15 Times Bonnie Bennett From The Vampire Diaries Kicked Butt

Bonnie Bennett was arguably the most BAMF character on The Vampire Diaries. She was a witch, so she had incredible powers that often helped save her friends and at times, even the entire town of Mystic Falls. Bonnie often went to great lengths to help or save the people she loved whenever they were in need of her. Heck, she even helped save Damon when she despised him. Bonnie was strong, smart and independent and even though she suffered much loss and heartbreak throughout the eight seasons of the show, that didn't stop her from constantly putting others before herself. We've put together a list of times when Bonnie proved that she was basically the ultimate butt-kicking witch in the world of vampires, werewolves and hybrids.

15 When Bonnie saved Mystic Falls from hellfire.

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Definitely Bonnie's most fearless moment came when she saved the entire town of Mystic Falls from hellfire in the series finale of the show. She channeled the power of all the witches that came before her to stop the town she called home from burning to the ground. She saved everyone in the end. The love of her life, Enzo, appeared to her as a ghost and told her that she's capable of doing anything she sets her mind to. Bonnie was an incredibly strong woman and always fought for what she believed in. After defeating the fire that was supposed to destroy the town, Bonnie said quietly to herself, "I did it." Yes, Bonnie, you did. If anyone on The Vampire Diaries was a complete BAMF, it was definitely Bonnie Bennett.

14 When Bonnie let Damon escape 1994.

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In season 6 when Bonnie and Damon were stuck in 1994 with Kai, they discover the only way out was to use this device called the ascendant during a celestial event with the blood of a Bennett witch. Just as Bonnie and Damon are about to use the ascendant to escape the prison world, Kai shows up and shoots Bonnie with an arrow. Damon tries to fight him off as Bonnie realizes she is not going to make it out of that world to present day because she is injured. She doesn't let that stop her from letting Damon leave, though. She uses her magical powers to throw Damon right in the center of the moonlight of the eclipse and throws the ascendant into his hands, so that he escapes 1994 against his will as he shouts "no!" Damon didn't want to leave without Bonnie, but she cared more about his life than her own in that moment and sent him back to present day so he could reunite with his brother and his girlfriend, Elena.

13 When Bonnie gave Stefan the cure.

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Lesson number one: never mess with Bonnie Bennett. Towards the end of the series when Stefan had his humanity shut off due to working for the devil, he set out to kill Elena while she was sleeping in her coffin. Bonnie had taken Elena's body and had hidden it in her cabin in the woods and took Enzo there to get Elena's blood, also known as the cure for vampirism. Stefan shows up and kills Enzo on the spot, leaving Bonnie completely heartbroken. She wasn't about to let Stefan kill her, though, nor was she going to let him get to Elena. She took the needle filled with the cure and stabbed Stefan with it, thus turning him human. So long, vampire Stefan. He crossed the wrong witch.

12 When Bonnie died while fighting Klaus.

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During the 60's decade dance at Mystic Falls High School, Bonnie sets out to kill Klaus who has taken over Alaric's body. Bonnie, fully knowing that if she used too much power to try and destroy Klaus, she could kill herself, sets out to kill him anyway. This was just one of the many times where Bonnie sacrificed her own life to save the people she cared about. In a completely selfless act, Bonnie musters as much power as she can to kill the man who keeps threatening her friends. In doing so, Bonnie ends up dying right before Elena's eyes. Luckily, Bonnie's death was only temporary, as it was a plan her and Damon came up with to make Klaus believe that Bonnie was in fact, dead. She cast a spell on herself and faked her death.

11 When Bonnie saved Damon from fire.

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In the season one finale, Damon is trapped in a basement that has caught on fire, due to the mayor attempting to kill the vampires in Mystic Falls. He stands no chance of surviving until Bonnie, Stefan and Elena come to his rescue. Stefan goes into the building to save his brother as Bonnie grabs Elena's arm and stops her from going inside. Elena tells Bonnie to let her go, but Bonnie starts muttering an incantation. It is then revealed that Bonnie is creating a pathway through the fire so that Stefan can rescue his brother. Stefan rushes down the stairs, grabs Damon and heads back up and out of the building. Mind you, this was when Bonnie hated Damon. She saved his life despite her feelings towards him.

10 When Bonnie blasted Klaus.

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At the end of season 2, after Klaus was convinced that Bonnie was dead for quite some time, she comes at him as a surprise and begins chanting a spell to kill him once and for all at his weakest moment; when he completely turns into a hybrid. Bonnie uses all the power she can muster as Klaus is on the ground, writhing in pain. Elijah then shows up and begins to rip Klaus' heart from his body to kill him, but Klaus tells him that his siblings' bodies aren't buried at sea like he thought; they are safe. Because of this, Elijah decides not to kill Klaus, much to the dismay of Bonnie and Stefan, who are watching the whole thing play out. Bonnie warns Elijah that if he doesn't kill Klaus himself, she will take them both down. Elijah reminds her that if she does, she will die. Bonnie's response? "I don't care." BAMF Bonnie at her best.

9 When Bonnie showed Damon what Kai did to her.

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In season 6, after Bonnie finally escaped the prison world of 1994, she never wanted to see Kai's face ever again after the hell that he put her through. Kai, however, tries to get Damon to get Bonnie to see him. Damon ends up taking Kai to a rave where Bonnie is at and Bonnie gets pissed off. Raging, she meets up with Damon and uses her magic to show him the pain she felt because of what Kai did to her. Kai drugged her, tied her up and stuck her inside a trunk. She chokes Damon with her powers to try and show him what that felt like. Unfortunately, she couldn't show him the pain she felt when Kai left her all alone in the prison world. Damon was being a bit insensitive by trying to get Bonnie to see Kai again, so he definitely deserved what Bonnie gave him.

8 When Bonnie saved Matt from drowning.

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In season 3, Matt wants to drown himself so that he can see his sister, Vicky, again. He ties a weight around his waist so that he will sink to the bottom of the pool at Mystic Falls High School. Bonnie was at the school when this was going down and spoke to her on the phone before he made the jump into the pool. Matt tells Bonnie on the phone that she better hope she's good at CPR. Bonnie immediately begins to panic and runs to the school's pool. She dives in after Matt, unties the weight from his waist and pulls him above water. Is it just us, or does Bonnie pretty much rescue everyone when they need saving? This woman deserves a medal of some sort.

7 When Bonnie is the anchor and saves everyone.

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In season 5, whenever someone died, they had to pass through Bonnie, as she was the anchor to the other side, where the dead people went. In the finale, however, she got everyone who had passed through her to pass back into the real world. Then, as the other side was destroyed, Bonnie went with it, because she had found no way to stop being the anchor. Bonnie Bennett saves the day yet again. This time, she is with Damon on the other side as it gets destroyed, because he was unable to pass through. In an epic final scene, the two clasp hands and prepare for what is to come. In season 6 it is revealed that Bonnie and Damon are trapped in a prison world in 1994.

6 When Bonnie fights Elena.

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Bonnie and Elena are total BFF's but when vampire Elena had her humanity turned off during the senior prom, Bonnie had had enough. Elena walks up to Bonnie and tries to attack her at the high school dance, but Bonnie uses her witchy magic to cause Elena pain inside her head. Bonnie is unable to control her powers during this time and her anger drives her magic powers into overdrive. After this incident, Elena tries to kill Bonnie yet again and bites her on her neck. Bonnie heals quickly, much to Elena's surprise, and turns her powers onto her BFF/temporary nemesis. Her magic is so powerful, she starts breaking bones in Elena's body as she writhes in pain on the ground. Stefan and Damon run up to Bonnie and get her to stop.

5 When Bonnie stands up to Damon.

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One can only risk their life for others so many times before they start to lose their chill. One such moment came towards the end of season 6 when Bonnie told Damon off after he came to get the ascendant from her so that his mother could bring back all of her friends (that want to kill Bonnie) from the prison world. Bonnie wants to destroy the ascendant and begins doing a spell to do just that. She tells Damon that for the first time, she's putting herself first. Damon pushes her against a wall to stop her, but she throws him right off. It takes a strong and powerful person to stand up to Damon like that, but Bonnie is not afraid of him. She tells him that by giving him the ascendant back, she's risking her life yet again for others and that she's once again sacrificing herself. Damon replies with "you don't wanna push me, Bon Bon." But that doesn't stop her from telling him the harsh truth. You go, girl!

4 When Bonnie woke Elena from her sleeping curse.

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Not quite unlike some of the most popular fairytales, the main female character on The Vampire Diaries was placed under a sleeping curse. However, rather than needing to be awoken by true loves kiss, Elena would only wake when her best friend Bonnie died. In the series finale, however, badass Bonnie stopped at nothing to find a way to wake up her BFF. She goes through tons of spells and eventually finds one that works and wakes up Elena. There was no way she was going to live her life without her best friend by her side. After the ghost of Enzo told Bonnie she could do anything she set her mind to, she did just that. Always a strong-willed and fierce woman, that Bonnie.

3 When Bonnie set fire to Damon.

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At the school carnival in season 2, Bonnie was getting to know a cute guy and Caroline, who was a newly turned vampire, killed him. Bonnie decided to take out her pain on Damon, who seemed to show no emotion over the death of the guy she cared about. She makes Damon's head hurt so that he falls to the ground and uses a hose to light water on fire and sends it Damon's way. Damon catches fire and Bonnie nearly kills him, but Elena gets her to stop and tells her "this can't be us."

Bonnie told Damon at the end of the first season that if anyone else ever got hurt, she would kill him. She kept her word. Don't mess with Bonnie!

2 Whenever Bonnie used pain infliction.

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One trick that Bonnie and many witches liked to use whenever they needed to immobilize a supernatural enemy was to inflict pain on them by giving them aneurysms. Bonnie explained it to Damon once as making the blood vessels in his brain go "pop." Since he is a supernatural being with healing powers, she explained that since he healed quickly from his blood vessels popping, she just did it over and over again, creating endless pain. Damon called it her "witchy ju-ju" thing and said it felt like his brain was on fire. Bonnie used it on a number of characters over the years whenever they were causing trouble. She even used it on Stefan and Elena when they were out of control.

1 When Bonnie destroyed the moonstone.

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The moonstone was a major plot point in season 2 of The Vampire Diaries. It was the mystical object that bound the hybrid curse that was placed on Klaus. It made his werewolf side dormant and made him solely an Original vampire. In this season, Bonnie befriends a witch named Luka. Together, they find a way to destroy the moonstone. Or so Bonnie thought. Turns out, Luka made it look like they were destroying the moonstone, just so he could obtain it for Klaus' brother, Elijah, whom Luka and his father were working with. Even though Bonnie didn't really destroy the moonstone, the scene was pretty epic to see. Magical scenes like this one were definitely some of the coolest scenes to watch and Bonnie made them happen.

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