15 Times Ben Chang Was The Best Character On 'Community'

Let's not beat around the bush here, guys... Community is the best show that has ever and probably will ever be on TV (And now, on Netflix!). The show's creator, Dan Harmon, is nothing short of a comic genius. I could sit here and list all the reasons I adore the show so very much and it would mainly consist of Jeff, Jeff, oh and Jeff. But that would be a waste of our time. We're here to discuss something much more important. Guys, we're here to discuss Señor Chang.

If there's one character that we all just love to hate in the show, it's Chang. From the way he uses his own name as a word in sentences (no!) to his ridiculous urge to be a part of the study group, it's safe to say he well and truly holds a special place in our hearts. Still, there's something about him we all love and sometimes, he was the actual best too. Here's why:

15 That time he pretended to lose his memory

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Can we all just agree that Changnesia is NOT a real illness? There's no way that this thing exists and we all know it. Do you guys remember that time when Chang came back (after quite possibly being the worst person on the planet) and pretended to have 'forgotten' everything? It was such nonsense! I don't know how the guy got away with this BS and why anyone went along with it. It just makes absolutely zero sense to me.

For some reason, though, there were some characters who believed him and that's what's so funny. You can't just make up a disease and say you have it to make people feel sorry for you. Luckily, that's so not how the world works. (Wouldn't it be screwed up if it did work that way, eh?)

14 And when he said his name was Kevin

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Oh, and it wasn't just the Changnesia that we had to worry about. Oh no, Ben came back as a seemingly totally new man. He went around telling people that his name was Kevin and expected everyone to buy into his lies. It made no sense at all. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to his deception. The fact that he was always getting away with stuff is what makes it seem so very ludicrous.

This was probably the height of Chang's lies. When he said that his name was Kevin, there were some people who saw through them (yes, Jeff!) but most people just agreed with him. Obviously, it's not real (I do know that!), but I feel like more people should have seen through the charade.

13 That time that he tried to dance

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While we've likely all seen some pretty awful dancing in our time, Chang's moves are next level bad. For some reason, this guy seems to do just about everything in the worst possible way. It's almost like he's never been around normal people before. It's like he doesn't know how he's meant to behave or just be. Case in point, his terrible attempts at throwing some shapes. He probably thinks that he's doing great here, but it's so clear that he's just plain bad at dancing.

Sometimes, we all feel like we should feel sorry for Chang. When that happens to you, remember this one thing: He is an awful human being. He did things that no one should do and then had the nerve to pretend everything was fine and we love to hate him for it.

12 When he failed at doing a mike drop

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Oh dear me! When on earth will this guy learn that his behavior is just plain odd. Throughout the series, Chang tried to do many things and every single time, he screwed them up. One of the most awkward, cringe-worthy things he did was this mike drop. Who even knows where he got this one from? Perhaps he was watching too much MTV over the weekend. Wherever he got it, he just could not pull the move off to save his life.

The thing is, you need to know how cool you are before you try a stunt like this. I know I'm not cool so I wouldn't even bother with this stuff. Still, Chang lacks basic self awareness. He probably thought that he was as cool as hell when he did this thing.

11 Every damn time he used his name as a word

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Okay, let's get one thing straight, there's no way that 'Chang' should be used in any other way than as a name. It shouldn't be used in any other context. For some bizarre reason, though, Chang wanted to make his name so much more than it was. He wanted it to be a thing in its own right. Hearing him bastardize the English language time and time again was nothing short of infuriating.

You can understand why many of the other characters couldn't stand being around this guy. Just listening to what he had to say was one of the most annoying things ever. Someone honestly just needed to shake this guy and let him know that his behavior was so not okay. It had to be done.

10 When he laughed out milk (gross!)

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Trust Chang to mess just about everything up! Even when he's eating, this guy is one of the worst characters ever. It's almost like he was never taught manners. No one ever said to him, "Look, this is how you need to behave around the general public". So, for some odd reason, he decided that he'd just wing it and hope for the best. Sadly, his weird AF actions were usually what made people sick to death of the guy. After all, we shouldn't have to put up with this BS, right?

Seeing Chang squirt milk out of his nose and mouth is nothing short of disgusting. When I saw this, it honestly made me feel a little ill. I mean, no one should do stuff like that in public. It's just plain nasty if you ask me.

9 That time he tried to be ghetto AF

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Chang has no place talking like this. It was almost like he just took things from pop culture and tried to copy it. The problem with that is that most of the time he ended up looking like a plain old fool. Take this perfect example. When Ben decided that it was time to go ahead and start talking like a gangsta rapper, it was awkward to watch. Who knows where he picked this up? He should have quit a long, long time ago.

The weirdest thing about this was the fact that not a single person picked up on it. No one said, "Hey, you can't talk that way... Weirdo!" They totally should have, though. Perhaps they would have saved him (and everyone around him) a whole load of awkwardness. The fact that he even tried was hilarious, though!

8 That time that he said THIS

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Oh wow. There are almost no words for how this sentence makes me feel. I mean, there's no way that anyone should say something like this and when those fateful words come out of Chang's mouth, somehow they are a million times worse than ever. It's almost like this guy tries as hard as he can to make everyone around him feel uncomfortable. It's like he thinks that he needs to do that in order to be noticed. Poor guy.

Still, he didn't need to go this far. Saying that you have the body of a fifth grader is just dark AF. Coming from Chang, it's awkward comedy gold and his delivery is just on point. Enough to make you squirm and laugh at the same time.

7 When he tried to join the study group

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Sometimes, when a group doesn't want to be your friend, you just have to accept it. It's their loss... and other such nonsense. The truth is that you can't force people to be your friend. Trying to do so will just land you in worse trouble. Here's a hint: People don't like neediness. They hate it. It bugs them in more ways than they can express to you. There's nothing good that comes of being that forward with people. If people can't stand you, and then you're needy, you just give them one more reason to hate you. Oops.

Every single time that Chang tried to get into the study group, I thought that it was tragic. I mean, yes, the group looks like a whole load of fun but give it a rest. Some things are not meant to be.

6 When he took over the whole Greendale College

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Okay guys, you've probably been waiting for this one for a long, long time. By far, one of the worst things that Chang did was when he tried to take over the college. Hey, remember that time he locked the real Dean in the basement? Remember that time that he got a doppelgänger to replace him and went around like he ruled the place? It was weird, right? No, it wasn't just weird... It was damn illegal. This is actually the worst thing that Chang ever did, and yet he still managed to get away with it.

If you're a community fan, I'm sure you'll agree that this should have been the end of Chang. There's no coming back from a stunt like this one, right? Wrong. Apparently, he was back soon after and ready to pretend to be 'Kevin'. Pfft. For this reason, and this reason alone, Chang was a legend.

5 When he used his BS sensor

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The list of reasons that everybody loves to hate Chang could go on and on and on. Still, this one is well and truly up there. Remember when he pulled out the old 'BS sensor'? Well, that was quite possibly one of his most irritating moments of all. It's not even the fact that he did it; it's more about the way that he did it. He was so damn happy to make fun of the people around him for no damn reason.

If there's one thing that we can all agree on about Chang it's that he lacked a little thing called social skills. He just had no clue how very annoying his actions always were. I guess that's why he kept on doing the same stupid damn things.

4 When he didn't know what a cat was

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For the most part, few people struggle to know what the difference between a cat and dog is. After all, animal names are one of the first things we learn when we start to speak. We point at our family pet and loudly proclaim its name to everyone. That's just part of growing up. It's normal. Still, Chang is not like the rest of us. Who knows how he was raised, eh?

When he thought that a cat was a dog I couldn't help cracking up. This was one of the funniest moments on the entire show for me. It's such a simple yet absurd joke. There's not much to it; just the mere element of surprise. And yet, somehow, it works so very well. The idea that Chang has no idea what a cat looks like is just insane.

3 That time he was the worst security guard

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Let's be real here: There's no way that Chang should ever be in a position of power. You give this guy an inch and he takes four hundred miles. The moment he became a security guard, he started being an absolute dictator. He thought that this tiny sliver of authority was enough to make lord of campus. Um, no.

While you might have hated this whole thing, you have to admit that it made you laugh. There was nothing better than watching this guy terrorise the whole of the school. Plus, he was a jerk to Britta... and, let's face it, we all know that Britta is the absolute worst. Seeing her suffer a little at the hands of Chang was pure perfection. Whoever thought of this gag was an absolute genius. It's definitely one of Chang's best moments.

2 When he didn't know what a mirror was

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Again, we should all know what a mirror is by now. Most of us use these things every single day of our lives. This is another instance that seemed confusing to Chang. It was almost as though he'd never seen a mirror before and he was just learning its use for the very first time in his life. When he said this, it was one of his greatest moments. Pure genius.

When people hate on Chang (yeah, I do too sometimes!), I like to remind them that there were times when he was genuinely sweet. Take this time, for example. He is almost like a child, discovering something for the first time. And since we don't know the extent of Chang's self awareness, I would say this is either one of his most absurd moments or his sweetest. Maybe both?

1 When he crawled into the air vent

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You might call this weird, but there was something charming (and sad) about Chang living in the ventillation system. When he greased himself up to go in there, it was funny yet hard to watch. Still, the thought that this guy had nowhere to go was kind of tragic at times. He was just about the loneliest character on the whole show... which also made him kind of likeable at times.

Sure, I get why people may have disliked this character from time to time but think about this: Without Chang the show wouldn't have been half as funny. He brought a whole load of comedy and absurdism to an already funny show. No matter how much he annoyed us all, he was one of the best characters too. He was the one we loved to hate... and there's some honour in that.

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