15 Amazing Chris Pratt And Anna Farris Moments That Were Seriously #RelationshipGoals

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15 Amazing Chris Pratt And Anna Farris Moments That Were Seriously #RelationshipGoals

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris are a Hollywood dream couple and the true definition of relationship goals. They support each other’s careers, they make each other laugh, and they are wonderful parents to their son, Jack. They love each other – but they’re not all over each other all the time (circa Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes in 2006). But they’re also not hiding their love – like Leighton Meester and Adam Brody did, although these two are actually married and have a child together, but you’d never know it. Anna and Chris find that perfect balance. So whether he’s fighting off dinosaurs and guarding the galaxy or she’s getting in jokes with her Mom co-star Allison Janney, these two busy Hollywood heart throbs still make time to be the best partners ever. Here are 15 times Anna and Chris proved their love was too real:

15. When Chris Explained Why He And Anna Are Perfect For One Another


Via PopSugar

In 2015, Chris Pratt did a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) because he’s cool like that and down to get real with the fans. Of course, when asked about his beautiful wife, Chris couldn’t stop gushing. He was probably supposed to be promoting a movie or something but Chris couldn’t help himself. He said, “Anna and I are meant to be together. Our relationship has made me believe in divine intervention and destiny…” and we collectively swooned. He went on to explain all of the things the couple had in common, like growing up 20-minutes apart but not meeting until they both arrived in LA, both getting their start in horror spoof movies, and both having parents who suffer from MS. Does anyone else smell fate!? He ended the AMA by saying, “Anna is a great wife. Very patient and understanding. Very supportive. So kind and genuine always. And she gave me a wonderful son and family of in laws that I truly love.” Husband of the year right here!

14. When They Had The Best Saturday Night In

So, Anna is living my dream. I would love to spend a Saturday night watching movies with my hilarious, stud of a husband and adorable blonde baby. Can you imagine how great it would be to be in the middle of that snuggle sandwich? And not falling asleep all alone during a House Hunters marathon only to wake up at 3:00am to realize your hair has been sitting in the bowl of guacamole you never put away. Or getting dragged to see a band you’ve never heard of at a bar you don’t like that charges more for cover than you spent on groceries that week. As you can tell, those are my Saturday night options. If I can’t have a Hollywood hunk husband and cute baby of my own, can I come over and hang with yours? I’ll just sit on the couch and eat my popcorn while trying not to stare at Chris the whole time. That’s not creepy, right?

13. When Chris Took The Time To Explain Football Strategy

How great is Chris Pratt? I still remember when my high school crush tried to explain football to me in the cafeteria using ketchup packets as the players. I can’t say I recall much of the lesson but I was absolutely swooning over him trying to teach me how it all worked. For me, football begins and ends with the Super Bowl Halftime Show. But good on Anna for getting into the spirit of things. She’s even wearing a jersey like a true fan! And look at her getting all involved – moving the beer bottles around and showing off her football know how to hubby, Chris. You can tell Chris is really invested. Not only is he wearing a jersey, but he also has a Seahawks hat, Seahawks towel, and Seahawks lanyard. And that look of concentration on his face as he attempts to explain strategy! Were you Russel Wilson’s best man at his wedding to Ciara? That’s the only reason I can think of getting so invested in the game. But that’s just me.

12. When They Took This Fashion Forward Felfie

What is a felfie you ask? Well, it’s a stroke of genius from the brilliant mind of Anna Faris. A felfie is a family selfie. And Anna is nothing, if not dedicated, to getting that felfie right. We love that not only is she sharing her love for family portraits, but she is owning up to forcing her family to sit through a series of countless felfies until they got it just right. And you definitely picked a winner, Anna! Everyone is looking great and we are loving the stylish hats. Though we can see what you’re saying about the stress of the perfect felfie. The strain is definitely showing here. Chris’ smile is looking more like a grimace than a grin. And Jack, while still adorable, looks like he’s one photo away from throwing himself on the floor in a typical toddler tantrum.

11. When Chris Supported Anna’s Parenting

In this hilarious exchange of great parenting and true love, Anna started off my sharing a photo of her son with her followers. The photo showed Jack, dressed in swim trunks, standing on the sidewalk with a very noticeable puddle underneath him. Anna sarcastically captioned the photo, “Potty training is going so great! I’m a natural.” To which Chris responded with the above tweet that is perfect amounts supportive, hilarious, and logical. Of course Chris would be able to turn a parenting fail into a win with a little dose of optimism and realistic expectations of what kids do at the pool. Also, putting your kid in swim trunks while they’re potty training? Genius! If they have an accident, you can just hose them down in the backyard and call it a day. It beats doing 12 loads of laundry a day. Anna and Chris are definitely strategic thinkers.

10. When They Shared A Gross Hobby


Via Youtube

While some people might consider finding a collection of dead bugs at a guy’s house a deal breaker or easy excuse to swipe left. But Anna… Anna was all over it. Because lucky for Chris, Anna had her own dead bug collection at home as well! If that’s not true love, we don’t know what is. Different strokes for different folks! For some girls, they need lavish gifts and to be spoiled on fancy dates in order to fall in love. Others want someone to make them laugh or someone who makes them think. Anna just wanted someone who collected dead bugs. She told James Corden that once Chris showed her his collection, she immediately began to cry. I too would cry if a guy showed me his dead bug collection, but for an entirely different reason. They have met their match.

9. When Chris Got Emotional During Their Son’s Birth


Via EOnline

I’ll be honest: my heart melts a little every time I see a dad with their kid. There’s just something about watching a grown man put it all aside to play fairies with his daughter or gently place his son in a car seat. So when I heard how Chris reacted to his son, Jack, being born, my heart completed melted all over the place. Anna shared the special moment on her podcast with guest Olivia Munn. “Chris’ face when Jack was being born is unforgettable. He’s just sobbing … that was amazing, seeing his face.” As much as I don’t want my future spouse to be anywhere near my nether regions when I’m giving birth, I love that Chris had this intense emotional reaction to watching his son being born. And I love that Anna got to witness that pure joy on her husband’s face. #Goals

8. When Anna Complimented Chris’ Special Members


Via DailyMail

Oh, Anna. You are definitely not one to keep things PG. Nothing phases this blonde bombshell – not even getting asked about her husband’s body. On an episode of her podcast, Anna Faris Is Unqualified, Anna sat down with Aubrey Plaza, who played Chris Pratt’s love interest on Parks and Recreation. Anna and Aubrey cleared any potential awkwardness by agreeing that Aubrey and Chris kissing wasn’t weird but just part of their jobs. But then Anna decided to get really weird by asking Aubrey if she has had the pleasure of seeing Chris’ balls. Because Anna is a fan. She said, “Have you seen my husband’s balls? . . . They’re incredible. You would remember, because they are some sexy balls . . . They’re perfect.” Chris, you must be so proud to have such an admirer of your special area.

7. When They Supported A Good Cause Together

Good couples are couples who do good together. Got that? And that’s exactly what Anna and Chris did when they take on the “22 push up challenge” as a team. Sure, Anna doesn’t seem as psyched about the prospect of doing 22 push-ups, but she gets down with her husband and does them. Because she is a trooper! And boy do we like watching Chris Pratt do push ups. He flawlessly gets to work on what would leave me out of breath and sore for days. Even better than his perfect technique and toned shoulders, is the amazing cause they’re supporting. Instead of just showing off muscle, Chris uses the video and his caption to draw attention to the very real issues facing veterans and how to help those suffering from depression and suicidal thoughts. Well done, Chris and Anna!

6. When Chris Brought Us To Tears Over A Silly Photo

So, at first glance this just looks like a picture of a cute kid who is so psyched about finding a rainbow. And it is. But it’s also way more than that. Chris starts off his caption being his usual goofy and nerdy self. He throws in a Stargate reference and calls the rainbow light beam “a portal.” He could’ve just left it there. But then he decided to get all sentimental on us and next thing we know, we’re tearing up on the bus while we quickly scroll to the next post on Instagram. It takes quite a man to turn a quirky photo of his kid into a genuine compliment for his wife. I want someone to think sleeping in with me is their greatest treasure. And someone who has no problem calling me beautiful first thing in the morning with my bed head and morning breath.

5. When Chris Did Anna’s Hair

Chris Pratt is a man of many talents. He’s got the jokes. He’s got the looks. And if all of that goes sideways, he’s got his skills as a hair stylist to fall back on. How did he do this? I’ve been braiding my hair since I was seven and I can’t even get a french braid to look that uniform and symmetrical! This look would take me two hours, three YouTube tutorials, and four extra hands to accomplish. Anna, you’ve got it made! You don’t need to hire a hair stylist anymore. You can just grab a seat in front of your husband on the couch and let him do his magic. I really hope you guys have a daughter or Jack grows out his hair so Chris can have more hair to work on. He could start a whole Instagram just dedicated to his hairstyling efforts. What’s after the french braid? A fancy updo?

4. When Chris Couldn’t Get Over How Hot Anna Looked


Via Today

How great is this? Not only does Chris think Anna looks smoking hot (because, yes she definitely does) but he thinks she looks so hot that he needs to capture it for himself. It wasn’t enough to take some photos at home or even get the paparazzi shots the next day. Chris was so overcome by her beauty that he felt compelled to whip out his phone and snap her photo right then and there. And look how shy and adorable Anna gets when she realizes her biggest fan is her husband. The cuteness in this photo is just too much for us. Can someone look at me like that and want to take my picture that badly? But in a romantic, mutual loving kind of way. Not like a stalker. And can I also look that amazing in a killer red dress? Thanks.

3. When Anna Complimented Chris’ Style

Anna knows how to show the social media love to her husband too, in case you were worried that it was only Chris handing out the compliments. She just does it with a bit of sass, which we love. Chris is a fishing enthusiast. His own Instagram is full of photos of him with the catch of the day. So of course, his wife wanted to share a snap of him in his element. Only, she didn’t want to let it get to his head. Anna totally outed Chris for DIY-ing his own shirt with the deep side-boob arm sleeves. Don’t worry, Chris. The redneck look kinda works on you. At least Anna appreciates it and that’s all that really matters. Though I’m sure Anna and the rest of us wouldn’t mind if you lost the shirt completely next time. Just an idea!

2. When They Get Romantic On Screen


Via Deadline

Playing on screen lovers is nothing new for Anna and Chris. They actually met on the set of a movie where they played a couple. So when they have the chance to couple up on screen, they go for it. Which is why Chris is going to be guest starring on Anna’s hit show, Mom, and play her beau. On the show, Chris is slated to play a horseback riding instructor who catches Anna’s character’s eye, despite him being off limits. The usual Mom hijinks will ensure. But hopefully we’ll get some sweet and sexy moments between Anna and Chris. How fun would it be to be able to bring your husband to work and then get paid to flirt with him all day? Sign me up for that. Chris’ episode will air in early 2017 so get your DVRs ready!

1. When They Get All Glammed Up


Via PopSugar

Well, these two certainly clean up nice! For a couple that shares a lot of photos of each other in sweatpants and t-shirts, it’s nice to see that they still know how to bring on the glamour and glitz. And sure, it’s their job to look pretty. But it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it! And how much do we love that they are rocking the red carpet together? They look beautiful and so happy to be spending the time together. I would certainly not pass up the chance to get all done up and spend a few hours embracing my hot husband while adoring fans and photographers looked on. And then you get to go and rub shoulders with a bunch of other famous people. And I hear there’s a pretty sweet gift bag and after party when it’s all over. Sounds like an awesome date night to me.

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