15 Embarrassing Times Arie And Lauren Did *Not* Win Over Bachelor Nation's Hearts

When it comes to ranking Bachelors, most people would agree that Arie wins the award for most disappointing. And considering that there have been plenty of disappointing leading men in this franchise, that's saying a lot. Perhaps, the only people from Bachelor Nation who like Arie would be Juan Pablo, Brad and Nick. These guys aren't exactly buddies with the race car driver, but they do have him to thank for making them look more pleasant. Well, then there's Lauren, of course. She likes Arie as well...at least for now.

That brings us to their new relationship. Everyone inside and outside of the Bachelor bubble has heard by now about Arie's little switcharoo on Becca, whom he chose at the end of the show. It's not so much the fact that he is now with Lauren as it is the way he went about it. After watching him break up with Becca on live TV, there isn't a woman in this world who would want to be stuck in a house with Arie. Well, again, except for Lauren.

We truly do want Arie and Lauren to be happy, but a lot of people are having a hard time wishing them well. Part of that is because it's hard to believe that Arie will actually go through with marrying any woman—no matter who she is. Then, there's the fact that they just don't seem like that great of a couple. And sometimes they can be the worst.

15 Arie proposed to Lauren on ATFR

Arie's season had an extra-long episode of "After the Final Rose," and for good reason. ABC decided to air what seemed like a million minutes of him breaking up with Becca. Thanks to news leaks, many of us sensed a break-up coming. Still, there was no tip that could've prepared us for the awkwardness of Arie refusing to leave the house. He then went back to Lauren who took him in (for whatever reason, we can't fathom). After the brutal break-up ended airing, the new happy couple were invited to the couch to talk things over with Chris Harrison.

The audience offered skeptical looks as Arie professed his love for Lauren and went on about their relationship. He then got down on one knee and proposed to Lauren on live TV. Again, she said "yes" to this man. She seemed smitten with Arie, and the audience began to mellow out a little. But it felt a wrong for him to propose on "ATFR."

We know that time had passed from Arie's break-up with Becca to his proposal to Lauren. Yet, it seemed a little too fresh, as he proposed right after fans watched the break-up for the first time. There was also a lot of speculation from viewers that Arie proposed when he did and on TV so that he could get another Neil Lane engagement ring. Some people also felt it was bad timing with Becca and other contestants from his season present.

14 Arie took credit for Becca being the Bachelorette

For a short time, like it or not, Arie was the king of Bachelor Nation. That reign was short-lived, thanks to his wishy-washy behavior. He now has a new title, which we think will stick around a lot longer. That would be king of the humble brag. This dude is no doubt a narcissist, but one of his latest claims is almost too much to take in. Arie gives himself credit for Becca becoming the Bachelorette.

Yep, he actually thinks that she wouldn't have had that opportunity had he not done what he did. We agree that she might not have been the Bachelorette had he not have broken up with her. However, Arie seems to believe what sealed the deal was when he had the camera crew film their breakup. Leave it to Arie to take his worst actions and try to act as if he did them for a noble cause.

He straight up told Michael Strahan (who happens to be Becca's celebrity crush) that he wanted to give her that opportunity...as if it were all up to him. In a later interview for a GQ article, Arie again took credit for Becca becoming the Bachelorette. He commented that filming the breakup helped America cope with their breakup...as if he were that important.

13 Arie blamed producers for his awkward break-up

So, after Arie nobly told Good Morning America that he thought filming the break-up was a good idea for everyone, he decided to blame production for it. Arie first told Michael Strahan that he wanted to record the break-up to show that it was all his fault. He acted like it would save Becca the trouble of having to answer any awkward questions about why they parted ways. Now, however, he has passed the blame onto production, saying he feels "100 percent" betrayed.

According to Arie, he wanted to leave during the break-up but production wouldn't let him go.

He said that the producers kept telling him to go back to Becca because he owed it to her to have a conversation. Even if that's true, we would like to think that he could read her mood and see that she wasn't calm and ready to talk. Not only that, but they didn't physically restrain him and make him stay in the house. He is a grown man who could've left on his own accord. Still, Arie said that the footage was edited in that they only showed his point of view and not the producers urging him to go back to Becca. While this might also be true, we think the only reason Arie now regrets filming the break-up is because fans didn't react to it the way he had hoped.

12 Arie faked Lauren's pregnancy

Arie is a lot like a dorky dad in many ways. He wears Mr. Rogers cardigans and has a dad bod. He also has a corny sense of humor. His particular brand of humor is not what most people find funny, and Arie found that one out the hard way when an April Fool's joke went incredibly wrong. Arie thought it would be cute to post a photo of a pregnant woman who looked a lot like his fiancé Lauren. He captioned the photo with a message about them having a bun in the oven and mentioned Lauren in the tweet. Just as he intended for the joke to go, plenty of people thought they were expecting.

Then, it was time for the trick. A little more than an hour after the first tweet, he tweeted out "APRIL FOOLS!" Fans were not amused. Sure, some people thought it was funny, but the majority did not. Most people saw this as a slap in the face to women everywhere who deal with infertility. On April 2, Arie got back on Twitter to apologize. Many people pointed out that he simply apologized because he saw how people were reacting and that they didn't believe he was sincere in his apology.

11 They stole Becca's thunder

Oh boy, here we go again with Arie trying to act as if he has any consideration for Becca's feelings. Becca's season of The Bachelorette just started airing on TV, but there are just as many articles out right now about Arie and Lauren (and not this kind that calls them the worst) as there are about Becca. That would be because they keep making wedding announcements. The couple has decided on a January 2019 wedding and announced it right before The Bachelorette premiered.

Arie tried to pass off the timing of their announcement as showing respect to Becca by not spilling the news during her season.

Again, he thinks that he is that important. Telling the world his wedding date is not exactly going to distract everyone's attention from the drama going on with The Bachelorette. Beyond that, Lauren also said that the couple are considering watching Becca's season. That seems a little strange to many of us. Neither of them watched Arie's finale, and we can only guess that a lot of that had to do with Becca. The show portrayed Becca and Arie's relationship as the one that was more relaxed and fun. Then, there's the part where he broke up with Becca to propose to Lauren.

10 They snubbed a GQ interview

As we have already mentioned, Arie repeated his humble brag about making Becca the next Bachelorette to a journalist interviewing him and Lauren for GQ. He continued on with explaining how the producers convinced him that everyone would want to see the break-up and then understand his feelings of following his heart. This interview wanted to paint the couple in a good light, but it was hard to do so when they constantly played the victim and ultimately ended the interview for unspecified reasons.

The reporter asked no questions out of the ordinary for a topic like this and even spent a few days with the pair as they went house hunting and hung out around Arizona. Everything seemed fine until a question came up for Lauren concerning the finale, which neither she nor Arie watched. Becca had said something in reference to her being more of an equal partner for Arie than Lauren. Despite giving a good answer, this question rubbed Lauren the wrong way.

It made Lauren so upset that Arie later texted the reporter to say that they would not meet up again that day as they had planned. He also cancelled his photoshoot with the magazine. After word of this went public, Lauren mentioned on social media that she felt bullied. That statement only led to fans seeing the couple like entitled people with a victim mentality.

9 They joke about Becca

Whenever there is a bad break-up, it never hurts to start the healing with some good old-fashioned humor. After all, laughter is the best medicine. But in the case of Arie, he is neither the one who was heartbroken nor the funny one in the relationship. He could be the funny one in his relationship with Lauren, but we seriously doubt it. If we have learned anything from Arie's jokes it is that he doesn't know a thing about timing.

Despite Arie's lack of common decency, we would think he should at least know that joking about Becca is taking things too far.

Nope. The former Bachelor was clueless there as well. As the dust settled on Arie's change of heart, he and Lauren started talking to the public about their own relationship. This, of course, included wedding plans. Lauren mentioned that she would like to invite some of her friends from The Bachelor. That makes sense and sounded sweet. Then, Arie had to ruin the mood by trying to make a joke. He said he would be fine with that but to "just tell Becca she’s not invited." Now, was that really necessary? No, it was unnecessary and uncalled for.

8 They poke fun at others on social media

It's not too surprising that Arie would joke about his own relationships, but hoped he would know better than to drag innocent bystanders into his confusing sense of humor. That one would be a negative too. Thankfully, it wasn't someone from Bachelor Nation, or else Arie might really be toast. Instead, he decided to pick on people at a gym in Spain. Why Spain? Well, that happened to be one of the places the newly engaged couple traveled to after they went public with their relationship. After all, Arie also joked that they would flee the country.

When in Spain, Arie thought it would be funny to make light of the brightly colored gym shorts people wore while working out. Most people understand that some cultures prefer bright colors to gray T-shirts and cardigans, but not Arie. Americans didn't care much for Arie's post, so we can imagine that the people in Spain didn't either.

Arie and Lauren made comments to one another about the gym clothes on Instagram, leading people to come up with two conclusions. One, the couple is trying to rebrand themselves as funny. Or, two, they are just snobs. Either way, this post did nothing to help rally Bachelor Nation behind them.

7 They reused Lauren's former wedding registry

When it comes to finding juicy little tidbits about all The Bachelor franchise contestants, one of the best places to look is reddit. Whether out of boredom or sheer nosiness, there are plenty of users who come up with the most interesting details about people like Arie and Lauren. One reddit user leaked that Lauren had already been engaged once to a guy named Chris Crane. Even though they had broken up a while before she went on The Bachelor, she had never bothered to take down their wedding registry from The Knot.

That wedding registry link Lauren shared with her ex is still live, only it now has Arie's name instead of Chris's name.

Weird as it sounds, this makes it look as if she kept the same exact registry and simply exchanged the names. Even odder is that the new registry has some bogus wedding date set in the year 2720 with the location listed as "Don't know, AZ." This leads us to believe that someone other than Lauren or Arie updated the link. Perhaps someone who works at The Knot? If the person making this change wanted to get rid of Chris's name, then they would have been better off just deleting the registry and letting Lauren start anew.

6 Arie got banned from Minnesota...sort of

In any situation, it always helps to have friends in high places. That goes for being dumped by the Bachelor as well. While we in Bachelor Nation thought it was hard watching Becca get dumped on national TV, just imagine the pain felt by those who knew her before the show? Lake Prior, Minnesota, was nowhere near pleased with Arie's actions. So, to make right by their girl Becca, one state representative decided to take action.

A few years younger than Becca, Rep. Drew Christensen knew of her from when they both went to Lake Prior High School. It was this personal connection that led he and his wife to watch The Bachelor, even though they're not usual fans. This season did nothing to help their lack of interest in the show, to say the least. After watching the finale, Drew decided to take action and have Arie banned from Becca's home state.

That's when Drew took to Twitter and said if he got 1,000 retweets he would draft a bill banning Arie from Minnesota. Of course, he got that many retweets and then some. What started out as a joke ended up in the House for consideration. Since there isn't a border patrol for the state of Minnesota, we're assuming the ban simply means that business owners and patrons can refuse service to Arie if he ever crosses the state line, or they could simply ignore him.

5 They hosted their own meet and greet

It seems like once a person becomes a part of Bachelor Nation, he or she is in the family forever. That means it's not uncommon to see former contestants together at exclusive Bachelor gatherings. They also show up at a lot of organized events for fans, whether it be to raise money for a certain charity or simply so that fans can meet their favorites from the shows. However, these events are set up by the network or other organizations and often include many former contestants. Yet, Arie and Lauren felt the need to plan their own meet-and-greet for fans.

People who host their own meet-and-greets have to think pretty highly of themselves.

Arie and Lauren planned an evening to meet fans in Scottsdale, Arizona, after traveling across the country to move Lauren from Virginia. Naturally, our first reaction to this news is that Arie and Lauren find themselves pretty important. It seems a little presumptuous that they think people in Scottsdale care about their move. Not to mention that the majority of fans were still feeling the burn of Becca's heartbreak on April 4, when the meet-and-greet was set to take place. There's been no further news on the event, but we would love to hear about the turnout.

4 They're big on PDA

While it's nice to see a sweet couple in love, we can all agree that there is a fine line that shouldn't be crossed when expressing their love to one another in public. Some people have a hard time finding that line and will often push it to the limit. Plus, we have already proven that Arie is a little naive when it comes to social conventions, such as what is acceptable to post about whom on social media. Add to that the fact that he was called the Kissing Bandit, and we have a recipe for getting a little too loving in public.

We've seen him kiss all kinds of women against every wall imaginable, so it should only make sense that he wouldn't hold back with his fiancé. Kissing in public might be one thing, but Arie and Lauren took their PDA to a whole new level when dining out together for the first time after going public with their engagement announcement. Page Six reported that the couple were not only all over one another but also feeding each other sushi. That in itself is a hard skill to master, and we can't imagine why anyone would want to master it. Maybe if someone had both arms in a cast it would be necessary to get fed sushi. Otherwise, it's just weird.

3 Becca caught Arie social media stalking Lauren

In the same way that Jason Mesnick started having second thoughts about his final choice on The Bachelor, Arie started thinking about Lauren while he was still engaged to Becca. The big difference was that most of the social media platforms prevalent today didn't exist in Jason and Molly's Bachelor days. That means if Jason were to want to look up Molly, he wouldn't have so much free access to her photos as well as opportunities to chat with her. But Lauren had an Instagram account, and Arie knew it.

In what would be the first red flag that something was wrong between them, Becca caught Arie snooping on Lauren's Instagram.

Becca noticed that Arie had liked many of Lauren's Instagram posts and it concerned her. She recalled feeling upset, angry and betrayed. (Sounds like what Arie said about production filming their break-up.) At that point, she decided that they needed to talk about this as a couple. That's when it was decided that Arie should have a conversation with Lauren and apologize to her for the way things ended. Arie contacted Lauren and has famously said that after hearing her voice again, he knew he had to break it off with Becca.

2 They opted out of a televised wedding

We live in a weird world where a short stint on reality TV can set a person up for life if he or she manages to play the game right. Plenty of contestants from Bachelor franchise shows have gone on to make lots of money through social media or to brand their own businesses. The couples who stay together become even more marketable, as America loves a good fairytale ending. That's likely why ABC is always ready to host a televised wedding for couples coming out of the franchise. Many people disapprove of Arie but still hope he can make it work with Lauren. That made it all the more disappointing when the two turned down a televised wedding.

Everyone in Bachelor Nation was surprised that they would turn down getting married on TV, including ABC executive Rob Mills. The couple went on The View to announce that they would wed in Hawaii in a private wedding. They plan on keeping the guest list to around 100, with close friends only. Rob Mills assumed that Arie and Lauren made this decision to get some privacy. Fans haven't exactly embraced them like expected, so they might think a TV wedding wouldn't help matters. However, we think a TV wedding would be a better choice for them than trying to sound clever on social media.

1 Arie picked her wedding dress

OK, so full disclosure. My husband also picked my wedding dress but on accident. I was visiting him one weekend during our engagement and wanted to go to a big bridal shop near where he lived at the time. I was overwhelmed by the many rows of dresses and already knew the kind of dress I wanted. So, I asked him to help me find anything not too poofy that had some kind of straps but no sleeves. Once in the dressing room, the one I liked best happened to be one he had grabbed.

The difference for Lauren is that Arie is the one choosing what he wants her to wear on their wedding day.

Of course, every bride wants to please her husband-to-be. Still, it sounded a little odd when Lauren told the GQ reporter that Arie had told her what he wanted her to wear for their wedding. She said he had pictured her wearing "something delicate, with straps, and form-fitted and long." We can agree that she would look stunning in a gown like that, but what if she preferred something poofy with sleeves? (Not that I did, but she might.) Little details like this make us wonder if Arie is taking a little too much control in the relationship. After all, Lauren did move to Arizona and has also said the couple plans on going into real estate together despite her dream of wanting to work in medical sales.

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