15 Times Jojo Fletcher and Becca Tilley From 'The Bachelor' Were Serious Friendship Goals

Jojo Fletcher did not walk away with what she came for when she left The Bachelor on season 20 with Ben Higgins, but she did walk away with (arguably) something much better... a best friend, Becca Tilley! This was Becca’s second shot at love, after coming runner-up with Chris Soules on season 19, the year before. Out of the 28 girls in the mansion, Becca and Jojo were pretty much meant to be.

Now that Jojo has found her very own unicorn, Jordan Rodgers, from her season of The Bachelorette, Becca and her friendship still looks stronger than ever. Just when you thought they couldn’t be more friendship goals onscreen, follow them on social media and they will prove you wrong. Case in point these 15 reasons why they're serious #friendshipgoals. 

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15 The time they were working out AND drinking mimosas at the same time.

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How innovative are Becca and Jojo? It is kind of hard to imagine that the girls can get bored in a gigantic, decked out mansion, but you have to remember that they do not have access to the internet, television or have any real interaction with the real world. They only had each other, so they had to get creative. Not only are Becca and Jojo helping each other stay healthy by working out, but they’re also reminding each other that it’s important to treat yourself. Friends who workout together, stay together. They even have a nice little rhythm going with two reps and one sip. Can we add how awesome it is that they’re drinking mimosas out of a wine glass? We’ve been doing it wrong all along.

14 The time they both realized they didn’t know where Indiana is (and shaped like) on a map

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Okay, this was probably one of my favorite Becca and Jojo moments from their season on The Bachelor. The girls on the group date that episode were paired up and had to test through a number of high school subjects with activities. One of the many tests was to try to place the state of Indiana on the map. If I remember correctly, all the other teams had placed Indiana sort of close to where it actually is on the map. But not only did Becca and Jojo place is the furthest off, they also placed the state horizontal instead of vertical. When it was revealed to everyone, Jojo and Becca’s reactions was just priceless. But hey, at least they were in it together, right? 

13 The time Becca held all the flowers while Jojo took a selfie, because this is what real friends do 

Via: instagram.com

Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses sometimes. After seeing all of Jojo and Becca’s social media, from their Snapchats to Instagram pics, it is nice to see the behind-the-scenes moments when they actually capture those moments. Look at Becca just being a flower queen while Jojo snaps away. It looks like the two took a trip to Michaels, the arts and crafts store, to get props for what we can only assume (and hope) is a photoshoot. What makes this photo even better is that Jojo’s hands are completely free and Becca is holding onto every last thing possible. What are best friends for if not moments like these? Again, this only strengthens my argument that these two need their own reality show. ASAP.

12 The time Jojo got a spanx shoutout from Becca

Via: instagram.com

We’ve all probably shared clothes like jackets or dresses with our best friends at some point in our friendships, but is it safe to assume that most of us haven’t shared Spanx? But if Spanx does not make your friendship any tighter, I don’t know what will. Maybe some friends would find it weird to share Spanx, but Becca and Jojo already shared a boyfriend for a very limited time, so sharing Spanx was probably not an issue at all. Becca herself even admitted in the caption of the photo that this made their friendship stronger than before. The cherry on top is Becca probably looked amazing in that dress, too. We all need friends who look out for us, so good looking out, Jojo.

11 The time Becca was sick and Jojo said she would take care of her

Via: twitter.com

Raise your hand if you like being sick? No one? That’s right, because being sick absolutely sucks. And it’s harder to be a sick adult because you have to take care of yourself. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll have people in your life that’ll help take care of you. Even though Jojo and Becca do not live in the same city, they still try to take care of each other via social media. Bec’s was feeling under the weather and expressed it via Twitter. Jojo responded with the sweetest message saying how she would nurse her back to health if she could. She even called Becca her little nugget! How sweet is that? And Becca, we are totally with you at NyQuil at 6:30pm. zZzzZ

10 The time they had a taco piñata with just them two, because why not? 

When I first saw this, I had so many questions. Like, why is it just them two with a piñata? What was the occasion for the piñata? What is inside of the piñata? And then, I stopped questioning because I realized who cares—they have a TACO piñata! How awesome is that? Where does one even find a taco piñata? Trying to hang a piñata somewhere is also not as easy as it may seem, so I get why they wanted to save time by having Jojo just hold onto it. Piñatas are usually for a big group, but there are no rules when it comes to you and your best friend. For the record, if that was my piñata, I would have stuffed that taco piñata with real mini wrapped up tacos inside.

9 The time they both dressed up as old ladies together for Halloween

Via: instagram.com

Could this be a sneak peak into the future? I think so. Halloween is one of those things that if you’re going to commit, you should really commit. That’s exactly what Jojo and Becca did this year. Halloween is a time of the year that people like to be someone else other than themselves. While some girls like to go with the sexy approach for Halloween costumes, some girls approach it with something completely different: a comedic way. The BFFs had full glam to look like much older versions of themselves from head to toe. Their makeup was on point. Jojo’s fiancé Jordan even joined in on the fun and looked like he could be someone’s handsome grandfather. The trio definitely grooved the night away.

8 The time they wore matching workout outfits and went by the name #JoBecca. #BFFGoals

Via: instagram.com

You know you are officially best friend goals when both of your names get meshed together. When Jojo and Becca met, #JoBecca was formed and, as we can all tell, the rest has been history. They were paired up to play a friendly game of football against Caila and Lauren when the girls went to Ben’s hometown of Warsaw, Indiana. They definitely looked like they were ready for some football. They ended up completely matching with their black tops, black bottoms and their very bright red/orange sneakers. Planned or not, I feel like this should be the new uniform for football players everywhere. It looked like Caila and Lauren were also matching, with their jean themed fits. Hmm, I wonder if JoBecca won the game?

7 The time they had a photoshoot together and looked nothing less than magical

Dear Jojo and Becca, please help. Why is it that when I try to do photoshoots with my best friends, they do not turn out anything remotely like this? I’m lucky if my best friend and I both have our eyes open in our photos. JoBecca’s friendship chemistry really shines here because you can clearly see how well they get along, effortlessly. The besties are seen being silly, having fun, sharing a skateboard and just really enjoying each other’s company. Not a bad deal to get some cool snaps out of it, too. When you get to do photoshoots with your BFF, you don’t really need anyone to direct you. No one knows you two better than you two. Can someone just follow these two around with a camera daily already?

6 The time Jojo helped Becca floss her teeth in public

Via: instagram.com

I have helped my best friends do a lot of things in public. Like how I’ve helped them tie their shoes or how I’ve helped them cut their food up (because their wrist was broken), but I have never helped my best friend floss. It is one thing to floss your own teeth in public, but it’s a whole other story when your own best friend is helping you floss your teeth, in public. But hold on, it’s not floss that Jojo is using to help Becca get something out of her teeth. Jojo is actually using some of Becca’s fake hair as floss. Yes, Becca said it herself. That is some strong fake hair. But it is still not quite strong as Becca and Jojo’s friendship.

5 The time they both tried really hard to eat an Oreo off their faces

I’m upset that I didn’t think of this game first, but I have a feeling this was either Becca or Jojo’s idea. Back to being bored and trying to be creative in the mansion, the girls played a game of “who can eat an Oreo off their face with no hands” the fastest, because why not? The Oreo starts off on your forehead and the mission is to get the Oreo in your mouth by pretty much scrunching and moving your face around as much as possible. Caila and Jubilee joined in, but look at how dedicated Jojo and Becca truly are. Best friends don’t ease up on each other in times of competition, instead, they should push each other to try even harder and to do even better.

4 The time they helped each other wash and blow dry their fake weaves at two a.m.

Via: instagram.com

If you can’t fall asleep at night when you’re living in The Bachelor mansion, you can’t really just watch TV or scroll through your Instagram feed to kill some time or get sleepy—you have to find things to do. Becca and Jojo found a way to be efficient, even when it was the middle of the night at two a.m. With a house full of 28 girls, I can only take a guess that the bathroom is likely one of the busiest and crowded spaces in the house. So, it’s not too surprising that these two best friends would want to wait 'til two in the morning to do something like wash their fake weaves. They even helped each other blow-dry one another’s. Goals. All. Day.

3 The time Becca had the perfect reaction to Jojo's nipple comment

Via: giphy.com

Jojo has had quite a lot of memorable one liners and moments throughout the season when she was on The Bachelor. Like when the pigs in Jamaica were crowding her and she was trying to run away or that time she thought a baby bat flew into the house and started freaking out, but it was actually just a big moth. During The Bachelor’s reunion show before the finale, they were showing bloopers from the season and one happened to be where Jojo was commenting on her nips. Everyone laughed, but Becca had the perfect reaction that a best friend would have. She laughed, clapped and was so proud. It helped how Becca’s camera popped up on the bottom left screen to cover Jojo’s you-know-what.

2 The time Becca was keeping Jojo safe

I’m sure everyone remembers Chad (#ChadBear) from Jojo’s season of The Bachelorette. Out of all the guys, he definitely became the villain pretty much since the moment he walked into the mansion. Chad sort of had an anger problem and wasn’t afraid to show it on the show. He didn’t really get along with anyone. Some of the other guys felt threatened, because, well, he did threaten a few of them to be fair. Security from the show had to actually step in a few times because of how unsafe some of the guys felt. While The Bachelorette was airing, Becca shared an older photo of her and Jojo jokingly saying how Jojo was hiding from Chad behind her. Best friends always have to look out for each other.

1 The time Becca pinned Jojo down on her birthday like a real friend would. (:28-:48 seconds)

When it is your best friend's birthday, you definitely spend the whole day with them. Your job as their best friend is to make sure they have the best day ever. You want to make sure it’s a day that they will remember and look back on and smile. In Becca and Jojo’s case, you also have to pin down your best friend when it’s their special day. Becca documented Jojo’s birthday and shared what they did all day, from Jojo blowing out the candles to when Becca decided to pin Jojo down on a bed and record it. Only real friends are comfortable enough to do this to each other.

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