15 Times Derek and Julianne Hough Were Sibling Goals

Derek and Julianne Hough are definitely the best sibling duo from Dancing with the Stars. No offense to Val and Maks, but the Houghs definitely win when it comes to adorable siblings.

Derek and Julianne are super close and rather than argue and get on each other's nerves, they love and respect one another and don't mind spending a ton of time together on the road while touring or choreographing dance routines together. They are basically best friends and we wouldn't want it any other way.

We've compiled a list of times when these two made us smile with their adorable relationship and reminded us how much we appreciate our siblings, as well. Derek and Julianne definitely rock the brother/sister relationship like nobody's business and that is why we love them.

15 When they choreographed a dance about siblings

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Derek and Julianne's incredible amount of creativity lead them to create a dance together based on their childhood and growing up together as siblings. They danced to the song "Elastic Heart" by Sia and they performed their dance together on their national tour as well as during an episode of Dancing with the Stars. They had two young dancers portray kid versions of themselves that danced in complete synchronization with Derek and Julianne.

According to a post Derek made on his Instagram, the dance told the story of how "sometimes we can abuse the love of our family and end up hurting the ones we love the most." He then said it was important to "reconnect with the inner child where the love is pure and honest. Family, even through the hardest of times, is everything."

The dance was beyond moving and powerful and the fact that these two siblings created it together is so incredibly beautiful.

14 When Derek got emotional watching Grease Live

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When Julianne was on FOX's highly successful and critically acclaimed Grease Live, Derek watched from home surrounded by friends and loved ones and posted his reactions on social media. Derek posted a video of him watching the live performance and said in text across the video "I'm freaking emotional right now!"

The way Derek and Julianne support each other like this is so heartwarming and gives us all the feels. Not all siblings are as close as these two are and its so nice to see these two love each other and root for each other the way that they do.

Derek's other social media posts from that night continued to show how proud he was of his sister and how much he enjoyed watching her perform.

13 When they got together with friends over the holidays

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One of the great things about Derek and Julianne is that they have the same friend group in Los Angeles. The two are close enough in age that they hang out with a lot of the same people and have a constant group of friends that they spend their time with. They got together in a cabin over the holidays with their friends and went skiing together one year.

They posted a plethora of videos on their social media accounts showing how much fun they were having together playing games and joking around.

It's not often in life that siblings share the same group of friends, but Derek and Julianne's lives in Los Angeles are so intertwined that they do. It's adorable how close these two are, not just as siblings, but as friends, too.

12 Derek is buds with Julianne's husband

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When Derek and Julianne did an appearance on The Talk, they asked if he approved of Julianne's husband-to-be, and he spoke about how Brookes is a man's man and that they get along great. He also went on to say that he's a "wonderful guy" and that he was "very excited to have him become part of the family and to have another brother." He also admitted that like most older brothers of sisters, he was protective of Julianne.

Derek grew up with only sisters, so he said that it was great to be getting all of these brother-in-law's as each of his sisters got married. Derek and Brookes can even be seen working out together occasionally on Derek's Instagram stories.

11 When Julianne said whatever Derek can do, she can do better

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During one of their tours, there was a number where Julianne sang that whatever Derek could do, she could do better. Ah, classic sibling rivalry. She repeated this line while on a day off with friends from their third tour.

While out on a lake, Derek, Julianne and their friends each took turns water tubing. While Derek fell over in the water several times, Julianne posted a video on her Instagram stories joking that whatever Derek could do, she could do better. Derek's girlfriend, Hayley Erbert, was also in the video and said "ohhh!" Even though they joke and mess with each other, Jules and Derek still love each other. That's what makes them so great.

They also showcased their sibling rivalry in a fabulous Disney mashup on the third tour which was spectacular.

10 Derek loves Julianne's dogs

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It is no secret to anyone who follows Julianne Hough on social media that she is madly in love with her two dogs, Harley and Lexi. To those who follow her and Derek more closely on social media, they know that Lexi is basically Derek's girlfriend and she is in love with him. We are not joking.

Derek has serenaded the pup in Snapchats and Instagram stories and Julianne has often called Derek Lexi's boyfriend. It's quite comical. The love Derek has for Lexi is definitely mutual and he loves Harley, too. He often posts videos of the two dogs on his Instagram stories, as well. One thing that Derek and Julianne have in common is that they are both dog lovers and it's pretty adorable.

9 When they talk about how much they love dancing with each other

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Derek and Julianne often talk about how much they love each other and love dancing with each other. Derek once told People magazine that he started dancing because he wanted to dance with girls. When his parents suggested that he dance with his sister, Julianne, he thought that was silly, because that defeated the whole purpose of dancing. Ha!

Now Derek appreciates dancing with his sister and told People that when they dance together, "it's got a fun energy about it."

Julianne even posted a video of them rehearsing a dance together in a dance studio and included a caption that said "love dancing with my bro!"

Sure, it might have been awkward at first for Derek to dance with his sister, but it looks like they have a lot of fun dancing together now.

8 When Julianne had a viewing party for hairspray live

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When Derek played the role of Corny Collins on NBC's Hairspray Live, Julianne threw a viewing party at their house and made cupcakes that spelled out "Hairspray Live." Derek posted a video of the cupcakes on social media and told everyone they were made by his "beautiful sister." Derek also posted a video of them high-fiving and a video of Julianne saying how proud she was of her brother. He also posted a video of him pointing to Julianne, saying she made history the year before with Grease Live and then Julianne told him that he made history that night with Hairspray Live.

Rather than try to compete with one another, Derek and Julianne have always supported each other in their careers. It's great to have a sibling that always has your back.

7 When they celebrate Christmas together

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Derek and Julianne are very family oriented people. They come from a big family and enjoy spending time together. Derek grew up with 4 sisters, so he was the only boy in the family.

Over the holidays, the family often gets together with all of the nieces and nephews and they have one big family celebration. One year, Derek got everyone in his family to wear the Ellen sweaters that Ellen DeGeneres gave him on her show.

Both Derek and Julianne have posted videos on social media showing them opening Christmas presents with their family which show just how much they all truly love each other and how well they all get along. Even though their parents got divorced when Derek and Julianne were young, it seems like they all get along well and they make it work.

6 When they choreographed a dance about their parents' divorce

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Derek and Julianne choreographed a piece for their third national tour that they also performed on Dancing with the Stars about their parents divorce when they were kids. It was kind of like a sequel to their original piece performed to Sia's "Elastic Heart." This time, the pair danced to X Ambassador's remix of "Unsteady."

Derek and Julianne mentioned how they didn't understand their parents divorce when they were kids, however, they understood it now as grown adults. A lot of people find themselves in situations like their's and they wanted to perform that piece that was deeply personal to them to help others get through times like that.

The dance showed how hard it was on the siblings when their parents decided to split, but that they had each other to lean on during the hard times.

5 When they proved that they know each other pretty well

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When Julianne made an appearance on Harry Connick Jr.'s talk show, she played a game called "How Well Do You Know Your Sibling." Derek had been taped answering questions about Julianne and then Julianne was asked the same questions to see if their answers would match up. The two didn't get every single answer correct, but they did know the right answers to some of them, proving that the siblings do in fact know each other pretty well.

One of the questions asked was what was Julianne's favorite app. She said her favorite app was Instagram, but she knew her brother would have a different answer. She said she believed his answer would be "buffalo wings" because it was kind of an inside joke between them. Julianne ended up being right. Derek said her favorite app was buffalo wings. Hilarious!

4 When they post flashback photos of them as kids

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One of the things that is great about the fact that Derek and Julianne are siblings is that they have all sorts of adorable, yet embarrassing photos of them together as children.

Once in a while one of them will post a throwback photo on Instagram from their childhood for their fans to enjoy. From family vacations to adventures in a bath tub, Derek and Julianne seemed to have had a pretty fun childhood.

This particular photo of the kids in a bath tub had a caption from Derek that said the tub was their swimming pool when they were growing up. So cute. Now they often spend their summers swimming in a lake near their grandparent's house. The lake is definitely much larger than the bath tub they were used to as kids.

3 When they tour together

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Derek and Julianne enjoy each other's company so much, they have gone on tour together three times. They live together on a tour bus for weeks and rather than drive each other crazy like a lot of siblings would, they enjoy the time together and post videos of each other on social media being silly together. Derek even snuck a video of Julianne indulging in an after-show ice cream snack and teased her about it. Ha!

During a moment in their third tour, they spoke about how grateful they were to be doing something they love with someone they love and that they were thankful to be doing the tour together. They have both loved dance since they were little kids, so they share that bond that will last a lifetime. How many people get to share their career with their sibling? Not many!

2 When Julianne cried during a meeting for their tour

Derek posted a video to his Instagram account one day of Julianne while they were in one of their meetings for their third tour together. She was standing in front of a white board with creative ideas for the show and she was so moved by it, she started crying. Derek filmed her getting emotional and shared that moment with all of us on social media.

Derek starts the video by saying "Jules?" as if to ask if she was okay. Julianne then says, "it's good." She meant that their idea board for the tour was good and clearly she was so happy with what they came up with, it moved her to tears. When Derek and Julianne come together, they definitely create magic. They are definitely an inspirational duo!

1 When they competed on Lip Sync Battle

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Hands down one of the greatest moments between the Hough siblings was when they competed against each other on SpikeTV's "Lip Sync Battle." The moment when Julianne lip synced to The Lonely Island's "I Just Had Sex" will forever go down in history as one of the most outrageous and hilarious moments between the two of them. The expression on Derek's face as he stared in horror at his sister being raunchy was downright priceless. "I'm pretty traumatized right now," Derek said. Julianne replied "don't act like you've never seen that before." Derek had a puzzled expression on his face as Julianne added "I mean, not from me!" Derek then replied "what does that mean?!" Julianne and the entire audience were cracking up laughing. So freakin' funny!

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