15 Times Disney Villains Made Us Say, "Same"

What would our favorite Disney movies be without the villains? They'd be pretty boring, I bet. Sure we were supposed to cheer for the heroes and boo the villains, but the villains are so much more relatable and interesting. They had the better songs, the better wardrobes and the better backstories. Most of the time they weren’t even that bad, just a little extreme. At least they knew what they wanted and weren’t afraid to go after it. In fact, I think I'd better be the villain. If someone finds themselves relating to a villain more than a hero, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. These villains make being bad look really good and almost everyone can relate to at least one of them. Check out these 15 times that Disney villains made us say “same."

15 When Ursula Wanted The Perfect Accessory

Every girl knows how important it is to accessorize, but finding that perfect piece can be difficult. It’s even worse when you see someone else with the accessory you just have to have and they won’t even let you borrow it. All Ursula wanted was the Trident and the handsome prince, which is really all any girl wants. She was willing to do whatever it took to get those things and most of us would do the same. In the end she got what she wanted and for a short time she had it all. If only Prince Eric and Ariel hadn't messed things up for her.  I bet she would do it all again too if you asked her. We feel ya Ursula, we’ve all be there.

14 When Scar Was Jealous Of His Brother

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Anyone with a sibling can relate to how Scar felt about Mufasa being the king and having it all. We get tired of hearing everyone say how great our siblings are while we are just tossed to the wayside. Of course, we won’t go as far as Scar and murder them, but it would definitely be nice to shut them up for a while. Although Scar is one of the worst Disney villains, it’s hard to hate him. If you are an only child you may not understand, but the rest of us know that Scar was probably just tired of dealing with his brother’s crap and finally did something about it. At least he had some creative ideas; even if they didn't work out.

13 When The Evil Queen Just Wanted To Be The Prettiest

All any girl wants is to be told she’s pretty. If you are the evil queen, you need to be told you are the prettiest every day. Luckily, most of us don’t need to hear it that often. Still, we can all relate to finding out that there is another girl who someone may like better or find more attractive and when that happens, we tend to get a little crazy. The evil queen ended up letting her jealousy get the best of her and it ultimately led to her death. Just remember you don’t need someone else to tell you you’re pretty and make you feel good about yourself, and you don’t have to hate every other pretty girl in the kingdom. You also shouldn't go around talking to yourself in the mirror. It's a little weird.

12 When Governor Ratcliffe Wanted More Gold

Governor Ratcliffe knew what he wanted and that was more gold. He was on a mission to stuff his pockets with lots of money and he didn’t care what he had to do to become rich. We can all relate to wanting more money and even being a little crazy over it. You don’t want to end up as greedy as Ratcliffe though. Look where that got him. When he wasn’t trying to find gold, he was trying to climb the social ladder. His repulsive and greedy behavior didn’t help him with that either and he even admitted that he wasn’t a very popular man. Our own desires to be liked and successful make it hard to hate Ratcliffe and a lot of us can relate to his sarcastic nature as well. Who doesn't love money and popularity?

11 When Mother Gothel Just Wanted To Stay Young Forever

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could stay young forever? Mother Gothel found a way to do it and we can all relate to how she worked to keep her solution hidden from others. After all, the goal is to stay young and look better than your friends right?  You can't let them know your secret. We all spend too much money on makeup, wrinkle reducers and exfoliating scrubs, but do they really help? We would all like to think so. How far would you go to stay young? Most of us wouldn’t kidnap a baby princess, but we will try every beauty fad out there until we find one that we think works. Maybe Mother Gothel wasn’t so bad after all. She was just a bit extreme with her beauty regimen.

10 When Cruella De Vil Would Do Anything To Look Fashionable

Cruella was rude and conceited and she obviously wasn’t an animal lover, but she was stylish. Everything from her hair to her car was trendy and damn could that woman dress. All she wanted was the perfect coat to compliment the rest of her wardrobe. It just so happened that she needed that coat to be made from the fur of adorable Dalmatian puppies. No, you might not see yourself killing puppies to score the perfect look, but think about all the other crazy things we do in the name of fashion. We are all guilty of chasing down the hot new handbag or running all over the place looking for the perfect pair of shoes. You can’t hate on a girl who knows what she wants and will do whatever it takes to get it.

9 When Jafar Realized He Could Do His Boss's Job Better

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Few things are more frustrating than listening to your boss ramble on about how good he is at his job when you know you can do it a whole hell of a lot better. That’s how Jafar felt in the movie Aladdin. He had big goals and he wasn’t moving up in the company as fast as he had hoped. He had plans on ruling Agrabah and eventually the world. How many times have you had to do your boss’s job and then realized it wasn’t as hard as he made it look? When you think about the fact that the sultan was a little ditsy and basically depended on Jafar to keep things going smoothly in the palace, you just can't blame him for wanting to overthrow him. Don't act like you haven't thought of a way to replace your boss.

8 When Maleficent Didn't Get Invited To The Party

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A lot of us have been here. It’s the biggest party in town and all the cool people are invited. Where is your invitation? It probably just got lost in the mail right? Yea probably not. Face it, you weren't invited. So what are you going to do about it? Take a lesson from Maleficent and don’t overreact. She may have looked like the ultimate rebel when she showed up at the castle to complain about being left out and then threatened everyone in attendance, including the infant princess, but she ended up dead in the end. Nobody wants to go out like that. So play it cool and hope you get invited to the next one.

7 When Gaston Couldn't Take A Hint

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Gaston was a good looking guy but he had an awful personality. He also came on too strong and couldn’t take a hint. Sound like anyone you know? When you like someone it’s kind of hard to not come off a little crazy. Everyone of us has liked someone who didn’t like us back and many of us are guilty of acting like Gaston. The worst part is, you might not even know it.  You may have been chasing after someone who was too nice to tell you to get lost, but was thinking it in their head. When you feel like you have everything to offer someone and they still turn you down, it can be a hard to accept. See, you’re not so different from Gaston at all. Maybe just a little less hairy?

6 When Hades Lost His Temper

We are all guilty of losing our shit every now and then, which is why many of us can relate to Hades. He wasn’t such a bad guy, just a little emotional. In his defense, he had a lot going on. He was trying to prove that he was just as powerful as his brother, and his bratty nephew was running around trying to ruin things for him. If that’s not reason enough to get a little hot headed, i don’t know what is. Unfortunately, Hades’ inability to control his temper is one of the reasons he was so easily defeated. Don’t make the same mistake. Take some anger management classes or slowly count to ten when you find yourself upset. Anything is better than letting your temper get the best of you and making a fool of yourself.

5 When Hans Was Tired Of Winter

Who doesn’t love summer? Warm weather, vacations, swimming, tanning and plenty of sunshine are all things that most people look forward too. Sometimes it seems like winter lasts forever. We can all relate to Hans when he begs Elsa to stop the winter. Snow and ice are okay for a little while, but cabin fever can set in pretty quick when it’s too cold to go outside. We may not have liked Hans, but we can all agree that he was right to convince Elsa to stop the cold weather. Now, if someone could only stop every seven-year-old girl from singing “Let It Go,” things might start to get better.

4 When Captain Hook Held A Grudge Too Long

Captain Hook hated Peter Pan and no matter how much time passed, he just couldn’t get over it. Peter had not only cut off Hook’s hand, he fed it to a giant crocodile that followed Hook around and tormented him constantly. This is how many of us feel about the things that cause our anger. Sometimes it seems like we just can’t escape them and the only thing to do is get revenge. Before you get in a fist fight with your ex-best friend, think about the reason you are really mad and how much your anger is getting you down. It’s better to just get over it instead of holding a grudge for the rest of your life. Look where it got Captain Hook.

3 When Monseigneur Claude Frollo Is Crushing Hard

Monseigneur Claude is probably one of the most repulsive villains of all time. There really wasn’t anything quirky or funny about him that would help make him more likeable and the way he lusts after Esmeralda is pretty creepy and gross. As off-putting as Monseigneur Claude is, there are still many people who can relate to him. We have all had a crush on someone and went to great lengths to get them to notice us. No matter how bothered you are about the way he chases after Esmeralda, I bet you have done the same thing to someone you liked. Maybe even done a few things you aren't so proud of in the name of love? Makes you feel like a creep now that you think about it huh?

2 When Lady Tremaine Just Wanted Someone Else To Do The Housework

Sure it was wrong for Lady Tremaine to make Cinderella do all the chores around the house and lock her in a room so she couldn’t go to the ball, but can you blame her? Nobody likes to do chores and if you can find someone who will do them for you, why not take advantage of that? Lady Tremaine had a good thing going and she wasn’t about to let Cinderella get swept off her feet and taken to the castle. That would mean she would have to do her own chores. She may have been a little radical, but we can all relate to doing almost anything to get out of housework. Maybe even tricking or blackmailing a family member into doing it for you?

1 When The Queen Of Hearts Was A Sore Loser

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The Queen of Hearts from Alice and Wonderland definitely had a temper. She didn’t put up with a lot and if things didn’t go her way, she was quick to demand a punishment. If someone dared accept her challenge to a game of croquet, they better just let her win because all hell would break lose if she lost. Poor Alice learned this the hard way. No matter how gracious of a loser you may claim to be, you have felt like the Queen of Hearts at least once in your life. Nobody likes to lose and sometimes you feel like having your opponent's head cut off. Being competitive has its advantages and disadvantages and taking a loss too hard is one of the disadvantages. Just admit it, you are a sore loser.

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