15 Unforgettable Fails That Will Haunt Kim Kardashian

The Kardashian family is everywhere. From the tabloids to our televisions, we just cannot seem to escape them. We hear their baby names and their new endeavors before we hear what is going on in politics or local news. They have become American royalty. Arguably, the main Kardashian that people follow is Kim Kardashian West. While she was once a personal shopper and closet organizer for the stars, she worked her way up to reality star fame. She is now 10 seasons into her main reality show. She even married a famous musician and continued to grow in fame.

Some people will say that they only reason the Kardashians are famous is because their father represented O.J. Simpson during a murder trial, but Kim seemed destined to be in the spotlight from the get-go. While many people view her as a flawless socialite who has had only successful business endeavors during her career, many people forget about some of the major fails that Kim has encountered during her life. From personal life to business life, Kim has not always been the successful, posh star that we think of her as now. Check out some of Kim’s biggest fails and embarrassments through her time in the limelight.

15 72 Days Of Marital Bliss

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Kim Kardashian’s whirlwind romance with basketball star Kris Humphries was documented through Keeping Up With The Kardashians. After knowing each other for only six months, Kris got down on one knee and proposed to Kim, which allegedly had to be filmed again for the show’s sake. Their relationship continued to go quickly, as they planned their wedding to be three months away from their engagement date.

This wedding was highly publicized and was a big part of the Kardashians’ reality show. There were some major red flags raised during the wedding planning process and right after the wedding. Only 72 days into marriage, Kim filed for divorce, despite Kris’ protests. Kris was heartbroken over the divorce and realized he was a tool for publicity’s sake. They have had a variety of lawsuits against each other since.

14 Sing Out Loud, Sing Out Wrong

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Only some of Kim’s most loyal fans will remember her attempt at a singing career. In 2011, Kim took to the recording studio to record a song with The Dream. The song was a little bit of EDM mixed with poppy hip-hop.

The proceeds to the song, “Jam (Turn It Up),” ended up going towards an organization that helped people affected by cancer. This song did not take off like the Kardashian family anticipated.

Even Kim will be the first to say that recording this song was a mistake, as she is tone deaf. In typical Kardashian form, Kim was just trying to dip her toes into every pool. The music video was even a little cringe-worthy, with Kim just posing provocatively through the duration of the song and it was never even released in full.

13 Her Movie Was A Disaster

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The year 2008 produced great music and funny movies. Kim Kardashian was cast to star in a movie this year, but it was a flop. Disaster Movie was made to parody the movies that teens at the time loved.

Even the beloved High School Musical series was not safe from this spoof movie. Kim was killed off during the movie, getting hit directly into the earth by a meteor. Even that could not save her in real life from the embarrassment this movie caused her. She was cast to bring more teens into theaters.

The acting was not good, the spoofs were not funny and the casting was a bit outrageous. Not only do critics and fans hate this movie, but Kim considers it the absolute most embarrassing thing that she has ever done.

12 Kim’s Infamous Couch Dress

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Kim Kardashian is known for her great sense of fashion. She is generally dressed impeccably and people often try to replicate her best looks. With a husband like Kanye West, leaving the house in anything less than stellar is criminal.

At the 2013 Met Gala, Kim was pregnant with daughter, North West. The theme of that year’s gala was supposed to be punk. Kim, however, showed up resembling a couch. Her floor length, floral gown that extended into gloves on her hands resembled a couch that people would associate with their grandparents.

It looked like it would have smelled like moth balls and peppermint candies. It was even compared to Robin Williams’ outfits in Mrs. Doubtfire. People took to the internet to rip Kim apart. It was a fashion disaster.

11 A Bad Run In With Photoshop

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The Kardashian women are known for embracing their curves. Kim’s curves are particularly notable and she frequently discusses how she takes great pride in her body. Unfortunately, Kim sends mixed messages on a regular basis. While she claims her photographs are never Photoshopped, some internet sleuths have spotted some abnormalities in her images that would have been caused by extreme editing.

Bent doors and walls, missing limbs and differing skin tones have been big giveaways to the fact that Kim’s pictures have been altered. Kim underwent a phase in which she was not proud of her body because she was sedentary for about three months after a procedure. These edits made fans feel as though she was not being honest with them. That is a big no-no as a reality star.

10 Swatch What You Are Doing

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As someone who is known for the incredible contouring of her face, it is no surprise that Kim decided to start her own line of makeup. She started a contour specific palette called the KKW Beauty Bronzing Contour and Highlight Palette. Before people purchase makeup, especially from the Internet, they want to see how pigmented the colors are and how they blend.

Enter swatching. Swatching is when a makeup artist or makeup guru swipes the different colors and shades they are offering onto something, generally their forearm. Kim swatched her palette on Instagram and it was a disaster. Not only did it look like a variety of bruises on her skin, but it was just a mess. People were quick to take her down for being a fraud or clueless about makeup.

9 Sneaky Sneaker Snafu

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The year 2011 was an odd time. Sneakers were being put on the market that were supposed to help tone and firm ladies’ legs and buttocks. Due to her voluptuous and famous derriere, Kim Kardashian hopped on this bandwagon. She teamed up with the sneaker company Skechers to promote Shape Up Sneakers, which were advertised to tone people’s rear ends.

Kim starred in some racy ads for these sneakers to help sell them to her target demographic. People wanted to have Kim’s shape, so they went out to buy them. Fast forward a few years and Skechers was sued for false advertisement, as these shoes did not help tone any part of the body. That is quite a scandal and resulted in a big payout, thanks to scientific evidence that the shoes were nothing but sneakers.

8 Dancing Queen Of Fails

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Kim’s music career did not take off. She even gave dancing a try, but to no avail. Kim was a member of the Dancing With The Stars during its seventh season. Her partner, Mark Ballas, was a very accomplished dancer up to this point. Together, the two took on the foxtrot and mambo. But Kim was made more for prancing and less for dancing.

One of her main issues was she could not isolate her hips to move independently from the rest of her body! She was voted off during week two, despite having such a loyal following of fans. Brother Rob Kardashian was able to advance further on the show in later seasons and holds that over Kim’s head, saying that he is the better dancer in the family.

7 Kardashian Khaos Klosed

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The Kardashian name is generally associated with success. When the entire family opened up a store in Las Vegas, Nevada, they were sure it would be a hit. Kardashian Khaos was a novelty store selling Kardashian fandom clothing and products. Many of the shirts boasted statements such as: “Kim Is My Fave.”

It was like a souvenir shop for a television show that was not even based in the area, which made it a little odd to put it in Mirage. The items were priced high for the junk that was said to be sold there, like key chains and towels. People did not want to spend all of their money on items from the Kardashian line without being close to the celebrities, which led to the store closing its doors after about three years.

6 Her Career Was Almost In The Toilet

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At the beginning of her reality stardom, Kim Kardashian accepted virtually every promotional opportunity. Possibly due to the notoriety of her rear end, Kim got an endorsement deal with Charmin, the toilet paper company. Kim made an appearance in New York City at the grand opening of a public restroom, sponsored by Charmin.

Here, she posed with the Charmin bears, held Charmin toilet paper and walked a red carpet. She was even the lucky lady who got to cut the ribbon to open the brand-new restrooms and was presented a key. While everyone has to use toilet paper, this seems to be an embarrassing promotional deal. If Kanye had been around at this time, we cannot imagine this deal would have been something that Kim was able to participate in.

5 Getting The Kiss-Off From Prince

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Prince was a huge musical icon and remains to be despite his passing. While he was alive, he held a concert that Kim Kardashian decided to attend. She was a huge fan of him and brought a group of friends to his show. Prince then decided to invite the socialite on to the stage to dance with him. As we learned from Kim’s Dancing With The Stars performance, dancing is not in her area of expertise.

After being on stage for a very brief period of time, Prince gave her the boot off stage. Apparently, she was not dancing up to par with what he had expected or had wanted. He ended up allowing her back on stage, but only with a group of her friends dancing around her.

4 What’s In A Ring?

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Kim Kardashian West made an appearance on the television show Big Fan. This show was created to quiz celebrities on some of the things that have happened in their lives that their fans know about, but that the celebrities may have forgotten about. Kim faced a lot of embarrassment on this show, as this helped Disaster Movie resurface.

More embarrassing, Kim did not know about her engagement ring from husband Kanye West. When she was asked about how many carats were in her ring, Kim underestimated by three to four carats. People then started questioning if Kanye lied to the media about the number of carats in her ring or if Kim was really that clueless. Regardless, that is an embarrassing situation for all, especially since they pride themselves on knowing the finer things in life.

3 Her Royal Highness Kim Kardashian

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Back when Keeping Up With The Kardashians first started, the Kardashian family made sure to get their business names and company names trademarked. Each sibling had their own company name, just in case of future endeavors. Some of the siblings had more than one business entity, especially when they collaborated with spouses or their momager.

Kim has her own independent company registered and ready to go. The name of her company, which is still the name of it today, is Kim’s A Princess, Inc. (Notably, it is generally written as Kimsaprincess, Inc.) It seems like it should be a fictitious name, but it is her business name. This makes Dash seem like the most normal name in the world. Someone should have told these siblings that these names would haunt them for all of eternity.

2 Straight Out Of Twilight

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Kim is a trendsetter. She knows it and her fans accept it. Most of the things that Kim does end up getting tried by fans and haters alike, just so they can say that they did something a Kardashian did. When Kim shared a picture of her face looking bloody, fans were alarmed that she had been hurt. Kim had not been in an accident, but she had gotten a bloody facial often referred to as the “Vampire Facial.”

Needles are inserted into the face, causing it to bleed. These needles also contain some of the person’s blood to help rejuvenate the face with fresh blood. It is supposed to help restore the collagen in the face and smooth everything out. It was a little too much for fans to handle.

1 Where Are All Of The Fans?

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Fans tend to show up wherever the Kardashians are expected to be. Even if the fan only gets to see Kim’s hand as she passes by them, it is an experience that the fans will never forget. Appearances are often expensive and only the wealthiest fans are able to see Kim, never mind meet her. While promoting her new perfume, Kim scheduled an appearance at a club called Hush in North Carolina.

Generally, the star’s appearance causes news to spread like wildfire, with fans swarming in quickly. At this appearance, less than 50 fans showed up through a two-hour period of time. Kim was mortified at the lack of support from her fans, causing her to abruptly leave to avoid further embarrassment. While it was unscheduled, it is still a huge disappointment when supporters do not show up.

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