15 Times Chandler Bing Was All Of Us

If you’ve ever felt awkward or unloved and dealt with it through making fun of yourself or using sarcasm, you probably relate pretty hard to Chandler Bing from Friends. In fact, if you’re considered the smart (but not too obnoxious) one of your friend group, or the immature one whose actually got a good head on your shoulders, you’ve probably been compared to him on more than a few occasions. The funny one, the sarcastic one, the awkward one – Chandler, Chandler, Chandler!

Since we’ve had 10 seasons to get to know the guy, we’ve had plenty of opportunities to see how Chandler is secretly every single one of us - even when we think we might actually be more of a Rachel or a Joey. The guy just says and does what we all do! (Or at least what we want to do.) And after 10 seasons of failed love affairs and working at a job that he hates; where he gets spanked on the butt by his boss, we finally got to see Chandler get the happy ending he deserved. Hey, maybe there’s hope for the rest of us!

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15 When He Zinged This Camo-Clad Guy

Chandler is almost everyone’s favorite "friend" because of how he takes the rest of the gang down  with his sharp wit, but the guy doesn’t stop there – he even zings extras! In “The One After the Super Bowl,” Chandler was making camouflage jokes before the rest of us with this quick remark while he was on the set of the (fake) movie "Marcel the Monkey." Jean-Claude Van Damme were filming – and he meets Julia Roberts, aka Susie Underpants! The ongoing joke about people wearing camouflage to be ~invisible~ is pretty hilarious, especially when you’re not in the woods or thick brush. Somewhere like, I don’t know, the streets of New York City? This was a total throwaway line, but a great one because Chandler says (not for the last time) what we’re all thinking.

14 When He Expressed A Secret Fantasy

Truth time: I did this all the time as a kid. Amended: I still do this. There’s just something so cute about holding tiny little liquor bottles and pretending you’re a giant, which is why I had to pick this Chandler line that he delivers when Monica is preparing for a little trip with the now sober, Fun Bobby.

Along with Joey, Chandler is just another big kid, and it’s perfectly illustrated in this moment - especially because the rest of the gang just looks at him like he’s crazy (which is totally unfair, because if they have any imagination, they would have pretended the same thing!). It’s totally innocent and adorable, and a moment when Chandler embraced his inner child, just like the rest of us try to do—at least sometimes.

13 When He Couldn’t Be Bothered

Yep, this sounds pretty damn familiar! In “The One With the Ballroom Dancing,” Chandler decides he wants to quit the gym because he never goes (did I already say how hard I relate to this guy?). He doesn’t like having money taken out of his account every month, but every time he tries to go down there to quit (which is another barrier that stops him from quitting because #laziness), he gets faced with Maria, this “Lycra spandex covered gym treat,” which inevitably makes him slow his roll and change his mind.

This isn’t the first time we hear about Chandler’s hatred of working out (more on that later), which makes him all the more like one of us. He even has to call in Ross to help him go through with quitting. Too bad Ross came face-to-face with Maria, too!

12 When He Didn’t Want To Self-Search

How many times have we all tried to figure out what was wrong with us, only to know that it’s probably not a good idea to open that can of worms? Chandler’s honesty with himself and his lack of desire to delve deeply into his emotions and mental state are pretty relatable. What we don’t know about us won’t hurt us, right? This line is, naturally, a bit of an interior monologue, and it totally works with Chandler’s personality, which is that of an anxious, awkward, self-deprecating, sarcastic man-child who uses humour as a self-defence mechanism. So, he’s basically all of us! But, at least we get to see Chandler end up with a loving wife, two beautiful kids, and a job he’s happy with - so maybe he had the right mindset all along!

11 When He Was Honest About His Awkwardness

Speaking of Chandler’s awkwardness, you can’t blame him for kind of owning it! This GIF comes from “The One With the Proposal: Part 1,” when Monica and Chandler happen to run into her ex, Richard, at a fancy restaurant where Chandler is planning to propose. Of course, since Chandler is incredibly intimidated by Richard, he immediately does what any of us would do and launches into a series of jokes to break the tension - only to create a more awkward atmosphere than there was before. (A few sample jokes: pointing out that Richard’s date doesn’t have a mustache, since Richard grew his back; joking that he and Richard used to date, when Richard clearly meant Monica.) So he’s not always the smoothest guy in the room, but that’s one of the reasons why we love him, right?

10 When He Didn't Think Before He Spoke

Hey, we don’t always have the benefit of scriptwriters to make us sound good in every instance. And even though Chandler does have some writers dreaming stuff up, we still got this great gem that is a prime example of foot-in-mouth syndrome.

In “The One Where Rachel’s Sister Babysits,” Phoebe ends up accidentally ruining all of her boyfriend, Mike’s, proposal attempts, turning him down in Barbados and exclaiming that a public big-screen basketball proposal is tacky (she later ruins the ring-in-the-cake plan), and Phoebe exclaims that she thinks Mike won’t ever ask her again (to which Chandler responds this way). Since no one says anything and simply stare at him, amping up the level of awkwardness, this is just a great example of Chandler behaving the way the rest of us would in this situation: by wanting to crawl into a hole.

9 When He Had Important Plans

No plans are the best plans! In “The One With the Soap Opera Party,” Joey tries to pack all his friends off to a showing of “Why Don’t You Like Me: A Bitter Woman’s Journey Through Life,” a one-woman play so that he can have his super-secret annual rooftop party with his soap opera actor friends. (This isn’t the first time Joey has gone to such lengths. In the past, he has been able to send them off to a medieval times restaurant and a nighttime tour of a button factory.)

Chandler clearly has his priorities straight, because, like most of us, his big evening plans consist of falling asleep in front of the TV - two of our favorite things! After getting Joey’s offer, however, he concedes that he could fall asleep at a play, instead.

8 When He Showed Off His Moves

It was difficult to pick just one GIF of Chandler showing off his dance moves because they’re all so awesome! They're the kind of moves that are so bad, they’re good! The combination of weird arm movements, half-attempt hip thrusts, and screwed-up facial expressions makes those moves killer! Chandler tends to reserve his dance moves for celebration. Like when he learns that he’s the best Monica’s ever had, and fortunately the guy has a lot to celebrate in 10 seasons! It’s cool (and relatable) to see that Chandler’s awkward personality even extends to his dancing—even after he’s taken lessons to be able to ~werk it~ on the dance floor at his wedding. (If you don’t remember, his shoes were too slippery to be able to pull it off, and he ended up moving like the doofus we all know and love. Even Monica’s dad said he stole his moves.)

7 When He Knew How To Treat Himself

While this quote was technically a cover-up for Chandler to keep his relationship from Monica a secret, it’s still worthy of a mention here, because it signifies Chandler’s young love affair with bubble baths! The guy sure know how to treat himself! In “The One With All the Kissing,” Chandler tries to hid the romantic champagne bubble bath he and Monica are sharing by delivering this line. But later on, in season eight’s “The One Where Chandler Takes A Bath,” we see him really enjoying the luxury of sinking into a tubful of bubbles. But it’s okay, because he’s got a boat!

Chandler has long been considered one of the more feminine members of the gang (at least among the guys), so it makes perfect sense that he would feel right at home in a fluffy bathtub!

6 When He Worried Like The Rest Of Us

Monica gets a lot of credit for being the most high-strung of all the friends, but we can’t discount the fact that Chandler definitely has a heck of a lot of stress and worry himself. (It doesn’t help that he spends most of his time at a job he hates that no one remembers. Or his crazy family life. Or the fact that he couldn’t find love until he found Monica.)

This moment where Chandler had a bit of a career crisis after quitting his afore-mentioned hated job sees him getting a start in advertising. Even though the position is unpaid. Which, you know, is not ideal when you’re trying for a baby. A more solemn moment for Chandler, it definitely earned a spot on the list for the rest of us who are just trying to figure things out.

5 When He Was On-Point About Sundays

Woo-hoo, give it up for Chandler putting Monica in her place when it comes to what you do and do not do on Sundays! Hey, if even God rested on Sunday after creating the universe, shouldn’t the rest of us? Sundays are clearly meant for lazing around! Not changing your clothes and leaving the house. Unless you're getting dressed to go out to brunch, of course. Sundays are definitely not for going on a run or working out, no matter how hard Monica tries to convince Chandler otherwise in “The One Where Ross Finds Out.” Too bad for her, Chandler knows exactly how to push her buttons: by reminding her of her unemployment, her lack of a boyfriend, and how her parents would be disappointed if they found out. Point, Chandler!

4 When He Nailed Anxiety

Chandler Bing doesn’t come across as an obvious introvert, especially when you consider his need to make bad jokes and tease everyone within earshot. But when you hear this response to how it is when he first meets a new person (especially someone he might potentially have a relationship with), he has all the symptoms of someone who is definitely more closed off! Hey, he’s even admitted that he makes jokes when he’s uncomfortable, so naturally the rest of a first meeting would also involve panic, anxiety, and sweating. Beyond his sarcasm and sense of humor, Chandler is definitely all of us (well, all of us who hate small talk, anyway) in most social situations, because he just isn’t good at them! It’s okay, though, because we wouldn’t have him any other way!

3 When He Loved Food

This sounds about right! Joey gets a lot of the credit for being the biggest eater (at least since Monica lost all her weight), but that’s because Joey didn’t get a chance to really indulge in a cheesecake from Mama’s Little Bakery like Chandler and Rachel!

After discovering that a cheesecake has been delivered to the wrong address, Rachel and Chandler are hesitant to return it, especially since it tastes so damn good. Of course, things escalate between the two with their dirty little secret, and they begin to steal the cheesecakes even when they’ve been delivered to the right address! Chandler’s pathetic remark is totally relatable by the rest of us. Especially if we’ve ever over-indulged and gorged on way too may slices of pizza (or cheesecake), but, just like Chandler, if we didn’t do it, we know we’d regret it.

2 When He Took Bad Pictures

As someone who regularly takes terrible photos (thank God for Instagram and Snapchat filters), I can 100% relate to Chandler’s inability to take a picture that didn’t look like “local woman saves drowning moron” for his and Monica’s wedding announcement. It just seems that every time a camera was pointed in his direction, his face morphed into what you see in this GIF. Despite trying absolutely everything (including taking medication to relax himself), he just can’t pull it off. Instead, he makes a series of weird grimaces and squinty “bedroom eyes.” We can’t even really blame Monica for deciding to use Joey as a stand-in in the end, because if we were Chandler (and we basically are), we’d totally encourage her to go that route in the first place!

1 When He Discovered A New Skill

Okay, but how useful is this skill if you’re stuck in class or in a really boring meeting? Or, you know, when you’re just stuck in a super-dull conversation that you have to pretend to pay attention to (ahem, Ross). It’s definitely something all of us have been able to master, which is why it’s worthy of the number one spot on our list!

We get this Chandler gem in response to a remark made by Ross about finishing reading a “fascinating” book that is all science-fiction and 100% Ross—which means Chandler is not amused or even slightly interested. Like a lot of other one-liners on this list (and Chandler is the best friend to deliver them), this quote combines sarcasm, humor, and a major dose of truth. Because how many times have the rest of us just wished we could be this honest when stuck in an endlessly boring situation?

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