15 Times Justin Bieber Was Actually A Nice Thing In This World

Do you remember how great the world was before Justin Bieber? Do you remember when “belieber” was not an actual word in our language? Do you remember when his weird helmet hair reached the hall of fame? Yeah, sure everyone can recall those awkward moments. But, most important, do you remember the first time you found yourself singing “Sorry”? Come on, don’t be shy to admit it! We've all been a bit confused about our feelings about this (recently hot) guy. Whether you’re a true belieber, or whether you hate him, we should accept there have been some situations when The Biebs was actually not such a bad thing in our world. I mean, growing up is about doing stupid things, and this kid has been growing up in front of the entire world. So, what can we expect?

15 When He Went Despacito

Via: Hollywood.com

Let’s be completely honest with this one. Shall we? Who doesn’t love Spanish? It sounds beautiful, it’s sexy AF, and it’s the second most spoken language in the world. Yup, that’s right. More important than you thought, huh? Well, maybe Spanish was just a nice language, but when Bieber decided to get both hands on that track “Despacito” the world just paralyzed. Or is it just me? We are aware that The Biebs doesn’t know a word in Spanish except for “Taco”, and we know that because one day he shared his deepest thoughts about Mexican food and religion in just one sentence. How you ask? He declared:

“You don’t need to go to church to be a Christian, if you go to Taco Bell, that doesn’t make you a taco”

Yeah, wise words but back to Despacito, can everyone agree that his voice is just irresistible?

14 When He Shared His Thoughts About Maple Syrup

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Do you remember when little Justin had that cute face and he didn’t know anything about life, but he already knew how important maple syrup was in his diet? Uhmm, yeah, he probably still doesn’t know anything about life, but we know that already and it certainly doesn’t surprise us. Instead of speaking about his lack of knowledge, let’s just talk about the time he decided that it was important to share his thoughts about maple syrup. I know, very funny, right? Well, little Justin was probably going through his puberty peak when he tweeted how much he liked maple syrup, and I guess we cannot really blame him for sharing such a pure, innocent thought. At the end of the day, he is actually right, who doesn’t like “pancakes for breakfast…… with some nice maple syrup?”

13 When He Played The Little Pony Role

Via: Thedailybeast.com

I don’t know, there is always something charming (or horrible) about his hair. I totally get it. I also had a dark past during my teenage years, as I’m sure you all had too. Whether you used to be a super stylishly emo or you had no style whatsoever, we all have pictures that are basically always haunting us. The only good thing about our embarrassing looks, is that not a large percentage of the population is trying to find them on Google in order to write stupid articles. Phew! To be honest I think this hairstyle wasn’t that bad. I mean, as long as he doesn’t have the helmet anymore, we’re doing fine. But not everyone thinks the way I do, and the poor Biebs has been called My Little Pony after this lilac-silver combination. What do you think? Is it really that bad?

12 When He Borrowed A Hairband From a Fan

Via: Buzzfeed

Speaking of Justin Bieber’s hairstyles, I would like to remind everyone of that time when he was on stage and decided to borrow a hairband from a fan. Sure haters won’t think this is actually a cute thing, but is there anyone out there who actually believes this was sweet AF? During one of his shows, The Biebs was having some technical problems with his Little Pony/Weird Dreads hairstyle. Fortunately, this wasn’t a big problem because we know how supportive beliebers usually are. A true belieber gave him a hair tie, and also, during another show, The Biebs asked a fan to help him with his man bun. What a cute moment, right? Well, at least he admitted that there was something going wrong with his hair. And what could have been better than asking a fan for help during this fashion emergency?

11 When He Was Doing This

Via: Express.co.uk

Ughh, this is so bad that it's actually good. I know this list is supposed to find some nice moments that Justin Bieber had shared with us, and I’m honestly trying hard here, but believe me, it is not as simple as it seems. This guy is a natural talent when it comes to doing embarrassing stuff. He has no limits whatsoever! And this picture will prove it. Somewhere in between his no forehead years and his unstoppable collaborations with awesome rappers, The Biebs was trying to find his unique style. Whether he was trying to stay true to himself, or maybe stealing beauty tips from his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez, this guy gave us awesome outfits that we won’t ever forget. Why? Because it's nice to know that he looked bad at least once!

10 When He Decided To Wear Calvin Klein Underwear

Via Pinterest

It is proved that the Calvin Klein Photoshop combo always works. Yes yes yes, we need to talk about this one. Like, Calvin Klein ads are known for being sexy AF, and this Bieber edition wasn’t the exception at all. Remember when you used to make fun of your little sister’s obsession with The Biebs? Well, now you can swallow your words and join her because we can be almost a hundred percent sure that Bieber is not getting uglier anytime soon. I know, that very first moment when you realized that he was actually hot was indeed an awkward situation. Believe me, once I was there too. But, you know, sometimes you just need to enjoy the good things in life. And if good things in life mean Justin Bieber’s underwear, who am I to deny that?

9 When He Stripped On Stage

Via: Seventeen

Like every other person, Justin Bieber has his good and bad moments. But right now we are not really into his bad moments, and I think we all agree that shirtless Justin is our favorite Justin. So yeah, shirtless Justin is just the best Justin moment we can possibly imagine. In case you don’t remember, a couple of years ago, during the Calvin Klein era, Bieber striped on stage at Fashion Rocks. I know, what a great idea, right? The weird thing is that the crowd didn’t find it so awesome and he got booed. Why are people such haters? I don’t get it! Come on, let the kid strip on stage so he can show the world how comfortable he feels in his Calvins.

8 When He Thought He Was Hot

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This is cute because we don’t know who is more attractive, if the original Biebs or his many wax figures. Like, everything in his face is extremely pretty and pretty is not really a synonym for hot. Is it? Sorry Biebs, if I were Calvin Klein, I probably would have never picked you to perform one of the most epic photoshopping moments in underwear history. Thank God I’m not Calvin Klein. This Bieber look is important because, after so many great adventures with his helmet signature hair, this was probably one of the first times we got to see that Justin Bieber had actually a forehead. We all should be really thankful that Internet will always treasure this awkward shots to make us cheer up after having a bad day.

7 The Fact That He Likes Piña Coladas So Much

Via Pinterest

Uhmmmm, where should I start? That’s a good question. You guys like piña colada? What’s the thing you like the most about these cocktails? They’re fresh, creamy, tropical, and great for every occasion. But you know what other thing is also great for every occasion? Yup, this picture. Another reason to thank Internet for doing so much for us. And don’t even try to lie to yourself. As I said, it’s okay if at some point in your life you use to hate Justin Bieber. In fact, you don’t need to even like him. Just take a look at this picture and enjoy what life (and Internet) has to offer. We don’t know the whole story behind this great sneaky shot, but who cares when there is such a beautiful piña colada to admire.

6 When He Gave It All At One Love in Manchester

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When Ariana Grande returned to Manchester to perform at One Love, she wasn’t alone. Celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Pharrel, Liam Gallagher, Mac Miller, Katy Perry and Justin Bieber joined the stage to honor all the young Manchester victims. We don’t want to get too emotional with this one, but one thing we should all admit. Although Bieber is known for basically not giving an actual F for anything in life, his perform at One Love last June, was honestly very touching. The Biebs took the stage with a very humble an unusual attitude, sang beautifully to his audience, and gave them loving words and a great performance. It seems that being a pain in the butt is not his only natural talent. Cheers for that one, Biebs!

5 When He Learnt That Less Is More

Via: Instagram

Can you imagine finding this on the streets? Let’s be serious about this. When was the last time you saw Bieber wearing such a laid back outfit? Never is probably the right answer. He looks just fine. This Justin should tell the number 13 Justin on this list that less is more. To be honest, nothing can go wrong with this outfit. He is keeping it clean. No flashy colors, no weird hairstyles, no horrible glasses, no stupid things on his head, no weird faces. Congratulations Justin, you’re the man! We hope to see more of these great outfits coming. It looks like The Biebs is following the right path in fashion. Who knows, maybe it is a good moment for Justin to start wearing normal clothes instead of just his tour line.

4 When He Made Kanye West Dance

Via: Hollywoodlife

Whether you like it or not, Bieber’s last album, Purpose, is actually a good record and we know that because Kanye West couldn’t stop dancing every time he listened to “What do you mean”. Yup, that’s right. Kanye West absolutely loved this hit. He actually said “What do you mean” was his favorite song of 2015. That is quite big, especially coming from Yeezy, don’t you guys think? And it doesn’t end there. Back in 2015 Kanye showed up twice to Justin Bieber’s concert and we are lucky that Kim Kardashian got a really good video of Kanye doing his best moves. So every time you think that Biebs is your guilty pleasure, just imagine Kanye West dancing to What do you mean. I promise you will feel better.

3 Every time He Dances With Children During Tour

Via: Youtube

Ok, so Justin Bieber decided to cast kids to join him onstage during his Purpose tour. That’s right. Anywhere in the world he goes, he picks a bunch of kids to perform one song with him, “Children”. Aww, isn’t this too cute for words? Well, it should be. Even though he is always trying to look all tough and bad, these things just make us think that most of the times he’s just trying too hard. Maybe sooner than later he will get to be as tough as he wants, but in the mean time, he is still dancing with children, and that makes us very happy and proud. Please Justin, never disappoint your true beliebers and keep having kids around whenever you perform. It’s just cute!

2 When We Realized Justin Bieber Looks Like This

Via: Instagram

Surprising, huh? It looks like Justin Bieber is not a funny little guy with a weird helmet haircut anymore. Well, little Justin was cute, and I don’t know about you but when I look at pictures like this one, I don’t really miss the old Justin. In fact, I don’t even regret the fact that I am getting older. As long as I can get to see these great shots on his Instagram, age is just a number for me. People, it doesn’t really matter if you like his music or not. It doesn’t really matter if the guy had a weird hairstyle past. Don’t focus on unimportant stuff. Just take a look at this picture and be happy. Enjoy the good things in life and join the belieber way of life.

1 Looking Smart

Via: Instagram

We are not completely sure about who was originally wearing this, but who cares. It’s screamingly funny. We know that most of the times Justin Bieber can be a pain in the butt, but some days he just comes up with hilarious stuff. It seems that blue is his color, and his sex appeal can reach unexpected levels we didn’t even imagine. One thing is for sure, The Biebs always knows how to surprise us. Maybe this one is not as sexy as his Calvin Klein moment, but definitely is another epic Photoshop moment. And the best thing is that this picture was actually shared on his Instagram personal account. Let’s face it, you never thought the guy could get this funny on purpose, huh?

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