15 Times Dwight & Jim From 'The Office' Were BFF #Goals

Jim and Pam get all the credit for being the best couple, Michael and Dwight are considered the kind of ride-or-die best friend duo that everyone wants to be a part of, but what about Jim and Dwight? Sure, they’re major frenemies who are sometimes at each other’s throats when it comes to getting ahead, but when we really look at the two of them, we see that they’re actually the kind of best friends we should all aspire to be!

They don’t kick one another when the other is down, they have a little fun to liven up their day-to-day routines (perhaps Jim more so than Dwight), and they’re really there for the other when it counts most. Sure, they may get on one another’s nerves more often than not, but they truly are BFF #goals! Aside from Pam, who else was Jim possibly as close to throughout his time at Dunder Mifflin? And once Michael left, who did Dwight find himself relying on most - especially when things with Angela weren’t always running smoothly? They may hate each other from time to time, but the love between the two is clearly there, and here are 15 moments to prove it!

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15 When They Dressed Up As Each Other

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? That seems to be the case for both Dwight and Jim, who dressed up as each other in the opening and closing scenes in Season 3s episode “Product Recall.” As Jim is well known for his endless supply of creative pranks on Dwight, he is able to create his Dwight-inspired costume for a mere $11 ($4 for the glasses, $7 for everything else). After Dwight exclaims that, “Identity theft is not a joke, Jim! Millions of families suffer every year!”, he is able to get back at Jim in the exact same way: by dressing up as his best frenemy, complete with blue shirt, no glasses, and messy hair. Hey, we have to admire the effort these two went through in order to look more like one another!

14 Whenever They Complimented Each Other

The back and forth compliments these two give each other are few and far between. In an era where macho dudes are afraid to let their friends know they look good when asked for fear of being perceived as anything other than totally straight, it’s nice to see that Jim and Dwight have no issue letting the other know that they look "cute today" (even if it’s maybe, kind of a joke). This GIF is when Dwight came into the office dressed in his volunteer Sheriff’s Deputy uniform (which, of course, he bought himself) to investigate a joint found in the parking lot. But there are also times when Jim has asked Dwight’s opinion on his appearance, only to be told that he looks “normal, ugly.” Ah, well, he can’t win ‘em all!

13 When They Played Volleyball At The Company Picnic

Aw, what a sweet hug! While playing volleyball in the aptly-titled episode, “Company Picnic,” the Scranton branch is battling corporate, and Dwight is more than willing to play a little dirty to ensure the office wins. Fortunately, that dirty style of play also benefited Jim! After Pam twists her ankle and is forced to go to the hospital by Charles Miner, Dwight decides to cover for the couple by making bad plays, moving slowly, and overall playing for time until the pair got back. He knows that Pam is a valuable asset to the team and needed to win, and so he does everything he can to buy time for her and Jim. It’s a nice gesture, but once Jim and Pam realize that Pam’s pregnant, Jim giddily calls up Dwight to tell him to, “send in the subs!”

12 When Dwight Schooled Jim In Ping-Pong

When Jim was getting his butt kicked in ping-pong against Darryl in the warehouse, Pam decides that he needs help, especially since she can’t take anymore of Kelly’s trash talk. So, they get Dwight involved, who is told that Jim needs to play a killer game of ping-pong to win over a new client, and so they set up the conference room table as a makeshift ping-pong area, and Dwight delivers a ridiculously impressive bout of table tennis mastery (after all, his heroes are all ping-pong players). Once Jim tells Pam that he feels ready, after learning all the tricks of the trade from Dwight, only then does Dwight learn that the “client” is actually Darryl, to which Dwight replies, “No, no, no. He works here, dumba**.”

11 When Jim Took Dwight To The Hospital

While Michael was busy complaining about the foot he burned on a George Foreman grill when attempting to make wake-up bacon, Dwight gets a concussion while attempting to drive out to rescue him (we did say they were a ride-or-die team) and instead driving into a pole. Fortunately, Dwight gets to be rescued by Jim, who takes him to the hospital (along with Michael) to have him checked out. In addition to seeing Jim go out on a limb for his supposed work nemesis, we also get to see the growing friendship between Dwight and Pam, who, stricken with shock, exclaims, “Oh my God, Dwight is kind of my friend!”

While on their way to the hospital, Jim repeatedly sprays Dwight with water (which we imagine he kind of enjoyed) to prevent him from falling asleep, and even admits to knowing Dwight’s middle name, although he’s kind of sad that he knows that kind of information.

10 When Jim And Pam Visited Schrute Farm

For their first vacation together, it is actually kind of perfect that Jim and Pam chose to visit none other than Schrute Farm, where they were fortunate enough to claim the irrigation-themed room. While there, they got to enjoy Dwight’s brother Mose’s table-making demonstration, manure (although Jim always imagined there would be less of that), and wine made from beets. And, even though he initially refused to read a bedtime story to Jim and Pam, Dwight changes his mind and ends up reading them Harry Potter; his favorite.

While all this is happening, however, Dwight is going through a devastating breakup with Angela, and is distraught. So, to make him feel better, Jim and Pam craft a five-star review of their stay on TripAdvisor – which was 100% genuine.

9 When They Planned A Party Together

Dwight and Jim are a lot of great things, but being on the Party Planning Committee is not one of them. In fact, they’re so bad at it, they forget Kelly’s birthday entirely, and have to make it up to her the next day! They both admit that it’s a stupid thing for them to be doing, which is especially funny when we consider how catty and competitive it was between Phyllis and Angela beforehand.

Their “party” for Kelly included a misspelled cake, a Chiclet "themed" party (it represented either an hour of napping or an hour of TV), half-inflated grey, black, and brown balloons, and a sign reading, simply, “It Is Your Birthday,” because exclamation marks are unprofessional. It’s a rare moment of bonding between the two that puts them both entirely out of their element and united in a common purpose.

8 When Dwight Rescued Jim From Cathy

Everyone who has seen The Office knows that Jim and Pam are meant to be together, but apparently Pam’s replacement, Cathy, didn’t get the memo. While a group of Dunder Mifflin employees are in Florida, Cathy decides that now is the time for her to sink her claws into Jim – but Jim is having none of it. Despite Cathy’s attempts to seduce him by taking a shower in his hotel room and curling up next to him on his bed, Jim won’t take the bait, and, in fact, calls in Dwight for reinforcement. Pretending that he might have seen a bedbug, Jim gets Dwight to mess up his bed and ruin the mood, but, finding nothing, he leaves. Eventually, Jim is able to get Cathy out and he and Dwight are able to enjoy food while watching TV, which is what best friend goals are made of!

7 When Jim Chose Dwight’s Christmas

The Office has some truly great Christmas-themed episodes. The last being when Jim insists on Dwight’s archaic theme for the holiday, which involves him dressing as a sort of Germanic Santa Claus called "Belsnickel" and serving stuffed pig’s stomach and “glow-wine,” which is used to sterilize medical instruments. However, Dwight doesn’t know that Jim is planning for this to be his LAST Dunder Mifflin Christmas, and actually ends up leaving early to go to Philadelphia. Once Dwight finds out about Jim’s plan, he’s hurt and upset, and cancels his Pennsylvania Dutch Christmas. Fortunately, we do get to see Jim return, which delights Dwight, who puts back on his Belsnickel costume (he wisely let Nate, dressed as his companion Black Peter, stay out of the celebrating) and breaks the pig rib with his BFF.

6 When Dwight Reasoned That Jim Was Actually His Friend

In true Dwight fashion, he was able to (sort of) reason that Jim, despite their differences and constant battling, was actually his friend. He explained, “Jim is my enemy. But it turns out that Jim is his own worst enemy. And the enemy of my enemy is my friend. So, Jim is actually my friend. But…because he is his own worst enemy, the enemy of my friend is my enemy. So, actually Jim is my enemy. But…” You can imagine how the rest of that might go.

We first hear this in the episode “Koi Pond” in the sixth season. Which saw Jim allow Michael to fall into the koi pond instead of saving him. Which ended up being caught on tape, and thus triggered Dwight’s long, confusing, explanation above. But, let’s be real: Jim is totally Dwight’s friend.

5 When Jim Saved Dwight From Becoming Sabre Retail’s VP

We all know that Dwight was angling for a manager position at Dunder Mifflin for ages (hey, he even tried to go behind Michael’s back to get the spot from Jan). But when he was offered the opportunity to become the VP of Sabre Retail in the episode “Last Day in Florida,” it’s almost impossible to tell him that taking the job is a bad idea. After the new CEO, Robert California, hints to Jim that he’ll probably fire Dwight over it, since he thinks Sabre Retail is a terrible idea, Jim does absolutely everything – after a guilt-inducing phone call from Pam – to convince his frenemy not to take the job; culminating in a kung fu fight in the hallway that buys Jim enough time to see Todd Packer picked for the position – and subsequently fired. It's always a good idea to have a friend who’ll have our back no matter what.

4 When Jim Congratulated Dwight

After the above-mentioned debacle at Sabre, and the time Dwight accidentally shot a gun off in the office during his time as acting manager, it’s about damn time that we got to see him finally earn the position he wanted for so long. And his BFF Jim was there to congratulate him with open arms! Even though they've competed for so long as rival salesmen, Jim even had to admit that Dwight was the best person for the job, and that he deserved it after the years he’d spent proving himself (and boy, had he tried again and again to prove himself). It’s a nice little nod to how they’ve grown up and matured over the series. They've moved past competing for sales figures and Jim, as he begins his own new career chapter, can congratulate Dwight for his!

3 When Jim Comforted Dwight

Rarely does Dwight open up enough to let anyone know about his personal life (especially since the woman it involves, Angela, is extremely private and very concerned with inter-office behavior), but that changed in the fourth season episode “Money.”

This is the second half of the two-part episode that saw Jim and Pam visit Schrute Farm, and it’s where we see Angela publicly accept Andy’s request to go on a date (after he gives her a cat he found roaming the warehouse - which had previously been given to her by Dwight, and named Garbage). While moaning in pain in the hallway, Jim goes to comfort Dwight, by telling him how hard it was to be around Pam without being WITH her while she was with Roy. Even though they didn’t even hug or embrace, Jim’s words clearly offered an awful lot of comfort to his friend who needed it most.

2 When Dwight Protected Jim From Roy

Remember Roy? The big boor who used to work in the warehouse and date Pam (and postponed weddings to Pam, and was an all-around d*ck to Pam) came back with a vengeance when Pam told him that Jim had kissed her at casino night. Dwight, fortunately, was there to save the day! With one of the many, many weapons he had stored around the office (seriously, the guy has a sword hidden in the ceiling and a blow dart in a toilet tank), Dwight sprayed Roy with mace, saving Jim from what would surely have been a pretty brutal beating! When it comes to best friends, we definitely want one like Dwight, who will have our back no matter what - and even put themselves at risk for our safety! (And Dwight certainly did that, as his “talking head” segment, complete with streaming, irritated eyes, can attest to!)

1 When Jim Made His Best Prank Ever

Finally, a prank that came from a really good place, with absolutely no malice or humiliation intended. After two seasons without Michael Scott, we had Jim standing in for Dwight’s best man in his wedding to Angela. That is, until Jim revealed his “gutted pranken,” which was to have Michael suddenly appear and be his best man in his place after Jim said he couldn’t fill the role. It’s totally selfless and extremely thoughtful, and seeing Dwight’s face when he sees the surprise is beyond adorable. Even though Steve Carell said he probably wouldn’t return to The Office after he left, we (and Dwight) were lucky enough to get to see him and the whole gang together one last time. As Michael said, “I feel like all my kids grew up, and then they married each other. It’s every parent’s dream!”

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