15 Times Boy Meets World Taught Us About True Love

Though I was not of TV watching age when Boy Meets World originally aired, when I got a TV in my room in 2005, every night at 11:10pm I would sneakily turn the TV on to the Family Channel (Canadian Disney Channel) and catch an episode before bed. It quickly became my favourite show and, like many pre-pubescent boys in the '90s, discovered the wondrous beauty that is Topanga Lawrence. Cory and Topanga's love story is one of the classic love stories. They are included amongst great loves like those of Cinderella and Prince Charming, Romeo and Juliet, Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy, Shrek and Fiona, and Lily and James Potter. But romantic love isn't the only type of love shown in Boy Meets World and Cory and Topanga aren't the only teachers. Let's delve through 15 times Boy Meets World taught us about true love. Warning: this article with get you in your honey nut feelios.

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15 Cory's Speech When Topanga Ran Away

A classic sitcom plot line: main character's girlfriend's parents get a job in a new city and has to move. They try to do the long distance thing and it seems like it doesn’t work. However, Cory and Topanga aren’t your average sitcom ‘will they won’t they’ couple. So there’s no way that any amount of distance could keep this couple apart. Topanga ran away back to Cory’s house to be with him. Amy thought Topanga moving would be Cory’s chance to date new girls and didn’t believe Cory truly loved her–or even understood what love is. And he replied with this amazing speech that I think describes true love better than any sonnet or classical play I’ve ever seen:

“Mom listen, I haven’t been together with Topanga for 22 years, but we have been together for 16. Ok, it’s a lot longer than most couples have been together. I mean when we were born, you told me that we used to take walks in our strollers together around the block. When we were 2, we were best friends. I mean, I knew everything about this girl. I knew her favorite color, I knew her favorite food. Then we got to be 6 and Eric made fun of me because it wasn’t cool to have a best friend who was a girl or even know a girl. So for the next 7 years I threw dirt at her. I like to call those’ the lost years.’ And then when I was 13, mom, she put me up against the locker and she kissed me. I mean, she gave me my first kiss. She taught me how to dance. She was always talking about these crazy things and I never understood a word she said. All I understood was that she was the girl I sat up every night thinking about. When I’m with her I feel happy to be alive, like I can do anything, even talk to you like this. So that’s what I think love is, mom…when I’m better because she’s here.”

Awwww, the feels!

14 When Cory Stood Up To Harley for Shawn

Shawn is from a trailer park family and according to his Uncle Mike, he is the smartest one in their lineage which is concerning as he is famous for his low grades and slacker status. Shawn often shows discomfort when hanging out with Cory and his family as you can tell he longs for what Cory has and feels like he will never have it. Girls look down on him for his status, he's embarrassed by his father's stories and lies, and I think he doesn't apply himself in school because he's worried that he's not actually good enough. If he acts like he doesn't care, he can never be let down. So when Shawn decides that he will never be more than trailer trash and starts hanging out with Harley, Shawn thinks he is just embracing his destiny but Cory, who has never seen Shawn as anything less than his super cool best friend, freaks out and stands up to the biggest and baddest kid in school to save his friend from falling down the wrong path. And it brings tears to my eyes to see someone risking themselves to show someone they love that they are worth more than they think and that they deserve better.

13 When Cory's Parents Threatened the Cult Leader

Shawn routinely feels lost and like he's never going to amount to anything. So he relies, heavily-though he'll never admit it, on the support and validation of his loved ones. Which means that any criticism from them will make Shawn feel like they are finally giving up on him. So when Mr. Turner starts getting on his case for distancing himself again, Shawn immediately pulls back and ends up in the arms of a cult leader who manipulates Shawn's insecurities and fears in order to "have him." Cory's parents lose their mind and confront him at the hospital. They sometimes worry that Shawn might end up being a bad influence on Cory, but they know deep down that he is a good kid and as Alan claims, he would kill anyone who hurt Shawn. Shawn isn't their kid and they have no need to even care for him but they love their sons best friend so much that the idea of someone trying to hurt him sends them into a violent rage.

12 When Chet Hunter Tried to Win Virna Back By Chasing Her Across America

When Shawn's mom, Virna, left Chet and Shawn taking their mobile home with her, it's unclear why she left and what she wants. One thing that is clear is how much Chet loves her as the first thought that comes into his mind is to leave his son with their friends and to go after her. Though it's not the best choice for Shawn, it still shows that Chet will do whatever he can for the woman that he loves. When she comes back, Cory relays the message that all she wants is to know that they have changed and Chet and Shawn have a huge talk about what him leaving put Shawn through. Chet apologizes and agrees that they are a family no matter what happens, which Virna overhears and comes back. Not a lot of people go after someone when they leave and most people have this idea that when it's over it's over, but Chet doesn't accept that and does everything he can to win her back.

11 When Eric Let Tommy Go

When Eric was acting as Santa, he met an Orphan boy who wished for the one thing no mall Santa – or even the real Santa – can ever give him: a family. Eric decides the best thing he can do is be that family for Tommy and invites him to Christmas and then becomes his Big Brother. After bonding together for a long period of time, Tommy asks Eric to adopt him which he brushes off at first but then seriously considers the idea. In the end, Eric decides to let this well off family who love Tommy and can provide for him adopt the boy. Tommy and Eric are heartbroken and even though Tommy doesn't agree, Eric did the right thing. Eric loved Tommy so much that he decided that the best thing for him, even though it would kill both of them, was to give Tommy to a family that could properly care for him and raise him with everything that he could ever want.

10 When Shawn Turned Down Jennifer for Cory

Just the fact that a teenage boy would give up the promise of intimacy for his best friend is true love right there. How do I describe the wild and torturous love story of Jennifer and Shawn...and Cory. Shawn loves Jennifer. Jennifer decided she doesn't love Shawn anymore. Cory defends Shawn by talking down Jennifer. Shawn repeats this to Jennifer. Jennifer accuses Cory of being mean. Shawn agrees. Shawn and Jennifer get back together. Cory talks down Jennifer. Jennifer decides Cory is bad news. Jennifer tells Shawn no more Cory. Shawn sees Cory behind Jennifer's back. Jennifer find out and gives Shawn an ultimatum. Shawn picks Jennifer. Shawn shows everyone that the love between friends will always trump romantic love.

9 When Cory And Topanga Broke Up to Save Their Friendship...But Ended Up Together Again

After years of teasing and sand throwing, Cory and Topanga finally got together in their second year of high school. However, they quickly get "too" comfortable and fall into a rut. I think that they fell into this rut because they are truly meant to be together and that innate comfort they have with each other just caused them to fall in together so easily. Anyway, they became uncomfortable with the rut and craved adventure and change, which they got by pretending to be someone else at another schools' dance. They caught each other and ended the night with the end of their relationship because they didn't want to risk their friendship (which is love if anything is.) And though they did briefly see other people, Cory followed Topanga to Disney World/Land to show Topanga how he truly feels and how he can't be without her. They kissed under the fireworks and made every hopeless romantics heart swell.

8 When Topanga Cut Her Hair Off

Now this is a crazy action of two types of love: romantic and self. Cory was dealing with some physical insecurities and was feeling uncomfortable in his relationships with Shawn and Topanga as both of them are exceptionally conventionally attractive with brilliantly gorgeous hair. Topanga tries to comfort him by telling him that he is being silly and appearances don't matter but he doesn't find comfort in her words as her beauty makes her "looks aren't important" speech fall flat. To prove her point, she cut of all of her hair and then quickly had an identity crisis of her own. The fact that she would hack off her hair to help someone that she loves is amazing. Shawn helps her find herself again and the episode ends with a strong love yourself message.

7 Mr. Turner's Motorcycle Accident

Ah yes, one of the most heart wrenching episodes (which says a lot because it seems as though that 90% of the show was designed to make you drown in a puddle of tears comparable to that of Alice in Wonderland.) After Chet takes off to find his beloved Virna, Shawn ends up (after a bit of pin balling) living with Mr. Turner and they become very close. So when Mr. Turner's criticism of Shawn leads him to a cult and away from his loved ones, the only thing that can bring him back to reality is finding out that Mr. Turner crashed his bike. Shawn visits Mr. Turner and pleads with God for Mr. Turner's speedy recovery. Once Alan loses it, as so described above, and Shawn has worked through his feelings for Mr. Turner, he realizes that is truly is loved by those around him and leaves the cult for good.

6 Alan And Amy's Entire Relationship

I might even argue that their love is more true than Cory and Topanga's famed love. When Alan quits his grocery store for good and wants to open a corner store, Amy knows that that won't make him happy and doesn't let him to make such a big decision that she knows he'll regret. Instead, she buys a wilderness shop for him as she knows that he's his happiest when he is up at the lake. They are such a team and any issue they have is quickly resolved with communication and compassion. They kept an active sex life while into their forties and knew when to support each other and when to kick each other in the butt and show some tough love.

5 When Shawn Stood Up to his Half-Brother for Cory

For Chet's birthday, Cory and Shawn get the great idea of making him a "Happy Birthday" video from all of their family down at the trailer park. When reviewing the tapes, Cory sees one of the guys they ran into while filming in the background of one of the tapes carrying computer parts and Shawn remarks that they are probably stolen. Cory wants to look further into this possible story as he is on a journalism kick, however Shawn is strangely hesitant. It's not until Cory gets caught filming the thief in the middle of removing serial numbers and Shawn comes to Cory's rescue that we find out that this guy is Shawn's half brother. But that doesn't matter to Shawn because he threatens to call the cops if on his brother if he doesn't let Cory go. The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb (that is the full version of the common quote which means the bonds of friendship are stronger than those of family lines) and Shawn will do anything for his best friend.

4 When Eric Met Mr. Feeny in Boston

Eric gets to go to a small business convention in Boston and is excited to have a wild. fun filled, romantic night in Boston with anyone who will give him the time of day. Mr. Feeny is also in Boston, at the same hotel no less, to meet with his long time partner of sorts for their annual ritual in which they go out to dinner and ask each other, alternating between asker and askee each year, to throw their lives away and create a new life filled with romantic bliss and undying love. The kicker is, each year they say no and resume their lives. Eric has the opportunity to take off with a hot bartender but when he sees the look on Mr. Feeny's face when he returns to the hotel and decides to stay with his friend instead. He offers Mr. Feeny advice, comfort, and a night of distraction and shows how close their relationship truly is.

3 When The Golden Trio Stood up to the Guy's Who Trashed Mr. Feeny's Place.

When Mr. Feeny decides to draft up a jam packed exam schedule which causes stress and anxiety, a small group of students decide that they have the right to feel angry. They decide that the best way to show Mr. Feeny that they are unhappy was to trash his place. A bunch of kids who decided that taking a bunch of tests that they had all semester to study for (more realistically the two weeks since the schedule was posted) decided that they were taking a stand and trashed an elderly man's home. Originally Shawn was on the kids side but once he found out that Mr. Feeny took the kid actions very personally, him, Cory, and Topanga decided that enough was enough. When they caught wind that those same kids were planning to bust into the high school for phase two of their plan, they assembled and told the kids off. Even though they get on each others nerves sometimes, they respect Mr. Feeny and have his back no matter what.

2 When Frankie Went to his Father's Wrestling Match

When Harley got sent to military school and Joey "the rat" got suspended, Frankie was alone and no longer had to be the bully he was told he was. He had to learn how to make it through high school on his own and wanted to be seen as more than "Frankie the enforcer." Cory and Shawn gave him that chance and with this new freedom, Frankie explored his poetic side and found his calling. Though he became distant with his wrestling champion father and asked for his new friends help in winning him back. When Cory had to be there for Topanga instead of telling Frankie wrestling tips to give his dad, Frankie decided vulnerability and love was all he had left. He confessed to his dad that he had nothing left to offer him except his love and that whether his father won or lost the match, he would be proud of him. They fixed their relationship and continued to bond through the outro.

1 How Hard Mr. Feeny Truly Cared for Those Kids


As much as he likes to insist, he is never just the next door neighbour, principal, teacher, or classmate that he claims to be. He joined Alan in in threatening the cult leader. He nearly attacked the student professor that sexually harassed Topanga. He did everything he could to show Shawn and Eric that they are worth more than they think they are and that they need to apply themselves. He stood up for Cory and Topanga's love when they were only fifteen. He forgave Cory every time he did something foolish because he knew that Cory was a good kid. He watched out for them and did everything he could to make sure they grew up happy, smart, and good. Mr. Feeny wanted nothing more than to see them successful and leading the best lives they possibly could.

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