15 Times Celebrities Saw Their Chance And Photobombed With Extreme Hilarity

With all of that money at their disposal, and a seemingly endless supply of love from their fans, it can be pretty boring being a celebrity. There's only so many times that you can buy whatever you want, whenever you want before it loses its novelty. And, sure, having the undying devotion of hundreds of thousands of people is cool, but it loses its allure at times.

We lowly peasants couldn't possibly understand, but in quiet moments, when they're sipping fruity cocktails from coconuts on their private islands before getting all dolled up for red carpet events, the life of a celebrity can be a little dull. They have to make their own fun, just like these 15 times celebrities saw their chance and photobombed with extreme hilarity.

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15 Oh, Khalid, you precious little scamp

Via: pinterest.com

Scientists have found that 159-percent of selfies of couples using Snapchat filters (whether said couples are famous or not) can be improved by being photobombed by Khalid—and those numbers go up if Khalid is flipping the bird. True, true. We haven't actually asked any scientists to study this, so we don't really have any conclusive proof, and we just made all of that up, but come on.

How can you argue with this picture?

We feel like this picture of Khalid being a scamp has increased our life expectancy, but even if it hasn't, we're definitely feeling more positive, and that's worth something. If any of you want to get us a present, we'd like a daily calendar with different pictures of Khalid photobombing people. That'd be nice.

14 This is the best wedding present anyone could've given them

Via: techeblog.com

Some celebrities go out of their way to hide from the cameras, avoiding paparazzi like we avoid going to Walmart. But other celebrities strike a pose whenever they so much as smell a camera phone. It's weird, it's like they have a sixth sense that tingles whenever someone within a five mile radius has a cellphone or a Polaroid on their person.

'Course, then you've got the celebrities who fall in between those two categories. The celebrities who don't actively avoid or seek out the cameras. They're just the ones who make the most of their photographic encounters when the time is right. Zach Braff probably didn't wake up that day bent on photobombing a newly wed couple, but dang if he didn't nail it when the occasion presented itself.

13 This photobombed selfie is "Rock"ing

Via: reddit.com

Being photobombed by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is like taking a picture of the night's sky, and only realizing later that you caught a shooting star on camera. And, sure, we guess capturing a pic of The Rock on the go is technically getting a picture of a "shooting star", but for once, we weren't actually trying to make that pun analogy (punalogy, if you will). Guess this is just a happy accident.

Anyway, once you take a picture of yourself with Dwayne Johnson photobombing, you can go ahead and retire your selfie stick at that point, because you're never going to top that. This is as epic as it gets. In society's quest to earn the most likes for a selfie, this guy's won. No question about it.

12 Adam Savage really lives up to his last name

Via: pinterest.com

Where's this girl living that she can go out for brunch, run into a celebrity, be taking a picture with that celebrity, and still be photobombed by two other celebrities in the process? She must be having coffee at Hollywood's Grand Central Station! We mean, getting a picture with Seth Rogen, and getting the Mythbusters guys as an added bonus? That's too good to be true, and you had better believe we're jealous about it.

This girl's life is all figured out. Well, no, not really, since this picture won't pay the bills or make appointments and run errands for her. But, when it comes to deciding what the background image of her computers, tablets and cellphones should be from here to the end of time, she's all set.

11 Tim Burton and his son, Johnny Depp

Via: ebaumsworld.com

LOL! Remember that one time when Tim Burton's son, Johnny Scissorhands, the demon barber of Alice in Wonderland, photobombed him? That was hysterical! We can't remember the last time that we laughed so hard! Good times...gooooood times.

We're sure if you scour the dark recesses of the internet, there's some kind of conspiracy theory out there that could tell you exactly how Johnny Depp is Tim Burton's biological son, complete with far-reaching family trees and ridiculous rumors.

But we don't need to Google those and read about them for hours (because we definitely didn't do that) to believe them. Just one look at this picture of Jack Sparrow, sneaking around behind the director of The Nightmare Before Christmas tells us that these two are father and son.

10 The only spider we're glad to see lurking in the background

Via: pinterest.com

This is the only time we've ever been happy to see a spider. If that weren't Tom Holland back there, if it were one of his cousins, like a wolf spider or a black widow, we'd be ripping off our shoes and throwing them at this photobomb while crying for our mother and scurrying away.

You'd think that a spider being half human would only make the whole concept of those eight-legged creepers all the more terrifying, but somehow, Peter Parker makes it work. Who could have seen that one coming? This one surprises even us, but we're actually happy to see that arachnidy guy smiling back there, in this already pretty stellar picture of some of the phenomenal cast members of Avengers: Infinity War. All in all? Niiiiiice.

9 "Fuller House" just got a little fullerer

Via: ranker.com

Over the course of our lives, we've come to realize that whenever you ask, "How much worse can it get?" life goes out of its way to prove to you just how much worse it can get. But, given that this already amazing picture was made even more perfecter, we think we should all start asking, "How much better could this be?", and start enjoying watching life scramble to keep up with our demands.

We would have been perfectly content with this picture of Danny Tanner, Joey Gladstone and Uncle Jesse. We were completely ready to be satisfied with this picture sans unexpected guest appearance, but the minute we realized Rihanna was back there, sneaking behind this group and photobombing like a diva, this image got even better.

8 This is every fan's dream

Via: cambriarnews.com

So, this girl got photobombed by Adele, which we thought was pretty cool, and you can see an ocean of audience members back there who are turned toward the camera, too, which we also thought was pretty cool. We think we can safely say this is the greatest picture that this girl has ever been in, and the best thing about this is her expression.

Look how happy she is to be up there by that stage as Adele, Miss Hello From The Other Side herself, sings her heart out.

She's thrilled. But you can also see that she was blissfully unaware of the awesomeness unfolding in the background. We'd kill to know what happened after this photo was snapped. Well, maybe not kill, but we'd definitely severely injure.

7 Baggageclaim Cloudyday is at it again

Via: dailymail.co.uk

Buttercrunch Cabbagepatch rocketed his way into our hearts when he starred as the notoriously clever Sherlock Holmes, and he staked his claim to our love entirely when he voiced Smaug the dragon in The Hobbit movies. But it was when he pulled this hysterical photobomb on U2 at the Oscars that our admiration for that tall cinnamon roll reached unhealthy proportions.

We're not so bad off that we've started a fan blog dedicated him on Tumblr, but we are so bad off that we follow those fan blogs. Do we regret it? Nah. How could we? The guy's talented, even if his name is extremely make-funable. But maybe we should cut the guy's photobombing antics some slack. Perhaps having such high cheekbones pushes you to being silly, we don't know.

6 Shoutout to the guy on the right who just realized what's going on

Via: memecenter.com

Mike Tyson looks like he just walked into his house and found these people taking a picture in his kitchen, and he's about to box them into oblivion. And it also looks like the guy on the right, who's closest to the camera, just realized he and his crew have made a devastating mistake, and they're seconds away from paying for it, big time.

Sure, breaking into a celebrity's house to get some pictures is unethical and illegal and blah, blah, blah—but it's all whatevs. That's the risk that you have to take when you're a celebrity obsessed adrenaline junkie. Besides, once you get that snapshot of the celebrity accidentally photobombing right as they realize that you've violated their privacy, that's when it's all worth it.

5 Shoutout to the guy on the *left* who just realized what's going on

Via: dumpaday.com

We'll be honest, we never really go over NSYNC's break up. We're glad Justin Timberlake managed to make it out of boybandom unscathed, and we'll never understand how he did it, because sometimes even sheer talent isn't enough to redeem you from the catastrophe of being in a teenaged boy band, but he did. And we're impressed. Yet as impressed as we are, that doesn't take away from the fact that we're still heartbroken, even after all these years.

Fortunately for this squad, it doesn't look like they've been affected as deeply as we have by NSYNC's disassembly, so they're enjoying it, and we're glad for that. But we still think this picture would be better if Lance Bass, Joey Fatone, Chris Kirkpatrick and JC Chasez were up there, too.

4 He can be court jester when Maisie Williams wins "Game of Thrones"

Via: harpersbazaar.com.sg

When the House of Stark finally wins that round of extreme musical chairs that they call Game of Thrones, this guy's going to be just fine. He's been blessed with the photobombing shenanigans of Arya Stark, and when she finds herself seated on that scary-looking throne of swords, she'll look favorably on this selfie taking guy.

We can tell by the look on her face she's having a good time pulling one over on him.

She'll probably appoint him court jester...or...something. Aw, heck, we don't know. We haven't seen Game of Thrones, we've been waiting until the final season airs so we can just binge-watch the whole thing. Still, when everything turns out right as rain in Westeros, we're sure this guy will be in Arya's good books.

3 That's our exact expression when people say "Twilight" was a good love story

Via: trend-chaser.com

If you have to be in a picture with the cast of Twilight, it helps if you can be Russell Brand, and it helps if you can look confused and slightly dissatisfied about the whole situation. In fact, this photobomb has got us thinking. Imagine how much better the Twilight movies could've been if Russell Brand had been in the background of every shot, making faces at the camera, breaking the fourth wall.

Poor Twilight cast members. We tease them, but they were just doing their job. But now that we know how awesome that franchise could've been with Russell Brand, we'll never be able to look at those films the same again—in other words, we'll be looking at them with even more hate and disdain than ever before.

2 Paul "Peek-a-boo" Giamatti

Via: stereogum.com

Of all of the famous people that you might be photobombed by, we figured Paul Giamatti would have been pretty far down on that list. Granted, we never really thought about which celebrities would be more likely to sneak into somebody else's photos than other celebrities until now, but he does seem unlikely, that's for sure.

Still, we're not complaining. We watched the John Adams miniseries in high school so we could write a paper about the founding fathers, and he was pretty good. As far as we're concerned, if America's second president wants to grin in the background of other people's pictures, he can go ahead and do it. We just hope the next time he sees fit to photobomb, it's when he's sneaking around in the background of our pictures.

1 This photobomb should be knighted, because it's royally amazing

Via: dailymail.co.uk

This picture is the undisputed peak of litness. This is as good as it gets. We've been sitting here thinking it couldn't get any better than being photobombed by a celebrity, but that was before we saw the selfie these two girls took with the Queen in the background.

Hey, we're not saying we wouldn't like to snap a picture with Zach Braff or Mike Tyson smiling in the background, but, come on. The Queen. How do you top that? These girls are so young, and they've already taken the best picture of their lives. Now we have to live with the fact that we'll probably never get a picture with Queen Elizabeth, smiling that regally impish grin of hers, sneaking around in the background. How's that fair?

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