15 Times Jimmy Fallon And Justin Timberlake Were Total Friendship Goals

From the silver screen to real life, everyone loves a good Hollywood romance. The only thing that could perhaps top it would be a good Hollywood bromance. While women, movie roles and popularity may come and go, a good bromance is perhaps the only constant left to help pick up a falling star. From the classics like George Clooney and Brad Pitt to the long-time buds like Matt Damon and Ben Affleck to the fun-loving friends like Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson, we all enjoy watching handsome, talented men navigate the road to stardom together. But perhaps no other bromance has stood the test of time (and made us laugh until our sides hurt) like that of Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake. These guys have a close and honest friendship, and here are 15 times they proved to be the ultimate friendship goals for any dynamic duo.

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15 When everyone agreed they would make the perfect running mates

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When a pair are really good friends, both of them know that they have found something special in one another. When a pair are exceptionally good friends, everyone else knows that they are good together as well. This is the case with Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake. In 2015, many candidates emerged to vie for the presidential nomination, especially from the Republican Party. It seemed like there were campaign signs everywhere with a different name at each turn. Then, someone had the ingenious idea to make a t-shirt that read, "Fallon/Timberlake '16." No doubt, these two would have run away with the election. Too bad it was all just a joke, as we cannot imagine a couple of candidates who are both more "in sync" with one another or more appealing to the majority of America.

14 When Timberlake perfectly imitated Fallon

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Good friends know a lot about one another, but best friends know each other so well that they can often finish one another's sentences. And the best of friends, as in brothers from another mother, can sometimes finish one another's paragraphs with spot-on impersonations. That is the case for the dynamic duo of Fallon and Timberlake. During one of Timberlake's many guest appearances on Saturday Night Live, he acted in a celebrity Family Feud skit. Timberlake played Jimmy Fallon, while Fallon played Jim Parsons of The Big Bang Theory on the opposing team. To put it simply, Timberlake's imitation was perfect. So much so that Fallon laughed so hard at his friend playing the Tonight Show host that he broke out of his Jim Parson's character and had to duck behind the podium to compose himself.

13 When they made these inception coffee mugs

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Any pair of best friends enjoy a good ongoing joke, so it should come as no surprise that comedic pals like Fallon and Timberlake would enjoy one-upping one another through a hilarious ruse. It all started while the two were hanging out at Fallon's house and Timberlake drank from a mug with Fallon's face on it. He photographed himself with this mug, and the fun began. Fallon then took that photo of Timberlake drinking from the mug and had it printed on another mug. Of course, there was a photo of this as well. Finally, Timberlake got the last laugh by using that photo of Fallon drinking from a mug with a picture of Timberlake drinking from a mug with Fallon's picture to create yet another mug. This last laugh mug made by Timberlake had a picture of Fallon drinking from a mug with picture of Timberlake drinking from a mug with a picture of Fallon. It's safe to say they're now friends on many levels.

12 When they're "in sync" with their dance moves

From SNL to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to The Tonight Show, these funny men have proven time and again that they've got moves. They somehow find a way to incorporate singing and dancing into most of their appearances together. Even when they're not officially performing, they often still end up performing. The pals attended the 2015 U.S. Open together during their down time, and got a little inspired when a Beyoncé song started playing over the speakers. It didn’t take but a few seconds for the guys to get out of their seats and start getting down to business by strutting out the moves to the "Single Ladies" dance. Not only were they together in their idea of busting a move, but they were also "in sync" with their actual moves.

11 When they're making comedy together

Speaking of being in sync with one another, these two make one of the greatest comedic duos of our time. Perhaps their greatest secret doesn't lie in their many talents, but rather in their close relationship. It's hard not to laugh at a pair who are not only talented but also look as if they are genuinely having a great time whenever they're together. It all started back when Fallon was a cast member on SNL and the two acted as brothers in a skit about Bee Gees brothers Barry and Robin Gibb. From this reoccurring skit, it was evident that the two had comedic chemistry. This was only the beginning in their comedy sketches, leading to such notable performances as The History of Rap songs presented on Fallon's Late Night show. There are plenty more examples, from their end zone dancing skit to playing kids at summer camp, that prove these two make beautiful comedy together.

10 Whenever they do a unique "handshake"

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What separates best friends from all other friends is that they share so close a bond that it's inevitable the pair will have a few secrets. These secrets usually manifest themselves in the form of something like inside jokes or secret handshakes. While Fallon and Timberlake wouldn't share any secrets with the world, they have let us in to some unusual greetings. For instance, Fallon greeted Timberlake with a unique elbow bump to kick off his week-long guest appearance on The Tonight Show. The two have also been seen bumping fists and what appeared to be hand hugging in which they went in for what started as a slow high-five but lingered just a little too long. Beyond that, they like to hug it out on occasion, proving that they're not too prideful to hide their bromance.

9 When they were totally believable as childhood friends

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As we mentioned, Fallon and Timberlake started their dynamic comedy duo by playing brothers on SNL. They were totally believable as brothers, so why shouldn’t they be even more believable as childhood best friends? Needless to say, it came natural for these two playing adolescent buddies bunking together at camp. And that's exactly what they did during one of Timberlake's guest appearances on The Tonight Show. The guys camped at the fictional Camp Winnipesaukee, set in the summer days of the 1990s. In true Fallon and Timberlake fashion, the pair decide they will sing a song together. Playing younger versions of themselves, both sporting Timberlake's *NSYNC hairdo, they belt out Alanis Morissette's "Ironic." Perhaps just as funny as the skit itself is watching these two friends try to stay in character and not crack up too much during their performance.

8 When they owned the best friends challenge

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From shared secrets and cool handshakes to perfecting imitations of one another, Fallon and Timberlake have seemed to pass every test when it comes to solidifying their bromance. Thanks to a recent game on The Tonight Show, they shattered any doubts that anyone might have had concerning their BFF status. The game was called "Best Friends Challenge" and consisted of asking questions to see how well two friends know one another. Some of the questions can get specific, but these guys nailed them all. The only time they weren't in sync with their answers was when Fallon made a crack about Timberlake's favorite TV show. All joking aside, the two nailed the challenge. When it came time to name the song they love to sing together, they even busted out into singing it on impulse.

7 Whenever Timberlake appears on Fallon's show

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Justin Timberlake has guest starred on SNL a number of times throughout the years, most notably performing alongside his good pal Jimmy Fallon. It's only natural that the two would carry over this companionship to Fallon's night shows as well. Thanks to Fallon, Timberlake has appeared on late night talk shows even more than he has SNL. In fact, Timberlake appeared on The Tonight Show during Fallon's first week as host and then every night for an entire week in 2013 to promote the release of his album The 20/20 Experience. Of course, he performed music since he was there primarily to promote his new musical works, but Timberlake also joined Fallon in funny bits and interviews to round out the week. He has spent so much time in the chair next to Fallon that it could be argued he has earned the right to be named Fallon's honorary part-time cohost.

6 When Timberlake took Fallon's parenting advice

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Most best friends have a good amount of things in common, and Fallon and Timberlake are no exception. These two men are both funny, talented, successful men. They are also around the same age and both are husbands and fathers. Fallon became a dad first and wrote a children's book entitled Your Baby's First Word Will Be Dada. Many new parents purchased the book, including Mr. and Mrs. Timberlake. Shortly after the birth of his son, Timberlake made a guest appearance on The Tonight Show and revealed to Fallon and everyone else that he used the book to coach his baby into saying "Dada." It actually paid off, as that was Silas' very first word. The two friends celebrated this victory for dads on the show by pumping their fists and sharing one of their infamous hand hugs.

5 When they #makeitweird on Twitter

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There is a difference between being just friends, or even best friends, and in having a true bromance. In order to have a relationship classify as a bromance, two men have to be such close friends that their relationship might seem a little too close at times, making it similar to an actual romance instead of just a friendship. Fallon and Timberlake's relationship definitely falls under the category of a bromance. These manly men have no trouble saying "I love you" to one another or hugging it out at random. Even their Twitter conversations can get a little weird at times with all the "I love you" and "I miss you" tweets. At least they know it's a little weird, which is why the hashtag-loving guys added "#makeitweird" to the end of this social media PDA.

4 When Fallon presented Timberlake with a prestigious music award

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It's a great honor for any artist whenever he or she is presented with a prestigious award for his or her work. What could possibly mean more to someone's music career? How about that person's best friend presenting him or her with the award and giving a heartwarming speech to go along with it? Yep, that would be the icing on an already super sweet cake. And that's exactly what happened to Timberlake in 2013 at the MTV Video Music Awards. He was honored with the coveted Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award, and the best part of all was that Fallon came out to present him with it. As customary by the presenter, a speech was made, but Fallon's speech had a lot of heart behind it and meant the world to Timberlake.

3 When Timberlake wrote a heartfelt tribute to Fallon

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Apparently, 2013 was a big year for this bromance couple. Fallon's heartfelt speech about Timberlake at the VMAs was perhaps the best way of paying back his friend for all of the ways Timberlake praised him earlier that year in Time Magazine. Jimmy Fallon was honored with a spot on the magazine's 100 Most Influential People of the year list, and Justin Timberlake wrote the essay for his entry. Within it, Timberlake noted Fallon's many comedic talents and his genuine love and kindness toward people and for making them laugh. He also praised his friend with recharging the late-night TV scene and talked about how he knows how to make any joke relatable to any audience. That's perhaps the best compliment a comedian could ever ask to receive, and it no doubt meant more coming from his BFF.

2 When they became each other's good luck charm

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Since this pair of buddies first appeared together in an SNL skit back in 2003, many people assume that they met on the set of Saturday Night Live. The two actually met a year earlier at the MTV Video Music Awards. That's right, they met at the same show where Fallon presented Timberlake with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award 11 years later. Isn't that something for déjà vu?! This show was an important moment for both men. Fallon was still a regular player on SNL and had been chosen to host the VMAs, while Timberlake was performing for the first time as a solo act. Each guy was feeling a bit nervous about his new gig, and they helped calm each other down backstage. They said they were each other's good luck charm that night. This night not only marked a major step in their careers but also sparked the beginning of a beautiful bromance.

1 When Fallon came between Timberlake and his bride

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Best friends are friends forever, but they often lose touch when spouses and kids come into the picture. That could never happen to a true bromance though, such as the love affair between Fallon and Timberlake. Instead of pushing their relationship to the side when other relationships evolve, they just evolve the bromance alongside them to become one big, happy family. Back before Timberlake was taking parenting advice from Fallon's book about dadas, Fallon was toasting Timberlake and his new bride at their wedding reception. He did it rather unconventionally though, by interrupting Timberlake's speech to Jessica and turning the heartfelt groom-to-bride exchange into an improvisation conversation between two bros. Timberlake talked about how everyone there got a good laugh from Fallon's heckling as well as admitted that nobody else could have gotten away with such antics.

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