15 Times Kristen Bell And Dax Shepard Made Us Believe In True Love

From sweet tweets, to romantic moments shared on Instagram, we can't get enough of these two.

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are one of our favorite Hollywood couples; they're simply adorable and so funny. They love to have a good time and make each other laugh. They're both very involved with philanthropic work and are very outspoken about their political beliefs. They have great careers - remember Kristen Bell is the voice of Anna in Frozen. And they've even done a couple of movies together! Plus they are parents to two beautiful daughters. These two have it all! They are the ultimate dream couple and they totally make us believe in love every time they're together. From sweet tweets, to romantic moments shared on Instagram, we can't get enough of these two.

Remember that time Dax brought a sloth, Kristen's favorite animal, to her birthday and she couldn't stop crying? Or that time they made a music video to the song "Africa"? These two are just too much. Here are 15 of their greatest  moments:

15 When They Do Good

Dax and Kristen love to donate their time, their money and their celebrity power to causes that are important to them. They are two of the most involved and active people in the celebrity world when it comes to charity work and politics. Just check out their social media feeds. Almost every other post is about a cause that they care about. Check out this video above of Kristen working with PATH to support ending homelessness. Not only is she lending her voice and notoriety in doing this video, but she has also been actively involved with the organization. And that's just one of very many that Kristen and Dax support. Both were proud supporters of Hillary Clinton and raise awareness about the dangerous policies being enacted by the current administration. They support causes close to home, like PATH in Los Angeles, and international causes like ending slavery. Basically, they're just two really awesome people.

14 When He Was Her Valentine

We're not crying - you're crying! How stinking cute is this moment? For Valentine's Day 2017, Kristen shared this adorable video of her and Dax driving to the courthouse for their wedding. The two were married in 2013 at the Beverly Hills County Clerk's Office. They didn't have a big fairytale wedding with hundreds of guests and helicopters flying overhead. They kept things super low key. And the media didn't know anything about it! In fact, it wasn't until last year when Kristen and Dax released some photos of their wedding that we even saw the nuptials. And goodness, were those photos romantic! Who knew a clerk office wedding could be so magical? And then Kristen goes and writes this gorgeous declaration on V-Day. We love how in love these two are with each other without being over the top.

13 When He Celebrated Their Anniversary

Time for a throwback! Check out this vintage shot of Kristen and Dax from way back in 2008. How have they not aged in practically a decade? They still look just this cute in 2017. Dax and Kristen began dating in late 2007. Three years later, they announced their engagement to the world. But they decided to wait until California legalized same-sex marriage before trying the knot (swoon!). After the Defense of Marriage Act was struck down in 2013, Kristen asked Dax to marry her over Twitter. And of course, he accepted. We love how low-key these two are. They proposed over social media! And now, almost a decade after they began dating they are happily married and parents to two beautiful daughters. It seems like things have really worked out for Kristen and Dax.

12 When They Made A Pact

We love that this is the conversation Dax and Kristen had on the morning of the Golden Globe Awards. Having been in the business for so long, these two know how to do the red carpet. And they are known for being goofballs and having fun—so they decide to mix it up. Maybe they don't want to hurt their cheeks grinning all night. Maybe they want to save their fake laughs for the bad jokes coming their way during the awards show. Either way, these two totally delivered. They arrived looking so phenomenal. Dax was dapper in an all-black tux but eyes were definitely on Kristen. She took this opportunity to remind us that she's more than just a cute Disney character; Kristen Bell is one hot mama! Did you check out her plunging neckline and vampy black dress? Plus that tousled hair! We were loving it!

11 When They Could Show Their True Emotions

#tbt to when I cried at our wedding and @daxshepard thought it was really funny.

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At first glance, this image looks like it could be a PSA for bullying. Why is this mean man laughing at a woman who is crying? Well, turns out that's just how Dax and Kristen roll. Kristen recently shared this image from their clerk office wedding. She revealed that she got emotional during their ceremony and began to cry. So what does Dax do? Does he play the perfect loving husband and comfort her? Does he wipe away her tears and then wipe away his own? Nope! Dax laughs. And not just a small chuckle. He goes big and laughs right in her face. Most people wouldn't want someone laughing in their face while they cry but it seems to work for Kristen and Dax. We're sure she was laughing with him a few minutes later.

10 When They Got All Dressed Up For A Big Day

Celebrating @theellenshow 's birthday in style.

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We love when Kristen and Dax get to clown around together. The pair headed to The Ellen DeGeneres Show this January to celebrate Ellen Degeneres' 59th birthday. Obviously, they had to dress up for the occassion. And what better than these outfits? A bright gold suit jacket - obviously the perfect choice for Dax. And we don't even know what ruffle monstrosity is attacking Kristen's shoulder but we know it is working for her. Plus those purple velvet gloves! This whole look just screams 59th birthday. On the show, Dax and Kristen were hilarious - even when they had on their regular clothes. They told jokes and retold the story of Kristen meeting her celebrity crush (Riz Ahmed) at the Golden Globes. Supportive husband Dax even made the introduction and admitted to finding the star very attractive with great skin.

9 When They Had The Best Globes After Party

Now the REAL event begins!!! #settlersofcatan @kristenanniebell #goldenglobes

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This picture pretty much sums up everything we love about dream team Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell. Look at these two! This was their Golden Globes after party. They didn't go out to a fancy party, they didn't want to go schmooze with other celebrities, pose for photos or do an after party outfit change. They wanted to get their nerd on and play Settlers of Catan. They didn't even bother to get changed before diving in. We can only hope they take a break so they can put on their onesies and maybe call for a pizza delivery. But we're loving the dedication to the game. Hours earlier on the red carpet, Dax and Kristen were already bragging about the awesome night they had planned. This definitely looks more fun than standing in a dark room, wearing uncomfortable heels, and trying to talk to people you barely know over loud music. We pick games night every time!

8 When They Showed Us The Love

It's hot as hell outside. @kristenanniebell

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Aww so cute! We love when our favorite celebrity couples let us into their intimate moments and remind us that they actually love each other. And of course, Dax had to do it with a bit of comedy or else it wouldn't be Dax' style. We love the low key way he is calling his wife and partner of almost 10 years a hottie while they took a photo smooching outside in the snow. It's just so sweet! And it wasn't to advertise a movie or a brand. It was simply sharing a sweet moment and reminding us that true love really does exist. Just look how happy they are! We'd love to hit the slopes or hang out in the snow with the Bell-Shepard clan. We bet they have some awesome moments building snowmen, tobogganing, and throwing snowballs at each other. How hard do we have to work to get Kristen to reprise her role of Anna from Frozen and sing, "Do you want to build a snowman?".

7 When She Admired His Culinary Genius

A late night chili dog? We didn't realize how bad we wanted one of those until right this second. We're hoping this is a holiday tradition that Dax does every year. After the feasts of Christmas and before all the booze of New Year's, Dax sneaks out to the kitchen in the middle of the night and begins crafting his famous late night chili dog. What makes it so secretive? Who knows! That's up to Dax and his creative genius in the kitchen. It also looks like Dax might be wearing a festive onesie and a nice warm beanie, which is the perfect Christmas cooking attire. We love everything about this photo and this moment. We just have one question; how did those chili dogs turn out? Were they any good? And can we get one?

6 When They Were The Cutest On The Beach

Another adorable snap of the couple. We're loving this sun drenched picture of them just enjoying life together. Dax, Kristen, and their family headed back to the couple's home state of Michigan this fall for some family bonding by the lake. Both Dax and Kristen were born and raised in suburban Michigan just outside of Detroit. Despite spending their childhoods so close to one another, the two didn't meet until a friend's party in 2007. And it wasn't love at first sight. Kristen says their first meeting was not electric. But a few weeks later, they ran into each other at a hockey game and things started to heat up. Thank goodness! We're so glad these two found each other. And we love the idea of them both returning to Michigan and pointing things out saying, "You hung out here? I used to hang out here!" What are the chances?

5 When They Did This

Come correct.

A post shared by Dax Shepard (@daxshepard) on

Let's just take a moment to appreciate everything about this wonderful image. This is how Kristen and Dax attended the Game of Thrones premiere. A premiere that everyone else attended in ballgowns and tuxedos. These two opted for tank tops and temporary tattoos. And it was so perfect! Look at those tanks: "Stark in the streets, Wilding in the sheets." We literally laughed out loud when we saw this for the first time. Where do we get one of these shirts? We're loving the warrior stance in this photo too. But most of all ,we love how these two are such huge fans and totally unapologetic about their fandom. We would also like to show up to our favorite show's premiere in these awesome tops. And can you imagine the GoT parties these two must throw? We're imagining some themed snacks, a costume contest, and who knows what else!

4 When She Loved His Dad Skills

What's sexier than a funny good-looking actor? A funny good-looking actor who is also an awesome dad. We love when cute guys are in their full dad mode. It's so charming to see a manly man who is known for telling jokes get down and be playful with his kids. And clearly, Kristen is also a fan of Dax becoming a #dadbeast. And what says 'dad beast' better than a three seater bike? This is an impressive mode of transportation. No boring car seats or strollers for these guys. Dax is going all out and full athlete with this three seater bike. And he even has a basket! This dad is definitely ready for anything. We should also probably mention his hand painted tank top and cut off jean shorts. Yup, now dad mode is definitely in full effect here!

3 When He Was Super Supportive

Kristen is one of the most involved celebrities we know. She is always lending her voice and image to important causes, raising funds, and standing up for what she believes in. One cause that is very important to Kristen is the work she does with the Alliance of Moms. Alliance of Moms offer young moms education, resources, and a supportive community to succeed and break the cycle of teen motherhood. Kristen posted a photo of herself in an AOM shirt, sunglasses and a hat to Instagram. A few days later, Zac posed for the exact same photo and Kristen couldn't be happier with his support. It's so nice to see a man supporting his wife. We love a guy who is confident enough in himself to rock a #LikeAMother t-shirt.

2 When They Brought Us The "Africa" Music Video We Didn't Know We Needed

Last year, Dax uploaded the most magical musical video to YouTube and we couldn't believe what a gem we were graced with. He told us that he and Kristen had filmed this on their last trip together to Africa before they had kids, so pre 2013. And then we got to watch a magical lip-syncing video to Toto's "Africa," complete with chasing zebras, crying in the rain, and practicing martial arts. It was too hilarious! These two are amazing. We didn't even know we wanted this video and yet we can't imagine life without it now. So we're definitely loving the throwbacks to their epic music video. Maybe they can make it an annual tradition. They could do a different music video every year! They could even get the kids involved! Oh wow - this is an awesome idea - we'd love to see more Dax and Kristen productions.

1 When This Was Her First IG Pic Ever

I don't know how to use instagram but I do like this picture.

A post shared by kristen bell (@kristenanniebell) on

How cute is this? We can't even stand it! This was Kristen's first ever picture on Instagram. She was a bit late to the Instagram game, having only started an account a year ago. But boy did she start things off on the right foot. And over 60,000 people seemed to agree! We love this candid shot of the couple just being adorable and in love. They're not all glammed up and they're not posing for anyone else other than themselves. Isn't it cute to think that Kristen and Dax wanted to take a kissing selfie just for themselves? And then Kristen decided this would be the perfect photo to share on Instagram for her very first post. And we could not agree more! This is too cute and we would gladly take a few more adorable photos like this anytime.

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