15 Times Dads Proved They Have Ninja Reflexes

Dads are basically superheroes, and this thought is especially true when you're young. They're taller than buildings, strong as hell, and a constant comfort to you when you're feeling down. They play with you, sneak you the fun stuff, and protect you. That last one's important. Dads have reflexes like no other. Falling off a swing? They'll catch you. Tripping on the lawn? They'll have a hand out to soften your fall. It's amazing they only ever get one day to celebrate what they've done for the world!

Here are some options for a patron saint of Father's Day. They are dads who put their children above them at every turn – or equal to that of a baseball! Can you blame them? Dads like sports. A lot.

15 The Slide Saviour

Have you ever wanted to play on a slide with your older sister only to have her try to push you off? There can only be one! Well, if you can't remember, here's something that might jog your memory.

The two sisters head down the slide, where their father waits to catch them. Just as we think they're settled at the bottom, the older sister pushes the younger sister off! Luckily, dad's there to catch her. What a cool dad, and not just because of the rolled up sweatpants, velcro shoes, and flat-brimmed hat. See that spin in the air? That's in every dad's arsenal, and thank god this one's got it, because his girl needs it. Maybe one day she'll get her revenge on her smirking older sister. One can only hope.

14 Substitute Dad Number 1

A substitute dad to the rescue! This awesome employee notices a child rolling off of a cashier's desk and goes from Clark Kent to Superman! He's there, ready to catch. This is the kind of attention to detail that employees should have when they're working in a jewellery shop, and speaking of which, he deserves a sale from that mother! Or, maybe he could bring the videotape into his boss and ask for a raise? Maybe he could win himself some of that jewellery? If none of that comes through, at least he's won us over...

13 Airport Security

Another substitute dad! When everybody else sleeps with their eyes open going through the security line, this guy's here, taking a break from packing up his laptop, to make a dive across the baggage aisle and catch the toddler! I get what the kid's dad was doing. You gotta put your jacket back on and your wallet in your pants, but maybe he should've started with the kid first, no? I call this a fail, followed by a win!

I'm continually impressed with these substitute dads. It's one thing to for actual fathers to have a sense of what their child is up to when they're around, but these other guys... They're really an inspiration to us all, aren't they? I hope to be this good one day. Reflexes!

12 Dads Love Their Cars

Whether we want to admit it or not, sometimes dads care for objects the same way they care for their children. They love hobbies, and things they can tinker with. Cars. Here is a particularly flashy one (an adjective often applicable to objects dads like). Specifically, it's a shiny red convertible. He probably just got home after playing 18 holes and he's ready to relax.

This could've been a really cringeworthy moment had it not been for this dad's incredible agility! Look at that hop into the car from outside! He's basically James Bond. He's living every dad's dream, and once he realizes he got this incredible moment on tape, he's going to show it at every single barbecue he can, and he deserves to.

11 Soccer Star Dad

No, this man isn't a former soccer star. No, he's not a magician, even though this is worthy of the "magic trick" title.

It doesn't get more dad than this, does it? Dad wants to show off at dinner. He makes you take out your camera. He gives a little "are you ready", and then he's off, doing whatever it is that will embarrass you must; however, this man salvages it all by pulling off the best one-man game of keep-up I've ever seen! Seriously. It looks like he could be of good use on a cruise ship. Maybe in the next few weeks he'll learn to juggle? Get him some more kitchen table items; the salt and pepper shaker? They should employ this dad as on-board entertainment. I'd watch.

10 Blind Prophet Father

Is there a better dad than one who lets his daughter's do whatever they want with him? I believe this earns him a ton of respect, and the fact that he can keep it together enough to keep track of his daughters is an incredible feat. The man has been blinded! Talk about an amazing save. Talk about intuition and instinct. Thousands of years of hunting and gathering has led him to this moment, and he gets a real payoff because of it. I can't think of a better way to exemplify years of human evolution - this is the pinnacle: perfect hand layout position, perfect expression on his daughter's face, and too cool to celebrate. The perfect dad mix for this list and for this weekend.

9 The Birth of Mom Reflexes

This pair blows the last example out of the water! There's really nothing more precious than the father-daughter bond, and this one seems strong. They mirror each other's moves at lightning speed and yet it's smiles all around. Talk about talent. Here we have a father deep in the middle of training with his promising daughter. This is basically a Jackie Chan movie. I am seriously impressed. I wouldn't baby sit her! She should look after me! Dad reflexes include knowing when to stop, and knowing what to do when the moment's over. This father gives us the perfect example of that kind of moment at the end of the video. What we also get, thankfully, is arguably even more impressive kind of reflex in the making: mom reflexes!

8 Peace Be With You, Father

Okay, not the kind of "father" I really mean, but come on! Look at that grab! It takes years of being an altar boy to gain that skill, and it all comes to a head here, when that man makes the grab of all grabs to save The Pope's cross. You deserve saint hood, man!

That's a good show in church. If I'd seen that when I was younger, I might've paid more attention to the various sermons and rituals. They should try harder to spice up the stories and lessons. We're getting a lesson right before our eyes. The pope and his men here are basically a team of Evil Kenevil's with way better hats. Fashion those things into helmets and I'd watch more Pope stunts.

7 The Coach Dad

If anyone deserves a participatory award, it's this dad! The batter hits a home-run just barely over the lip and into the stands, and there's dad, ready to catch the ball in one hand, and keep his child upright in the other. There's no greater sight than a perfect specimen. Take notes, other dads, because this one's got it down – and he's also got an official MLB baseball (which I'm sure he'll give to his kid, of course).

6 Dad's Best Friend

Come on, you know that dog thinks of this guy as dad. How could he not? He's got all the right moves! You know he takes the dog on fishing trips, plays ball with him in the yard, catches him when he falls, feeds him... I could go on. This will be one of those bonding experiences both of them will remember for the rest of their lives, and I'm sure it means a lot to both of them.

5 Just Some practice

Just a little practice for later, when the real test comes. Here we have a father (who has no doubt paid for their time on the trampolines) testing his skills. They might be a little rusty. The kid looks a little older than toddler-age, which is when most dads hit their prime. Luckily, he's still got it. Ever hear of a one-hand, one-leg catch? You might be witnessing the first.

4 Ready Any Time

This looks staged. Really. He catches the boy like it's nothing; just slaps him to his legs and keeps him hooked. It's incredible form and I give him a 10/10. What I'm thinking is there should be an olympic sport to go along with this because this dad deserves a whole lot more than just a tie and some socks every Father's Day, he deserves a medal. All he's got now is a gif on loop of his incredible work. While that might satiate some, I have a feeling this guy's after more.

I suspect he'll give us another great dad reflex moment in the near future, and we'll learn a little more about the importance of fatherhood, and how to care for a child.

3 More Frightening Than A Roller Coaster

Bringing your toys and your family to a giant hill to have a picnic and play seems so harmless, but dads have to be ready for everything. Here, despite being late to the save, he makes it in time, and snags his other child out of the way of the toy bullet on a warpath! The dad bod really paid off here, which is a surprise. Dads know what they're doing. We should never question them. This toy car is probably practice for when she turns 16, and he's got to sit with her in the passenger's seat. If this didn't scare him, what will?!

2 At The Racetrack

When's the last time your dad took you to the race track? Did he wear pants or a shirt on his head? Mine didn't either, luckily we have an example of what it would have looked like, all mixed up in a near-fatality! This incredible father has the foresight to go against the grain and pull his confused and (rightly) apprehensive son to the far side of the car. I'm amazed he can even see! Maybe there should be another list: dad sight. Maybe next Father's Day.

Most fathers like sports, and in the south, the racetrack is a special place where family goes to spend a day. Hopefully, this doesn't put his son off the idea for generations to come – but maybe it should.

1  Monster Catch By Dad

The sweetest is saved for last. This could be a depiction of a Father's Day post-meal in itself. A movie's on, the family's on the couch, and only half of the viewers are paying attention! Luckily dads have sixth sense about their children, and when his daughter's about to go over, he's there with a dad hand to save her. It's all pretty adorable, considering this looks like it could be an outtake from a Paranormal Activity film. Everyone moves into action, but it's dad that makes the save, and no wonder, dad reflexes are the best.


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