15 Times the Internet Trashed All That Is Holy

As you've probably noticed throughout the years, the internet can be a great place, a bad place, and a really, really bad place. On one hand, with help from the internet, you can find pertinent information related to any particular field of study that you can imagine.  On the other hand, if you dig a little deeper, the internet is chock full of some pretty gruesome stuff. We won’t say exactly what, but, if you’ve spent some time online in the past, there’s a good chance you already know what we are talking about.

So, for your viewing pleasure, we thought we would compile a list of 15 times the internet trashed all that is holy. That way, we can all share a laugh and get a gander at all of the horrible things the internet has to offer us.

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15 The Moment Has Passed

Of the many things that are shared via the internet each and every day, personal artwork is one the most popular. You can find everything from song lyrics and music videos to animations and journal entries really any time you choose to sign onto the internet.

Unfortunately, you can also find people’s artwork on the internet that’s been defaced, much like the two photos that were shared in the Tumblr post above.

Whoever posted the original pictures were probably just trying to put a face to a profound phrase they had heard throughout their lives at some point. And they honestly did a really good job!

It’s just, with the comment below, the sass kind of stole the show and their photos were reduced to nothing but a joke.

14 Get a Clue, Facebook

Although it’s nice to be reminded by Facebook of good times come and gone, it is certainly not always the case. Every now and then, a picture, or a video, or a post someone tagged you in, will pop up in your memories and make you want to close the app immediately.

And that’s because, some memories are better left in the past. Sure, sometimes Facebook has nice memories to show you, but, if you’re Tyler, you’ve been shown a few things that you probably hoped you’d never have to see again.

He’s admittedly being a little extreme in his response to the Facebook memory, but we can surely see where he’s coming from.

Get a clue, Facebook. Not all of us want to see what you have to share.

13 I Love Booze, Booze Loves Me

If you’re in your twenties, there’s a good chance you’ve maintained a pretty consistent love/hate relationship with alcohol. Some days, you love throwing back a cocktail or two. But, other days, you’re ridiculously hungover from the night before and you just want to curl up in a ball, eat some saltines, and promptly pass away.

It’s happened to the best of us, but, there's something off putting about seeing none other than Barney the purple dinosaur face down in the gutter.

Given the size of the bottles he’s holding, we would guess it’s just a stuffed animal that was posed for the picture. But, if you imagine an actual human being in a Barney costume in this position, the picture is a whole heck of a lot funnier.

Which is exactly what this Tumblr user set out to do when they shared this photo. 

12 Too Soon

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="625"] imgur.com[/caption]

Although Pokemon Go came and went pretty quickly, Ash and Co. still remain some of the most popular animated characters on the planet. No matter where you are, if you show someone a picture of Pikachu, they know exactly what it is, what it sounds like, and may even have a stuffed version of the electric rat tucked away somewhere in their bedroom at home.

But, there’s also a darker side to Pokemon that is not always discussed. A quick Google search will yield all kinds of results about Pokemon’s seedy underbelly, and we think this image would definitely be found nearby.

Like we have said before, some thoughts are best kept to yourself. We just wish the Tumblr user who posted this had received that memo.

11 End Body Hate

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="479"] imgur.com[/caption]

Body positivity is all the rage these days, and for good reason. For too long have people been mocked for how much they weigh, what they look like, and whether or not they fit the mold plastered all over glossy fitness magazines on shelves around the world.

It’s a truly sad state of affairs, but, unfortunately, it’s the kind of messed up world we live in. And speaking of the messed up world we live in, we aren’t even a little surprised that it produced an image like the one above.

Poor Arthur and the other characters on the show have already had a really rough go of things on account of the many disgusting internet trolls that lurk in the shadows out there. But, alas, they just couldn't resist raking him over the coals once more.  

10 Not What Vanessa Carlton Had In Mind

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="564"] imgur.com[/caption]

If you’ve been alive any longer than five seconds, then you’ve probably heard that Vanessa Carlton song, “A Thousand Miles,” and have seen those, “just girly things,” memes that were all over the internet just a few years ago.

The song itself is one of those that was really great when it first came out, but was quickly ruined the second the internet got a hold of it. And the same goes for fans of the girly memes that often accompanied the song. They started out really cute and innocent, but ultimately suffered the same fate the song did.

And a perfect example of these worlds colliding is the picture above. In terms of the internet trashing all that is holy, this photo is absolutely one that is worth writing home about.

9 Wow, Brock

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="337"] imgur.com[/caption]

Like we mentioned earlier, Pokemon and all of its affiliated video games, comic books, and anime have a much darker past than they let on. Just a few entries ago, you saw the dark side of Pokemon evolution, but this time it’s the original cartoon that the internet is relentlessly mocking.

Let’s be real, the cartoon, although a classic, can be a real big cheeseball from time to time. There are some truly gutting moments, don’t get us wrong. But, it’s still most definitely a kids show through and through.

But, the moment pictured above is one of those more adult moments the show was famous for. And the internet made quick work of it when it added its own spin to what Brock was thinking when he saw a gun being pointed in his trusted companion’s face.

8 Best Comment Ever

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="480"] imgur.com[/caption]

Usually, when people hear the word, “internet,” one of the first things that pops in their heads are internet comments. These comments have become a huge part of internet culture and the entire online experience as a whole.

These days, everyone’s a comedian and everyone has an opinion they can’t help but feel needs to be shared. It can be ridiculous at times, but hey, it’s the world that we have created for ourselves.

Fortunately, some of the most ridiculous comments on the internet can help birth images like the one above with Prince’s face (R.I.P.) on a twenty-dollar bill.

We don’t know what this commenter was smoking when they posted this comment. But, at the end of the day, we are totally cool with it.

7 The Resemblance is Uncanny

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="640"] imgur.com[/caption]

Every now and then there’s a meme that is so spot on that you forget just how ridiculous it is. After much review and consideration, we believe this meme to be one of those memes.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past 50 years, you probably know who Tommy Pickles is and you’ve probably also heard one of Pitbull’s many terrible songs even though you didn’t really want to.

Obviously, we would consider the former to be much more entertaining than the latter, but we can at least admit the latter is one of the most famous rappers around.

But, holy cow, we didn’t realize how much these two actually look alike! In this picture, they have the matching purple shirt, sunglasses, and even bald head. 

Was Pitbull maybe trying to get his, "Rugrats," swag on?

6 Chris, No!

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="720"] imgur.com[/caption]

Really unfortunate names are some of the funniest things to ever happen. We’ve all had at least one friend over the years with one of these kinds of names, and it’s almost impossible to not tease them about it constantly.

But, the internet took this phenomenon one step further when it noticed on the nightly news that an aptly named, “Christopher Robin,” was convicted of a horrible crime.

If you don’t get the reference, Christopher Robin is one of the quintessential characters from, "Winnie the Pooh," and remains one of the most often written about young men in literary history.

Seeing Pooh, Rabbit, and Tigger all gasping at the sight of the news is nothing short of hilarious and definitely an excellent example of the internet simply taking things too far.

5 Easy There, Hulk

You know when you go to the gym and you see those totally jacked dudes pumping more iron than you have in your entire life? Do those guys ever leave the gym, or do they just have a cot somewhere in the locker room that they rest their huge bodies on at the end of the night?

We may never actually know the answer to that question, but one thing we do know is that the dude in this picture is having a really hard time fitting into the hip outfit he laid out for himself that day.

And if the picture isn’t already funny enough, the comment someone left really ties the whole thing together.

Who knew that, “buff hipster,” was going to turn out the be the look of the season?

4 I've Been Thinking

Many people don’t really think about it, but all of your most beloved cartoon characters had to go through a pretty serious design process before the final product could be slapped onto lunchboxes, coffee mugs, and cereal boxes for the whole world to see.

Everyone from Super Mario to Zelda had quite a few different incarnations over the years, and some are definitely worse than others.

We aren’t sure exactly who designed Toad from Super Mario, but, after taking a look at this picture, we totally get why they left him sans nose. It looks so creepy sitting there on his adorable face. Almost like it follows you as you scroll past it…

Also, internet users, why are you sitting around, just thinking about Toad? That’s weird.

3 Please Delete This

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="542"] imgur.com[/caption]

Everybody loves those threads of people asking the internet to photoshop different aspects of the goofy pictures they’ve posted over the years. They can be a lot of fun to scroll through, not to mention especially hilarious if someone fairly talented is the one tasked with meeting people’s ludicrous demands.

The kid in this photo just wanted an anime girl photoshopped onto him to keep him company. Unfortunately, the young lady that was added to the picture wasn’t exactly who he had in mind when he made his initial request.

As is made clear by this entry, anime has a following unlike anything else on the planet. The fans are ferocious and are the first to set fire to the message boards anytime they see their favorite characters being portrayed incorrectly. 

2 Not a Good Look

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="889"] imgur.com[/caption]

Little kids are some of the gosh darn cutest critters on the planet. Even with snot dripping down their faces and their thumbs in their mouths, they’re just so adorable. There’s just something about their chubby cheeks that just makes people’s hearts aflutter, and we can totally see why!

But, unfortunately, not every kid is as cute as the kid before them, which is fine. That’s just the nature of the beast. But, never have we seen an already cute kid be photographed so terribly.

Clearly, it’s the wine glass’ fault for distorting their little face, but still. There’s something pretty freaky about the way their eyes, nose, and mouth are coming through in this picture.

...okay, we are getting creeped out now. Let’s go ahead and just skip ahead to number one on our list.

1 Where's Your Head At?

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="640"] imgur.com[/caption]

As you’ve probably noticed, with help from the internet, every idiot in cyberspace nowadays has a platform to share their deepest, darkest thoughts with people an entire world over. It’s pretty crazy when you think about it.

Sometimes, these deepest, darkest thoughts are so profound that you can’t help but be truly struck by them. However, most of the thoughts you see and read on the internet are anything but, and more often than not, leave you scratching your head and wondering WTF just happened.

The Tumblr user in this photo, although inventive, is one of those deep, dark thinkers whose thoughts are probably best left rattling around in their head. We hate to judge, but we also can’t disagree with the person who responded to this post.

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