15 Times Elon Musk Proved He Was The Funniest Person On Twitter

How well do you know the man that is Elon Musk? You may know him as that crazy rich guy who's trying to go to Mars because NASA doesn't have enough money in their budget to do that themselves, so he's giving space exploration a helping hand. You may also know him as that guy who made those really nice-looking, super fuel efficient cars that cost so much money that you'd lose your whole house just after touching one of those bad boys.

What you may not know, however, is that this scientific, rich genius is also quite a funny guy on the Twitter. Most of his account is important business information about new stuff his space and car companies are coming up with, along with some good information about climate change and the like — but in all of that business, there are sprinkles of some quality, fun tweets that are just so pure and hilarious in nature. Even genius, alien-like people can be relatable when they spend some time sharing their life on the Internet.

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15 Hats On Hats On Hats

Before he was the multi-billionaire genius of our time, Elon Musk was just a humble 17-year-old boy who had some questionable ideas on what was fashionable. The double hat is quite a fashion faux-pas, but it's almost not even that noticeable compared to the rest of his sweet ensemble. Those skinny, rolled-up man-pris pair great with that tee tucked in all fancy-like. This picture definitely doesn't scream "Future Rich, Smart Guy Who Is Going To Mars," but he's definitely looking ready to build something. Looks can be deceiving, and it's those kinds of double hat fashion choices that drive the innovation to build super cars and space rockets. The hat on hat look is a look for the future. Just you wait, everyone on Mars is going to be sporting this fresh look in homage to the man that got them there.

14 Tunnel Of Dreams

Via: Twitter

Sometimes real innovation starts when you're tired of sitting in traffic and realize you have enough money to build a tunnel making machine so that you no longer have to deal with traffic above ground and can deal with being in traffic below ground. We all have those kinds of cool ideas when we're left with too much time to think, but the thing with Elon is that he's got the money and resources to make his ideas actually happen. They're not just thoughts that pop in our heads in the shower. Since this tweet, his idea actually did start happening and he's been making tunnels all over the place; taking pictures of it and calling it real life Minecraft. When we look at that old photo of teen Elon with a hammer, we realized that digging really is his true calling.

13 Snoop Dug

Via: Twitter

He's really not going to stop thinking about his tunnel machine anytime soon. "The Boring Company" sounds like a good start for the company, but now he's gotta come up with the actual names of the machine itself. His first idea was pretty funny because it's called the Ultimate Boring Machine. The second was implying that there was a first Ultimate Boring Machine when we all know that there was not. It's also misleading because the machine isn't boring in the sense that it's dull, it's actually pretty far from being dull since it's able to make tunnels through solid rock. But the jokes didn't stop there, and he had to delve into the realm of puns, with Snoop Dug. It's so good but so bad at the same time.

12 It's Always Aliens

Via: Twitter

It's sometimes hard to tell if Elon Musk is being ironic or being serious, and I don't even think that Elon knows that himself. Most of the stuff that comes out of his mouth sounds a little crazy, but when you think about it for a moment, it kind of makes sense. Take chemtrails for instance, there's all this chemical waste being let out into the sky by flying objects; some that belong to Earth, but there might be others that are from the great beyond. The ones from Earth are just being environmentally horrific, but the aliens may be using these toxic chemicals as their only means of communicating. Maybe it's that they're just being shy and don't know what else to do besides slowly leave a bunch of chemtrails behind, hoping that someone on Earth would notice them someday. You heard it from us, aliens: if you're here just stop dropping those chemicals and just come in and say hi.

11 Quite The Artist

Nobody is perfect, and it's good to know that not even the man, the myth, and the legend is able to do everything well. It's not uncommon that people inclined towards math and science don't have the best drawing skills (just look at every math and science teacher drawing anything on a whiteboard ever), but it wouldn't be surprising if Elon was also just good at that, too. Luckily, we have some evidence that he's at least mildly a normal human being, even if that evidence is a crude illustration of a unicorn hovering over a Tesla farting into the car to power it (most likely with unicorn farts and smiles). There's also a sad redraw of the Mona Lisa, but that's far less interesting than the farting unicorn of dreams.

10 Darn Those Censors

It's pretty clear by now that Elon Musk is basically a man with a superhuman brain and the maturity level of a teenage boy. It makes sense if you follow the laws of equivalent exchange: in order for something to be gained, something of equal or greater value must be lost. In this case, it's doing us, the general public, some favors because now there's the chance of driving a fancy, state-of-the-art car that's basically called the Sex car. If only Ford didn't have to be such killjoys about the original name idea, but alas those corporate heads couldn't bear having people drive around in a car with a joke name. It's good to know, though, that adding humor into the fanciest of cars is an important part of Tesla's business model. If I had the money, I'd definitely want to drive the S3X, but I don't have that kind of money so I'm just going to have to self-name my car "the Sex Car."

9 Same

Via: Twitter

As a normal citizen with an unverified Twitter account, it's hard to find the connection between yourself and someone who is famous and has a verified Twitter account. They seem almost unreal and pretty unrelatable. That is until they reveal parts about themselves that ring true to your daily life as well. The difference between me and Elon Musk, though, is that nobody asks me why I don't take selfies — they're just low-key glad that I don't take a lot of them so that they don't have to look at them. So in some ways, we're the same, Elon and I, but in most ways we are different; our bank accounts being the biggest one probably. He seems like a normal guy until you remember that he's trying to space travel and his sneeze could repay your student loan debt.

8 He's The Dad Of Dad Jokes

Via: Twitter

Dad jokes are great, and by great, I mean pretty awful. There's just something about the way dad jokes are formatted, where they're obviously hilarious but the way that the joke is executed makes receiving the punchline pretty unbearable. Elon over here, even if he wasn't exactly aware of what he was doing, was able to develop the dad joke perfectly. It's kind of like a purer form of dad joke because he wasn't aware that he was doing it. Unlike other dad joke makers who are making the same kind of jokes that other dads are making to get the same groan response from their unruly teenage kids. As we've seen from some of his other tweets, Elon's both the dad, with his dad jokes, and the teenager, as seen by his need to make dirty jokes in a lot of his own work.

7 Oh The Irony

The Tesla, a super expensive car that is probably the closest thing we're ever going to get to a practical version of the Batmobile, is probably the most un-Amish thing you could think of. It's one of the highest, most technological pieces of technology to date, which is very against the Amish way of living. So, of course, Elon would nerd it out in his car to some classing Weird Al Yankovic, and note to the whole world how ironic it is that he's listening to a parody song taken from a classic rap tune to make it about Amish living. To add a cherry on top, he was also sitting in his super from-the-future car. It's pretty nerdy, but at the same time, it must've been a pretty good time cruising down the street with that jam playing on blast.

6 Measuring Everything In Terms Of Hamsters

The Gigafactory in itself is pretty cool in terms of innovation, but it isn't really all that humorous in nature, as most cool science-y things are. We all know that the Gigafactory is important and will revolutionize the way we think about energy because it was created by Elon Musk, and that's what he's kind of known for doing. Even though his head is basically in outer space, he still is able to talk to us common folk at the bottom about his technology in ways that we can understand. Sure, when we're talking about cars there's horsepower, but what about hamster-power? With a good amount of time to figure it out, he determined that his new lithium-ion battery factory has the power equivalent of 50 billion hamsters. That's so many hamsters that the world would be just hamsters — which is  just crazy to think about!

5 Unveiling The D

Via: Imgur

Unlike the S3X, the "Unveiling the D" campaign of 2014 was not intentionally supposed to be sexual in nature. This may have been where he decided to make jokes in the names of some of his future cars (because the Internet took it so well the first time). It's very common - in terms of fancy technology - to use singular letters as their names because it looks and sounds super futuristic. Along with the letter 'D,' some other future-y letters include X, S, and V. Just having the 'D' car is believable that the naming decisions were innocent in nature, but if there was also a 'V' car, then we'd have some questions about if the naming choices were intentional or not. Now that we've seen him years later, it's not too hard to believe that he was intending for people to say they were riding the D... You know what I mean.

4 About The Aliens Again

This tweet surprises no one, since only an alien can come up with all of this futuristic stuff, right? Only an alien is going to try really hard to leave Earth to go on some uninhabitable planet instead — at least that's one theory as to why Elon is so adamant about escaping the fairly habitable planet we're currently residing in. It can't be a conspiracy theory that Elon Musk is actually an alien because he's not denying it himself, at least not denying it completely. This is the same guy that believes we're all living in a giant alien simulation, so it's pretty clear that his brain is so high up in the sky that it's passed the clouds and is starting to reach towards other solar systems.

3 Secret Superhero Elon Musk

It's official, Elon Musk is probably the closest thing we're going to get to Tony Stark in our universe, and I'm okay with that. This guy has so much money, smarts, and influence that it's not hard to believe if he really was discussing super robot suits with the Pentagon. We know that this tweet was meant to be a joke, but Elon is always ready to create the next new thing and if that's going to be a fully functioning Iron Man suit, then we know it's going to be this guy who does it. Sure, he isn't much of the war machine type, but you never really know what this kind of technology is being used for until it comes out into the public.

2 His Cover Is Finally Blown

Being someone as well known and influential as Elon Musk must get tiring after a while, especially when everyone seems to want to write an article about you, or when a Brazilian police agency uses your picture on a billboard of theirs without your knowledge. Of course, he plays along with this revelation of the unsolicited use of his face, by pretending with us that he actually was secretly doing a side gig of working with the Brazilian police force. Again, this man is so full of mystery that it's not totally impossible that this undercover job is legit. Though it seems like this billboard was just made by someone who Google image searched a picture of a man "with a purpose," and ended up picking the picture of a billionaire instead of a stock photo model.

1 The Source To All That Humorous Genius

Via: Twitter

It's not just us who appreciate Elon Musk's surprisingly hilarious Twitter account — he's got fans all over who share their appreciation of the weird and funny thoughts he decides to share with us on Twitter. He credits his creative and weird tweets to his nightly dose of Ambien, but we call a bluff on that one. He's such an interesting and brilliant mind that it's not unrealistic to think that those random funny thoughts are just what goes on in his head all the time. You can't have your head screwed on perfectly and then spend extreme amounts of money trying to launch yourself into outer space. We did that in the '60s because of an irrational fear of Russians, not because it was practical or made sense. But that's okay because it's those people that think out of the box, or in this case, out of the Earth's atmosphere, that really help progress society to a better, and cooler future.

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