care of their new pet.

Customer reviews for this product vary. Some people are happy to have a pet rock, claiming that it became their new best friend. "He came healthy. He was shy at first, but opened up to me slowly," one of them tells. "I gave him some toys and some petting. I named him Doug. I love Doug." But not everyone is happy with their purchase, claiming that the rock is way smaller than they thought.

7 Keeping Yourself Warm In Winter

Via: ebay

If you tend to get cold in winter, you might need something special to protect yourself. What about purchasing this octopus beanie hat with tentacles that will keep your entire head, face, and neck warm? You can wear it anywhere, from work or school, to a ski resort. When you're taking a rest outdoors in the winter, this beanie hat will be irreplaceable due to its warmth and convenience. And, you know what, it's suitable for men and women!

Most reviews of this product on Amazon are positive.

Customers say that all their friends and family members like the hat very much, and they enjoyed catching quite a few looks while walking on the street.

But, as it always happens with all the products, there are also people who didn't like the octopus hat. For example, one of them said that the hat resembled Cthulhu way too much, because it had a moldy smell and was badly knitted. Others also claimed that it had poor quality and was itchy.

So it's up to you, my friends. If you still want to surprise your friends with a Cthulhu hat (and aren't afraid of a little bit of itching), go ahead and buy it!

6 For Those Who Want To Psychoanalyze Themselves

Via: buzzfeed

Are you into psychology and psychoanalysis? Is Sigmund Freud your idol? Would you like to play it, like other people play with Captain America, Batman, and other superheroes? Amazon is there to realize all your dreams, because it can sell you an action figure of Sigmund Freud in a pensive pose! You can put it on your nightstand to help you explore the depths of the unconscious and inspire you to analyze your own aspirations and those of other people.

I must say, most people who bought this action figure on Amazon think that it was a great purchase. Many people bought it as a gift to their friends who were psychologists, while others purchased it for themselves. They liked the quality and the interest of others in the action figure. One of the reviewers claimed that having Freud on his work desk turned out to be a great conversation starter. Another person said that the great psychoanalyst looked so cool with his cigar that he resembled a movie villain.

What do you think about this action figure? Would you like to buy it and finally start exploring the real meaning of your thoughts and dreams?

5 An Item That'll Make Cooking Off-Putting

Via: odditymall

If you want to add some disgust into your cooking process, this Bogeyman egg separator is  exactly what you need. It will help you separate white from yolks very easily. Just break an egg into the bowl and tilt it a little bit, so that the whites flow out of the Boogeyman's nostrils and the yolks remain inside of it.

But, even though it seems to be convenient to use this item, for some reason I think that few people will want to have it in their kitchen. (And I'd never be able to look at this thing chillin' in my kitchen.)

I mean, just look at it. It looks like a very, very sick person that has sniffles flowing out of his inflamed nose.

It doesn't increase the appetite in any way, does it? Even otherwise, it can discourage you from eating anything during the entire day!

However, a lot of people who bought the Bogeyman egg separator say that they liked using it. Even though they claim that it wasn't as effective as they expected (it hardly separated one egg and worked awfully when they tried to do it with more than one), they evidently had a lot of fun, watching this little snotty buddy!

4 Remind Yourself How You Look On The Inside

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When we're talking about inner beauty, we usually mean the person's ability to love and appreciate others, but we often forget that inner beauty can mean something else. This phrase can have a more literal meaning and this blanket is actually one of the few things that show us the true inner beauty of a person lying under it. It shows us the inner organs, skeleton, and muscles that, as we usually think, look off-putting. However, on this blanket everything is depicted in a very good way! It doesn't make you go "eww," but instead it can even make you admire the way we all look on the inside!

I think that this blanket would make a good present for a person interested in anatomy. They could even turn it into a game, where everyone had to name all the organs, ligaments, tissues, bones, and everything else they could see on the blanket.

However, even though we can appreciate this product, we can't take weirdness out of it. Looking at a person lying underneath this anatomical blanket feels very strange, doesn't it? I mean, it looks so realistic! So I'm not sure I'd want to buy this item, all the more so to use it.

3 Weird But Awesome Chicken Socks

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I'm going to be honest with you. These chicken socks are the only item from this list that I would want to have myself! I mean, I know they look very strange, and I know that when one wears them in public, it will turn quite a few heads. But, hey, just look at them. They are awesome!

These adorable funky chicken leg socks can suit a number of occasions, from a Halloween or Christmas party, to simple friends hangouts at home.

One can even wear them to their sports training instead of usual leg warmers or socks. They will suit both men and women, and they will make anyone look extremely cute and attractive! At least, it's what an Amazon product description says.

Most reviews of these socks are positive: they say they have great quality and look great. So I'm seriously thinking about buying them for myself! Who's with me? Let's purchase them altogether and fund a chicken leg frat! Won't it be a lot of fun to get together with your friends and have everyone wear this kind of socks? I think it's going to be hilarious (but still weird, of course). Actually, these would be great if anyone's running a 5K.

2 How Can Anyone Use It?

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In our world, so many manufacturers aim to make two-in-one, three-in-one, and even 10-in-one products (just look at the phones we have today; we use them to call, write texts, take photos, record audio and video, make notes, read books, and do a dozen of other things).

Producing such items is usually convenient for consumers, because they can buy one thing instead of two or more. But when it comes to a toilet brush and a plunger, it's one of the few things we'd like to always have separately.

Of course, it's not about the way this product looks. Honestly, I don't care about fancy toilet brushes or plungers. What I hate about this product is the thought of actually using it.

Most likely, you know what I mean, but if you don't, imagine a scene. You have just used a toilet brush as intended (I'm sure you know when to use it), and then you see that you need a plunger, as well... So you take this thing and turn it upside down to make use of the plunger. The next thing you know is that you have something weird on your hands, and you're going to need to wash them immediately, throw this plunger-brush away, and buy the two items separately.

1 A Present With A Deep Meaning

Now let me get a little bit philosophical. What do you think about getting a gift of nothing?

Does it mean that you already have everything and nothing is the only thing you need?

Does it make you think that you can make something out of every kind of nothing? Or does all thins philosophical stuff mean zero to you?

Whatever you think, this product is there to buy on Amazon. In case you consider that nothing is better than chocolates or new clothes, or if you like minimalism, you might want to purchase it. But don't keep your expectations high. When you get the package and open it, nothing will happen, as the Amazon staff warns us. If you know that you will receive nothing, and actually receive nothing in a package, you might feel that it's really "better than something!" And when you think about it, you can also come to a conclusion that nothing is perfect!

You might want to ask, why you have to pay money for nothing. It's a good question, and Amazon has an answer to it: "It's actually new and improved nothing! Who wouldn't pay for that?" Makes you think, right?


Sources: Amazon

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