15 Times Britta Was The Worst Character On Community

Who would have thought that a sitcom about a bunch of misfits at Greendale Community College would capture our hearts? Yet, over its six-year long run, the world fell in love with each and every character. Of course, that's not to say that everyone in the show was a stellar human. Much of what made this series so very interesting was how unlikeable some of the characters really were. There was more than a handful of people who were clearly just out for themselves.

Ask anyone who the worst character was and the answer will be clear: Britta. Try as she might, this little lady just could not keep people on her side. Whether she was mispronouncing words or just being holier than thou, she was hard to handle. Here are all the times she was hella annoying.

15 When she did that awkward Christmas song

Do you remember this moment? This is one of the times that Britta was the ultimate worst person ever. When the song was failing for the group, Britta thought she would step in and save the day. Perhaps she imagined that this would be her moment; that the entire crowd would love her singing. She might have even imagined that she had a secret power she never knew about; that she was a fabulous singer and she'd just never realized it. Of course, none of the above actually happened. Instead, she just managed to make a real fool of herself for no real reason. It was hard to watch.

Even the Dean thought that Britta had messed things up when this all went down. Frankly, when the dean thinks you're a screw-up, your life has reached rock bottom.

14 Every time she tried to say 'bagel'

Honestly, to this very day, I can't say the word 'bagel' without laughing. In my head, I just hear Britta saying her messed up version of the word. It's so hilarious. How this lady went through her young adult life and never heard someone say it right is beyond me. Of course, Britta can never, ever be wrong. At least, that's the way she sees things. So, when the gang tried to correct her and tell her she was confused, she just would not have it.

It was almost like she thought that everyone was playing a trick on her and joking around about the word. Little did she know that she'd reached her mid-twenties without ever saying this word properly. Hopefully she learned to change her ways in the end.

13 When she thought that discmans were cool

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Come on, carrying around a discman when you're in community college is nothing short of tragic. Unless, of course, you go to college in the mid to late 90s... in which case, it's totally fine. When Britta decided that she was going to carry this ancient piece of technology around with her the entire time, it was just plain weird. What's more, when people questioned it, she had the absolutely worst reaction. She couldn't just be fine about it or even laugh it off. Oh no, that would be far too easy. Instead, she decided to argue to the death in true Britta fashion.

She then tried to sell the discman as 'retro', which is just embarrassing. There's no need to pretend that you're cool because you're into retro things. The whole scene just went further and further downhill from there.

12 That time she missed the point of saving the pelicans

We all know that it's important to try to save animals that are in some kind of danger. After all, the environment is going from bad to worse everyday. Anything we can do to slow down that terrible process can only be positive. There's nothing attractive about a world that is in the midst of falling apart, guys. Can we all just agree on that one?

Well, when Britta and Annie tried to save the pelicans, things got a little heated. Britta didn't like the way that Annie was getting people to sign up for the appeal. So, she decided to make a point by copying her and showing her how dumb it all was. The fact of the matter was that she should have cared about the damn pelicans, not what Annie was doing.

11 When she tried to dance in public

Some people are blessed when it comes to throwing some shapes on the dance floor. Sadly, Britta is not one of those people. It seems like she just doesn't have a definitive style at all. Instead, she adapts her moves to suit the crowd... but that sometimes doesn't quite work out, does it? No matter how hard she tries to pull this one off, it always ends up looking ridiculous AF. Even when she's being playfully 'goofy', it's awkward as hell to watch.

Take this example here. She's trying to show Annie that she's cool and can dance like the best of them. Well, there are few words that are needed to describe how it's actually coming across. I mean, if you can even call it dancing. I would rather call it a flailing attempt. Because, let's face it, that's what it is.

10 That time she fell for the Subway guy

The plan was just so very perfect, right? Shirley wanted to get her sandwich business off the ground, but there was just one thing that was standing in her way... Subway. The sandwich-making giant was dominating the college cafeteria and there wasn't a whole lot that they could do about it. It was then that the gang devised possibly the best plan ever. There was one tiny issue, though: Britta was instrumental to its success. They should have known never to trust this lady with something important. She was just certain to screw it up in the worst possible way.

All she was supposed to do was seduce the Subway guy and get a little insider information about the chain. But no, she couldn't even manage that tiny task. Instead, she ended up actually falling for the guy in the most awkward way possible. I mean, sure, he was kind of hot, but come on!

9 When she was way too worried about gnome rights

Who would have thought that the gang would be into Dungeons and Dragons? Not me, that's for sure. Still, there were a couple of times when they gave it a go together. Surprisingly, Britta was all for this game when it first started out. If anything, it seemed like she took the whole thing a little too seriously. It would seem that she was destined for role playing games like this one. And then, of course, things started to go dramatically downhill for her.

Once she started rambling on about gnome rights, it was clear that the game was never going to be the same again. Gnomes are so not people. They are not even real. So, in reality, it really doesn't matter about their rights.

8  Every time she was holier than thou

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Doubtless, one of the things that we all loved to hate about Britta was her holier than thou nonsense. This lady loved nothing more than to put people in their place and be as ultra PC as possible. Sadly, most of the time, she actually had no idea what she was talking about. She seemed to think that she knew it all about how to be respectful and kind to people. In reality, she was the person who annoyed the most people on the show. She was always putting her foot firmly in her mouth when she opened it.

Here's just one of many (many!) examples of her rubbish. When Britta starts chatting to Shirley about her children, she thought she knew best. Of course, she doesn't have children and has no idea how to raise them. She's also not a doctor or a dietician. Yet she feels more than qualified to tell Shirley what her kids can and can't eat. Um, nope.

7 When she did a pizza song and dance

Let's be real here. We all love pizza more than any other food. When I order one of these beauties and they finally arrive, I tend to get a little excited too. However, there's one thing that I definitely do not do.... I never sing and dance about the fact that the pizza has turned up. Doing so seems a little weird if you ask me.

In the episode 'Remedial Chaos Theory' (you know, the one where all the different timelines start!), things get a little weird. After coming out of the toilet where she was smoking a little something, Britta's mind is on food more than ever. Rather than stopping to chit-chat to people, she is saved by the door bell. Knowing that her cheesy snack is finally here, she starts to chant and dance. It's awkward to watch.

6 That time she rejected Annie

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Let's get one thing straight Alison Brie (who plays Annie!) is one of the most beautiful beings on the planet. There are few people that would care to disagree with this. So, it stands to reason that anyone in the world would be lucky to have a shot with this girl, right? That's why I just couldn't understand why Britta would not kiss Annie back in that all-too-famous scene. Um, what on earth was she thinking?

To be fair to her, this was probably just Britta trying to be nice about things. She was likely 'doing the right thing'. The reason? Well, Annie seemed to form unhealthy bonds with people in the group. She always wanted to be more than friends with the likes of Jeff, Britta (okay, only in this case), and Troy (who she dated!). Perhaps she needed to just learn how to be platonic with people for once. Britta kissing her might have confused things a little.

5 When she tried too hard to be hipster

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Every Community fan remembers the episode 'Mixology Certification' as one of the worst/best ever. Why? Well, because it was one of those times that Britta (and arguably Jeff) showed their true selves. The two spend a whole load of time arguing what the coolest bar in the city is. Of course, neither of them wanting to be wrong, they both convince themselves that only they know about the hippest place in town. Britta is particularly annoying in this episode as she is seriously arrogant about the whole thing. She believes that she is too cool for the group and will therefore show them the way. Um, wrong.

In the end, Jeff and Britta realize that the two bars they were talking about are actually one and the same.... just by a different name. This has to be one of the dumbest arguments two people have ever had. Trust these two characters to be the ones to have it.

4 That time she drunk-dialed Jeff

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The will they, won't they trope was strong between Jeff and Britta. During the first series of the show, it seemed like the two of them would definitely end up together. (Spoiler: This is not 'Friends' and that's not at all how things worked out in the end!) Personally, I felt a little sorry for Britta during this whole fiasco. It's quite obvious that Jeff can only love one person in the world; himself. Everyone else comes in second to him.

So, when Britta accidentally drunk-dialed Jeff in the middle of the night, I felt absolutely terrible for her. This was one of the dumbest things she could have done in in that particular situation. It's almost like she just has no concept of how to act. Well, you know what they say, love is very much blind.

3 When she had no clue what an analogy was

Most of us tend to learn basic English back in high school. for some reason, though, Britta must have skipped a fair few classes along the way. No matter how hard this lady tried, there was just no way on the planet that she could understand what an analogy was. There were loads of times that this came up throughout the show. Often enough, the gang made fun of her for her lack of understanding. Then, there were other times when her naivety just seemed kind of tragic.

While we undoubtedly all have our favorite Britta moments, there are a few that just so happen to stand out. One of the ones that I will just never forget is that time she said an analogy was a "thought with another thought’s hat on”. Strangely genius.

2 When she rioted against Chang

There's no doubt about it, Britta went her whole life looking for the Man to fight against. The sad thing is that she was born in a generation when there wasn't all that much to fight against. So, when Chang became possibly the worst security guard ever, she'd found her Man so to speak. Suddenly, there was someone that he could fight against. There was someone whom she could stand up to and someone who could take her down.

This whole storyline was crazy. Seeing these two together in this battle was awkward as hell. After all, there was just no reason for the two of them to be fighting it out. Still, Britta did everything that she could to make sure that she got to Chang. It was perhaps one of the weirdest things that ever happened.

1 That time she admitted she was the worst

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While we may all have been thinking it the entire time, there was no need to out and out say it. Even when Britta admitted that she was the actual worst, she was still the worst. Her self-deprecation looked more like a cry for attention than anything else. It was like she wanted to get in there first and say it before anyone else did. Or perhaps, she just knew how people felt about her, and wanted to make that clear to just about everyone.

It's weird to see someone who is so self-aware keep on repeating the same old nonsense. Even though she knew that she was a nightmare to be around, Britta refused to change. She just kept on annoying everyone around her. Then, when times got bad, she pulled this kind of statement out of the bag. Shh... Britta!

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