15 Times Lisa Simpson Was Savage AF

We all know and love Lisa as Bart’s younger but wiser sister. As the voice of reason in the show, Lisa is always fighting for a cause and sometimes it seems like she just doesn't belong in the Simpson family. She is more than just brains and maturity, she's also a total BAMF.  The show is known for its social commentary and Lisa acts as the mouthpiece that delivers biting common sense. She's presented in various ways throughout the years and has no qualms getting her hands dirty to prove her point. Sure she comes off as annoying at times, but she has always stayed true to herself and has been a great role model for any young girl or woman watching the show. These 15 Times Lisa Simpson proved she was a total BAMF will remind everyone how brave, opinionated and strong-willed Lisa can be.

15 She's No Ordinary Beauty Queen

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Although Lisa is young, she knows the importance of being a good role model for other girls. When she is chosen as Springfield’s Junior Miss Beauty Queen, she decides she is going to be more than just a pretty face. She makes it her missions to end the injustices in Springfield and starts with a few that are closest to her heart. Sure, she could have just enjoyed wearing a dress and smiles and waved at all the residents, but the Lisa Simpson we all know and love is not that kind of girl. As usual, many of the residents of Springfield weren’t interested in what Lisa had the say, but the fact that she brought attention to issues that matter, is what’s important. Now if she could just get her family to care a little more, that would be great.

14 Dress For The Job You Want

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Sometimes Lisa tries to be a normal girl and not worry about gender equality, but it seems like she always has to stick up for women and their rights. When she and her family went to a Stuff-N-Hug store, where they made their own stuffed animals, Lisa wanted to dress her dolphin in a power suit. The store didn’t offer female suits and refused to sell her a male suit for the female dolphin. Lisa wasn’t discouraged though and she lied and told the employee that her dolphin was actually a boy. She was able to leave with her dolphin dressed in a suit. It’s pretty bad that she had to trick someone into selling her a suit for a stuffed animal. No wonder the world is in such bad shape.

13 She Doesn't Play With Those Kinds Of Dolls

Lisa believes that women should be appreciated for their minds and not just their looks. When she is given a Malibu Stacy doll, she is appalled. She decides that she wants to make a doll that girls can look up to so she makes the Lisa Lionheart doll. Unlike Malibu Stacy, Lisa Lionheart is ambitious, smart and independent. When her string is pulled to make her talk, she says encouraging things such as, “trust in yourself and you can achieve anything." Of course, a lot of girls still preferred their Malibu Stacy dolls and weren’t impressed by Lisa Lionheart, but you have to hand it to Lisa for trying to steer young girls down the right path. The world needs more Lisa Lionheart dolls and less Malibu Stacy dolls.

12 Who Needs A Husband?

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One of the things we all love about Lisa is that she is a strong and independent girl. She doesn’t need someone else to take care of her. She has plans on being successful and doing it all. She easily get frustrated with her brother and dad, who really aren’t the best male role models in her life anyways. When Marge tells her she needs to rethink her attitude if she wants to get a husband, Lisa doesn't seem bothered by the thought of staying single at all. It’s hard to picture Lisa growing up and getting married, but if she were to take a husband, he'd be a like minded and supportive partner because Lisa doesn’t answer to anyone.

11 Why Change It?

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It should come as a no surprise that Lisa doesn’t plan on changing her name when or should I say if, she gets married. While it’s common for most women to take their husbands’ last names, not all choose to do so and both are valid choices as long as they remain a choice. Lisa plans to hang on to hers so she doesn’t feel as if her husband has taken over her identity. She's had a number of crushes over the years and I wonder how many of them would be comfortable with her not taking their last names? She could always marry Milhouse. He would probably be more than willing to take the Simpson last name.

10 Who Else Would Be Her Favorite Author?

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This comes as zero surprise to anyone who is a fan of Lisa but if you had to pick a book that you know you would find on Lisa Simpson’s bookshelf, it would have to be the Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath. Plath excelled in being low key savage AF when critiquing the patriarchy. It’s no secret that Lisa enjoys her works and is hard pressed to back down on causes that she supports. Lisa not only reads a lot of Sylvia Plath, she also quotes her often. Most of the other students, even the other girls, aren’t as interested in feminist poetry and novels as Lisa, but that doesn’t stop her from sharing it with them. If you hadn’t guessed, Sylvia Plath is one of Lisa’s heroes.

9 She Gets It From Her Mama


Lisa had to learn her BAMF ways from someone. Sure Homer was a pretty awful dad, but his actions alone weren't enough to turn Lisa into the little women’s rights activist that we all know and love. Marge played a big role in Lisa’s upbringing and although she doesn’t seem like a feminist, there was a time when she dabbled in feminism. In fact, she even met Homer while in detention for burning her bra at a rally. Even though Marge is a housewife, it is her choice to be one and she is always supportive of Lisa who has no desire to turn out like her mom. Still, the empowerment Marge gives Lisa, is what allows her to be so strong and independent. Now if she only had a strong male role model in her life, she might  be a little happier.

8 She's No Dumb Blonde

You can always count on Lisa to fight against inequalities and stereotypes. When she finds that her blonde hair is causing people to not take her seriously, she decides to dye it brown. As a brunette she is expected to be smarter than the blondes and she goes along with it for a while. Eventually she has had all she can take and reveals her blonde roots. Her actions proved that blondes and brunettes were equally smart and she went to to explain how people shouldn’t be judged for their looks or genders and that women are just as smart as men too. I was always glad to see Lisa go back to her natural color. She just doesn’t look right with dark hair. Leave it to Lisa to put an end to stereotypes in Springfield.

7 She's One Tough Cookie


Lisa has it all. She’s smart, pretty and tougher than nails. When it comes to being a polite lady, Lisa has it handled. When it comes to playing hockey and getting tough, she kicks butt. Lisa discovers her talent for hockey while Bart is picking on her. The family is actually watching one of his games when he gets mad and starts hitting trash towards Lisa. Lisa easily blocks each piece. When the hockey coach notices her skills he asks her to join the team. She is given the goalie position and is naturally amazing at it. Not only does she kick butt, she actually leads her team to victory and to have the best season ever. Not even Bart can be mad or give her a hard time about that. So anyone who says girls aren’t good at sports and can’t play hockey, take a lesson from Lisa Simpson.

6 Seems Fair To Me


Lisa has a lot of heroes and most of them are women. During one episode, Lisa wins an essay contest about America and her family received a free trip to Washington DC. When she and her family travel there, Lisa made it a point to visit a women’s rights memorial. Meanwhile, Bart and Homer took advantage of the trip in other ways. Lisa eventually learns that that many government officials are corrupt but by the end up the episode her faith in the government has been restored and she continues her plans to become the first female President of the United States. Eventually she may get her own women’s rights memorial in Washington DC. In fact, I think Lisa deserves a spot on the list of people who have fought for women's rights.

5 She Dominates In Sports

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When it comes to playing sports or doing school work, Lisa is pretty competitive. She always strives to be the best and be better than all the other boys and girls. Anytime Lisa can show that girls are equal to boys, she takes advantage of it. In one episode she even coaches Bart’s baseball team. You might expect that the players would be angry that a girl was coaching a boy’s baseball team, but Lisa was such a good player, they didn’t mind. This is one time when Lisa didn’t have to fight as a feminist to get her way. Her abilities and talent were enough to get her the respect she deserved. Who would have thought that saxophone playing Lisa could also play a great game of baseball?

4 Relationship Goals

Lisa Simpson isn’t as boy crazy as some of the other girls her age, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t get crushes. Of course, being a BAMF with standards, she is into a certain type of guy. She isn’t attracted to guys who are overly masculine and might boss her around and try to control her. She likes guys who are soft and gentle and who will likely see the relationship as a partnership of equals. It can be hard for a young girl to find a guy like that, but she was able to find Non-Threatening Boy Magazine. Although she usually prefers books to magazines, she couldn’t pass this one up. These are the kinds of guys Lisa needs in her life. She can be seen reading this magazine in a few different Simpsons episodes so it's clearly one of her favs.

3 Just One Of The Guys


Lisa was always trying to prove that she was just as good as the boys. Her efforts were not only to make life better for herself, but all females. When the school decides to offer all boy math classes, Lisa refuses to accept that she can’t attend them. She comes up with a plan to dress as a boy and attend the classes anyway. When the class sees how smart she is, they will have to accept her, even if she is a girl right? That’s the plan. Of course, things rarely go as planned for Lisa so she didn’t exactly get the outcome she expected. She did however, stand up for the girls in her school and prove that girls are just as smart as boys. It's just sad she had to dress as a boy to be given a fair chance.

2 She Prefers The Term Wiccan

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Lisa is all about making sure that women are not portrayed to be evil or bad when they are simply trying to be strong and equal to men. She doesn’t like when people use awful names and labels for women and she certainly doesn’t like it when strong women are ridiculed. Lisa chooses to dress as a witch for Halloween but demands that everyone refer to her as Wiccan. Witches have always had a bad rap and it is common knowledge that most of the woman massacred during the Salem Witch Trials were only accused of being witches because they were opinionated and strong-willed. Lisa has the same qualities, but she won’t let anyone judge her for them. If only young girls felt so passionately about the Halloween costumes they wear in real life.

1 Lisa For President

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Nothing can stop Lisa from getting what she wants and she has always had big hopes and dreams. She believes that a woman and be anything a man can be, including President of the United States. Way before Hillary Clinton ran for President, Lisa sit in the Oval Office. Lisa had a lot of plans for the country and wanted to make sure that all women were treated fairly and had the same opportunities as men. As President, she was able to make that happen. Of course, she was also passionate about other things; like animals and music. Needless to say, Bart wasn’t too happy about it. Ever wonder what it would be like if Lisa Simpson really did run the country? I bet Bart would be pissed!

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