15 Times Cam From 'Modern Family' Was Our Spirit Animal

It is with great pleasure that I dedicate an entire article to the lovable and endearing fictional sitcom character, Cameron ("Cam") Tucker. Although he is just one of the many fabulous characters on ABC's Modern Family, he steels the show with his wit, theatrics, and charm. Okay, and his great one liners and tremendous sense of style.

From adopting his daughter Lilly with his husband Mitchell, to trying to add a bit of  drama to a history class - he is the man that shines the brightest. And no matter if you're gay, straight, bisexual, or whatever - Cameron Tucker is someone we can all relate to or at least idolize. Here are 15 times Cam from Modern Family proved he was our spirit animal. Shine bright, Cam... Shine bright.

15 When He Was Us On Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a sacred day for many. Others find it a pointless and obnoxious day because it's a constant reminder of being lonely or without a significant other. But when it comes to showering their partner with love and affection, leave it to Cam Tucker to show the world how it's done. Besides dressing his daughter up as cupid, he also gifted Mitchell a box of chocolates. Do you know how hard it is to buy chocolates as a gift and not dive into them!? Cam knows the struggle; "Notice that I haven't eaten any of the chocolates" Cam says as he beautifully shows Mitchell.  Unimpressed, Mitchell knows Cam's true character and knew the box had two layers of chocolates. Meaning Cam did in fact eat the first layer and gifted Mitchell the second. God, that's one smart move.

14 When He Was Team Meryl

This has to be one of the most hilarious scenes in Modern Family. After signing Lilly up for a "mommy and me" class, he tries to make friends with the other parents without coming off as too flamboyant. And if you know Cam Tucker, you would know this is nearly impossible. After trying to start a conversation about movies with a fellow parent, she says how she recently saw Mama Mia starring none other than Meryl Streep. Unfortunately, the lady was not too pleased with Streep's performance and Cam felt what most of us felt in that moment; "Excuse me, Meryl Streep could play Batman and be the right choice." And Cam is absolutely correct, is there a movie Meryl hasn't been good in?! Try naming one, I'll wait.

13 When He Took Things Too Literally

Oh my - Cam can do no wrong! We love his enthusiasm for life and fun. It can be rather difficult getting a package and not knowing what it contains. Could it be those cute coffee mugs you ordered off Amazon Prime? Or is it homemade cookies sent from your sweet mom? The quicker we open, the quicker we'll find out! But in this scene, when Mitchell asks Cam to "shake it," Cam proceed to shimmy his chest in the silliest way possible. What Cam was unaware of, was Mitchell meant the box...not his body. Oh Cam! How cute are you in the most unassuming way. We can only hope to have such a fun and carefree relationship like Mitch and Cam do. But Cam shimmying his chest is totally us when someone tells us to "shake it." Sorry, maybe Mitchell should be more literal.

12 When He Reenacted The Lion King

Season one, episode one - how could we forget? This episode introduced the entire cast to us and made us fall in love. But one scene was unlike the rest and truly showed us Cam's real colors. It's also a scene we have all wanted to try at least once.

After adopting their baby, Lilly, from Vietnam, they decided to introduce her to the family in the most epic way possible. With a spotlight shining and the theme song from The Lion King, "Circle of Life" blaring, the couple introduced their daughter to the fam. Can you imagine being in this room! Sure, we've all tried to reenact this scene by holding up our cat or dog, but never a child. Ugh, yet another moment we can all takeaway thanks to Cam Tucker.

11 When He Gave Us Solid Advice

If there is one thing we can all learn from Cam, it's that when someone crosses us, we don't just lay down and let it happen. We want revenge. So when Cam gets in a tiff with sister-in-law, Claire, he demands some respect. Okay so the tiff revolves around tupperware, but it just furthers our love for this man. There is no thing too small or too big, he demands admiration. "Revenge is a dish best served cold. And even better two days later out of a 24-ounce, microwave friendly, burp-sealed pack-and-store." That's all the man is asking for, is it too much? Do you know how hard it is to keep tupperware organized and not thrown accidentally in the trash? It's almost like a full time job - we don't blame the man for wanting his tupperware back.

10 When He Spoke The Truth

And just when you thought Cam Tucker couldn't drop any more truth bombs. Boom - the realest thing we've heard when it comes to the art and effort of labor. "I don't like to clean up. It's sticky, and after I eat, I'm tired, and I just want to lay down." He's totally right! Every night I look at the pile of dishes in the sink and just sigh. Time and time again, we spend a solid fourty-minutes washing dishes and by the end of it, our hands are dry and sleeves are drenched. Not to mention eating a large meal makes us sleepy and the last thing we want to do is clean up the yummy meal we just devoured. I would eat a yummy dinner and take a nap with Cam any day!

9 When He Defended His Work

Is there anything more frustrating than people correcting work that you didn't need corrected? Wether that's a paper, a manicure, French-braids, or a batch of muffins; if we didn't ask for criticism, why dish it out? In this scene, our beloved Gloria hugs Cam's daughter Lilly and tells her she'll fix her hair. Oh that's strange because her hair wasn't "broken" and Cam didn't ask for her to fix it. As a fan of the show, we all know Gloria didn't mean any harm, she just wanted to do something girly with her granddaughter. But when we make a batch of muffins and someone decided to chime in, "Oh these are really good, but next time add more blueberries, it will make them so much better" - it's infuriating. We thought the blueberry ratio was perfect and didn't ask you for your opinion. Bye.

8 When He Was Pissed

Cameron Tucker is all of us when he's pissed. He is honest, forthcoming, and can't hold back his feelings. He's not the kind of person who suppresses his feelings. And if he does go that route, he ends up erupting in the most inopportune times. So when Mitchell disappoints Cameron in his time of need, he unleashes his wrath. " You wanna hear the guest list for tonight!? So far it's anger, betrayal, terror, and sadness. Congratulations Mitchell, you packed the house." Is there any better sentence to say to a loved one when they have crossed the line? Cam totally sets Mitchell up for what he's about to walk into when he gets home from work. It's a fair warning and we have to give him credit for being that open with someone he's so upset with. I can't wait to use this line one day.

7 When He Was Us On A Diet

The worst part abut telling others that we're on a diet, is when they ask us "how it's going?" Uhh, yeah about that... It's impossible to hide from the shame of failing a diet when everyone asks how we're doing on it. And the same thing goes for Cam. He struggled with losing a couple of pounds and was hesitantly honest about sneaking in a few snacks here and there when no one was looking. Isn't that why all refrigerates have a little light in them? So we can have a midnight snack! Oh Cam, don't be embarrassed by breaking your diet and shoving a few candy bars in your mouth before Mitchell ever knew you were missing. You're beautiful at any size and we love you for being so relatable.

6 When He Felt Too Much

There are two types of people in the world: those who do not feel, and those that do. Cam Tucker, if you haven't noticed by now, is someone who feels very deeply. He wears his heart on his sleeve and cannot hide his true feelings on any subject. Even if he doesn't vocalize his concerns, it's visible all over his face and in his body language. So when Cam tells Jay, "I have a problem! I feel too much!" the struggle is all too real. We feel too much too, Cam! And that's completely okay. It makes us more cultured, relatable, and down-to-Earth when we have the ability to feel what others are feeling, as if we're in their shoes. I think this is a good problem to have TBH.

5 When He Put People In Their Place

It's been fun watching the differences in parenting styles between Cam and Mitchell, but one thing is certain, they both love their daughter Lilly more than words. Mitchell is a lovable father, but Cam takes the cake with his hands-on parenting.

One morning Cam decided to wake up early and make Lilly crepes. Which is all fine and dandy except for the fact that Cam doesn't clean up after himself and they were expecting a surprise visit from an adoption agency any hour throughout the day. While Mitchell tells Cam to clean up the mess before he left for work, Cam says, "I'm gonna scrub this place like a crime scene. Which it is, because you've murdered joy." Where does he come up with these one liners? (We're totally borrowing this line as well.)

4 His Close Bond With Gloria

It can be hard to find good friends these days. So when we do - we hold on tight and relish in our down time together. Throughout Modern Family, it's been fun to see the growth between Gloria and Cam. They both love style, dancing, singing, and anything that oozes femininity. These two were bound to become besties sooner or later and we love this GIF so much! Look at them giggling and shimmying their way into a fun afternoon. These two perfectly show what it's like when we're joined with our bestie after a few weeks a part from one another; sitting close to one another, sipping wine, and gossiping. Ugh who wouldn't love to have a girls night with Cam and Gloria?

3 When Drama Followed Him

Let's be honest, I love Cam too much to ever call him dramatic. But are his reactions a touch drama-enduced? One hundred percent. You can't be that lovable, boisterous, and theoretical without a few haters. Remember when he went to Florida for Phil's mother's funeral and became friends with a group of elderly women? He stirred the pot by exposing each one for their board-game gambles and cookie stealing; you could say he brought the drama that weekend. But don't we all? It's hard to keep a secret when juicy gossip is floating in the air. And when you love the theatre as much as Cam does, it's hard to have one day that's not filled with some kind of scene. One thing is true, if you have a secret, keep it far, far away from Cam Tucker. Because Phil, Claire, Gloria, Jay, Lilly, and the entire gang will know about it briefly.

2 When He Had A Crush On Justin Timberlake

Okay, who doesn't have a crush on Justin Timberlake? The man is gorgeous, generous, talented, and is wrapped into one perfect specimen. So when Cam and Mitchell found a website that combined faces to see what their child could potentially look like, Cam took full advantage. Instead of sending in his headshot with Mitchell's, he combined his with singer, Justin Timberlake. Oh Cam, get in line you silly man! We have all done this at one point or another, either with Justin or another celebrity heartthrob. But just look at Cam's face in this GIF, could it be any more relatable? I don't even think Mitchell could be offended. I did this once in college, and it's safe to say Tom Hardy and I would make one gorgeous child together.

1 That Time He Was Inspiring AF

Holy s**t. I dare you to read this quote by Cam and not feel inspired to chase your dreams! Or at least get a little wet in the eyes, because this sentiment is beautiful. Dreamers are meant to find realists so they can become their best self and that cannot be done without the other. Too much of the same is not a good thing. It's better to have two opposites to balance one another out. The realists help the dreamers from flying too close to the sun, and the dreamers help the realists soar. Only Cam could pull off something so gorgeous and memorable. His mind is a true work of art and I'm almost jealous Lilly gets to grow up with a man like him in her life. Keep shining Cam and never stop flying.

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