15 Unforgivable Times Cole Sprouse Made It Easy To Hate Him

I know everyone loves Cole Sprouse these days. His tweets are relatable and funny, he's on The CW's hit show Riverdale, and he makes people feel all nostalgic from when they watched the Disney Channel as a kid. I get it. And there's nothing wrong with that! Except that he's seriously the worst. I liked Riverdale as much as everyone else, but Cole was definitely not the best part of the first season. And off screen? He's not even in the top five best cast members (in my eyes). Between his acting, his attitude, and some of the things he says, it's hard to deny that he's pretty terrible. Sorry, I know that's not really a popular thing to say, but keep reading to see 15 times Cole Sprouse proved that he was the worst.

15 His Acting In That 'Riverdale' Scene

On one hand, I want to join all the people of the Internet making memes from this scene. It was ridiculous and embarrassing and Cole's acting did the awkward lines no favors. But on the other hand, I really have to hand it to Cole and Lili. Somehow, they managed to get through this scene without laughing during at least one take. Personally, I'm not sure I could have said those lines or stood there while someone else did without cracking up at how embarrassingly unnatural it sounds.

I know Cole can't control what the writers put in the script, but his acting made this scene even worse. Those lines were bad, but the way he delivered them was much worse. Please, no repeats of this scene in season two!

14 He Was Rude To Fans After His 'Experiment'

In case you missed it, before Cole was cast as Jughead on Riverdale, he grew out his hair and made a Tumblr account. Why? He said it was for some kind of a social experiment — according to other Tumblr users anyway, he vehemently denied it being an experiment. Yeah, I have no idea what that means either. Your guess is as good as mine on how posting on Tumblr can be an "experiment." But, he used the account for a while, allowed people to find out that it was him, and then deleted it. He tweeted some explanations for what exactly it was, but deleted those too because of the backlash.

Were these pretentious and downright condescending tweets part of the experiment? Or were they just Cole showing off his true personality? Either way, I can't roll my eyes enough.

13 And His Experiment Was Super Pretentious

If you thought Cole's tweets explaining his purpose behind making that Tumblr account were bad, don't worry! It gets worse. Much worse. Although Cole deleted his Twitter shortly after he revealed that he had accomplished his "goal" for using it, the Internet never forgets. There are screencaps of everything, Cole. Including the posts from his Tumblr account, like this gem of his final post.

His post is really only worth reading if you want to be embarrassed by how pretentious a single person can be. Otherwise, it's just a few paragraphs of nonsense from someone who clearly thinks they sound a lot smarter than they are. He claims that he was a "changed man" after this, but unfortunately, I don't think he's changed all that much.

12 Which Is Normal For Him

If his experience on Tumblr changed him, it wasn't for the better. The only change he experienced was becoming even more ostentatious than he had been before. Great, just what the world needed.

I'm not saying that I'm not proud of both Sprouse twins for graduating from college. I'm proud of anyone who graduates because that's an awesome accomplishment! But the way that Cole tweeted about it really rubbed me the wrong way. There's no need to tear down other people when you congratulate yourself on your own accomplishments. Yes, there is a cliché about child stars who grow up to have a rough life. But no, graduating from college and going against that cliché does not make you better than them. Not by a landslide.

11 At Least He's Embarrassed Too

I'm all for people changing. Plenty of people have said something stupid in the past and then gotten over it and grown past it — which is great! But does it make the thing they said in the past any less cringe inducing? Not at all. So, although I'm glad that Cole has grown past saying something so stupid when he was younger, that doesn't make the fact that he said it any better. Yikes!

But, this embarrassing quote about not liking girls who wear makeup has an upside. The fact that he's cringing at it with the rest of us now makes up for it a little bit. Too bad about all the other awful things he's gone on to say since then! Hopefully he'll be embarrassed by them soon, too.

10 He Allegedly Abused His Ex Girlfriend

Via Twitter

Cole's fans are gross about this. Like every other negative thing that people have pointed out that he's done, his fans are there to deny it. But when it comes to talking about the fact that his ex-girlfriend has spoken out about him allegedly emotionally abusing her, they take it to a whole new level. On her Tumblr page, she's posted vague things about emotional abuse and how people never believe celebrities are capable of that type of thing. Naturally, people realized it must be about Cole. And that lead people to leave messages on her Tumblr account, saying things like, "I feel like if you tell people what he did to you, they'll shut up and stop assuming that your feelings are false."

Yeah, if she's posting about it, people should probably just stop assuming that it's false without her being forced to prove it.

9 And Then He Tweeted (And Deleted) This

Everyone knows Cole is the king of Twitter, right? Everyone loves the ironic, self-deprecating things that he tweets. If you thought that message from one of his fans to his ex-girlfriend was bad, hold your hamburgers! Riverdale's Jughead decided to take it upon himself to tweet something even worse. Although I don't really have proof that this tweet was at all related to Cole's ex speaking out about him being abusive, I have a hunch. Plus, the fact that he decided to delete it after it started to get attention speaks volumes.

Before you try to defend him or call his ex-girlfriend a liar, consider this tweet. Consider the fact that he tweeted this victim blaming statement and then deleted it when people called him out on it.

8 Sounds Bitter

Hey Cole, what happened? While I agree with the sentiment here, this tweet comes across really bitter and judgmental. And we all know that Cole's favorite thing in the world is talking down to people on social media. So, if anyone is upset that he doesn't have a Tumblr anymore, never fear! He's still being pretentious and snippy on Twitter. Nowadays it just comes across slightly snippier because he's held back by the character limit. Fortunately for all of us, he can still be snotty in less than 140 characters.

I agree with the sentiment behind this tweet, though. Even though I think he could have found a better way to say it, people are pretty rude about people in the entertainment industry who are aging and changing.

7 His Excuses For Jughead's Sexuality

It's definitely not fair to complain about something that an actor or actress has no control over. But the way that an actor reacts or doesn't react to what the show does is totally fair game, right? People have had a lot of feelings about Riverdale due to the fact that the Archie comics, the source that Riverdale is based on, recently revealed that Jughead is asexual. So, naturally, people wanted to know if he would be that way in the show because that would be pretty huge for representation. Anyone who watches the show knows that they ended up giving him a romantic storyline, which isn't Cole's fault.

But the way that he answered this question about it is. His answer seems like he was just trying to get patted on the back for hoping that he would be asexual in the show.

6 And Mocked Representation

Fans of Riverdale who were hopeful that the show would stick to their comic book roots—with making Jughead asexual—were proud of Cole for his comments about representation. Although I don't think that he was being particularly genuine when he said it, people still appreciated hearing someone say they understood how important representation is. Unfortunately, he then went on to make this joke. So, yeah, Cole totally gets representation. Unfortunately, he only gets it when it comes to getting him attention. Otherwise? It's just something for him to post ironic tweets about and make fun of for some attention.

Oh, Cole. Just when you seemed like you might be different and finally get it. I had such high hopes and then you crushed them with yet another thoughtless statement.

5 The Time He Compared BLM To Cannibalism

Um, what? No, really. What?! No matter how many times I read this, it's still difficult to understand exactly what Cole is trying to say here. And honestly? I'm not sure that I want to understand what he meant. Because at best, this is just Cole trying really hard to say something deep and insightful. And I mean, he kind of did, but for the most part, he totally missed the mark. Instead, he landed somewhere in the land of "vague but super questionable statement that he never acknowledged."

For reference, this tweet is about the time that a pair of Black Lives Matter activists interrupted a speech that Bernie Sanders was giving. They got a lot of different reactions at the time, but none as confusing as Cole Sprouse calling them cannibals on Twitter.

4 And His Followers Didn't Let Him Forget

Unfortunately for Cole, it really doesn't matter that much what he meant. Because the Internet does not forget about things like this. Once someone says something, the screencaps, quotes, and GIFs are all out there and there will always be people who are ready to bring it up and never let go. Being a celebrity must be rough! Especially if the celebrity apologizes for it and is clearly trying to grow and learn after the bad thing they said. But that's not the case for all of them.

For instance, a month after his questionable cannibalism tweet, Cole tweeted a picture making fun of people who claim that they're not racist, but goes on to say something racist and, of course, used a picture of himself to go with it. And naturally, some Twitter users were not going to let him get away with it.

3 And Tried To Make Up For It With This

Thanks Cole, but I don't really feel like I need your permission on how to protest bigotry. But I really appreciate your condescending tweet trying to tell people the right and wrong way to fight back against that behavior. Seriously, this is the kind of thing that the most annoying relatives or former classmates that I'm friends with on social media post on Facebook. And they all think they're being so progressive and politically aware for posting it, but they're not. The tone is way off; it comes across like they're talking down to whoever they're directing it at, for one thing. And it comes across like they're trying to say something like, "Yeah, that person is being hateful. But be nice to them about it. They're mean, don't be like them."

No thank you.

2 The Time He Made This Joke

This tweet has gotten a lot of mixed responses. Honestly, I'm not sure what the truth of it is, but I know that it's definitely pretty sketchy. So, from the surface, this looks like Cole is calling Tyler, The Creator an animal and saying they can't date because of bestiality laws. While that's weird on its own, it's gotten Cole a lot of backlash because it seems like Cole is comparing dating a black person to inappropriate behavior with an animal. Yeah, not a good move, Cole.

Other people have pointed out that Cole and Tyler are good friends, so this is probably some kind of inside joke they have. And it totally might be! But this is the kind of inside joke that you should never tell in public because no one else is going to get it.

1 And Dylan Is No Better

So, after all of this, if you're thinking to yourself, "I'm glad Dylan was always my favorite Sprouse twin," or, "Dylan is better anyway," then I need you to back up for a second. Because as funny as the two of them may be on Twitter when they interact with each other, Dylan is no better than his brother. 

Dylan took to Instagram a while back to post a picture of his girlfriend. How cute, right? Unfortunately, I think these two missed the mark by a lot if they were trying to be #CoupleGoals. Instead of just posting a picture of her, he filtered it to make her look like she was black and then captioned it "My African Queen." When the comments calling him out started rolling in, he doubled down and made fun of people who were offended. Um, yikes!

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