15 Times Joey From 'Friends' Was You And Your Relationship With Food

After what feels like a lifetime of watching Friends over and over again, it's easy to relate to the entire gang. Some of us are criers like Rachel (okay, me) and some of us are sarcastic when we're uncomfortable like Chandler (okay, also me). But then, there's Joey, and if you ask me, he's the most relatable one of all — especially if you're like me and you find yourself looking forward to the dinner while you're still eating lunch.

Because sure, Monica and Chandler make an adorable couple, and no one can deny that Ross and Rachel are definitely each other's lobsters. But the real love story of Friends? That's between Joey and food, a bond that can never be broken. And chances are, when you're hungry, you're totally Joey. There are countless moments over Friends' ten seasons where Joey took the words about food right out of my mouth, but here are 15 of the best ones.

15 When He Dumped A Girl For Stealing His Fries

Remember that time Joey dumped a girl because instead of ordering her own fries, she decided to eat off of Joey's plate instead? Not even his "buffer plate" stopped her! Some couples might think it's cute to share meals, but Joey doesn't subscribe to that way of life, and neither do I. I mean, whatever I ordered for dinner, I ordered it because I want to eat it. if I wanted what you ordered, that's what I would have gotten. And I'd expect anybody who's eating with me to do the same. Especially with fries. Fries are sacred. Everyone knows that!

Plus, I love how sorry Joey wasn't when his date came back to find he'd eaten her entire dessert. After she stole his fries, she deserved it!

14 When He Refused To Give Up His Junk Food

When Rachel's annoying sister Amy decided to spend Thanksgiving with Rachel and her friends, she started insulting everyone, and Joey wasn't having it. She tried to tell him, "a moment on the lips, forever on the hips," as if that would actually matter. What's the point of eating healthy when there's actually delicious, high calorie, fatty food in the world? Joey will not be body shamed. He's happy the way he is! And honestly, some food is just too good to give up in the name of weight loss. Who needs a diet, anyway?!

Besides, you know how they say nothing tastes as good as skinny feels? Pizza. Pizza tastes way better than skinny feels, and I have a feeling Joey would back me up on that one.

13 When He Showed Rachel He Keeps The Pizza Ready For Easy Access

When Rachel moved into Joey's apartment, she quickly learned that it's pretty fun to live with him... especially if you love eating. There have been many times Joey's kept his food in easy access, and the pizza chair is one of them. If you have a huge appetite, you understand the struggle. When you're hungry, do you really want to walk all the way to the kitchen to get food? I didn't think so.

If Friends was on in 2017, I'm pretty sure Joey would be obsessed with GrubHub and Seamless. I mean, think about it: A few presses of a button and whatever meal he felt like eating shows up at his door? He wouldn't miss a second of Baywatch. You know, if it was still on.

12 When He Refused To Waste Spaghetti

Living at Joey's is obviously way more lax than living with Monica — after all, you don't have to eat your cookies over the sink in case you get crumbs everywhere. Joey doesn't mind getting a little messy while he eats, but you know what he does mind? Unnecessarily wasting any of his delicious food. I wasn't at all surprised when Joey reached down and scooped up the spaghetti Rachel dropped on the floor and ate it... mostly because I would probably do the same thing. Not only does Joey love food, but he clearly respects it.

This is why the five second rule exists, people. If you drop spaghetti, just go ahead and eat it. Sure, there's probably dirt and stuff on the floor, but won't that just improve your immune system?

11 When He Saved His Sandwich's Life

During a ride along with Phoebe's cop boyfriend, the guys heard a gun go off, and instead of saving Chandler, Joey dove to shield Ross. Except when the truth came out later, they found out that not only was that gunshot just a car backfiring, but it Joey wasn't actually trying to save Ross — he was trying to protect his precious meatball sub, the sandwich of all sandwiches, purely out of instinct. But honestly, can you blame him?! It did sound pretty delicious.

Yeah, yeah, protecting your friends is important. But friends come and go, while meatball subs are forever. And I have a feeling that his sandwich wouldn't have survived that bullet, anyway. Hey, a meatball sub actually sounds pretty good right now. I wonder where Joey got his from...

10 When All Joey Cared About Was Cake

Sure, Ross may have said Rachel at the altar when he married Emily in London, and yeah, that made the wedding reception pretty awkward... especially because Ross spent most of it begging Emily to come out of the bathroom until she escaped through the window. But weddings can be a drag, and there's only one real reason to attend them (aside from the free booze): Cake. Naturally, Joey wanted to make sure that was still happening. Can you blame him? It was a dramatic day! Everyone needed a little sugar anyway!

Ross' problems may have been a bit bigger at the time, but he was better off without Emily in the long run anyway. And if you ask me, Joey earned his dessert. I mean, the man flew halfway across the world to be there for his friend on his big day. Let him eat cake!

9 When Joey Couldn't Choose Between Food Or Sex

One day, while the gang was hanging out at Central Perk, they asked each other to make the impossible choice: Would they rather go the rest of their lives without food or without sex? Being that these are Joey's two favorite things, it's totally understandable that he had no idea which option was better. I loved the answer he gave at the time: "Girls on bread!" Ah, the best of both worlds.

And now that I think about it, I don't know which I'd choose, either. But just like friends come and go, so do lovers. You know what's always there for you, dependable, and delicious? A cheeseburger, obviously. So I'd probably have to go with food, and I think if Joey had more time to think about it, he would, too. I hope my husband isn't reading this!

8 When He Actually Did Share Food

More than once over the history of Friends, we've seen Joey cradling a bucket of chicken as lovingly as he does the chick and the duck. But sometimes, you just want to eat the least healthy part of the meal, and in this case, it's the delicious, greasy fried chicken skin. And it's not like you can just walk into KFC and order chicken skin by itself, right? You have to buy all the chicken, eat the skin, and then hope one of your friends wants to eat the rest. Why waste good, skinless chicken?

It's not every day Joey offers to share food, after all. I wonder if that girl he dumped over fries would be interested in chicken. They could be a match made in heaven if she'd just back away from his fries!

7 When Not Even His Emotions Could Keep Him From Eating

One of my best friends totally stops eating when she's going through a sad or stressful time in her life, and when I try to cheer her up with food, I always fail. Me? I'm more like Joey. When I'm down, I'll wait five minutes, and then I will start emotional eating like I'm trying to set a world record. Cake, pie, an entire pizza — put it in front of me and I will devour it. It may not fix whatever problem I'm dealing with at the time, but it'll definitely make me feel better!

I know they say food isn't love, but Joey and I both disagree. Sometimes, the only way to solve a problem is to wolf down a dozen cupcakes. If no one sees you eat them, it's like the calories don't count!

6 When He Was Too Hungry To Function

In this episode, Joey and Phoebe waited literal hours for the rest of their friends to show up to Phoebe's birthday dinner, and since Phoebs wanted to wait for everyone to get there to order, Joey was starving and even turned a little cranky in the process. In that moment, I never felt like I understood this character more. Sometimes you don't want to listen to people talk, you just want to eat. And if you're me, "sometimes" really means "all the time."

This could have all been avoided, really. Aren't situations like this why appetizers are invented? I don't care if my friends are late — it just means I'm ordering some cheese fries. And if they're all gone when everyone else arrives, too bad. You snooze, you lose, especially when food is involved!

5 When We Found Out What The Joey Special Is

And in case your memory is a little rusty, let me be the one to remind you! The Joey special is actual two pizzas — it doesn't matter what kind of pizza or where they're from, as long as they are two of them. It's not surprising at all, since pizza is one of Joey's favorite foods, and he's not a very picky dude when it comes to food. He did eat Rachel's disgusting meat trifle, remember?

Besides, two pizzas is always the perfect number to order, even if you're by yourself. I realize not everybody can put away a whole pizza in one sitting like Joey and I, but who doesn't love leftovers? You can never have too much cheesy goodness — in  your tummy or in your fridge. Next time you get pizza, try the Joey special. I guarantee you won't regret it!

4 When He Ate Immediately After Thanksgiving Dinner

Speaking of pizza... here's more of it. Thanksgiving dinner is clearly no match for a man like Joey Tribbiani, and even after stuffing himself full of Monica's yummy meal, he was ready to devour some pizza. Finishing a meal less than five minutes ago has no bearing on the true food lovers of the world; when you're truly hungry, another meal can definitely serve as your dessert. Or, you know, second dinner. Whatever. I'm not here to judge.

If there's ever a day you should feel comfortable chowing down on turkey, mashed potatoes, and pizza, it's Thanksgiving. Don't you think this is the way the pilgrims would have wanted it? I feel so bad they never got to try pizza. It would have made an excellent Mayflower riding snack.

3 When He Tried To Teach His "Twin" The Most Important Thing About Him

When Joey found out he couldn't make money from a medical study unless he had a twin, he took the opportunity to find a dude who looked vaguely like him and try to teach him to pass as his other half. Unfortunately, his fake twin just couldn't get with the program, and he missed out on the most important fact of all: Pizza is everything to Joey. How could this guy forget?! Pizza is everything to all of us.

Ultimately, the twin thing didn't work out, but maybe it could have if he took as much interest in food as the real Joey did. If he's ever looking for a twin again, he should probably come find me. He and I are definitely soulmates in that way!

2 When He Reminded Us All Of The Most Important Part Of Any Holiday

Like Joey says, you can't have 4th of July without apple pie, and that applies to so many other holidays. Thanksgiving wouldn't be Thanksgiving without turkey, Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without cookies, and Halloween wouldn't be Halloween without a zillion pounds of candy (and even more you bought the next day 50% off). It just wouldn't be right! Yeah, seeing the people you love and stuff is fun, but holidays are really about the food.

Without food, holidays are just a time where you spend way too much money and let your relatives take over your house — usually while they invade your personal space and criticize your lifestyle. We all need the food to survive them, especially when emotional eating becomes necessary! Joey speaks the truth!

1 When We Found Out He Keeps A Fork With Him At All Times

When Chandler and Rachel found that cheesecake that accidentally got delivered to Monica's apartment, they absolutely devoured it. And then, when a second one arrived, they decided it would only be fair if they split it in half. But then, they dropped the cheesecake on the floor, so it was time to try to eat what wasn't actually touching the hallway, and that led to one of my favorite Joey moments of all time.

He whipped a fork out of his jacket and started eating like this was something he does all the time. We should all be prepared as Joey, guys. You never know when an opportunity of really, really good cheesecake is going to come, so you want to be ready for it when it does.

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