15 Times Demi Lovato Was The Role Model We All Needed

Whether you know Demi Lovato as a singer or you're more of an old school fan and remember her Disney days on Sonny With a Chance, there's one thing all Lovatics can agree on: Demi is the best role model. Her music ranges from being catchy and poppy to being really deep and having a special message. She's hilarious, talented, and she's seriously so motivational.

Demi has been through some rough times in the past few years. Still, she's an example of a celebrity who took the tough times and has been able to put a positive spin on it and move forward while inspiring others to do the same. Check out this list of 15 times Demi Lovato was the best role model in Hollywood.

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15 She Gives The Best Messages To Fans

Demi's positive message doesn't stop with her music. Although she has songs like Confident where she sings about how there's nothing wrong with being confident and loving who you are, she keeps that message going even when she's not singing. After Demi had a fairly public struggle in her personal life with things like her body image, it's nice to see her spreading such a positive message of self love out to her fans. A lot of other celebrities have been open about their mental health or body image issues like Demi has, but it's always nice to see a celebrity being so open about it with their fans.

Demi using her platform to spread positivity and remind her fans to love themselves makes her a great role model and an example of what we should emulate.

14 She's Honest About Her Life

In 2010, Demi went to rehab for issues dealing with depression, an eating disorder, self harm, and substance abuse. The decision to enter the treatment facility came after she had a physical altercation with a backup dancer. Demi re-entered a treatment facility in 2013 because she said she felt it was the best way to deal with the fact that she was concerned about falling back into old habits. Since then, Demi has been very vocal about what she's been through and about her journey through treatment and her everyday struggles to stay away from destructive behaviors. In 2016, she spoke publicly at the Democratic National Convention about raising awareness for people with mental health issues, which is obviously a very personal subject to her.

13 She Reminds People it's Okay Not to Be Perfect

After Demi became public with her personal issues, it's safe to say she had a lot of people who gave their opinions on it. It's pretty much impossible for any celebrity to do something without people being all over social media commenting and tweeting their opinions. Along with gossip magazines that will release any story, no matter how personal or sensitive, in big colorful letters on their covers. It's hard enough to just be a normal person without letting the opinions of those around you influence how you feel about yourself. Just imagine being a celebrity who has these opinions, thoughts, and words coming from random people that they don't know.

Despite all eyes being on her, Demi knows how to be herself and reminds her fans not to worry about what other people think about them either.

12 She Supports Amazing Causes

Demi's positive vibes don't stop with her talking about being positive with her own image or encouraging her fans to be positive with theirs. Demi takes time to support different charities, like the WE Movement. The WE Movement is a charity that empowers communities in Africa, Asia, and Latin America through WE Villages. WE Villages support community development in areas that are at a high risk for child labor, child exploitation, and few opportunities for young girls as they grow up. WE Villages support the community through education, food, water, healthcare, and by teaching them entrepreneurship skills that will help to sustain the community and expand the skills of people within the community. Charities like this that do great things in places that need them the most are amazing. Having celebrities like Demi to go to these places to help them and bring them attention can be so helpful to these charities.

11 She Knows How To Get Through Hard Times

It's no secret that the problems Demi had in her past have been highly publicized. Seeing a celebrity who struggles with and overcomes rough times in their mental health or addiction problems can be really inspiring to the people who follow them. It can show them that they're not alone and that if this celebrity who they follow can make it through, so can they. But it's also important to remember that even if you have a rough patch in your life, it doesn't have to define who you are forever. Demi has done such an amazing job moving on from her past while still balancing and not pushing it aside and pretending it didn't happen. She's uses her platform to bring attention to mental health while still moving on from it and showing that there's more to her and our lives.

10 Her Songs Are Meaningful

One of the main reasons Demi's fans love her so much is because of her music. The girl can seriously sing. On top of that, her songs range from ones like Confident and Cool For The Summer that make you really want to get up and dance, to ones like Skyscraper that make you want to sing along and really make you feel things. No matter what your mood is, there's definitely a song on one of Demi's five studio albums that you'll be able to totally relate to. While there's nothing wrong with the way some people seem to just put out catchy but meaningless songs over and over, Demi's music is different. Her songs are so personal and meaningful that it's hard not to relate them to some situation in your own life.

9 She Brought A Motivational Speaker On Tour

Demi met Spencer West while she was in Africa working on behalf of the charity, Free the Children. Spencer lost both his legs from the pelvis down when he was just five years old. Since then, he's become a motivational speaker. He's done some really amazing things during his life and hasn't let the fact that he's a double amputee stop him from doing things like climing Mount Kilimanjaro with just his hands. Demi spreading positive messages after everything she's been through is awesome, but the fact that she brought Spencer on tour with her to speak to the audience before she got on stage is even cooler. Along with getting to see her sing live, they got to witness someone telling their amazing story on the stage for them.

8 She Doesn't Take Herself Too Seriously

Everyone has messed up at some point in their lives, right? Everybody has had one of those moments where they're giving a presentation or something in school and you stumble over a word or you miss that shot at a big game. It can suck and it can totally feel like it's the end of the world because you're so embarrassed. Trust me, I think we've all been there. Even Demi Lovato has had moments like that, like when she's on stage and her equipment messes up or she starts to choke and cough while she's singing. I'm mortified enough if I mess up a word in front of 20 other people, I couldn't imagine it being in front of an entire concert! But, she owns her mistakes and just keeps going and doesn't take herself too seriously.

7 She's So Relatable

Honestly, how relatable is this? I know everyone has had days like this. Days where you just have so many things that need to get done, but instead, you want to go to your bed and lay down and have a nap instead. That long to-do list you have waiting for you? It'll still be there when you wake up. If it's really that important, it would have been done already. The excuses are honestly endless because you know you're gonna end up just turning on Netflix and going to sleep instead of getting any of it done. It's good to know that even celebrities who live these glamorous lives where they go on tour and go to award shows in fancy clothes have days like that, too.

6 These Total Friendship Goals

God bless @carolinecarter8 🙏🙌

A post shared by Demi Lovato (@ddlovato) on

Be honest, who hasn't sent a text like this to their BFF? Anyone who says, "ME!" is probably only saying it because they don't have a good enough friend to send texts like this to. Work on that and go get some good friends who you can send annoying texts to. It's not a real friendship if you don't send them 15 emojis per text because they brought you coffee or let you copy their notes, right?

Demi sharing this text with her friend Caroline is absolutely precious. This is seriously the kind of thing I send to my best friends after they bring me food or something when I'm sick. Only the top one would have several more emojis in it, along with the Bitmoji of myself. I'm an obnoxious texter, okay?

5 She's Grown Up

This side by side comparison of two of Demi's songs and her performances during them really shows how much she's grown up. On the left, she's singing Believe In Me at the piano in 2008 and on the right, she's standing up singing Confident in 2015. The way they put them next to each other so you can compare the lyrics really shows how different she is now. She has grown to be more sure of herself and, well, more confident. As her fans have grown up, so has Demi and her lyrics and stage presence really show that.

After everything that Demi has been through and the struggles she's been so open about having, it's nice to see that she's happy now. Seeing it compared to how she was as a teenager only seven years ago is a really cool moment for fans to showcase her growth.

4 She Shoots Down The Rumors

Celebrities constantly have rumors surrounding them. It doesn't matter what they do, there will be a website or magazine ready to put a headline out there that there's something going on with them. Maybe they secretly got married, maybe they broke up with their significant other, maybe they got cheated on, maybe they got plastic surgery. Whatever it is, there's someone out there ready with a fake story and some bad photos about it. And they always have the shadiest little unnamed sources. Who even believes any of that stuff? When people decided to start trying to call Demi out for getting her lips done, she wasn't gonna sit back quietly. She had no problem admitting that she just played around with over lining them that day.

3 She's More Than Just Her Story

People who don't follow Demi too closely might not know much about her other than the fact that she was in rehab and had some issues with her mental health. She was not ashamed about being open about it in her speech at the DNC, a special she did with MTV where she opened up about it; or in her music. So for people who are just casual fans, it's easy to only know those few facts about her. But for Demi, it's important to remind people that there's more to her than that. Since she's gotten her story out there in the open, she's ready to move on and go back to singing more fun songs and not just sing about what she's been through. For people who have struggled with similar things, being able to see that it's fine to move on is important.

2 She Stands Up For What's Important


A post shared by Demi Lovato (@ddlovato) on

Demi has been outspoken about her philanthropy and activism since she was on Disney when she was younger. There, she was part of the Friends For Change with other Disney stars like the Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, and Selena Gomez. She worked with Disney on the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund as well when she teamed up with Joe Jonas to record a song for them. Her activism hasn't stopped there and in January 2017, she traveled to Kenya with the WE Movement. She's been doing all kinds of philanthropic work since then, including being a part of the Voto Latino's "Be Counted" movement and when she was named an ambassador of an anti-bullying campaign called Mean Stinks.

She's not shy about showing how important it is to be involved and standing up for what means something to you.

1 She Loves Snapchat Filters

In case you don't follow me on snapchat... 🤓 👻: theddlovato

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Who doesn't love those Snapchat filters? Watching Demi's Snapchat stories always feels like looking at a hilarious snap from your BFF. She's real and raw in her everyday life, but the way she posts on Snapchat just shows that on a whole new level. Demi is not only talented, but she also spends her time spreading positivity to her fans through her songs and the things she says. On top of all that, she's absolutely hilarious on social media and her Snapchat stories are goals.

It's clear why her fans love her so much No matter what she's been through, Demi doesn't let any of it stop her. She's moving onward and upward and bringing all her loyal fans with her. So jump on the Lovato fan train or hop off, because we're going places.

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