15 Times Jim And Pam From 'The Office' Were Serious #RelationshipGoals

It may have been three years since The Office aired its finale episode, but Jim and Pam Halpert's epic love is still the bar we all compare our relationships to. This might mean we end up forever alone because, let's be real, it's basically impossible to stack up to those two... but we really can't help it. For nine seasons, fans got to see the show's iconic duo go on the cutest dates, play some hilarious pranks, and prove that soulmates will always find each other (even if they're separated by an angry fiancé at first). They may have had their rough patches, and there were times when you wanted to just grab them and force them to kiss and make up, but Jim and Pam's love conquered all in the end and they became our lifelong #relationshipgoals couple.

15 Jim waited for Pam until she was ready to love him the way he loved her

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We've all heard someone counter "but she has a boyfriend" with "soccer has goalkeepers, but that doesn't mean you can't score." It can seem sort of creepy when someone pines over a friend who is in a relationship, but Jim somehow made it the most endearing thing ever. Even if it hurt him to do so, he was an amazing best friend to the woman he loved, and never tried to make advances or rip Pam away from her engagement to Roy. He had chances to get some, too—Pam drunkenly kissed Jim after receiving her "Whitest Sneakers" Dundie, but Jim remained the perfect gentleman and took care of her all night without making any advances. Once Roy and Pam started making real wedding plans, Jim went on to prove the truth behind the old adage "if you love them let them go, for if they return they were always yours, and if they don't, they never were." He confessed his feelings for his BFF and then transferred to another branch, always secretly hoping that she'd leave Roy for him but never trying to pressure her to feel any sort of way. Thankfully for every fan of the show, she realized she loved him back just in time.

14 When they were apart, they were still always thinking about each other

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It's always a cool feeling to meet your loved one's friends or family and learn that they already know who you are, because it means you're on your S.O.'s mind when you're apart. Even though she was engaged to Roy at the time, when Pam's mom came in to the office, the first person she wanted to meet was Jim... so clearly, he was a hot topic of discussion. You can tell how excited this made Jim from the not-so-subtle grin on his face. Hope was pretty much all he had before Pam broke off her engagement, and this was definitely a great source of it. Years later, constantly being on each other's mind helped them maintain the cutest and most successful long distance relationship ever. They planned out so many ways to feel close to each other, from wearing the world's tiniest Bluetooths so they could be on the phone with each other all day without getting in trouble at work to spontaneously driving hundreds of miles each just to eat lunch together.

13 Even before they were "in love," they were totally in love

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First, Jim pined for Pam when she was engaged to Roy. Then, Pam pined for Jim while he was dating Karen. It seemed like these two, who were so obviously soulmates, were never actually going to find the right place and time to be together. Then, Jim came to his senses and asked his best friend and co-worker on a date, and thousands of fans let out a collective sigh of relief. Look at Pam's face when Jim asked her to dinner. They'd shared countless meals one-on-one before, but just labeling it a date put tears in her eyes. At that moment, we all knew that even before date number one, these two were madly in love with each other and that even though this relationship just started, it would last for the rest of their lives and give us unrealistic #relationshipgoals for the rest of ours.

12 Jim's faith in his future with Pam never wavered for a second

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Sure, Jim left Scranton after sharing a kiss with Pam and hearing that she still planned on going through with her marriage with Roy. But even after he moved and "moved on" with Karen... you could just tell that he never truly gave up on his dream future with his one true love. Then, a mere week after our hopes and prayers were finally answered and they started dating, Jim bought an engagement ring. He was that sure that their relationship would work out and they'd spend the rest of their lives together. Again, this might seem a little creepy were it any other guy in any other situation, but Jim just made such a leap of faith seem so touching and beautiful. He even encouraged her to go to school in NYC for three months while he stayed in Scranton, because he knew that no amount of distance or time could break the bond that he shared with Pam.

11 They shared a similar sense of humor

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Jim and Pam were both extremely bright individuals with a lot of potential that could never really be reached at Dunder Mifflin Paper (especially under the guidance of Michael Scott), but they always managed to make their horrible jobs seem fun. Their shared sense of humor is a big part of what drew them together, and is probably one of their qualities as a couple that we all grew to become so jealous of. Jim got through his days by pranking his rigid, by-the-books co-worker Dwight, and Pam was his loyal pranking sidekick.

From humming the same note to making Dwight think he was hearing things to learning Morse Code so they could watch as he decoded their "secret" messages to each other about him, Jim and Pam worked together as a perfectly in-sync comedic duo. They seemed to be the only two people in the Scranton office who were as amused and disturbed by their ridiculous boss and co-workers as the viewing audience, and getting to laugh along with them was one of the highlights of the show.

10 They shared the most epic kisses

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Every kiss shared between Jim and Pam was pure magic. We all squealed with joy when Pam kissed Jim at The Dundies; we felt butterflies when he confessed his true feelings for Pam and they shared this beautiful kiss at Casino Night; and we absolutely lost it when the documentary crew secretly caught the two kissing in Pam's car when they were trying to hide their relationship. With every kiss, it was so clear that they loved each other with every fiber of their being. The way he held her, the way she looked at him before their lips met... they were such a perfect and perfectly-in-love couple. Pam may have followed up the pictured Casino Night kiss with a rejection that sent Jim to a different state, but fans just knew that she couldn't kiss him like that and marry someone else. They were destined to be together and share a thousand more kisses like that.

9 They could make pretty much anything into the most romantic date ever

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Nowadays, when people think about the "perfect date," they picture a bouquet of flowers, fancy clothes, and an expensive restaurant. It didn't take all of that for Jim and Pam's dates to be the cutest things ever. Give them a rooftop with a view, some grilled cheese sandwiches and each other's company, and they were perfectly content. Who can forget the time Jim and Pam just stood close together and listened to music from the same set of headphones in front of their workplace? Way more adorable than going to a loud bar or concert! During the long distance part of their relationship, Jim and Pam were always down to meet up at whatever eatery or convenience store they could find in between their two cities. It never mattered where they were, so long as they were together. Having an amazing time with your loved one, without having to break the bank? Now that's #relationshipgoals.

8 You could always see the love Jim felt every time Pam touched him

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As if the passion they showed for each other every time they kissed wasn't enough to melt the heart of everyone who watched the show, the look on Jim's face every time Pam touched or even just smiled at him, pushed us way over the edge. It didn't matter if she loved him back or not, he was just so honored and happy to be in love with such an amazing woman. Just look at the episode when he had to go through hours of diversity training with his frustrating co-workers and lost a sale that would have accounted for a quarter of his yearly commission—it was one of his worst days working at Dunder Mifflin, but all of his cares faded away the second Pam fell asleep on his shoulder.

7 Their love taught everyone around them just what love should be like

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During the show's fifth season, Pam's parents were going through a separation and her dad was staying at her house with Jim. Their marriage struggles caused Pam to worry about her own future with Jim, and her fears were heightened after Jim talked to her dad and their conversation ended with her dad deciding he officially wanted a divorce... until she found out what Jim said to open her father's eyes. "He said that you told him how much you love me. About how you feel when I walk in a room. And about, how you’ve never doubted for a second that I’m the woman you wanna spend the rest of your life with. I guess he had never felt that with my mom even at their best." Divorce is tragic, but living in a loveless marriage can be so much worse, and Jim's lesson on love helped Pam's dad see that he and his wife deserved more. That we all deserve to love and be loved the way Jim loved Pam.

6 They said so much with the way they looked at each other

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The only thing Jim loved more than looking into the documentary crew's camera with an expression that let us know exactly what he was thinking... was looking at Pam Beesley. And Pam looked at him with just as much love and kindness, even before she realized they were going to spend the rest of their lives together. The mischievous looks they shared when they were pulling a prank on Dwight, the dumbfounded expressions they shared when Michael made another impossibly bizarre remark, the smiles they gave each other before and after each kiss... everything you needed to know about Jim and Pam as a couple, you could tell from they way they looked at each other. It didn't matter that for years, they spent endless hours a few mere feet apart from each other at work. They never grew bored with their relationship, and you can tell they never grew out of that honeymoon phase of being head over heels for each other.

5 Jim and Pam made the most out of their free time together

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When Pam was engaged to Roy, it wasn't really appropriate for her to hang out with Jim outside of work. However, that meant as long as they were at work, they could get away with hanging out, and Jim took full advantage of that and took Pam on mini dates all the time within the confines of their office building. Fast forward a few years, and the duo was married and with a baby, and their free time was yet again tragically limited. Most busy parents just spend their alone time relaxing in front of a TV, but Jim and Pam found new ways to bring excitement to their relationship... like taking a Morse Code class for the sole purpose of talking about Dwight in front of Dwight to drive him insane! It's the little things that often bring the most happiness to our lives, and no one knew and lived that better than Jim and Pam.

4 They gave each other the most thoughtful gifts

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Forget clothes, DVDs and jewelry, the gifts you remember the most are ones that you can tell someone really put a lot of thought and effort into. Jim started the epic gift-giving off by giving Pam a teapot she'd been wanting filled with a high school yearbook photo she had teased him about, a mixed tape, a hot sauce packet that Pam thought was ketchup a few years prior and he'd saved ever since, and a personal note. It couldn't have cost much, but it was by far the best gift at the office's Yankee Swap. Years later, he gifted her with their first home together as a couple, and she followed that up with something a lot less expensive but just as invaluable: The Adventures of Jimmy Halpert, a comic book about Jim that she drew herself. What guy wouldn't absolutely love to be featured in a comic?! Coolest. Gift. Ever.

3 They were just... perfectly in sync, always

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With the exception of the occasional fight when their career paths were skyrocketing in different directions and some "will they or won't they" drama, Jim and Pam seemed to be so in sync that it seemed they shared the same heart and mind from The Office's first episode to its last. If Jim wanted to play a joke on Dwight, Pam was ready to go along with it without ever being told about it in advance. When Pam was thinking about art school, Jim was every bit as excited about it as she was, even if it meant they'd have to be apart from each other. They never had to say a word to know what was on each other's mind. Somehow, Jim and Pam just knew exactly what to do or say to make their soulmate's day.

2 Jim and Pam knew how to make even the most serious of situations light-hearted

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Working at Dunder Mifflin seemed like an absolute nightmare. Dwight and Angela were way too serious and strict to be desirable co-workers, Michael and Andy's antics would get old after maybe a week, and people like Creed and Toby would seem downright creepy in real life. That didn't keep Jim and Pam from having a great time at a job they never really enjoyed, and despite always trying to have fun, they both managed to be really great employees. Their sense of humor didn't change at all when their lives started getting more serious and they had to start thinking about marriage and raising a child. Jim loved joking about his proposal with Pam, he cut his own tie in half to calm Pam's nerves on their wedding day, and the duo managed to be the hilarious, loving parents we figured they'd be once little Cece was born. Their ability to keep things fun and fresh no matter what is definitely a big part of what made Jim and Pam such a great couple.

1 No matter the time or place, they could make every moment perfect

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Rooftop dates, lunch break pranks, day-long phone calls.... Jim and Pam knew how to make every day an adventure worth remembering. When distance kept Jim from being able to propose to Pam in a typically romantic fashion, he just got down on one knee in front of a gas station so he could hurry up and start his life with his soulmate. When Pam got wedding day jitters, he whisked her away to Niagara Falls for a more private, intimate ceremony. They never felt a need to be just like everyone else, and didn't need the world to know how in love they were. In a time where everyone seems to think "if it's not on Facebook, it didn't happen" and that everyone significant moment has to be captured on Snapchat, it's definitely important to look to Jim and Pam as an example of what a true, loving relationship should look like.

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