15 Times Chris Pratt And Anna Faris' Tweets To Each Other Made Us Believe In Love

Every time we feel hopeless about love, we should look up to Chris Pratt and Anna Faris. You may not know them personally to gain access to their personal lives, but if you go through their social media, particularly their Twitter accounts, you will know that these two are role models when it comes to everlasting love! Not only are they both popular and married, the also make it known to everyone that they are still very much in love with each other. And their cute little son, Jack is such a complement to their awesome relationship. Read on below to prove why Chris and Anna will make you believe in love again.

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15 When Anna says Chris is the best

Saying something sincerely on social media could be a hard thing to do. Sometimes, people might misconstrue it for not being real. And yet, Anna's tweet about Chris being the best person she knows and that she loves him, seemed so sincere that it made us want to find someone who would say and feel the same way about us! Kudos to Anna for managing to express how she felt about her husband so sincerely. She did not care about being mushy and sweet on social media because she was just saying something that came from the bottom of her heart. Chris sure is one lucky guy to have Anna! Or, should we say, they sure are both very lucky to have each other!

14 When Chris has the most amazing night with Anna

Chris beamed on social media that he had the most amazing night with Anna in Paris. With this post, he also included a picture of Anna, and mentioned in his post, "I mean... just look..." This means that even though already married, Chris is still smitten by Anna's looks and still enjoys taking her out on date nights, and best of all, he took her out in the mesmerizing city of lights, Paris. After we read this post, we were probably all seeing stars and the moon and bright lights and two lovers in the night. After all, they say that Paris is the most romantic city on Earth. What a great way to treat your wife, Chris. We hope all the guys out there follow suit!

13 When Chris supports Anna

Chris is so supportive of Anna that he wrote the foreword in her first book and memoir called Unqualified. Not only that, but through social media, he praised the book as being "hilarious and amazing" and asked people to go get it. Finding a partner that not only supports you, but also works with you is something special. Chris and Anna sure have that special something that make them not only spouses, but also co-workers and supporters of each other! We can't wait to see them star in a movie together. Can you imagine the amount of support from both of them for a movie that they would both star in? It would be a lot and we are sure that that movie will be as hilariously funny as them both.

12 When Chris thinks Anna is funny

One of the sweetest things to happen in a relationship is when your spouse thinks you are hilariously funny. Relationships tend to be routine sometimes, but when your significant other really makes you laugh, things won't get boresome. Obviously, both Chris and Anna don't have a shortage of humor in their relationship since both are great comedians on and off-screen! Not only does Chris compliment Anna's humor in real life, he also compliments her for being hilariously funny on-screen. We love how even if they are together and live in the same house, Chris still finds Anna's humor amusing and never gets tired of it. Now, that is a secret to a long-lasting relationship!

11 When Chris thinks Anna is a really great actress

What else could be sweeter than when your husband thinks that you such a super great and talented actress that he couldn't wait to work alongside with you again and calls it a dream come true?! We are probably getting goosebumps reading Chris's tweet because it was just the sweetest, most adorable tweet ever! How many spouses would want to work with his/her significant other if they are already together all or most of the time? Probably not a lot. But Chris and Anna are an exception. And we love it! Chris is not only Anna's husband, but he is also her #1 fan! A fan that loves acting alongside his idol! And in this case, Anna made one of Chris's dreams come true!

10 When Anna publicly confesses her love for Chris

Telling your partner that you love them is great, but if you are publicly declaring it, that is something even more special! And in Anna and Chris's case, it is even more special that they always declare their love for each other publicly because, being the public figures that they are, you would think that all they would ever want is privacy. But since they are super in love, they have no problems confidently voicing it out over social media. And we just cannot get enough of that! Knowing two people, even if they are celebrities, that are totally smitten with each other, makes us believe in the power of that thing called love! And we thank you for that, Anna and Chris!

9 When they have great weekends with each other

Weekends are the most meaningful when they are spent with the people that we love. Anna does treasure the weekends that she spends with Chris. As actors that do travel a lot, they probably do not get to spend each and every weekend together. And as with everything in life, time is fleeting and we can never turn back time. And that is why we should treasure and make the most out of our times spend with people that are closest to us. It is also a good thing to let them know that you enjoyed those moments as it would definitely make the other person feel good. Just like in this tweet of Anna saying he had a great weekend with her husband.

8 When Chris appreciates Anna

Chris publicly thanked Anna for "all the meals, kisses, snuggles, lessons, adventures and love" after greeting her a Happy Mother's Day.  This shows that no matter how busy Chris is, he still definitely notices and appreciates the little things that Anna does for her and Jack. That's why we should not skip on the simple, little things that we do for our loved ones everyday. Because our loved ones do notice them! And when they express their gratitude over it, it could mean the whole world to us, probably just like how Anna felt over this tweet from Chris! And not only that, but hearing their words of gratitude motivate us to do little things for them over and over again!

7 When Chris is proud Anna

Wouldn't it boost your confidence knowing that your partner is proud of you and is supporting you? Chris was proud of Anna and declared it on social media. He definitely is her #1 fan. After all, it is our loved ones that we turn to first for support when we need it. Fans of Chris who know that he solidly supports his wife, love and support Anna, too. And vice versa, as fans of Anna that know how much she supports her husband will make them be fans of Chris, too! So all in all, a celebrity couple strongly supporting each other publicly is good for gaining more fans! We are not a fan of just Chris or Anna. We are solid fans of both!

6 When Chris compliments Anna

Chris likes to poke fun even when he is complimenting his wife. This shows that this couple definitely shares the same sense of humor that makes them such great celebrities. There can never be any boring moment when it comes to Chris and Anna. They are also comfortable even calling the other person "strange" because they are just confidently in love and have great chemistry together. When we are comfortable with our partners, we can even call the pther person a "nerd" and it won't mean anything negative. "Nerd" for us may mean "cute," same with how "strange" for Chris meant "beautiful!"  When we are eith the right person, we can get goofy with the other person. Chris and Anna are definitely relationship goals!

5 When Anna says Chris is amazing

We love it when Anna says that Chris is amazing. Don't we all think that he is amazing? Yes. But when his wife says it, it is an affirmation that Chris definitely deserves to have us on his fan list. After all, it's his wife who knows him the best. It is true when they said that birds of the same feathers flock together. Because in Anna and Chris's case, they are not just great together, but they are great even on their own, and in their own ways. Chris and Anna have been married for eight years, and have one kid. And yet, they are still clearly blown away by each other's greatness. Chris and Anna make us believe in love.

4 When Chris can't wait to work with Anna

Some couples get tired of being with each other inside the same house and wouldn't want to be working together anymore. Chris loves his wife so much and knows how talented she is and and that is why he feels privileged to work with her again! Chris obviously respects Anna as a talented artist. In the same way that we should be to our spouses, we should respect them and what they do. Respecting our partners in what they do is a form of 100% support. Who else would support us first, aside from our family and closest friends? So if you can right now, show some support to someone that you care about! If you do, the good deed will definitely find its way back to you!

3 When Anna rewards Chris's good behavior

Same with rewarding kids for a job well done to reinforce good behavor, Anna does the same with Chris. We should all apply this to our personal lives as rewarding good behavor really does motivate the other person to continue doing the behavior that was rewarded. So, if our partner does something great, we should reward it with something great, too! It's a circle of doing good deeds to your partners and then getting it back. Think of it like good karma. So if we want to be treated like a princess, we need to treat our partner like a prince! Chris and Anna sure do treat each other like royalty, and we should all do the same!

2 When Anna likes driving to work with Chris

Anna loves and treasures every moment that he spends with Chris, and that includes driving to work together. Chris and Anna probably have a lot of fun together laughing at each other because they both have a good sense of humor that they definitely both appreciate! And even if they do already live together, they do not get tired of each other, even if it is being together early on in the morning before a strenuous day at work! And because their jobs also require them to travel and be away from each other while they are filming in other places, that probably makes them miss each other more. If we were in their shoes, we will for sure love to ride to work together with our partners, too!

1 When Anna admits she can't make Chris a cake

Anna is the sweetest as she wanted Chris to have a cake for his birthday. She was also honest enough to admit that she can't bake it for him. And Anna asked Ellen DeGeneres if she can bake the cake for Chris. Anna admitting that she can't make a cake means that she is past the stage where she tries to always be perfect. This just shows that both Anna and Chris are comfortable with each other enough to admit their own weaknesses. Thanks for admitting that you can't bake a cake Anna—it inspires us to move forward and be honest to our partners on the things that we are unable to do! Honesty and a great relationship go hand-in-hand!

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