15 Times Dean From 'Supernatural' Made Us Swoon

Dean is one-half of the Winchester duo, the two brothers who star in the hit television series 'Supernatural'. It's an entertaining show with a huge fan base and it's easy to see why it's so popular. It's not just about the demons and monsters and the fact that it sometimes feels a bit like a mash-up of all the best 90s sci-fi. It's in large part due to the fact that the two leads are mad hot. There's no two ways around it. Sam and Dean are damn good looking and even in a less than stellar episode, it's fun to watch them do their thing. I have a particular thing for Dean and so do a whole lot of other fans. He's the bad boy with a soft side and his gorgeous eyes will pierce your soul.

Here are 15 times Dean Winchester made us bat our eyelashes.

15 Anytime We See His Face

Have you actually looked at his face? It's perfection. He has the perfect nose. It's so nice that I kind of wish I had his nose. Is that odd? It also helps that he has the most gorgeous eyes. They're the perfect shade of green. He's not even usually the type of guy I like, but you can't argue with a perfectly symmetrical face, right? He's also a hunter which, let's face it, is totally badass. Sure, sometimes he's a bit over eager and needs to chill a bit. Not every monster is bad, Dean. Sometimes you need to listen to your freaking brother. He's right a lot of time. Dean is attractive for so many reasons and we'll go over the rest of those reasons shortly.

14 Whenever He's Wearing A Suit

Look, I'm not even a fan of guys in suits. I prefer a guy who's more laid back. A jeans and a t-shirt wearing kind of guy is my preference. I don't really care what a guy wears, to be honest. Wear a sweater and sweatpants for all I care. The clothes don't make the man. But I cannot deny that Dean Winchester looks damn good in a suit. He pulls it off effortlessly and the best thing is it's not his regular casual wear. I like it just as much when he changes back into his flannel or leather jacket. I guess when you're that good looking you can essentially pull anything off. Oh, how that must be nice! I bet he could wear anything and still look good, even a garbage bag.

13 All The Times He's Loyal AF

Seriously, Dean Winchester is super loyal. Sometimes to a fault. And let's face it, those two brothers have a problem with communication. You can't be all about not leaving anyone behind and also not talk about your feelings. In their case, they both need to get over their little secrets and stop keeping shit from one another. It always ends badly! Still, it's endearing that Dean is so loyal. Isn't that what most people want from a partner? I find it's the best quality in a partner or friend. Being able to trust someone and have a shoulder to lean on is important. The person who can do that for you is worth a lot. Don't ever let them go! They're one in a million, that's for sure.

12 Whenever He References The X-Files

Even if you never watched the X-Files, you're still aware of its position in pop culture. You still know something about it, even if it's just the two main character's names: Mulder and Scully. The X-Files is iconic and every time Dean makes a reference to the show it's so lovable, especially if you happen to be a fan of the show. It's clear the writers took a lot of inspiration from the popular sci-fi television series and it's nice to hear Dean mention it every once and a while. I wonder if his character watches the show at all. That would make him even more perfect. He probably watches it and probably has a major crush on Scully. I mean really, don't we all?

11 All The Times He Hates On Vegetables

This little quirk of his is another endearing part of his character. Even if you're a vegetable lover, you find his hatred for all things leafy green pretty funny. He's a full on meat-eater and not afraid to say it. He's always eating on the show and it makes me wish I was eating right there with him. He's not wrong, a hunter needs plenty of protein to fuel those muscles for an intense adventure. Sure, plant foods can provide protein but you often need to eat way more of it to get enough. That's fine for most folks, but if you're on the road and in a hurry all the time, that might be a bit of a problem. Ordering a burger and fries is a way more efficient way to get in all that protein.

10 All The Times He Shows His Love For His Little Bro

The fact that he cares so much for his little brother is so cute. Isn't that what you want in a person? For them to love, support and care for their family. That's definitely important to me. It shows that they're a decent person. The fact that he sticks with Sam through thick and thin just goes to show how good a person he is. He's not afraid to show his brother that he cares for him either. Hugs abound! Being able to express affection openly is another important trait you probably want in a partner. Someone who shows love without hesitation, isn't that a great quality? It's nice to be around someone who has no qualms about showing and expressing their love. You feel cared for and it's real nice.

9 Whenever He's Driving The Impala

I'm not really a car person. I've never been a girl who gets turned on when guys start talking about their fancy cars. I don't care what kind of car a guy picks me up in. Obviously, I prefer if it's somewhat functional but for the most part? Whatever. A vehicle is a vehicle. Cars are big hunks of metal that pollute the atmosphere. A car cannot be sexy unless you're on a weird TLC fetish show. For some reason, though, whenever Dean is driving the impala it's unbearably sexy. His weird love for the car is also strangely adorable. I'm not sure I understand why. I just can't help it. He looks so comfortable and confident driving that car. I mean... yeah...it's a pretty sexy car.

8 All The Times He's Delightfully Sarcastic

Maybe it's because I am a sarcastic person, but I find his sarcasm really attractive. When people are overly sarcastic it's a bit of a turn-off, though. Too much sarcasm can make another person feel small. You only end up pushing people away if you're constantly sarcastic. But Dean knows how to sprinkle it in for maximum effect. I tend to think that people who use sarcasm seem more intelligent. This trait makes him appear smarter, despite the many times when he plays it stupid. It brings a nice balance to his character. His brother, Sam, always seems to be the smart one. So it's nice to have moments when Dean gets to shine. He's got the whole package, handsome, smart, funny. What more could one ask for?

7 When He Wears Shades

I feel like I should be the one wearing glasses to protect my eyes from all his hotness. Not everyone can pull off wearing sunglasses like this. Dean can definitely wear a pair of shades and not look stupid. He looks hot AF. For some reason, people who wear sunglasses either look super confident or super uncomfortable. Dean is clearly pulling those off and managing to look like he owns the joint. Whenever he's got shades on he carries himself like he's the coolest guy ever. If you were to see him on the street you'd probably feel super inadequate around him. I look like an idiot in sunglasses, but maybe it's just the way I'm wearing them. Maybe it's not about the shades at all. Maybe I need to act like I own the place and I'll look fab.

6 When We See His Super Sensitive Side

He's loyal and loves his brother AND he has a soft side. Isn't that just perfect? It's nice to have a guy who can open up and talk about his feelings. If a guy is comfortable enough with you to cry in front of you, you've managed to find a good one. He's a keeper, don't let him go. Keeping your feelings bottled up isn't sexy. Being overly sensitive isn't super sexy either, but if you're able to talk about what's bothering you and cry during Marley and Me (otherwise you might be a demon!) then you might be pretty perfect. Having a partner who is able to show their softer side means that they'll accept you when you want or need to be a bit sappy.

5 When He Was The Hottest Nerd Ever

Did you think the sunglasses were hot? Well, I give you Dean wearing glasses. How can you not fall in love with this guy? He looks like the hottest nerd you've ever laid your eyes on. It's a shame these aren't permanent. Dean didn't suddenly start to lose his eyesight or watch too much porn too close to the screen. He wore these in the fourteenth episode of the eighth season. The episode is called 'Trial and Error'. They're special glasses with the ability to spot Hellhounds. So basically, the least fun glasses ever. The only way for the glasses to get this ability is to be burnt by holy flames. Dean uses holy oil to set fire to the pair of glasses to enable their special powers.

4 Whenever He Makes Pop Culture References

Dean is the king of pop culture references in the show. It's no secret that viewers love pop culture references. Just look at the success of Gilmore Girls. Sure, the show was beloved for a lot of reasons, but the vast amount of pop culture references made it relatable and witty. Television writers know that the addition of pop culture quips only serves to make the show better. When I hear references on TV to things that I love, it makes me love the show and characters even more. I feel like I can relate to the character way better. I already love Dean, but the fact that he references stuff I love makes me love him even more. Pop culture references also often serve to add a bit of humor into a show and that's never a bad thing.

3 Whenever He Mentions Pie

He loves pie. This is something we know about Dean and we are left to never forget it because he mentions it often. Pie is a Dean-ism. Sure, he loves his burger and fries but pie comes in close second. The brothers often travel the United States and find themselves in small towns eating in diners. Dean is super lucky to be able to taste all those different diner pies. I bet they're all so good. Homemade pie is such a comfort food. It's no wonder it's a favorite of Dean. When you're killing monsters and hunting demons you might find yourself needing a bit of comfort. Being a hunter isn't always easy and coming back to a homey diner and eating a delicious warm pie is a nice way to wind down.

2 All The Times He Exudes Confidence

Confidence is always an attractive quality. Even someone who is unattractive can become more attractive with a bit of confidence in their step. Sometimes Dean is a bit too confident, but when he tones it down, it's super hot. You obviously don't want someone who's always bragging, but someone who knows how to carry themselves with their head held high is someone you probably wouldn't mind being around. A person who's sure of themselves but also has a dash of humility is a great mix. It's never a bad thing to feel secure in who you are but don't overdo it. No one wants someone who's throwing all their greatness around all the time. Everything in moderation. Balancing the two traits is important and I think Dean does it pretty well.

1 When He Was A Sexy AF Demon

Okay, demons are supposed to be bad news. We don't like demons. Sam and Dean kill demons and they definitely don't like them (with very few exceptions). Demons come from hell! They use humans as meat suits and are usually busy creating havoc. But for some reason, Dean as a demon is literally the hottest thing ever. His bad boy side is turned wayyyyy up. And it's pretty clear that this whole demon thing can't last forever, right? So why not enjoy the super cocky Dean for a little while? Yeah, I just said that too much confidence is a turn-off, but it's okay once in a while. If it's Dean, it's even more okay. Sorry but he's so hot that he can turn into a soul eating demon and still get it.

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