15 Times Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds Won ‘Couple Of The Year’

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15 Times Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds Won ‘Couple Of The Year’

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. They’re the couple that is just too darn pretty. Honestly, have you seen a more attractive couple? Their kids are going to grow up to be a couple of stunners, that’s for sure. But more than good looks, this couple has what many Hollywood couples lack, and that is real love. Or, they have Instagram-able love, which is practically the same thing. Surprisingly, the couple has actually been married for almost five years already, dating for close to seven, and are parents to two young children. In fact, Blake Lively was still playing Serena Van Der Woodsen on Gossip Girl when the two first started seeing each other. But they’re taking a turn in the spotlight with hot movie careers, adorable kids, killer fashion choices, and hilarious antics on social media. Whether they’re hitting the red carpet, working on a movie set, or jetting off to Ryan’s Canadian homeland, this is a couple that is 100% #relationshipgoals.

15. When Ryan Knew Blake Was “The One”



In GQ, Ryan shared the exact moment he fell in love with his wife, Blake. They were at dinner in New York when a song started playing. Ryan turned to her and asked her to dance. And just like a modern day rom-com, Blake accepted and the two danced in the middle of an empty restaurant. Ryan says after the dance was over, he walked Blake home and, “I don’t need to go into what happened after that.” So the man doesn’t exactly kiss and tell, but we’re pretty sure we know what happened here. And it obviously went well. Ryan wants to keep the romance for just themselves; when asked what the song they danced to was, Ryan wouldn’t share. We’re sorta hoping that he still plays it from time to time at home and dances with Blake in the middle of their kitchen. Sigh, pure perfection.

14. When Blake Was Pretty Sure Ryan Was “The One”

So, Ryan may have known exactly when Blake was the one, but it seems Blake wasn’t so sure. He’s most likely the father of their baby – let’s call it 50/50. JK, guys, she’s just messing around. We love that Blake and Ryan always keep a sense of humor, especially when talking about one another on social media. But they always follow it up with lots of love. And can we talk about what a hot dad Ryan is in this photo? We’re loving the relaxed vibe with the sunglasses, tight long sleeve shirt, and, of course, adorable baby strapped to his chest. And the beautiful Vancouver scenery behind him sure doesn’t hurt. Where do we get one of these? Blake, are you open to sharing? Do we need to hunt the streets of Hollywood for a man like Ryan, or should we stick to the Canadian countryside? Regardless, thanks for this photo. We like just staring at him too.

13. When Ryan Gave Blake All The Flowers For Mother’s Day

How great is this guy? We’re sure Blake would’ve been thrilled with one bouquet of flowers for Mother’s Day. But Ryan upped the ante with four gorgeous bouquets of flowers. We are loving the pink peonies. What a good dad and hubby! Way to make your lady feel special on Mother’s Day. Especially as she would’ve been caring for their toddler and also carrying their second child at this time period. If anyone deserves all these pretty blooms, it’s Blake. She really is a hands on, do it all-kinda mom. And we’re sure Ryan had a whole day of pampering lined up for her. We’re thinking breakfast in bed, maybe some jewelry, and a home cooked dinner. If you start a day with all of these flowers, you’ve got to follow it up with some more romance for your wife and mother of your children. We’re sure Ryan knows that though.

12. When They Attended The White House State Dinner



How great do these two look all dressed up? I mean, they would look great unshowered in sweatpants with Cheetos stuck to their chins. But they look especially great when they’re all dressed up and rubbing shoulders with celebrities and politicians at the White House. Besides looking so good, Blake and Ryan also got to schmooze with the Obama’s and Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau and his wife, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau. And let’s take a second to talk about Blake’s dress. Her Ralph & Russo lilac dress is low cut, high cut, has shoulder cut outs, and a gorgeous tie in the front. She looks radiant. And can you believe she was about three months pregnant at the time? Yeah, neither can we. Can you imagine looking this great while pregnant and running after a one year old? Blake Lively must be magic.

11. When They Had Family Day At The Hollywood Walk Of Fame



In December, Ryan Reynolds was honored with his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Ryan decided to make the official unveiling of his star a family affair. He brought his wife, Blake, two-year-old daughter, James, and new baby, Ines, whose name had not been revealed to the public at the time of the event. Ryan gave a touching speech upon receiving his star in which he told Blake, “you make everything better. You make everything in my life better. You’ve given me two of the most incredible children I’ve ever hoped to have. You made me the father of my dreams when I thought I only had fun uncle potential.” How sweet is that? After his speech, Ryan’s family joined him on the red carpet where Ines slept soundly and James ran off with the mic, stealing daddy’s spotlight.

10. When They Supported A Good Cause

Both Ryan and Blake are well known for their charitable endeavors. Recently, Ryan has been sharing stories of kids he has met with life-threatening illnesses at children’s hospitals to help raise awareness and money for research. Blake has a reputation for partnering with do-good brands that give back, like being the face of Gucci’s Chime for Change first perfume. Here, Blake and Ryan are partnering with fellow actor, Michael J Fox and the Michael J Fox Organization to help find a cure for Parkinson’s disease. How much do we love that two people who are so talented and so good looking are also so interested in doing good work? A lot. We love when celebrities give back. Thanks for all of your good work, Blake and Ryan!

9. When They Met On The Set Of An Awful Movie



Remember Green Lantern? Yeah, we’re trying to forget it too. Luckily, both Ryan and Blake have gone on to do much better movies which helps us forget this joke of a film even existed. But, we do have to thank Green Lantern for one thing: it was the movie that brought Ryan and Blake together. Of course, at the time it was a bit controversial. When filming started, Ryan was still married to Scarlett Johansson and Blake was still dating her Gossip Girl co-star, Penn Badgley. These two kept things strictly professional while filming, of course. But everyone could see that sparks were flying both on and off set. And by the time the movie released in June 2011, Ryan was divorced and Blake was single. It didn’t take long for them to begin visiting each other on sets of other movies, sneaking out of each other’s houses, and Ryan even brought Blake back to Vancouver with him that Christmas.

8. When They Were Hilarious Parents

Ryan Reynolds has got to be one of the funniest parents on social media. Just take a scroll through his Twitter feed and you’ll find yourself chuckling along at all of his parenting mishaps and hilarious #badparent confessions. Like this gem about his daughter’s new crib mobile. Or the time he admitted to watching Frozen alone without the company of his two year old daughter. But it’s not just his kids Ryan throws under the bus; he’s happy to make a joke at wife Blake’s expense too. While promoting Deadpool on the late night TV circuit, Ryan shared just how much he loved his wife and kids. He told the host that he loved his wife more than anything, but then his baby was born. And in that instant, Ryan knew that he would use his wife as a human shield if it meant protecting his baby. Does that still qualify as relationship goals? Yes, yes it does.

7. When They Made 40 Look Fabulous

Who looks this good at 40? Honestly, it’s just not fair. 2016 was a pretty crap year for everyone except Ryan Reynolds. In 2016 he welcomed his second child, celebrated a milestone birthday, starred in the hit movie Deadpool, was nominated for a Golden Globe, and was voted People Magazine’s Sexiest Dad Alive. Not a bad year at all for Reynolds. And how great do Ryan and Blake look at his 40th birthday party? Hitting up their favorite Japanese restaurant, rumour has it this is where the gorgeous couple had one of their first dates in Boston. We love that they’re still frequent patrons of the restaurant where all the magic first happened. Does this mean if we head to O Ya we might run into Blake and Ryan? How long could we reasonably wait at a table for until they kicked us out?

6. When Ryan Was The Best Husband

Again, Ryan is killing it with his social media humor. This time, instead of targetting his children, Ryan went after Blake. And on her birthday! But we’re sure Blake loved this tweet. We can just picture her scrolling through her phone (while getting her hair and makeup done for some fabulous birthday dinner on the town, no doubt) and coming across this gem. She probably laughed out loud and quickly passed the phone around to her beauty team so they could all share the joke. While we’re sure Blake appreciates Ryan’s smarts, kindness, and good looks, it’s got to be his humor that really makes him attractive. Nothing is better than a man who can make you laugh. Especially if that man looks like Ryan Reynolds. Keep the jokes coming, Ryan!

5. When They Made Eyes On The Red Carpet

We’re swooning! Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have always been stars on the red carpet. They both have great style and even better good looks. Trying to find a time when fashion failed either of them on a red carpet would be tough to do. They’re perfect! But then when they take the red carpet together and trade these adorable sly looks – they surpass perfection. We are loving this glance they shared on the red carpet in Cannes. Blake was flawless in this monochrome two-tone Gucci gown and sophisticated low bun. And of course, Ryan was no disappointment in his matching black and white tuxedo. Can you imagine if this was date night? Instead of lying on the couch in sweats, watching Netflix, and ordering pizza, you spend all day getting glam and you hit the red carpet looking like this to watch a movie with your boo in the south of France. Color us jealous!

4. When They Hung With Taylor’s Squad



Okay, we’ll be the first to admit that Ryan doesn’t look particularly stoked about this photo. In fact, he looks pretty miserable. But how bad could it really be to hang out with your hot wife, a bunch of models and singers, and Tom Hiddleston at Taylor Swift’s mansion in Rhode Island? Ryan probably got to go down that giant water slide Taylor posted about 3000 photos of – lucky guy! So he really has no reason to be glum. We’re going to assume the photographer was too smitten by Taylor and Tom’s three week romance to capture a good photo of the true love happening between Ryan and Blake. We should also mention that Blake is about seven months pregnant here and still looking incredible. How great is it that these two hang with the coolest squad in town while still having hot careers and bringing babies into the world?

3. When They Were The Best Looking People At Disneyland



Disneyland is a magical place. And it gets all the more magical when Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds grace it with their presence. This photo was taken just a few days after Ryan received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Because what better way to celebrate career success than taking your wife and kids to Disney? This was also in celebration of daughter James’ birthday. Both James and Ines got to go to Disneyland too, despite not making the photo with Mickey. Though we wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Blake and Ryan probably hit up Disney without their kids from time to time. Look how happy Blake looks! This is clearly her happiest place on earth. Ryan doesn’t look quite as stoked. Maybe he’s not a rollercoaster kind of guy?

2. When They Weren’t Afraid To Get Handsy

Two Deadpools, one cup. Your turn #??L

A photo posted by Blake Lively (@blakelively) on

Turns out Ryan isn’t the only one who likes to have a little fun on social media. Blake also brings the jokes and has no problem poking fun at herself. Take this hilarious photo that she shared on Instagram. We love that both Ryan and Blake can act like huge goofballs – and in public too! Not many wives would be fine posting a photo of their husbands getting handsy at the movie theatre. And they probably wouldn’t follow it up with a funny, but also gross, caption like Blake did. And that’s why we love them! Besides just being beautiful and talented, Ryan and Blake are also hilarious and show off their love for each other in such unique funny ways. It’s also nice to see that they can go from glam red carpet premieres in Cannes to jeans and sneakers at the movie theater back home.

1. When Blake Was Ryan’s Biggest Fan

We love that Blake is not ashamed to be her man’s biggest fan. How great is it that Blake is not only in love with Ryan as a husband and father, but she is so proud and in love with his work as an actor? We can’t get over how great this support is, and we’re sure Ryan feels the same way. Not only did Blake attend screenings with Ryan and hit all the red carpets with him, but she’s even seeing the movie in her spare time and without Ryan or a bunch of cameras following her. She’s watching her hubby kill it as Deadpool for a third time because she loves him that much. She really is the ultimate fan. They say your spouse is supposed to be your biggest cheerleader, right? Well, Blake is clearly owning that title.

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