15 Times Chrissy Teigen Was Our Spirit Animal

Technically, "spirit animal" isn't in the dictionary, but we all know what it means—something (or someone) that represents who you are or might want to really be. Some people's spirit animal can be a real animal, like a lion or a bear. And some people's spirit animal can be other people, like how ours is Chrissy Teigen. Chrissy is someone we never knew we wanted to be ( until she became popular). We share a lot of similarities with her, like our love for food and John Legend. Chrissy keeps it real 100% of the time, whether she's tweeting her thoughts away or is at one of those very long (and often boring) award shows. Really, Chrissy should be everyone's spirit animal.

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15 The time she fell asleep at the Oscars

Via: giphy.com

This is probably the most recent event in which Chrissy showed that she is a prime example of our spirit animal. Most people may have missed this, but can you see that Chrissy is sleeping on (what we can only assume to be) John's shoulder at the Oscars. Yes, Chrissy Teigen fell asleep at the 2017 Oscars and it was caught on camera. We all know those Hollywood award shows last for hours and don't have food. In her defense, Chrissy was probably awake for most of the show, but the cameras happened to catch her in the back when they were giving Meryl Streep some love. It's all good Chrissy, we understand. While most of us probably haven't attended award shows, we can relate because of our struggle with trying to stay awake in our classes.

14 The time she ordered a burrito that was this freaking huge

This burrito is like those rats that survive nuclear attacks

A post shared by chrissy teigen (@chrissyteigen) on

Do you guys see the size of that burrito?! At this point, is it even fair to call it a burrito? It should be called a biggurrito! Our true spirit animal will always show her love for food, with no shame. And yes, Chrissy is a model, but she doesn't take herself too seriously to the point where she can't enjoy herself. We mean, she even has a cookbook. The post is even better because Chrissy put her thumbs up in the photo to show how big the burrito truly is. It's almost the size of six of her fists from this angle. Also, look at what she captioned the photo with. The girl has definitely got the perfect sense of humor, too.

13 The time she bounced a plate of chicken wings around on her butt while John tried to grab some

Via: giphy.com

This GIF shows that Chrissy is the perfect spirit animal for three reasons. The first is that her relationship with John Legend is real #goals. How cute are these two? They've been together for years, yet they always show us that their relationship is stronger than ever. Not only are they lovers, but it's clear that they are best friends as well. The second is that she cooks perfect wings. She cooks as a hobby (how awesome is that?). Anyone who can master wings is a perfect contender for a spirit animal. And the third? She is in killer shape! Just look at those wings go back and forth and back and forth...

12 The time she had a hamburger at an award show

The shame and grease in this are outstanding. #weekof15hamburgers

A post shared by chrissy teigen (@chrissyteigen) on

We've talked about Chrissy at award shows. We've talked about Chrissy and her love for food. But, this photo here shows Chrissy showing her love for food at an award show! Yes, she is in fact eating a hamburger at the Vanity Fair afterparty...with a bunch of people watching. Now, this was an afterparty for the Oscars, where John Legend took home an Oscar for the song "Glory." Even though this is one of the most prestigious parties in Hollywood, Chrissy's true self could not be stopped. Most celebrities probably didn't want to stuff their face with burgers, but Chrissy was shameless and went right for it. And we love it! But, one question: where are the fries and shake?

11 The time she took a selfie with Kim Kardashian at an award show

Via: giphy.com

Look, Chrissy Teigen is just like us! Even though Chrissy's hubby, John Legend, is BFFs with Kim's hubby, Kanye West, that doesn't mean she doesn't want a selfie with Kim, like the rest of us. Here's what we assumed happened here: there was a break in taping and Chrissy ran over to Kim to snap as many selfies as she can. Just look at the expression on Chrissy's face, too; that's pretty much the same expression anyone would have taking a selfie with Kim. This shows that no matter how famous Chrissy and John get (or who they're friends with) Chrissy will still take selfies with them. Side note: check out Kourtney just watching from the side.

10 The time she showed everyone her travel-sized hot sauce drawer

Hot sauce queen! It's no secret that Chrissy is a foodie, but check out this hot sauce collection she has. Look how tiny and cute all those hot sauce packets are! To just name a few, it looks like she has Sriracha, Tabasco, Cholula and more. She has all of this in a drawer in her home. While there is a lot of mini hot sauce packets, she is also really organized. So, she's prepared AND organized. What a winner. And mind you, this is her TRAVEL-sized hot sauce collection only. This isn't even her real, full, normal-sized hot sauce collection. We can't even imagine what her pantry and fridge looks like. Chrissy, can we come over for a hot sauce day?

9 The time she tweeted this tip, because #truelove

When she tweeted this, we knew deep down she was our spirit animal. Our second thought was, is this really dark or is this really lovely? We have decided that it's really lovely. We all know she loves her husband, John Legend, but this showed just how much she loves him. Aside from the morbidness of this tweet, this also again shows how funny Chrissy is. This shows how far she is willing to go for a good laugh. She's also a very brave woman for tweeting this out to the public for everyone to see. But, according to her 12,000 retweets and 18,000 likes from the tweet, she's not alone on this one.

8 The time she had the world's most desired cake, with fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy on top

The food queen is back at it again! This is perfect for people who struggle between sweet and savory. It may be one of the best things that she has ever shared with us. Chrissy had the type of cake you only see on Instagram and don't think is ever really real because...who, what, when, where, why and how?! Look at that beauty. Who even came up with this beautiful idea for a cake? We still have trouble believing that there is mashed potatoes and gravy on that cake. Not that we're not amazed at the fried chicken, cornbread and mac and cheese (YUM), but mashed potatoes and gravy?! Now, that is impressive. Come to think of it, this cake is the spirit animal of all cakes everywhere.

7 The time she showed everyone she could fit her first in her mouth

Via: pmchollywoodlife.files.wordpress.com

We think a lot of people forget that before Chrissy became Mrs. Legend, she was a model. But, she's not your typical model. Chrissy is the type of model that will show you that she can fit her whole fist into her mouth. You might be thinking, "Why does someone putting their fist into their mouth make them your spirit animal?" And it doesn't necessarily, but it's the fact that she even attempted to (on what looks like a talk show)! This goes to show how goofy, silly and carefree Chrissy is. She's not putting on a show for anyone; she's willing to be funny and herself at all times. Being in the spotlight doesn't stop her from being who she normally is (when the spotlight isn't on her).

6 The time she and John Legend had a double date at a waffle house with KimYe

every house should be a waffle house

A post shared by chrissy teigen (@chrissyteigen) on

Goals! This pic is relationship and BFF goals at the same time.While they're all dressed up like they just came from the Grammys, Chrissy and John went on a double date with KimYe...to a waffle house. They could have been anywhere in the world (literally, because they could afford to go anywhere) but the famous couples opted out for a simple waffle house. This is a good example of why Chrissy is our spirit animal because even with all the money she has, sometimes she just wants to keep it simple. It doesn't always have to be extravagant. Chrissy and John are even holding hands across the table!

5 The time she took a shot on stage with Ludacris. #Boss

Via: giphy.com

She may be always cracking jokes and is always a smart *ss, but that does not mean she can't hang with the boys. Chrissy shared the stage with rapper Ludacris one time and took a shot with him. But, what else do you expect when you're on stage presenting with Ludacris? And she seemingly tossed the plastic shot glass to the floor right after. It's important to be a well-rounded person and this right here just showed that Chrissy is one. And she will not back down anything! And now look, we're not drinking machines, but we want to be able to throw one back with the boys, too. #Respect.

4 The time she took a pic with her Easy-Bake Oven

I GOT AN EASY-BAKE OVEN! Will be selling goods out of dressing room 208, come on by

A post shared by chrissy teigen (@chrissyteigen) on

Many of us grew up in the '90s, so this right here is everything to us! Some of us never got an Easy-Bake Oven when we were kids, so the fact that Chrissy now has one as a grown woman makes her our spirit animal x100. She's a real chef, but look at how stoked she is with her new toy! We know they say that these are meant to be for kids, but let's be really real here...why can't adults have one? Chrissy having one is perfect. And even though she became a mom after giving birth to Luna, this still shows her youthful side. We wonder what she ended up making with this.

3 The time she tweeted this after she gave birth to Luna

Sense of humor on fleek! One to always be on top of her humor, Chrissy tweeted this hilarious tweet out after giving birth to her and John's baby girl, Luna. Since everyone always asks how the mom is doing after a baby is born, Chrissy decided to tweet out how the daddy of the baby is doing: "TO EVERYONE ASKING, JOHN IS HEALING PERFECTLY." How can you not laugh at this when you first saw it? Chrissy was clearly doing fine if she found the time to tweet this out. Giving birth to a baby is a beautiful thing and we're glad Chrissy still had the time and energy to give John this shoutout.

2 The time she was really excited when John got her a cheese wheel for Christmas

Aside from spirit animal goals, this is also really relationship goals. Chrissy's love for food is almost unnatural, but her hubby John supports it! So much so, that he even got her a cheese wheel for Christmas. Most girls probably want diamonds, shoes or a really fancy designer bag for Christmas, but nope, not our spirit animal. How lucky is she that her husband loves her enough to get a cheese wheel so that she can throw pasta in it?! She can toss anything and everything in cheese! We have always wanted to get a cheese wheel. And anyone that loves cheese as much as Chrissy is the perfect spirit animal for us. Honestly, this is probably smart on John's end because now he'll have access to the cheese wheel, too.

1 The time she made fun of herself

Via: giphy.com

To be fair, Chrissy makes fun of herself a lot. But, she took it to a whole new level after she became a viral meme in 2016 at the Oscars. Caught in the middle of an awkward moment, Chrissy's cringe face became a viral sensation within minutes. But, being the good sport that she is, of course, she got in on the fun. Here she is (above) mocking her very own, infamous cringe face. Another reason why she's our spirit animal is she that can crack a joke at herself. She doesn't cry cause the internet got a bad moment of her. Instead, she capitalizes on those moments and joins in on the fun. #SPIRITANIMAL

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