15 Times Barry Allen Totally Screwed Everything Up On 'The Flash'

Between The Flash, Supergirl, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow, the CW is home to countless superheroes with incredible powers. Perhaps the most powerful of all these heroes is Barry Allen, also known as The Flash. Barry can run faster than a speeding bullet, he can move his body so quickly that he can phase through solid objects, and he can use the Speed Force to travel through time. You'd think someone with those powers would be the best hero ever, but Barry is a complete and total screw up and loves messing up the timeline as much as he loves saving the day. Did your 2016 seem like an impossibly dark year? It was probably just the result of yet another Barry Allen fail, one of countless he's made over the past three seasons!

15 Barry started his superhero career by nearly killing the Green Arrow

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A mere eight episodes into his own series, Barry Allen tried killing one of his Earth's biggest heroes, the Green Arrow. When Oliver was faced with a villain that The Flash could take down more easily than he could, he proposed a team-up—Barry would help him take down Captain Boomerang, and Oliver would in turn help Barry defeat the Rainbow Raider. It was a great plan, but Barry had to screw things up by trying to take down the Rainbow Raider—who has the power to send people into an uncontrollable rage—all by himself. The episode then turned into angry Flash versus his superhero mentor, and if the S.T.A.R. Labs team didn't figure out a way to return Barry back to normal in the nick of time, we'd never be able to watch an episode of Arrow again.

14 Barry totally screwed up his relationship with Iris before it could even start

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Mark Mardon, the second Weather Wizard, returned to Central City to avenge his brother's death at The Flash and Joe West's hands. While he was creating a tsunami designed to wipe out the whole city, Barry and Iris were finally admitting that they had feelings for each other, and shared one of the most beautiful first kisses ever. Finally, fans were going to see their OTP become a couple! Except not, because right after he also revealed his secret identity to Iris, Barry's attempt at running fast enough to create a speed barrier against the tsunami caused him to travel back in time to the day before. Did he try to recreate that first kiss and finish what he and Iris were starting during his second attempt at that day? No. He got totally distracted, so Iris stayed with Eddie.

13 Barry trusted Leonard Snart, a lifelong criminal, to help him transport several other criminals

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When the Reverse Flash reactivated the particle accelerator, Team Flash feared that its power would lead to the deaths of the villainous metahumans they had imprisoned inside of it. They decided to relocate the criminals to the Green Arrow's prison on Lian Yu, and for whatever reason, Barry asked Captain Cold for help transporting his fellow supervillains. Um, why would you ask a bad guy for help imprisoning other bad guys?! In a move which surprised literally zero viewers, Leonard Snart tricked Barry into erasing his criminal record and then still proceeded to sabotage the transport and free the other villains. Oliver and Firestorm helped Barry finally take down the Reverse Flash later that night, so no one made a big deal out of The Flash's ridiculous lapse in judgement... but a big win doesn't completely negate such a big fail, Barry!

12 He unknowingly allowed his mortal enemy to be his mentor for months

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When he woke up from the coma the first particle accelerator explosion put him in, Barry found himself in S.T.A.R. Labs, under the watchful eye of Harrison Wells and the other future members of Team Flash. Except, Harrison wasn't really Harrison, he was Eobard Thawne, the Reverse Flash. For months, Barry was allowing his mortal enemy to teach him how to use his powers and increase his speed, just so he could then try to use Barry's speed to return to the future. Sure, Batman is the Justice League member known for being the "World's Greatest Detective," not The Flash... but you'd hope that any major superhero could at least be smart enough to know when he's buddying up with the supervillain who killed his mother!

11 Barry created the singularity that nearly destroyed Central City

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While imprisoned in the particle accelerator, Reverse Flash proposed an idea to Barry: the two of them could work together to create a wormhole which would allow Barry to go back in time to save his mother, and allow Eobard to return to his home in the future. Going along with a supervillain's plan is never a smart idea, but desperate to save Nora, Barry agreed. He went back in time to the night his mom was murdered by Reverse Flash, but his future self signaled for him to leave without intervening.

Back in the present, Barry decided to stop Thawne from returning to his time. However, Reverse Flash kicked his butt, and Eddie had to kill himself to erase his descendant from history and save Barry. Meanwhile, the wormhole Barry created turned into a singularity black hole that threatened to completely destroy all of Central City, and if it continued to expand, the whole world. So to recap, Barry didn't save his mom, he let Eddie sacrifice himself to save him and his actions nearly led to millions of people being sucked into a black hole. Good job, Barry Allen.

10 He let the people of Central City give him the credit Ronnie deserved for saving the city

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When The Flash returned for Season Two, we learned that it was Firestorm that destroyed the destructive singularity, not Barry. Ronnie died during his heroic attempt to save his city, and yet the people of Central City organized an official Flash Day months later to thank "the Fastest Man Alive" for saving them. Barry had every chance to go in front of the public and make sure the world knew they owed their lives to Ronnie and Stein, not him, but instead he just quietly wallowed in his guilt while people gave him all the credit. No wonder Caitlin left S.T.A.R. Labs—Barry had the power to go back in time and save her husband or to ensure Ronnie's legacy was recognized, but he did neither.

9 He let Captain Cold go, because The Flash's opinions are more important than the Justice System

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There's plenty of fan-fiction online written by people who, for whatever reason, ship Barry Allen/The Flash with Leonard Snart/Captain Cold. That doesn't mean the writers for The Flash had to turn Barry into a character who spits in the face of the Justice System! Captain Cold has been a criminal for years, and yet when Barry had a chance to put Leonard back in jail, he instead chose to let one of the most infamous members of his Rogue's Gallery go free because he "saw some light in him." Sure, his instincts ended up being right and Captain Cold ended up being a primary and heroic member of the Legends of Tomorrow, but it really shouldn't be up to Barry to decide which criminals get to walk free and which get locked up in his own secret prison without going in front of a judge or jury.

8 Those times Barry reminded Team Arrow that he could help them at pretty much any time, but just... chooses not to

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When the members of Team Arrow were imprisoned in Nanda Parbat by Ra's al Ghul, Barry showed up and saved them in a flash. When Damien Darhk got the upper hand in a fight against Oliver and nearly killed him, Barry ran to Star City and whisked him away to safety. Two of the Green Arrow's biggest enemies were unable to do anything to stop The Flash, and yet, Barry never did anything to actually help Oliver beat them. If you're going to repeatedly show up and remind your heroic friends that you are way more powerful than them, at least stick around long enough to help them actually take down their bad guys! Maybe with Barry's help, Damien could have been stopped before he could have killed Laurel... but Barry likes making a habit out of only trying to save the people he loves, not the people his friends or family loves.

7 Barry traveled to Earth-2, and got a whole bunch of people killed

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Sitting back as more and more of his loved ones were losing their loved ones wasn't enough for Barry Allen; he had to travel to another world to witness even more death and mayhem! Okay, that may not be the real reason Barry traveled to Earth-2, but when he got there, he accidentally caused the death of Earth-2's Joe, Cisco and Ronnie. Thanks to all of his traveling through time and different realities over the past three seasons, Barry has gotten the chance to see pretty much everyone he cares about die. At some point, you'd think he'd realize that can't be a coincidence and leave his loved ones for their own safety.

6 Barry gave his Speed Force to Zoom, one of his biggest enemies

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When Zoom captured Wally West and told Barry he'd trade Wally for The Flash's Speed Force, Barry reluctantly agreed. His intentions were noble here, but why couldn't Barry have just abandoned his morals for one second here and just... kept his Speed Force after Zoom turned Wally over to him?! You don't have to honor deals with murderous supervillains! Zoom was already way too fast and overpowered as is, so with The Flash's speed, he was going to be absolutely unstoppable. So Barry, even if you saved Wally's life by handing over your Speed Force, you created a godlike monster with a goal of taking over your whole world and causing the deaths of thousands of other innocent people. Was it really a smart trade to make?

5 He let someone boot up that old catastrophic particle accelerator again

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Zoom had Barry's Speed Force and was, as everyone saw coming, now unstoppable. Earth-2 Harrison Wells realized that the only way Barry could get his powers back was to boot up the old particle accelerator and try to recreate the circumstances which gave The Flash his powers in the first place. Barry let him do exactly that, even though the first particle accelerator explosion led to a number of deaths and gave countless bad guys powers which let them become even more evil and formidable criminals, because who cares what happens to Central City so long as he gets to be The Flash again? At the very least, could you not have transported the accelerator to a location where there wouldn't be any casualties should things go wrong? For such a smart guy, Barry forgets to use his brain a bit too often.

4 Barry was willing to destroy countless worlds and innocent lives to save his friends

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Taking over Earth-2 and repeatedly besting Earth-1's most powerful superhero wasn't enough for Zoom; he wanted to destroy every other planet in the Multiverse so he could definitively say that he was the fastest man alive. To do that, he needed to race Barry around his magnetar, so their collective Speed Force could power the device up and thus wipe out every alternate Earth. All Zoom had to do to convince Barry to cooperate and race him was kidnap Joe West. That's right, to save one person he cared about, Barry was willing to let an infinite number of innocent people from alternate Earths die. During the race, his time remnant managed to both save Joe and destroy the device before it was fully activated, but still... if his trick (which he'd never even practiced before) didn't play out the way he was hoping, a lot of people would have died and it would have been all Barry's fault.

3 He went back in time to save his mom, and created the "Flashpoint" timeline

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Barry defeated Zoom, saved the Multiverse, and was finally on the right track with the love of his life. Things were looking up, but he couldn't shake off the defeat he felt from Zoom killing his father. So, even though everyone around him had been losing their loved ones all year and he didn't lift a finger to help them, he decided to travel back in time and save his own mother to cheer himself up. Tampering with the timeline in such a dramatic way created the chaotic alternate "Flashpoint" timeline, and while it only took him a few days to realize that he'd messed up and had to change things back, going back and letting his mom die didn't return things to the way they were before his time-traveling escapade. Cisco's brother was now dead, Caitlin had Killer Frost's powers, Wally had super speed, and John Diggle had a baby boy instead of a girl. You're not a god, Barry. Stop thinking you can just rewrite history as you please, and stop being so selfish with your time traveling.

2 Losing the trust of Earth's biggest heroes almost led to a major alien 'Invasion'

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When the Dominators threatened to take over Earth-1, Barry assembled the CW's mini-Justice League comprised of the heroes from Arrow, Supergirl, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. Right before the superteam was supposed to go out and take down the alien threat, the other heroes found out that Barry manipulated the timeline after Flashpoint and drastically changed a lot of their lives. This caused several members to distrust him and refuse to work with him, and their resulting lack of unity led to the President being abducted and killed, and several of the heroes getting mind-controlled. In the comics, it was always Superman or Batman that led the Justice League, not The Flash. This is probably why.

1 Barry is going out of his way to change his girlfriend's future, but refused to save his friends' loved ones

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After creating Flashpoint and seeing all of the changes that took place when he tried to revert the timeline to its original status, Barry promised to stop trying to alter the past or future. Until, of course, he found out Iris was destined to die at Savitar's hands. Once he witnessed that tragic future, he decided to yet again mess with time and do everything possible to save his girlfriend. Sorry, Cisco, Caitlin, Oliver, and Sarah, Barry was unable to do anything to save the people you loved and lost over the past few years. He apparently can only use his time-traveling powers to save the people he cares about, like his mom or Iris. How he still has friends, we'll never know.

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