15 Times Cory and Shawn On 'Boy Meets World' Were BFF Goals

So much of what I know about friendship comes from watching episodes of Boy Meets World — growing up and as an adult. Although the romance between Cory and Topanga is obviously a huge part of why I love the show, the real love story is between Cory and Shawn, two people who manage to remain best friends through thick and thin, no matter where life happens to take them.

Not even middle school, high school, or college could tear them apart — and now, thanks to Girl Meets World, we know their bond has survived everything adulthood has thrown at them, too. Here are 15 times Cory and Shawn were the ultimate BFF goals. Everyone deserves to have a friendship like theirs in their life, so never stop looking for it!

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15 When We Found Out Shawn & Cory Are Still Friends As Adults

When I heard Boy Meets World was coming back in the form of Girl Meets World, I was super excited, and not just because I wanted to know what my favorite characters were up to in the present day. Most of all, I wanted to see what Cory and Shawn the BFFs were like as fully formed adults, and I was not disappointed. They may have had to live separate lives, but they never stopped treating each other like family, no matter what happened.

I'm so happy that because of this spinoff, I know that Cory and Shawn's friendship passed the test of time... and that he became so involved in Cory's family, especially in Riley's life. That's what forever best friends are all about!

14 When Not Even A Girlfriend Could Keep Them Apart

UGH. I hated the episode where Shawn started dating Jennifer, the girl who decided he spent too much time with Cory and tried to keep them apart. But even though she was gorgeous (and ridiculously tall), they still wouldn't be separated... even if it meant clandestine meetings in the library and sad phone calls in secret. God, how adorable were those scenes, though?!

And my favorite part? Topanga was the one to bring them back together and make Shawn realize he should end things with Jennifer. She's the opposite of a jealous girlfriend, and I've always loved that she respected their friendship enough to encourage them to stay close.

13 When Cory Helped Shawn Be A Girl

I'm all about girl power, so I absolutely adored when Shawn took a cue from Black Like Me and decided to become a girl for a week at school to see what his female classmates go through on a daily basis — even if it meant going on a date. From the beginning, Cory was super supportive of Shawn's project, and even carried his books for him at school... even though he never did the same for Topanga.

Such a huge part of friendship is helping your friends with things that are important to them, and this was such a sweet example of Cory being willing to do anything for Shawn, even though this time, it included turning him into a super hot girl.

12 When Cory Saved Shawn From A Cult

What's a best friend if not the person who keeps you from staying in a really, really weird cult? Since Shawn grew up without really having his own mother and father in his life, he came to a point where he didn't know where else to go. So when a cult leader presented what seemed like love and attention to him, he was all for it. But Cory (and his family) helped snap him right out of it, because their love is the real love (aww).

Also, this happened to be one of the saddest episodes ever, because Mr. Turner — who wasn't just Shawn's teacher, but also his guardian — got into a bad motorcycle accident, and this show never goes that dark. I'm getting all teary just thinking about it!

11 And Every Time The Matthews Stood Up For Shawn

In the same episode, it wasn't just Cory who helped save Shawn — it was his parents, too, especially his dad. When Alan Matthews (one of the greatest dads in television history, if you ask me) found out that Shawn was in potential danger, he told that asshole Mr. Mack exactly where to stuff it and helped him realize that he did have people who loved him, even if his own parents were too selfish to be in his life.

Plus, there was also that time that the Matthews offered to adopt Shawn, even though he didn't take them up on it... and all the unconditional love they showed him throughout the series. Shawn's birth family was the worst, but he always had Cory's parents.

10 All The Time They Showed Too Much BFF PDA

A lot of what I've witnessed in male friendships in my life is that some guys aren't quite as touchy-feely as women might be. But for Cory and Shawn, this was never a problem! They were never afraid to hug each other or tell each other how they feel, and that's valuable in any friendship, no matter if you're a boy or a girl. So shut up, Topanga — even though they're boys, they can totally hug (and they should!).

Seeing this hugging GIF makes me wanna go hug all my BFFs so they know just how much I love them. Cory and Shawn were never afraid to show the world how much they care about each other, and that's just one of the many reasons they are perfect.

9 When Cory Tried To Fix Shawn's Relationship

Although Angela and Shawn were clearly perfect for each other, their relationship did hit a few bumps in the road along the way. Of course, that's where Cory came in, befriending Angela and convincing her that Shawn really did love her. I mean, Cory does tend to get way too involved in other people's personal lives, and Angela may not have been thrilled with his meddling, but his heart was in the right place.

And it's only right that Cory would help put Shawn's relationship back together; during the awful time that he and Topanga were split up (which I like to pretend never actually happened), Shawn was the one who believed they'd get back together someday. Such faith!

8 Everything That Happened In This Scene

I just love the visual imagery of Cory and Shawn in bed together, eating pancakes, so this is one of my favorite Boy Meets World scenes of all time. In this moment, they were discussing the fact that Cory was pretty damn sure Topanga was pregnant but not telling him, so they were trying to decide what to do about it. Of course, Topanga wasn't pregnant (she was just trying to lose weight) but the point is that Shawn was there for him.

Also, they were super cute eating breakfast together. I love that Shawn's always been welcome in Cory's home (and apparently, his bed) as if he lived there, too. That's real friendship, everyone.

7 When Cory Felt Super Insecure

When they first started high school, the older, cool kids started hanging out with Shawn — who took way too long to realize that with that face and that hair, he was destined for greatness — and it made Cory feel really awkward. He wasn't considered popular, and all of Shawn's new, cooler friends started edging him out. In any other friendship, that might have meant the end, but not for these two.

As soon as Shawn realized Cory felt left out, he set the record straight: They'd always be best friends. Then, they shared chilli cheese fries, and those popular kids were never seen again. How sweet is that?!

6 When Shawn Almost Ruined Cory's Wedding

Okay, that title definitely doesn't sound like a friendship moment, but trust me — it is. Shawn was so upset that Cory was getting married and everything was about to change between them that he practically started a fight right there at the altar. It wouldn't be Boy Meets World if their wedding went off without a touching moment accompanied by a life lesson, so obviously, this wasn't the end of their friendship.

In fact, Cory stopped the entire wedding to make things right with Shawn, and he kept every promise he made to him. Even though he and Topanga were married, Shawn remained his best friend, and they lived happily ever after.

5 And When They Spent The Rest Of The Wedding Side By Side

God, how adorable are these two?! Once Cory and Shawn were able to make peace with each other, Shawn stood right by Cory's side through the rest of the ceremony... until it was time to kiss the bride and all that jazz. Cory didn't want Shawn to feel left out, so he included him in every possible way... and that's exactly how any pair of lifelong best friends should be.

And this is once again an excellent example of how well Topanga knows her man. She would never try to come between Cory and Shawn, but even if she did, I doubt she would be successful. Look how happy they are together!

4 When They Professed Their Love For Each Other

In this episode, called "If You Can't Be With The One You Love," Cory's heartbroken because he and Topanga are broken up, so the only logical thing to do: Steal his dad's whisky. These two — who are getting drunk for the first time, mind you — drink way too much, and Shawn realizes he really likes alcohol. He ends up showing up to Cory's dad's birthday party completely hammered, and it's a mess.

But the real point? Cory realizes that if he can live without Topanga, he knows he for sure can't live without Shawn, and it's a really sweet moment... of course, until a homeless man interrupts them, but whatever.

3 When Cory Guessed The Wrong Person

It's such a small moment, but it's also real adorable. Cory had to guess who was behind him, and he guessed Shawn, because who else would it be? Fortunately, Topanga wasn't that insulted, because she's basically been sharing Cory's heart from the beginning. There are small, super cute moments like this sprinkled throughout the entire series, and every time I re-watch the show, I find more of them that I missed the first time around.

This just makes me wish I had a Shawn in my life. Or do I wish I had a Cory? I need some sort of quiz to take that will explain to me which I am so I can solve this mystery once and for all.

2 When Their Friendship Became A True Commitment

Most people go through dozens of best friends in a lifetime, because the sad fact of life is that people grow apart, especially as they get older, go to college, settle down and end up becoming different adults than they were children. It takes real commitment to stick with a friend for your whole life, so Shawn's not wrong to point this out! It's different commitment than a romantic relationship, but commitment all the same.

It takes a lot to make a friendship like that work — and even now, in adulthood, it's pretty clear that my favorite BFFs have managed to accomplish that. I need to see Cory and Shawn as 80 year olds, still hanging out!

1 And Every Time They Did Everything Together

No matter what they were doing — AKA no matter what trouble they were getting into — Cory and Shawn did it together. Even when Cory knew it could get him grounded, he was always there for Shawn. And even when they decided to study together but instead did just about everything but study, at least they failed together, right? Even if Mr. Feeny did not appreciate that aspect of their friendship as the rest of us did.

Boy Meets World is over, and Girl Meets World may be canceled, but the legendary friendship of Cory and Shawn is obviously going to live on forever.Now, if you need me, I will be watching Boy Meets World for the seven hundredth time. I just can't get enough of these two!

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