15 Times Kate and Leo were Friendship Goals

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet have been the best of friends ever since they filmed the movie Titanic together. The two got along quite well on the set of the massively popular film and ever since, people have always wondered why they never dated.

Kate and Leo have always said that their relationship was strictly platonic, even though they love each other fiercely. Kate has said that Leo sees her as one of the boys because she's not a girly girl.

Their relationship is too adorable for words and we have put together a list of times that their friendship made us go "awww!" Because who doesn't love examples of true friendship like theirs?

From Leo walking Kate down the aisle at her wedding, to cheering each other on at award shows, here are all of the times Kate and Leo made our hearts happy.

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15 When Kate won the Golden Globe for best actress

Via: Vanity Fair

2009 was a great year for Kate Winslet as she took home both the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress in The Reader and Best Actress for Revolutionary Road. Leo was sitting right beside her at the dinner table when she won both awards and as she won the award for Revolutionary Road, he helped her stand up and gave her a hug to congratulate her. The pure joy on his face when she won was adorable.

The best part was when Kate declared her love for him onstage. Tears in her eyes, Kate said "Leo, I'm so happy I can stand here and tell you how much I love you and how much I've loved you for 13 years. Your performance in this film is nothing short of spectacular. I love you with all my heart, I really do." Leo blew kisses at her from his seat as his eyes welled up with tears. There wasn't a dry eye in the house.

14 When Leo finally won the Oscar for best actor

Via: NY Daily News

After losing at the Oscars year after year, Leo finally got the award he deserved in 2016 for his film, The Revenant. All of the memes about Leo never winning an Oscar sadly came to an end, but the man's career speaks for itself. He is an incredible actor.

Leo brought his mom as his date to the Oscars that year and Kate was also in the audience when he won. During his acceptance speech, Kate was shown sitting next to her husband in the audience with tears in her eyes. With her hands clasped together, she hung on every word he said as she undoubtedly felt great happiness and joy for her best friend.

The fact that each of them cried when the other won major awards is adorable and it showed just how much they love each other. True friendship for the win!

13 When they went to the Golden Globes together

Via: Pinterest

When Kate and Leo went to the Golden Globes for Titanic, they went together as each other's dates. All together now: awww!

While interviewed on the red carpet, an inteviewer for Entertainment Tonight asked them if they came to the awards as a couple and Leo answered "yeah, we came together." The interviewer said "did you really?" and asked "is there something we need to know?" Leo smiled and said "absolutely not. We're good buddies." Kate responded "absolutely, just friends."

Even though many reporters have asked about their relationship over the years, they have always firmly stated that they have never been more than friends. Kate herself has said that there was never anything romantic about their relationship and that she's never been a girly girl, so Leo sees her as one of the boys. Their relationship is so cute!

12 When Leo walked Kate down the aisle at her wedding

Via Pinterest

When Kate married her third husband, Ned Rocknroll, Leo walked her down the aisle at her wedding. Are they BFF goals or what?

Sadly, there are no pictures on the internet of this moment, but the fact that it happened is good enough for us.

While many fans would love to see Kate and Leo end up together, their friendship is beautiful just the way it is. A male/female friendship such as theirs is so beautiful. Kate and Leo have something that is truly magical.  They are living proof that men and women can be friends and love each other a tremendous amount without ever getting romantically involved.

11 When Leo Skyped with Kate on Oprah

Via: Gossip Rocks

When Kate Winslet made an appearance on Oprah, Leo Skyped in to chat with them both. Leo used this opportunity to publicly congratulate Kate on her two Golden Globe wins and said "two wins in one night, one of the most amazing things I've ever seen."

Leo went on to say that him and Kate grew up in the industry together and that they've been a support system for each other for a long period of time. "We've been there for each other and helped guide each other."

Leo had to get up super early in Los Angeles as Oprah tapes in Chicago in a different time zone. Even though it was really early, Leo said he was happy to do it and said "Kate, I love you babe. Congratulations again." So sweet!

10 When they made Revolutionary Road together

Via: Mirror

Leo and Kate never stopped praising each other's performances in Revolutionary Road and that included Kate's acceptance speech at the Golden Globes when she said that Leo's performance in the film was "nothing short of spectacular." Leo said in a Skype chat on Oprah that the lead female role required a really good actress and he felt that it was a role that Kate could take on. They also stated on Oprah that because they were such close friends and had known each other for so long, they were able to really go at each other in scenes where they had to fight. They weren't afraid to push boundaries with each other due to their friendship which was great because the film turned out to be a masterpiece. It wouldn't have been the same with any other actors.

9 The way they bonded on the set of Titanic

Via: Pinterest

Filming Titanic wasn't easy. Kate and Leo had to spend hours upon hours in a water tank shooting those scenes in the water when the ship was going down. Because it was such a hassle to get in and out of the water while shooting, both Kate and Leo admitted to having peed in the water tank. Gross, right? However, we are sure this is just one of the many instances where the two bonded over something silly and made them even better friends. Friends who pee in a water tank together stay together, it seems. Kate actually admitted to this on The Rosie O'Donnell Show.

James Cameron told People magazine that the cast was allowed bathroom breaks, but he was pretty sure they were peeing in the tank, anyway. Why get out when you don't have to, right?

8 When Leo and Kate squeezed hands at the BAFTA's

Via: Vanity Fair

Kate won a BAFTA award for her performance in the Steve Jobs film and as she was walking towards the stage to receive her award, she walked past Leo and squeezed his hand. After presenting her acceptance speech, Leo was shown again standing and applauding for his favorite girl.

The way these two always support each other at awards shows is adorable and the fact that they've remained such close friends after all this time is truly a beautiful thing. They are both such incredibly talented actors and it's nice to see them cheer each other on and always have each other's backs, even when they lose. Both of them were nominated for years without winning anything and then both finally got the awards they deserved.

7 When Leo won the SAG award for best actor

Via: Tumblr

After being nominated for a SAG award nine times, Leo finally won in 2016 for his film, The Revenant. When he won, he was sitting at a table with a bunch of other people, including Kate. After Leo hugged a couple men who worked on his film, he went and hugged Kate, who enthusiastically wrapped her arms around him and gave him several kisses on his right cheek. After this, Leo turned back to the stage and faced the cameras which caught a huge smile on his face.

Even though they don't always mention each other in their acceptance speeches like Kate did when she won the Golden Globe for Best Actress, they are always there cheering each other on and offering hugs and kisses when the other wins.

6 When Kate freaked out over seeing Leo on the red carpet

Via Pinterest

At the Oscars in 2016, Kate and Leo just happened to run into each other on the red carpet and they were so happy to see each other. Kate turned and spotted Leo arriving on the red carpet and said "oh my God!" and covered her mouth with her hand. She then made her way over to him and they posed for pictures together as reporters shouted at them "Jack and Rose!"

They then parted and posed for pictures individually before making their way back to each other and posing for more photos together. As they did so, they whispered silly things to each other and laughed, only as two best friends could do. Seriously, though, their picture perfect friendship just melts our hearts.

5 When Kate said she was focused on Leo at the SAG Awards

Via: E! Online

When asked on the SAG awards red carpet why she was so shocked to win the Golden Globe for her role in the Steve Jobs film, Kate responded that she had spent the awards season so focused on Leo and the fact that he was finally winning everything and she was so excited for him, she didn't focus as much on herself. She also said that there were lots of actresses floating around in her categories so she thought one of the other actresses who were nominated many times over would win instead of her.

The fact that Kate remains so incredibly humble after all these years in the business is why so many people adore her and the fact that she was more focused on her best friend Leo winning than herself speaks volumes about their friendship and how much they love each other.

4 When they gush about each other

Via: Vanity Fair

Kate and Leo have always supported each other's careers and have never failed to gush about each other in interviews. On one such occasion, Kate told Vanity Fair "[Leo] is my closest friend in the world" and that she believed 2016 would be his year to win at the Oscars, so she refused to boycott them. She said she "couldn't imagine not being there to support him." Aww.

The press ended up calling Kate Leo's "main groupie" at the BAFTA's and Leo's response to that, according to People magazine, was laughter. Leo then said "Kate, that's my homegirl!" Gotta love their love for each other.

The two have supported each other non-stop ever since they made Titanic together and we hope the lovefest doesn't end anytime soon!

3 When they're silly together

Via Pinterest

Kate and Leo love being silly together. You know, as most best friends do. Even though they are both fully grown adults now as opposed to the young adults they were when they first met and developed their long-lasting friendship, they still love to joke with each other and be silly.

They've been known to giggle together on red carpets and joke with each other in interviews. While in a joint appearance on the Today show, Kate joked about the changes they have been through in the past 10 years of their friendship. "I think I can speak for both of us: we have a lot more wrinkles. Don't we, darling?" Too cute for words.

They loved goofing off on the set of Titanic together, too. You know, peeing in the water tank and then joking about there being a "warm patch" of water in the tank. Ha!

2 When Leo said Kate was still beautiful and radiant

Via: Pinterest

When Kate and Leo made an appearance on the Today show, they were asked if anything had changed between them over the years, since they had been friends for so long. Kate looked at Leo and said "he's a man now. Look at him - he's just bigger. Physically you aren't that different; you're just less puny." Ha. Leo's response, however, was a bit more serious. He said Kate was "still as beautiful and radiant as the day I met her." Leo, why are you so amazing? He continued, saying "she is the consummate professional; she keeps pushing herself to an emotional truth when she's working. That's why I keep saying she's the best." Sigh. Everyone needs a best friend like Leo. He's the freaking best!

1 When Kate said Leo was the love of her life

Via Popsugar

When on the red carpet for the Divergent premiere, Popsugar asked Kate who was dreamier; Leo in Titanic or Theo in Divergent. Kate responded and said "Leo is my love of my life. How could you even ask me that?" We agree, Kate.

Kate also said that if she answered that question and said Theo over Leo, Leo would never let her stay the night at his house ever again and she wouldn't want that. Hilarious. She could never betray her best friend and chose another man over him, are we right? Her response was just so cute and something fans adored. We never want to see a day where she chooses anyone else over Leo. Nope, not at all. Fingers crossed those two are friends forever!

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