15 Times Groot Was Your Spirit Animal

When the first Guardians of the Galaxy film hit theaters, Marvel fans were charmed by the lovable Groot despite the fact that he can only say “I am Groot,” but what’s not to like? Groot’s BFF is a gun-wielding, snarky raccoon named Rocket who has a penchant for explosives, Groot himself is sweet, and he sacrifices himself to save his friends, only to be reborn as a twig at the end of the movie. Groot might not be as intellectual or intimidating as Treebeard the Ent from the Lord of the Rings trilogy, but he’s definitely a memorable character in his own right.

If you’re anxiously counting down the days until Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 comes out so you can see Baby Groot happily wreak havoc with his BFFs, then you’ll love our list of the 15 reasons why this adorable walking tree is basically our spirit animal.

15 Groot Drinking The Fountain Water

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Who didn’t laugh when Rocket captured Peter Quill in the beginning of Guardians of the Galaxy and turned around to rejoice in his victory, only to find his BFF Groot standing in the fountain and drinking the water? Not that we can blame Groot, of course—there have been plenty of fountains with cool water that have been so tempting on hot days. If you live in a big metropolitan area like New York City, I’m sure we’ve all dreamed about grabbing a bathing suit and just running gleefully through the fountain. Groot lived that dream when he stepped into the fountain, although I don’t think that even the sweatiest of us would even want to DRINK out of the fountain—we’d rather use it as a sprinkler of sorts to keep cool.

14 Baby Groot Screaming At His Enemies

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One of the funniest moments in the first trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 was when Baby Groot runs screeching at his enemies and then turns his hands into vines so that he can grab one poor soul and toss him off of the bridge. I think anyone who is cursed to be short has felt like that. I’m short, and there have been several times where I desperately wished that I was taller so I would look more intimidating. Baby Groot clearly realized that the only way he was going to sound scary when he was so damn short was by acting overly brave to the point of foolhardiness. Normally, a tiny tree isn’t scary, but a tiny tree screeching his head off and running at his enemies? Now THAT is terrifying. Perhaps us shorties should follow Groot’s example when we are mad.

13 He Is Totally Fascinated By The  Death Button

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I was rolling at the scene in the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 trailer when Rocket Raccoon is trying to teach Baby Groot how to press the “death button” on the explosive he created. Baby Groot is all of us who love mayhem when he enthusiastically pointed at the red button, much to Rocket’s complete dismay. Not that I can blame Baby Groot, of course. I’m pretty sure he was just trolling Rocket when he kept pointing to the “death button” on the atomic bomb because he knew it would drive his BFF up a wall and he wanted to see how much he account annoy the snarky raccoon before he just threw his hands up in exasperation. A++ trolling there, Baby Groot—we’re proud of you.

12 Baby Groot Is So Done With Rocket And Peter's Arguments

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It was hilarious watching the first Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 trailer because you can clearly see the moment when Baby Groot is SO sick of Rocket Raccoon and Peter “Star-Lord” Quill’s bickering that he decides to pick up the atomic bomb and fling it at their enemies himself. After all, his friends aren’t going to do the thing—they are too busy arguing amongst them selves and if you want something done, then you have to do it yourself. I know that feel, Baby Groot. I too have gotten so frustrated with family and friends who are too busy arguing amongst themselves to perform a simple task that I’ve just decided “Eh, forget this, I’m going to do this myself. Plus, I won’t have to listen to their snark, either.”

11 Sleeping Through Danger

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In the first Guardians of the Galaxy film, Rocket blasts Groot for being “asleep for the danger but awake for the money” after he and Peter almost got killed trying to save Gamora from Drax while they were imprisoned in the Kyln by the Nova Corps. I don’t know what Rocket was so grumpy about—Groot clearly needed his beauty rest. Besides, it is obvious the Groot really, really liked to sleep, although I am shocked that he was able to get some shut-eye with all that racket going on. Then again, if he’s anything like me, he probably briefly woke up, grumbled at the noise, and then rolled over to go back to sleep. He also probably threw the cover over his eyes to block out the light and noise too.

10 Groot Doesn't Have Time For Plans

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Groot doesn’t have time for carefully thought out plans, as Guardians of the Galaxy fans learned in the first film when Rocket was telling Peter and Gamora that he needed a quarnex battery that was located in the watchtower. Rocket’s original plan was to get the batter last since it would trigger the Kyln’s emergency mode. Of course, Groot clearly felt that they were wasting time with elaborate plans and it is far better to improvise because even the best-laid plans can go awry. Not that I can blame him—I know that some of MY plans have fallen apart, and I can see why Groot would feel it is better to improvise a plan and go with the flow. Besides, Groot’s improvisation actually worked and the Guardians were able to escape from the Kyln.

9 He Has Zero Tolerance For Bullies

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When Gamora, Peter, Rocket and Groot first entered the Kyln in the first movie, there were a few long-time prisoners who were practically salivated at the thought of bulling Peter. Of course, Groot was NOT going to let that happen to his newfound friend and he extended his arm and shoved tree roots up the nose of one of the bullies. Groot is NOT a fan of bullies and he is VERY protective of his friends. I give Groot a lot of credit—he’s one of the few people (errr, well, beings) in the Universe who is willing to stand up against bullies. There are too many people out there who keep their heads down and don’t stand up for their friends when they are being harassed by cruel bullies.

8 Groot Always Has His Friends' Backs

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After Drax attempted to challenge Ronan the Accuser and failed miserably, which led to Peter and Gamora getting captured by Yondu Udonta and the army of Ravagers, Groot saved the warrior from drowning. He also pointed out to Rocket that Peter and Gamora are their friends, and it is up to them to save them. Needless to say, Rocket tried to weasel out of saving Peter and Gamora by pointing out that the army of Ravagers made any plan impossible, but Groot was persistent. Groot is stubborn, and he always has his friends’ backs. There are some people who would not have rescued Peter and Gamora (lookin’ at you, Rocket) but Groot was insistent and knew that he couldn’t sit back and do nothing when his friends were in danger.

7 Groot Sticks Up For The Ones He Loves

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I remember the first time that I saw Guardians of the Galaxy—I started giggling at the scene where Peter is trying to come up with a plan to defeat Ronan and Rocket starts mocking him for his half-baked ideas to take down the Kree fanatic. The scene only got funnier when Groot stood up for Peter, and he proudly proclaimed that the giant tree was the “only one with a clue” as Groot ate a leaf that was growing on his shoulder. Despite the fact that Groot is a lovable goof, he has no problem sticking up for his BFFs and championing them, even if their ideas need some work. However, Groot has faith in his friends and knew that Rocket would be able to improve upon Peter’s original idea to take down Ronan.

6 He Takes Joy In The Simple Things

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In the first Guardians of the Galaxy flick, Groot is technically an adult but he has a childlike sense of wonder and joy in the simple things. For example, in the scene where he is fighting Ronan’s soldiers on the Dark Aster, you’d think he’d be in full warrior mode and ferociously hating on his enemies. Even though Groot used his tendrils to grab several of the Sakaarans who were working with Korath the Pursuer and slammed them into the walls so they would be knocked unconscious, he didn’t hurt them too badly and was so joyful that he was able to use his powers to help his friends take over the Dark Aster. Unlike Drax, Groot is gentle at heart and even in the midst of battle, he takes the time out to appreciate the small things in life.

5 Groot Is Kindness Personified

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Groot may be fearsome when he’s fighting in battle, but he’s very kind. For example, when the Guardians landed on Knowhere and were waiting to meet Tanaleer Tivan (aka The Collector), Groot met a little girl dressed in raggedy clothes and dirt on her face. Instead of ignoring her (like Rocket, Drax and Peter would do, let’s be real) or shooing her away, Groot takes the time out to grow a flower and give it to her. The look on that little girl’s face is absolutely priceless—it’s clear that Groot is one of the few people who actually showed her any sort of kindness and she is clearly delighted by her present. Groot has a heart of gold, and he always takes the time out to help those who are less fortunate.

4 He Isn't Afraid Of Telling His Friends That He Loves Them

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There are some people out there (including a few guys) who hate showing any kind of emotion towards their friends, as they don’t think it is “manly” or “seemly” to do so. Despite the fact that Groot is technically male, he has no qualms about expressing his love for his friends. For example, in the scene where he makes the decision to sacrifice himself for the rest of the Guardians when the Dark Aster is on a collision course for Xandar, he tells them “We are Groot.” Judging by his inflection and his actions, it is clear that Groot was telling them that he considers his friends to be his family, and that he loves them enough to willingly sacrifice himself so that they can survive. Needless to say, that scene brought ALL THE FEELS.

3 Groot Loves To Dance Like A Fool

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Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with the ability to look graceful when they dance. Instead, some of us just flail around madly when dancing in public, or sway awkwardly to the music when on the dance floor. Baby Groot on the other hand gives zero f**** bout his dancing ability (or lack thereof) and when the music started playing at the end of the first film, he boogied his little heart out in an adorable display of exuberance. Of course, he also took the opportunity to troll an unsuspecting Drax by subtly dancing around in his pot like a total fool when the ferocious warrior wasn’t looking. How Baby Groot kept a straight face when he was doing that is beyond me—I would’ve been laughing hysterically.

2 Sometimes, Even Technology Baffles Groot

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I still laugh at the scene when Groot is in the Kyln and as Rhomann Dey is reading off his rap sheet to his co-worker, he just moves into the camera frame and stares at it. I would not be shocked if he was thinking to himself“WTF is this newfangled bit of technology?” I know that feel, Groot, I know that feel. For example, I remember when I FINALLY upgraded my iPhone for a newer version with more cool apps and all I kept thinking to myself was “Oh man, how am I going to get the hang of this thing?” After lots of trial and error, I finally figured out how to use it but it did take me a few days of just playing around with all of the different apps and features.

1 Groot Takes The Time Out To Have A Snack

Via: Nonverbaltree.tumblr.com

One of my favorite moments in the first Guardians of the Galaxy is when Peter is trying to convince his friends to help him come up with a plan to fight Ronan and after Groot backs him up, he takes the time out to munch on a leaf that was growing on his shoulder. It is absolutely hilarious because I too have been so hungry when my friends were chatting that I reached into my purse and grabbed a granola bar to scarf down. I hate being rude, but hey, when your stomach rumbles and you are feeding light headed, you have to eat something. Although I don’t think that I would be desperate enough to eat a leaf the way Groot did, but that’s just me.

Sources: Facebook, and Marvel Wikia.

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