15 Times Harry Styles Was The Preacher We Needed

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15 Times Harry Styles Was The Preacher We Needed

One Direction heart throb Harry Styles, at just 23, has managed to ace the very art of wearing man buns (or having long hair, in general), nail polish, floral suits and glitter boots. Apart from his ability to charm and make people swoon by just existing, Harry is also quite an impressive twitter user. His followers thrive on his cryptic tweets that seem to come out of nowhere and hardly make any sense to anybody. With tweets containing wild puns, song lyrics, awful jokes, thank you notes and top notch motivational quotes, Harry has amassed a dedicated following of over 29 Million people on Twitter. Harry has also shown a keen interest in personalizing his tweets and despite the 140 character limit, he manages to wrap them up with his signature sign-off, All The Love. H. Here we have compiled, for your reading pleasure, a list of 15 of Harry’s best tweets that will make your day a little brighter.

15. The Annual Declaration

If you’ve followed Harry’s twitter gimmicks for a while now, you’ll be familiar with how at the start of every New Year, he tweets a declarative tweet- ‘It’s 2014.’, ‘It’s 2015.’ and so on and so forth. He usually doesn’t add anything else to these tweets and for a lot of ardent Harry and One Direction fans, the New Year doesn’t really begin until Harry tweets his trademark declaration. This year, Harry made sure to add a few words of wisdom to his usual tweet. He urged everyone to be nice and good to each other and oneself in the face of adversity and resistance. Truer words were never spoken as Harry kept his powerful and important life advice short, precise and to the point.

14. When He Supported The Women’s March

This year’s biggest headline was the worldwide Women’s March that shook nations and patriarchy alike. Harry, who has always been an ardent advocate of love, unity and equality, extended his support to women marching all across the globe in this simple but effective tweet. The kind gesture by Harry was warmly welcomed and appreciated. His courteousness and modesty towards women is no news. Ever since he first shot to fame in 2010, he has always been known to call out interviewers who have tried to objectify and belittle women. He has always spoken highly of the women in his life- his mother, sister and his alleged partners.

Earlier that day, Styles’ sister, Gemma, who is a freelance writer and is very vocal about feminist issues on Twitter, attended the Women’s March in London.

13.  It Is As Easy As That

Love everybody. It’s just as easy as that. Love and respect people regardless of who they choose to be. When love is what you give, then love is what you receive. Harry has always been an advocate of love and equality and this tweet isn’t the only proof. At One Direction concerts, harry constantly tells people to celebrate love and to hug the person next to them. He holds a rainbow flag close to his heart and shouts into a mic, addressing a stadium full of eighty thousand people that love is love, in all forms. The simplicity of this tweet is what makes it so stirring. Just a two word tweet with an ocean emotions behind it. This tweet always reminds me of what Nelson Mandela once said, “People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.”

12. Spreading The Love, Always

Sometimes, it’s hard to love everybody because people might have opinions that are morally wrong or difficult to empathize with. Harry has a solution for that- Be nice to nice. If you cannot love everybody, you can at least be nice to other people who are nice to you. Kindness costs nothing. Greeting people, asking about their day, thanking them and making them smile are all small acts that might not seem significant in the moment but might mean a lot to the other person. Harry doesn’t just preach, he practices too. He never starts an interview until he has said hello to the entire crew and he stays after interviews to help clean up. Several people have spoken of his charm and chivalry. In a dog eat dog world, if we’re lucky enough to find the slightest sliver of sunshine, make sure to give it back. The world could use a little more kindness.

11. Road Safety Series 1/2

The world of Twitter is no stranger to Harry Styles’ ‘whenever-whatever’ string of cryptic tweets. He usually tweets a word or two or a phrase and disappears leaving the tweet open for interpretation (or maybe he just likes to see fangirls have a meltdown while they try to decipher what his tweet means). This tweet though, was greatly appreciated by Road and Transport Safety Organizations worldwide as Harry managed to influence all of his followers to adhere to road safety rules by following the traffic light at once. Although he did not explicitly say so, it was an assumed unstated conclusion because why would anyone randomly tweet about a traffic light ? Harry Styles. That’s who.

10. Road Safety Series 2/2

If you have not realized already, Harry Styles is quite keen on road safety. A few months before he warned the world about traffic lights, he reminded them to keep their hands on the wheel (and probably not read this article) while driving. Harry’s guide to road safety is a series of two very precisely curated tweets that don’t say much but still say a lot. It is easily accessible via Twitter @Harry_Styles. So you better put that snapchat speedometer down because nobody really cares about what speed you’re going at until you keep going. Also, I agree that sunlight is the best selfie lighting and the interiors of your car are world-class but please, HANDS ON THE WHEEL. I just really hope he didn’t tweet this while he driving.

9. When He Felt Oddly Inspired

Harry Styles has always been seen carrying his infamous journal whenever he is out and about and perhaps, through this tweet, it was something similar he wanted to instil in his followers. Muse can be found in a person, place or a thing. Muse does not have a time. And Harry being a fine singer-songwriter, understands the importance of that one moment when you feel oddly inspired. To make sure he shared this intimate feeling with his followers, he suggested them to draw whatever they saw. However, if we dive deeper into this tweet, Harry here might also be implying that we should draw conclusions from our own perspective and not rely on someone else to do the job for us. This just got really deep. Deeper than Harry’s voice, mind you.

8. When He Had An Academically-Sound Advice

No one knows what inspired this tweet but it turned out to be a great advice for anyone attending school or office. We can all agree on this, we’d rather listen to Harry Styles telling us to write neatly than our teachers or bosses or parents. I remember being on a break between classes when he tweeted this and I was determined to make it through the next hour of classes with my notes written in the neatest manner possible. So every single time you are trying to sleepily haphazard your way through lecture notes, office documents or exam papers, remind yourself of that one tweet Harry posted in 2014 that suggested you always write neatly.

7. Reassurance

What is more reassuring than knowing that Harry Styles appreciates and practices procrastination just as much as you do. Given, he doesn’t really have any homework to do but hey, work is work. After quoting this tweet with captions saying ‘Same’, ‘Relatable af’ and ‘I relate’, someone from the One Direction fandom dug in to find out what his tweet actually meant (fangirl research is hard, thank you very much). A few google searches and a hundred thousand retweets later, it was discovered that this tweet is actually a lyric from The Car Song by The Cat Empire. And we don’t really mind because at least someone shares and understands the sentiment of procrastinating procrastination and not starting homework until it is already extremely late.

6. Laundry Is Always A Good Idea

Harry Styles 101: Learn to embrace ambiguity. Harry Styles’ tweets hardly ever make sense but if you look at them through a philosophical sense, they start taking shape. This tweet, for example, created an uproar among the fans because wait, what? What comes out in the wash? A torn dollar note? Tangled earphones? Homework? My sanity? However, upon researching, it was discovered that this tweet is actually a phase used to imply that everything turns out right eventually. I mean, going by the fact that you managed to load two weeks worth of laundry in the wash, it better come out looking fine. Investigation results also show that this might possibly be a song lyric from All Comes Out in The Wash by Thornley.

5. Some Domestic Advice


Because the safety instructions on a knife do not explicitly mention any such warnings, Harry decided to experiment for himself and by the looks of this tweet, it didn’t go well. Watching TV requires attention but then so does chopping vegetables. Depending on your priority, you can decide whether you’d rather watch Modern Family while chopping vegetables (possibly your fingers too) or if you’d rather chop your vegetables before you jump on the couch to watch the TV. Harry is very clear about what he thinks you should do.

4. Facts

Unlike most of Harry Styles’ tweets, this one is not cryptic. This tweet is a complete sentence with rather fancy words and makes sense as well. For the benefit of the world, Harry thought it was important to remind everyone that all small tubes do not necessarily contain toothpaste. This mistake is quite common, especially when we have early mornings  and we tend to sleepily exist while we brush, bathe and eat breakfast. In this sleep induced haze, we might end up confusing toothpaste with any unidentified gel in a deceivingly small tube until we realize it does not taste the same. So, for the love of God and precautionary measures- READ LABELS. I’d really like to know what went down in the Styles’ household for this tweet to happen.

3. The Way Out

In 2013, a tweet from Harry Styles was like receiving signals from outer space. Majority of them didn’t make any sense but still had a million people freaking out, scattering and stumbling through the interweb to decipher what the tweets meant. This tweet was another addition to the list of Styles’ Incomprehensible Tweets. It sounded as if it was an important advice to find your way out of life’s toughest challenges and obstacles. When nothing seems to be going right, just jump in the shower and let the warm water rinse you of your worries and doubts. For a little while, try to forget about what is holding you back and concentrate on yourself. If it all goes wrong, get in the shower and darling just hold on. Harry’s twitter account is the place to find some quality content and with his tweets alone, Harry could write a bestselling self-care book (bonus: knock knock jokes to make you happy).

2. Curious Banana Eating Thoughts

This tweet was rather ironic because Harry has been eating bananas mid-concert for the last 5 years in front of some of the largest crowds all over the world. But honestly, if bananas weren’t already ruined for the most of us, this tweet just made it worse. Thanks to the internet, bananas will never be the same for any of us ever again. I have genuinely stopped eating bananas out in public because of the innuendos that follow. However, props to Harry for giving out this unsolicited advice which we will gladly take because duh, Harry Styles and also because making eye contact with people while eating a banana is definitely the worst thing ever. It was important to bring this to public attention and if anyone could do it subtly, it had to be Harry. P.S. With all due respect to the particular shape and size of bananas and people’s wild imagination, bananas are amazing.

1. Rainbows And Smiles

This is one of Harry most popular tweets and even though Harry is a man of few words, this tweet needs no justification as Harry has proven this when he dances and prances in front of eighty thousand people with a rainbow flag clutched close to his heart, celebrating love and demanding equality for all. And although Harry is mostly perplexing and his tweets are rare, they are always full of warmth and positivity. All his tweets converge to the final conclusion of being who you are and being proud of it, not letting others bring you down and living life the way you want to. Let all that you do be done in love. Be kind and make others happy. Harry’s funny, puzzling and inspiring tweets always manage to cheer me up and I hope they made your day a little bit better too.

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