15 Times Gina Rodriguez Was The Fierce Hero All Women Needed

We first fell in love with Gina Rodriguez when she appeared on our screens as Jane the Virgin in 2014. But she has been working in Hollywood for a lot longer than that. It took a special role on a net

We first fell in love with Gina Rodriguez when she appeared on our screens as Jane the Virgin in 2014. But she has been working in Hollywood for a lot longer than that. It took a special role on a network comedy to get Gina the recognition and love she deserves. And after she delivered her famous Golden Globes acceptance speech (we still get teary thinking about it), she cemented herself as a household name in Hollywood and a role model for young girls everywhere.

Some of the reasons why we admire her so much is she's not afraid to be herself. She's a strong confident woman who stands up for what she believes in. She is proud of her heritage, her body, and her voice. When we're feeling down, we turn to Gina to help inspire us. Whether she's posting #MovementMonday pictures on Instagram to share the stories of inspiring heroes or giving fans advice and encouragement on Twitter, Gina is always spreading love, positivity, and strength - which proves she has been the hero we needed all along.

15 When She Stood Up To The President


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Gina, like many Hollywood actors, has made no secret of her dislike for Trump's policies. That extends to the latest scandal from the White House. Trump apparently asked his female staffers and even the women who worked on his campaign to "dress like women." There was pressure to dress up and give off a ladylike appearance. Of course, Twitter went wild with the idea and created the #DressLikeAWoman hashtag to show Trump that there is no one way to dress like a woman. Gina decided to clap back with a photo of herself in her most badass boxing gear. Gina has been doing Muay Thai and boxing for a while now, showing that women can be proud of their physical strength. And that by being strong, they are no less feminine or less female. Way to show Trump, Gina! As far as we're concerned, anyone who identifies as a woman and puts on clothing is officially dressed like a woman.

14 She Gives Great Advice

Gina has started this lovely habit of not only responding to fans on Twitter, but actually offering them good heartfelt advice and encouragement. How awesome is that? Gina is a fountain of wisdom. And she's definitely a good person to be listening to. Gina has made her mark on Hollywood on her own terms. She has always stayed true to herself and that's something we should all emulate. But she's right; it does take time. Gina points out that she didn't get her role on Jane the Virgin until she was 29 years old. She had been trying to get into show business since her teens and worked at it for almost 15 years before getting her big break. Along the way, Gina refused to change her image or lower her standards just to get a job. And it paid off! Gina was prepared to put in the time and hard work to accomplish her goals. And now she's encouraging her fans to do the same.

13 When She Loved Meryl Like The Rest Of Us

At the Screen Actor Guild Awards, Gina had a run in with the legendary, Meryl Streep. Of course, Meryl is a huge inspiration to Gina, and well, to all of us. So of course, Gina absolutely freaked out when Meryl decided to photobomb her. Which is exactly what the rest of us would have done! It's Meryl FREAKING Streep, after all! Gina described the moment as a magical breeze passing by her in the form of Meryl Streep. You know you've really made it when Meryl decides to photobomb you. And we love that two of the biggest political activists in Hollywood as of late are joining forces and having adorable red carpet moments together. We also love that Gina is still completely in awe of Meryl Streep. Despite having won a Golden Globe award and starring in a hit TV show, Gina still gets starstruck by other celebrities.

12 When She Joined The Women's March

Sisterhood squad. #womenforwomen #womensmarch

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The solidarity around the Women's March was unbelievable. More than 500,000 women descended on Washington, DC with millions of others around the world joining in their own marches. It was amazing to see women, men, and children of all religions and races join hands to support this important movement. But it was also really cool to see celebrities like Scarlett Johansson and Gina Rodriguez come out and hang with us regulars. Because these are important issues to them too! Gina has been a strong advocate for equality and women's rights for a long time. Her philanthropic involvement is very key to her public persona. But it was nice to see that Gina was also ready to stop the pavement with her Sisterhood Squad. Also, where do we get one of those "Torch Your Bra" shirts? Because we definitely want one.

11 When She Pushed For Latinas To Get Better Roles In TV

Gina is a huge proponent of taking on projects that mean something to her and that tell Latino stories that aren't stereotypes. She controversially turned down a role on the TV show Devious Maids because she didn't want to portray the stereotypical Latina housemaid. But in this new project, Gina is definitely breaking barriers. Hulu optioned a movie that Gina will executive produce along with her company, I Can and I Will Productions. The movie is based on a young adult novel called "Yaqui Delgado Wants to Kick Your Ass" written by Meg Medina. The story deals with bullying, racism, and questions of identity in a Brooklyn community. Gina has spoken out against bullying in the past so this project is perfect for her. Not only that, but the project has a lot of top roles being filled by Latinas. Now if we can just get Gina to star in it, it'll be a winner for sure!

10 When She Said Goodbye To The President

Like many of us, Gina Rodriguez was sad to have to say goodbye to President Barack Obama. But unlike many of us, Gina got to say goodbye to him with this epic photo of the first time they met. Because when you're a super cool celebrity and advocate like Gina, you get to hang around with the POTUS. We love that Gina and Obama bonded over both being from Chicago. We can see them partnering a few years from now on a local community project back in their home town. How cool would that be? Until then, we're sure they'll keep in touch. Maybe Obama will get to have a guest role on Jane the Virgin. Or we can see Gina and Michelle going to salon appointments together. When Sasha and Malia need some girl advice, they'll definitely have to call their Auntie Gina!

9 When She Made Time For Love

Our first Christmas together and your love has been the greatest gift.

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Back in November, Gina stepped out publically with her boyfriend, Joe LoCicero, for the very first time. But fans of Gina's knew she had a man in her life for a few months before their public debut. Gina released a series of tweets starting in September with the hashtag #reallove. And she was describing some truly magical stuff! In one tweet Gina wrote, "When his Love is an overflowing well that quenches your thirst differently every day. #realLove." Okay, that one might make you roll your eyes a little bit. But how about this one? "When he refills your toilet paper supply. #RealLove." Now that really is true love! It sounds like Gina has found herself quite the catch and she's not afraid to declare her love to the world. We're so happy for her! It's awesome that a woman who kicks butt at work can also have a successful personal life. Gina deserves to be so happy and so in love.

8 When She Gave The Best Birthday Gift

Gina is definitely one of those ladies who puts her money where her mouth is. On Kerry Washington's birthday, Kerry posted on social media asking people to donate to ACLU, The American Civil Liberties Union, in honor of her big day. ACLU was monumental in stopping the deportation order on Trump's Muslim Ban when a judge granted a temporary stan to all detainees after ACLU quickly took the case to work. ACLU is doing extremely important work but they need funds to continue. Gina stepped up to the plate! Not only did she support an amazing organization that is fighting for human rights, she did so in honor of her 'sister friend's' birthday. How cute is it that Gina and Kerry are sister friends anyways? We're not really sure what that term means but we want to be a part of it. Does that mean they go out to brunch together when they get a break from filming their hit TV shows? Sounds fun; can we come?

7 When She Wasn't Afraid To Be A Strong Woman

How badass is Gina Rodriguez? The woman spent her holiday not relaxing on a beach or a private island, but doing intense Muay Thai training with her boyfriend in Thailand. What a badass! This is a woman who cares about her health, her fitness ,and her strength. We love powerful women and we certainly love Gina Rodriguez. We also love that her Muay Thai practice is about transformation and dedication. She isn't doing this just to lose 10 lbs. Gina is changing her whole life! What an awesome way to look at sport and exercise. We love her outlook. And we also love the killer leg muscles she is using to deliver that kick. Let this serve as a reminder for everyone to not mess with Gina Rodriguez! Girlfriend will Muay Thai kick you right out of her way.

6 When She Created An Awards Show To Honor Young Women

In December, Gina got to host the first annual Young Women's Honors in partnership with Marie Claire magazine and Clinique. Young Women's Honors is described as, "a global platform that will discover, honor and celebrate women who are innovators that create a positive impact in today’s technology-driven world." Each year the show will honor and celebrate ten amazing women who are making our world a better place. A project that is all about celebrating strong brilliant women - you know Gina Rodriguez had to be involved. In addition to hosting the awards show, Gina also served as the executive producer. About the project, Gina said, "My goal in creating Young Women’s Honors is to generate positivity, inclusivity, unlimited potential, and the possibility every woman is born with. As a young Latina, I had to break down barriers and overcome naysayers. When you see someone following their dreams, it gives you allowance to follow your own."

5 When She Worked To Make TV Better

Gina is one of those people who not only talks the talk but she walks the walk. It's one thing to talk about diverse casting and inclusive stories. It's a completely different thing to start a production company and actually hire a diverse cast and buy inclusive stories to put on the screen. And that's exactly what Gina is doing with her company, I Can and I Will Productions. Just this past month Gina and her company signed a deal with CBS to produce projects for the company's network, cable and streaming channels. And as if running one company, writing a book, and being an award winning actress wasn't enough, Gina also founded her own foundation, We Will. We Will is "designed to focus on arts education and scholarship funding for the less fortunate, with the aim of empowering young woman."

4 When She Shared Her Spotlight With Important People

Gina's fans know that Gina isn't one to hog the spotlight. She often uses her fame and following to shed light on important issues and share messages of positivity and encouragement. One way Gina does that is through her Instagram hashtag #MovementMondays. Every Monday, Gina shares the story of someone who is making positive change in our society. Sometimes it's fellow actors 0r humanitarians of honorees from the Young Women's Honors event. Gina also loves to use her Movement Mondays to show off empowered and diverse women who are breaking the glass ceiling and paving the way for the next generation. Back in October she introduced us to Sonia Sotomayor, an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States and a proud Latina. We love that Gina is using her fame not only to do good work but to share information and support women and members of minority groups. Thank you for making our Instagram feeds a little less shallow, Gina!

3 When She Was All About Body Positivity

Gina Rodriguez is a curvy woman and you better believe she is proud of that. We love seeing a beautiful real woman on our screens who isn't sickly thin and pale white. Gina has been quite outspoken on not losing weight for a role and focusing on fitness and health instead of being skinny. After landing the cover of Women's Health, Gina said, "My curves are healthy and strong and I work hard to feel good in my skin, I work hard to combat the images that make me go inward and destroy my self acceptance/confidence. No longer will I allow those lies to win. Beauty belongs to everyone." Gina even opened up about her struggles saying, "As a woman with hashimotos, my struggle with health and weight and body acceptance in this industry has been a loving, painful, growing, exposing, vulnerable, and an incredible journey. And to come to a place where I love the skin I am in and it isn't defined by anyone's expectations or limitations is beyond freeing."

2 When She Kept It Real

When we think about all that Gina Rodriguez has accomplished, it almost makes her sound super human. She stars on a hit TV show, she has blockbuster movie roles, she runs her own production company, she runs her own charitable foundation, she's writing a book, she has a ton of impressive ad campaigns, she's a social media rockstar, she's an activist AND she's gorgeous! Plus she makes time for her relationships with her boyfriend, family, and friends. How does she do it all? Well, we still don't have the answer to that but we do like to be reminded that she's human every now and then. Like when Gina celebrated the return of her hit show Jane The Virgin, which just got renewed for a fourth season and earned Gina another Golden Globe nomination. So, did Gina pop champagne from a fancy limo headed someplace fabulous? Nope! She sent out an excited tweet from set while nomming on a maple donut. That's our girl!

1 When She Inspired Us All

If there's one word to sum up a force like Gina Rodriguez, it's "inspiration." Whether she's on TV, social media, at the gym or behind a podium, Gina is always an absolute inspiration to all of her fans. Here are some empowering words from the woman herself to help you live your best life, go after your dreams, and believe in yourself. On the importance of education and using your educated voice, Gina said, "Get an education. The one thing that nobody can take away from you is your education. I'm here, I'm present, I'm a contributor to society, I deserve to be part of this conversation, I have an opinion, listen to me roar." And more wisdom from Gina on what really matters and what will help you succeed, "Hard work and dedication and perseverance and being good to people does win. It does matter. Cream does rise to the top."

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