15 Times Donald Trump's Tweets Sent The Internet Into A Meltdown

President Donald Trump has been a Twitter user since March 2009. However, it was only when he declared his intention to run for president that people from all over the world began paying more attention to his tweets. Much like anyone on Twitter, President Trump’s tweets reveal how his mind works.

According to Twitter Counter, the @realDonaldTrump ranks 56 in terms of followers, having at least 22.5 million followers. The analytics website added that for the past 30 days, Trump has been sending out an average of seven tweets on a daily basis. While some of his tweets are the typical mundane thought, there are moments when he strikes gold and sends the entire internet into a wild frenzy. Here are 15 tweets posted by President Trump which sent the internet to a meltdown.

15 The Kristen Stewart obsession

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When President Trump first came out with this tweet, only a few people took notice. However, as his Twitter presence expanded, people took a closer look at his past tweets and found this gem. It appears that when Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert Pattinson, it wasn’t only Twilight fans that were devastated. This was a surprise for many, as people had the impression that Trump would be okay with it. What is more surprising is that an article by Gawker revealed that this tweet was his first of many about this issue. Trump slammed Stewart insisting that Pattinson not get back with her. However, it appears that everything ended well as the last tweet he made on this issue was to wish Stewart a “Happy Birthday.”

14 Praising himself

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While everyone was still reeling from the events surrounding the Orlando nightclub shooting, Trump made his thoughts known on the issue by tweeting. What earned the ire of internet users, though, was not that he shared his thoughts on the shooting, but rather how he delivered that message. In true Trump fashion, he gave credit where credit was supposedly due and congratulated himself about being right on his opinion when it came to Islamic terrorism. This did not sit well with many people and Time reported that both Democrats and Republicans were aghast with the tweet. Many were saying it was insensitive, while some admitted that they were disgusted. This did not bother Trump one bit, though, as he brushed off the criticisms and stood firm on his stand.

13 A tweet that made sense

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As Trump was trying to get the nomination from the GOP, Melania Trump gave a speech in support of her husband’s candidacy. Many people however were quick to notice that a section of her speech appeared to be taken word-for-word from a speech that Michelle Obama gave in 2008. Trump had initially responded to the issue, according to USA Today, by saying that “all press is good press.” However, he followed it with the above tweet and not only defended Melania but also took a shot at Hillary Clinton. The internet hada field day as Trump supporters battled it out with Clinton supporters. Trump supporters, in particular, lamented on the fact that the other side would rather focus on plagiarism instead of security issues.

12 Removing the shackles

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Ever since Trump became the front runner for the GOP, Republicans were unsure how to react. One group was ready to support him while another group was hesitant to make a final decision. Things came to a boil with the release of an uncensored audio tape. Many of those in the party distanced themselves from Trump. Trump, however, came out with this tweet and proudly said that with the “shackles” off, he could now fight for Americans the way he wants to. Trump, according to CNN, even went as far as claiming that Republicans were more difficult compared to Clinton. Trump went on to say that he would show them how to win. Trump supporters were happy with this while Clinton’s believed this would cause the start of his downfall.

11 Rigged elections

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Trump caused a stir during the campaign period when he came out with this tweet. Hillary had previously said she would respect whatever the results were, but Trump then refused to give a commitment. After bagging the nomination, many of Trump’s supporters were under the impression that he was a shoo-in against Clinton. According to the New York Times, this tweet gave the impression that the only reason Trump would lose was if there was cheating or, to use his words, the election was “rigged.” What made this tweet stand out was that people started to take notice of his supposed ramblings on Twitter and started thinking about the possible effects. In fact, critics were even wary as to what would happen if indeed Trump lost the election.

10 The “unpresidented” tweet

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Sometime in the middle of December, it was reported that China had grabbed an underwater U.S. research drone in the South China Sea. According to Heavy, this was confirmed by China and talks were immediately started on how the drone could be returned to the U.S. President Trump shared his thoughts saying that the move by China was unprecedented. The catch, however, was that he misspelled unprecedented and instead wrote “unpresidented.” While he did delete that tweet a few hours later and changed it to the correct word, it highlighted further how he was prone to committing spelling mistakes. Grammar Nazis seized on this opportunity and even started the hashtag #Unpresidented. Trump has been known to misspell a few words here and there but this one mattered more as he was already the President-elect.

9 Honered to serve you

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You would think by now Trump has learned his lesson and would be more careful with his tweets. In December, Trump had to repost a tweet about China after saying it was “unpresidented.” It appears President Trump may have been too excited as during his inauguration, he tweeted that he was “honered” to be able to serve the American people. This tweet was later deleted and replaced with one that contained the correct spelling. Some people raised an issue about this since Trump was now the president. According to Fortune, under the Presidential Records Act of 1978, the president, among others, are required to turn over any records to the National Archives once they leave the office, which means that Trump should not have deleted the tweet. A representative from the National Archives has confirmed that tweets do count as official records. However, the agency has yet to decide on the matter of deleted tweets.

8 Wishing haters well

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President Trump will undoubtedly wish supporters well. What’s surprising, however, is that a man like him would also wish his enemies well, as he did in this tweet. Time reported that this is not the first time Trump has done this. He did this during the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks in 2013 and in December of the same year. He continued doing the same in 2014 and drove his point home by declaring that winning would solve everything. As expected, his supporters were happy with the tweet. Those on the other side, though, were saying that this was the tweet of a sore winner. With more than a quarter of a million likes, this ranks as one of Trump’s top tweets. Whether he was being sarcastic or not, we’ll never truly know.

7 Streep is overrated

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Celebrities have never been afraid of showing their disdain against politicians and this is true, especially when it comes to President Trump. Upon going on stage to accept the Cecil B. DeMille Award, Meryl Streep launched into a tirade and criticized the president for his rhetoric and even focused on that one time Trump made fun of a disabled reporter. Trump didn’t take it sitting down and fired back by saying that the multi-awarded actress was overrated. What made this tweet even more incredible was that according to The Guardian, comedian Dana Schwartz had predicted correctly how Trump would react and even used the same word, which was “overrated.” As if to add icing on the cake, it was announced that Meryl Streep was nominated under the best actress category for the Oscar Awards.

6 Meme material

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Many of Trump’s tweets are meme gold and this pre-inauguration image uploaded is no different. It shows the president having that stern look as he prepares to write his speech. It did not take long for the internet to react and come up with memes. Indeed, almost everyone had a field day with this image. The Daily News reported, for example, that one Trump critic uploaded an altered image by adding a box of crayons beside the president, making it appear as if he was simply coloring. Yet another made it seem like the president was in front of a model and painting her and captioned it with “draw me like one of your French girls,” a clear reference to that iconic Titanic scene. There are a lot more, but you have to see it to believe it.

5 Tirade against Women’s March

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President Trump is often at his best when he is at a loss for words to explain what is happening. He could simply be playacting, but this one appears to be genuine befuddlement. People immediately pounced on this and reminded the president that they did, in fact, vote. Some even reminded him that he did, in fact, lose the popular vote. Still, his surprise is a bit expected as no other president had to face such a huge protest right after being inaugurated. The Sydney Morning Herald, however, reported that about two hours after posting this tweet, Trump admitted that people had the right to protest. Even with the admission, President Trump did not acknowledge these protests at a meeting he was presiding the next day.

4 Cinco de Mayo

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In a bid to get the support of Hispanic voters, Trump sent out this tweet and not only wished Hispanics well, but also expressed that he loved them. In true Trump fashion, this tweet also had to be about him and promoted the taco bowls served by Trump Tower Grill. While this may have been forgivable, a number of users noticed something odd about the photo. The obvious was that he was using a fork to eat from a taco bowl. The grin was another thing, as it appeared to be insincere. According to The Verge, his grin appears to say: "I know this tweet is terrible, but I dare you to challenge me." That was not enough, as eagle-eyed observers noticed another thing—which was that he was eating the taco bowl above a photo of Marla Maples, his ex-wife, in a bikini.

3 The SNL Feud

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Alec Baldwin made the campaign season more fun when he impersonated then-candidate, Trump. Trump had already been a host to this long-running comedy show, but when Baldwin did a perfect parody of him, he was not amused. While this was not the first time Trump slammed SNL on Twitter, Trump sent out this tweet, according to USA Today, just an hour after it was shown. While this tweet was the usual Trump tirade, what really bought the house down was how Baldwin immediately responded to it. In a few simple words, Baldwin not only answered Trump’s complaints against his impersonation but also elevated the discussion. Baldwin, in his tweet, said that he will stop if Trump showed his tax returns. The internet was more than happy when Trump could not follow it up with anything.

2 Machado who?

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In what may be Hillary Clinton’s finest moments during the campaign period, she sprung this trap on Trump who walked into it with no hesitation. As the debate neared its end, Clinton reminded Trump how he had once made fun of a Miss Universe candidate due to weight issues. Clearly surprised by the revelation, Trump launched into a tirade and attacked Alicia Machado on Twitter. Not only did he continue his weight shaming against Machado, but he also mentioned the alleged existence of her sex tape (which, according to NBC News, was clearly a hoax being promoted by Trump supporters like Infowar). Of course, the internet did not let this pass, as Machado herself answered Trump’s allegations. Good thing Trump decided not to pursue this line of thinking days later, or the internet would have once again had a Twitter party.

1 Inauguration cover photo

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While this is not exactly from President Trump’s personal account or even an actual tweet, this is part of the list as it made a lot of people very unhappy. According to Time, the official @POTUS Twitter account had removed Obama's portrait and instead used Trump’s image. The problem was the cover photo. It showed a crowd waving the American flag. So what was wrong with it? Well, it was a photo from Obama’s inauguration back in 2009. While President Trump’s communication team saw the mistake and immediately replaced it with another photo, by then it was too late as the internet had already noticed what happened. Like many of Trump’s own blunders, this was one mistake that the internet will likely not let him forget for a long time.

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