15 Times Cam From 'Modern Family' Was Our Spirit Animal

It is with great pleasure that I dedicate an entire article to the lovable and endearing fictional sitcom character, Cameron ("Cam") Tucker. Although he is just one of the many fabulous characters on ABC's Modern Family, he steels the show with his wit, theatrics, and charm. Okay, and his great one liners and tremendous sense of style.

From adopting his daughter Lilly with his husband Mitchell, to trying to add a bit of  drama to a history class - he is the man that shines the brightest. And no matter if you're gay, straight, bisexual, or whatever - Cameron Tucker is someone we can all relate to or at least idolize. Here are 15 times Cam from Modern Family proved he was our spirit animal. Shine bright, Cam... Shine bright.

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15When He Was Us On Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a sacred day for many. Others find it a pointless and obnoxious day because it's a constant reminder of being lonely or without a significant other. But when it comes to showering their partner with love and affection, leave it to Cam Tucker to show the world how it's done. Besides dressing his daughter up as cupid, he also gifted Mitchell a box of chocolates. Do you know how hard it is to buy chocolates as a gift and not dive into them!? Cam knows the struggle; "Notice that I haven't eaten any of the chocolates" Cam says as he beautifully shows Mitchell.  Unimpressed, Mitchell knows Cam's true character and knew the box had two layers of chocolates. Meaning Cam did in fact eat the first layer and gifted Mitchell the second. God, that's one smart move.

14When He Was Team Meryl

This has to be one of the most hilarious scenes in Modern Family. After signing Lilly up for a "mommy and me" class, he tries to make friends with the other parents without coming off as too flamboyant. And if you know Cam Tucker, you would know this is nearly impossible. After trying to start a conversation about movies with a fellow parent, she says how she recently saw Mama Mia starring none other than Meryl Streep. Unfortunately, the lady was not too pleased with Streep's performance and Cam felt what most of us felt in that moment; "Excuse me, Meryl Streep could play Batman and be the right choice." And Cam is absolutely correct, is there a movie Meryl hasn't been good in?! Try naming one, I'll wait.

13When He Took Things Too Literally

Oh my - Cam can do no wrong! We love his enthusiasm for life and fun. It can be rather difficult getting a package and not knowing what it contains. Could it be those cute coffee mugs you ordered off Amazon Prime? Or is it homemade cookies sent from your sweet mom? The quicker we open, the quicker we'll find out! But in this scene, when Mitchell asks Cam to "shake it," Cam proceed to shimmy his chest in the silliest way possible. What Cam was unaware of, was Mitchell meant the box...not his body. Oh Cam! How cute are you in the most unassuming way. We can only hope to have such a fun and carefree relationship like Mitch and Cam do. But Cam shimmying his chest is totally us when someone tells us to "shake it." Sorry, maybe Mitchell should be more literal.

12When He Reenacted The Lion King

Season one, episode one - how could we forget? This episode introduced the entire cast to us and made us fall in love. But one scene was unlike the rest and truly showed us Cam's real colors. It's also a scene we have all wanted to try at least once.

After adopting their baby, Lilly, from Vietnam, they decided to introduce her to the family in the most epic way possible. With a spotlight shining and the theme song from The Lion King, "Circle of Life" blaring, the couple introduced their daughter to the fam. Can you imagine being in this room! Sure, we've all tried to reenact this scene by holding up our cat or dog, but never a child. Ugh, yet another moment we can all takeaway thanks to Cam Tucker.

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