15 Times Ed Sheeran Was A Real Life Teddy Bear

We all know and love the ginger pop star that has been sweeping the entire world off of its feet. Ed Sheeran’s songs never fail to make girls, boys, and everyone in between swoon and wish that they could meet someone who says beautiful things like “Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars” (from Thinking Out Loud) to them. Honestly, I just got goosebumps from typing that out. We all know Ed Sheeran’s amazing songs; however not too many of us know that much about the man behind the music. Ed Sheeran is a personified teddy bear and the world needs to know that. So, without further ado, here are 15 times that Ed Sheeran was a real life teddy bear and brought a little light back into a dark world at a time when we desperately needed some sunshine.

15 His simple goals for his career is outright adorable.

“I’ve always said that I wanna be known as the nicest and hardest working guy in the industry, so if I could be known as that that would be brilliant.” That quote tells you about everything you need to know about Ed Sheeran and his personality. Most people, especially those who’ve never achieved fame, strive for notoriety, cash reward, revenge on their middle school bullies, and other things and many are willing to cut ties and burn bridges to achieve their dream. When I was younger, a teacher told me that nice people never win in the end because they let everyone else cross the finish line due to politeness. So I always get this sense of pride when nice and kind people get ahead in life because it just goes to show that you don’t have to give up your muchness in this dog eat dog world.

14 The 'rockstar' untrashed his hotel room.

Ed Sheeran had this rockstar moment where he trashed his hotel room, like we’ve all dreamed of doing. But his teddy bear nature took over and he felt so guilty about his actions that he 'untrashed' the hotel room (i.e. returned it back to normal because of course he did.) We need more celebrities like Ed. Less ‘rude arrogant jerk who treats people like they don’t matter because they feel like they are above everyone around them’ and more ‘kind and gentle souls who are just so grateful and excited to be given the chances and opportunities that they have gotten.’ In short, we need more Ed Sheeran’s in the world. Is there a factory that produces Ed’s? I need more of them as soon as possible.

13 The entire "Shape of You" music video.

This entire music video is the greatest thing that anyone has ever made. It’s not just the greatest music video of all time. This music videos greatness transcends all genres of art as it is the greatest. Though I love the song, I was a little concerned about the possibility of a video as it could have easily become a dirty club song had any other artist worked on it and though I don’t judge people who love to get down; it’s not my style. But let’s be honest, this video is exactly what someone should expect from Ed. It’s sweet, suits the song very well, it’s hilarious, and slightly unexpected. It’s the perfect balance of silly and sweet. It just fits Ed to a T (t for teddy bear.)

12 When he revealed that his songs are "different colours."

In researching this article, I also discovered that I have synesthesia as well. If you remember this from my Lorde article a few months back, synesthesia essentially means that your senses cross paths and a type of synesthesia involves the idea of colours having an attachment to words or sounds. Ed Sheeran has talked about how he sees his songs in colours and how “You need me, man I don’t need you” is a sort of egg plant colour. For me, it’s more the individual letters and numbers (for example I always picture A, L, P, and 3 are poppy red.) Ed Sheeran is such a caricature of sweetness and all things ‘teddy bear’-esk that he literally lives in his own colourful cartoon world inside his mind.

11 When he serenaded a girl on her death bed.

Get ready to cry until you run out of tears (which is exceptionally sad in itself but you won’t be able to cry over it because you won’t have any tears left to cry with) because this next entry will melt even the coldest heart. When Ed found out that a fan was on her deathbed, he rang her up and serenaded her with her favourite song “Little Bird.” She passed away shortly afterwards and Ed (can I call you Ed? Or is sir Sheeran more your speed?) tweeted a sweet and short message about her passing. There’s no humorous or light hearted spin that can be placed on this entry as it’s beautiful on its own and needs to embellishment from little ol’ me.

10 Every single interaction he has ever had with any cat.

On a lighter note, cats are one of the most brilliant, intelligent, cuddly, comforting, amazing, animals in the entire world and seeing literal Winnie-the-Pooh-bear Ed Sheeran playing with these friendly felines makes my little heart swell. I need more photos of Ed Sheeran with cats, please. Cats make the world a better place and Ed Sheeran makes the entire universe smile so combining these two mighty forces of light and joy is sure to make anyones day a little brighter. Looking at a photo of Ed Sheeran interacting with a cat in any way, shape, or form is a sure fire way to guarantee yourself a wonderful day. “I mean, my wife left me, my kids decided to go with her, and my bird flew away. But at least I have this photo of Ed and his cat, Graham, to keep me content.”-an actual real quote from a man I met earlier. Trust me.

9 When he traveled to Essex to watch his girlfriend play hockey.

Any partner who goes out of their way to cheer on, support, or just ‘be there’ for a loved one is always a real life teddy bear in my books. I’m looking at you Sebastian, how could you do that to Mia? She put herself out there and just needed to see your friendly face in the crowd but apparently biting your lip for a photographer is more important. Anyways… I digress. Ed Sheeran showing up to his lady’s practice to show her support is one of the sweetest things a person can do. We always say that we don’t want them there, that they’ll distract us, or embarrass us. But looking up into the crowd and seeing a familiar face can give you that boost you need to make that goal, nail that high note, or perfect that pirouette.

8 His entire friendship with Taylor Swift is, honestly, adorable.

It still hurts my heart that (like Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt; my other OTP) Taylor and Ed never ended up together and feel as though they are better off as friends. But, to be honest, their friendship is something for the story books. They support each other, they understand each other, and they are always so honest and kind when they talk about each other. They share new music with each other and everything they make together is magical. ‘Everything has changed’ was the perfect name for that song because my life was entirely different before I had heard it. My anxiety has gone down, my flowers are blooming, my pasta never over boils, and my bath bombs always leave my skin sparkly and soft as a teddy bears fuzz.

7 Any time he shares his unabashed love for his fans.

When you’re at the top of your game, it can be easy to forget all of the people who got you there. You might even convince yourself that your success had nothing to do with luck, natural talent, or the people who love and care for you; rather that all your bounty is the sole product of your hard work (which is rarely the case.) So, it’s always so comforting, refreshing, and just lovely when people who have it all take a moment to acknowledge the people who helped them get to where they are. You can’t be a chart topping artist without some fans and it seems like such a little thing but it’s so great to see Ed constantly sharing his love and appreciation for the people who adore and support him.

6 He literally has a teddy bear named "Ted Sheeran"

How can a man be more of a literal teddy bear? He literally named his own teddy bear after himself. I would do that myself, but I change my name every other day and I wouldn’t want to confuse the poor thing. By naming his teddy bear after himself, he sealed the pact. Once he eventually passes on (I know it’s sad but it’s bound to happen eventually...cue anxiety attack triggered by thinking of death for even a moment,) he will be reincarnated as a literal teddy bear. I wonder if he’ll have a bow or a bow tie. I wonder what his owners will name him. Will he retain sentience? Suddenly those nightmares of my teddy bears coming to life and chasing me are coming back. You know what? Forget I said anything.

5 All of his photos of his rescue kitten, Graham Sheeran.

When Ed found a little kitten, he tried to find it a home but when nobody took his offer, he decided that he would take on the responsibility of loving this little creature for the rest of its life. And I think that any cat (or fangirl) would agree that Ed Sheeran is a perfectly suitable owner. Not only did he give his kitten a human name but he also shares Ed’s family name as well. There was an episode of Mona the Vampire that aired when I was a kid, where the cats took revenge against the human race for giving them stupid names and ever since then all my cats have been given respectable names (Elton and Sheldon to name a few) to ensure their happiness and my own safety; so I greatly respect Ed’s decision to provide his rescue with a practical name.

4 He made a twitter account for his cat!

Not only did he adopt this beautiful little rescue baby and give him a lovely and dashingly respectable name, he also created a twitter account so that Graham can voice his thoughts on social events, politics, memes, and celebrity drama. Isn't that what twitter is for? I’m new to it so I haven’t really gotten the hang of it yet. But I think I’ve broken it down into a pattern from watching what happens to other people. First, something happens (be it political, social, or personal.) Then you comment on it. And then strangers come out of the woodwork to explain to you how you’re wrong and how you could do my job better or would have a different opinion if you was more attractive. Hopefully the world is kinder to Graham.

3 When he literally gave his love the shoes off his feet when hers break.

Everyone knows that high heels are the worst thing in the entire world. They hurt both during and after wear and they make walking, standing, posing, and breathing difficult. I have somehow managed to avoid wearing them entirely (being five nine helps) but sadly, Ed Sheeran’s lovely lass wasn’t so lucky. However, the only thing worse than wearing high heels is having to wear broken high heels. But Ed Sheeran is a gentleman, a teddy bear, and an overall good guy and he took the shoes off of his own feet so his petite amie didn’t have to choose between waddling home in broken heels or putting her bare feet on the pavement. I honestly don’t believe that Ed Sheeran is real. How can someone be so kind and brilliant?

2 When he showed up to Taylor Swifts Fourth of July party in a red coat.

For those of you who don’t know (honestly, if you have managed to avoid exposure to American things I would like to ask you how you accomplished such a feat as Americans sure do like to make the entire world aware and afraid of their actions and celebrations) the fourth of July is when Americans celebrate their predecessors achieving freedom and finally not having to put up with being bossed around by England anymore. Taylor Swift, is American, and though her dear friend, Ed, is English, she still sent an invitation to her #murica party his way. And, being the good sport that he is, Ed Sheeran showed up in a red coat to symbolize the Englishmen that the Americans sought freedom from. Now that’s some next level adorable grudge holding.

1 When he managed to steal a snuggle from the one and only, Meredith Swift.

Anyone that knows the feline celebrity, Dr Meredith Grey Swift knows that fame has gone to her head and she doesn’t like to interact with most people. But that didn’t stop fellow cat lover Ed Sheeran from trying his best to win over the finicky feline. Though no one knows for sure if this action warmed up Meredith’s gloomy disposition, one can be certain that he lived to tell the tale. Maybe Meredith was feeling affectionate that day or maybe no one can resist the teddy bear sweetness that exudes from Ed Sheeran but she allowed him to boop her on the nose without scaring his beautiful face. For now the only scar that lies on Ed’s face is the only that a certain royal may or may not have bestowed upon him.

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