15 Times Lucas And Haley Were BFF Goals

Lucas and Haley were definitely one of the greatest male/female best friends on television. They grew up together and were like brother and sister and loved each other unconditionally. They also never became more than friends, which is what made their relationship so unique and beautiful. They loved each other platonically for the entire run of the series.

Lucas and Haley were lucky to have each other. Even though they may have had an argument or two over the years, they never stopped loving each other. They always had each other's backs and were there for each other whenever one of them needed the other. They were a great example of true friendship and we have put together a list of moments that show why.

15 When Lucas told Haley she was amazing

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When Lucas and Haley end their date that Haley bought at the Boy Toy auction, Lucas sees Nathan and Peyton kissing through the window of his apartment and keeps it from Haley. However, in the car before Lucas drops Haley off at her house, he believes that Nathan is cheating on her, so he tells her that if Nathan can't see how special she is, then he's an idiot, because he thinks she's amazing. Awww. He also tells her that no matter what they have been through, he will always be there for her. Then, playing by the rules of the Boy Toy auction, Haley reminds Lucas that technically, he owes her a goodnight kiss. She tells him if his tongue goes anywhere near her mouth, she will never speak to him again. He shakes his head and laughs before they share a sweet and innocent peck on the lips. So adorable.

14 Milk balloon fights

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One of Lucas and Haley's favorite pastimes was throwing water balloons at each other. They grew up together, so they had a tendency to be childish with each other at times. During their date from the Boy Toy auction, they went up to the roof of Karen's Cafe which was their own little hangout spot and had a water balloon fight. Some of the balloons were filled with milk, because that was their own little spin on the game. This scene was one of the greatest moments between them because it was a great representation of their friendship. Their friendship was innocent and fun and it never bloomed into romance because that just wasn't them and that's what made their friendship so great. The water balloon fight ended with Lucas discovering Nathan's jersey number tattooed on Haley's lower back and them having a heart to heart in the cafe.

13 When Luke walked Haley down the aisle

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When Nathan and Haley get married for the second time, Lucas enters the bridal suite and comes up behind Haley and says "I'm sorry, princess, I'm looking for my friend, Haley." He then gives her a hug and says "wow, you look really beautiful." Luke then asks if her parents really aren't coming to the wedding and she says no. Haley then says it's fine and she'll just give herself away. Then Luke says "or I could do it. If you'll have me." Haley loves this idea and she tells him that it would be perfect. He then puts his arm around her and says "I could never officially give you away, you know that? I could never give away my best friend." So sweet!

12 When Haley told Luke she was pregnant

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When Haley discovers that she's pregnant and rumors spread around school that someone is knocked up, Brooke takes the fall for her and tells everyone that she's pregnant. Haley then shows up at Luke's room one night and tells him the truth; that she's pregnant, not Brooke. Lucas is instantly happy for his best friend and tells her that everything is going to be okay, because her kid is going to have a great uncle, as he learned from the best, which was his uncle Keith. He reassures Haley that Nathan will be fine with it, even though his dreams of playing at Duke are so close, because Nathan is not Dan. He hugs her and comforts her as she starts crying and it's a really sweet moment between the two of them.

11 When Haley shaved Lucas' head

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When Lucas is going through some stuff in season 5, Haley comes to the rescue. He unfortunately sported a Mohawk for a short time and Haley came to fix that, too. She told him that they were going to go for a drive because she was his best friend and he needed her. She then grabbed a razor and said she was going to shave off his Mohawk because she had a son that wanted to look just like his uncle Lucas. Yes, little Jamie was sporting a Mohawk at the time, too. Lucas was a great uncle, but not always the best influence. It's also kinda funny how Jamie looked a lot more like Lucas than his own father, Nathan. Luke and Jamie were basically twins.

10 When Luke witnessed Haley being hit by a car

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In a very tragic episode in season 4, Haley is pregnant with her and Nathan's first child and she unfortunately gets hit by a car driven by Dante, a gambler Nathan had been dealing with. She gets knocked unconscious and as Nathan runs after Dante to beat him to a pulp, Lucas runs out of Karen's Cafe and rushes to Haley's side. He tells the paramedics that Haley is pregnant. Lucas then passes out due to a heart condition that he has. Even though his heart condition is why he passed out, there is no denying the fact that seeing his best friend lying on the ground like that was a factor, too. It was such a sad and horrible moment; two best friends lying unconscious in the middle of the street.

9 When they made up in Luke's hospital room

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When Lucas gets into a car wreck in the first season with his uncle Keith in the driver's seat, he winds up in pretty bad shape. He ends up needing surgery in the hospital. Haley is hesitant to visit him while he's in the hospital recovering because before he got into the accident, her and Lucas had a pretty big fight which ended in her slamming his bedroom door and saying "next time you see me, don't talk to me!" Yikes. Harsh. Eventually, Haley finally decides to go see her best friend and she gives him a hug while he's in his hospital bed and cries as he says "hey, buddy. I missed you." Best friends like them may fight, but they can't stay apart for long. They love each other too much.

8 When Luke fake proposed to Haley

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When Lucas is working on getting his book made into a movie, the director of the film wants to change the ending and have Lucas end up with Haley. During this time, Lucas is planning on proposing to Peyton and he picks out an engagement ring for her. Before he proposes, however, he runs the ring by Haley to get her opinion. He shows up at Haley's door and Haley comes down the stairs and sees Lucas down on one knee, presenting an engagement ring to her as he says "Haley, will you marry me?" Haley responds by saying "that is so creepy on so many levels." Lucas tells Haley that's how the director wanted to end his movie and Haley finds it disturbing. Haley then tries the ring on and then jokes and tells Luke that it's stuck, so she says she'll just have to keep it now. Lucas gives her a look and the scene ends.

7 When Lucas tried on Halloween costumes

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When the gang decides to attend a Halloween party at Tric, Lucas and Haley go shopping for costumes together. There is a great montage of Lucas trying on a bunch of different costumes, from Elvis to Captain Jack Sparrow. When Lucas came out of the changing room as Jack Sparrow, Haley said "this is hot!" Lucas gave her a puzzled look and said "excuse me?" Haley then gets all grossed out and says "well I mean... oh, ew. Not that I noticed or I could ever possibly think of you that way, I just... okay, ew."

Lucas then suggests Haley get a belly dancer costume in order to win back Nathan's affections and she tells him that she could go naked to the event and it wouldn't make a difference. Then Lucas says "okay, ew." Best platonic male/female friendship ever.

6 When Lucas comforted Haley at Karen's Cafe

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When Haley is feeling sad after Nathan did something hurtful, she sits on the ground behind the counter at Karen's Cafe and Lucas finds her there and asks "is this floor taken?" He then sits beside her and lets her vent. She tells him that she deserves a big fat "I told you so." Lucas tells her that he won't be hearing that from him. She blames herself for having feelings for Nathan when she believes she should have known better. She says "once again, the smart girl is really stupid." Lucas sweetly wipes a tear from her face and tells her that she's not stupid. This was such a sweet scene and a fan favorite among viewers. The way Lucas comforted his best friend when she was upset was the sweetest.

5 When Haley wrote Lucas letters

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After Lucas and Peyton left town and the show continued without them, Haley would often write her best friend letters. She explained in one letter that she knew she could call him, e-mail him or Skype him, but there was something about putting pen to paper that felt right for them. She wrote this letter while sitting on a picnic table at the River Court, which was Lucas' favorite spot in town. The way that their friendship lasted throughout the seasons and even continued after Lucas got married and moved away was a beautiful thing. Long distance friendships can be tough, but they made it work. It was great the way the series continued to show that their friendship was still there even after Lucas left the show.

4 When Haley gave Lucas his graduation gift

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Lucas' mom, Karen, had Lucas' book, "An Unkindness of Ravens" bound as a graduation gift for her son. Due to complications from Karen's pregnancy, she ends up in the hospital and is unable to give Lucas his gift. Haley gives the book to Lucas, instead. They share a sweet moment together outside of the hospital when Luke opens his book. Lucas wasn't even aware that his mom knew he was writing a novel. Haley tells him "I guess there's not much your mom doesn't know about your life." He reads the note inside the book that his mom left for him and he tells Haley that he wants his mom to be his mom again. Haley tells him that she will and everything will be fine.

3 When Haley officiated Luke's wedding

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When Lucas finally married the love of his life, Peyton, he got his best friend Haley to officiate the wedding. He got her ordained online super quickly so that she could do it at the last minute. What was so funny about this scene was that Haley suggested to Lucas that they should ordain someone they know to perform the ceremony and sign the marriage license. Before Haley could blink an eye, Lucas goes online on his cell phone and ordains her. When he tells her that she's going to be performing the ceremony she looks stunned. It seemed fitting that she be the one to perform Lucas' wedding ceremony, as he walked her down the aisle at hers. Once she is ordained, Lucas gives her a kiss on the cheek and tells her she's gonna be great.

2 When Lucas said Haley was his number one girl

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When Lucas decides to marry Lindsey, Haley gives him a hard time about it, because she believes he's still in love with Peyton and that he's making a wrong decision. She tells Lucas that marriage is a huge commitment and she asks him if he's certain that Lindsey is the one. Lucas then confesses to her that Lindsey will always be his number two, because Haley is his number one girl. He then adds that she always will be and asks her to not tell Lindsey or Nathan. Super cute. Haley is still mad at him, though, and tells him that marriage is super serious and he better make sure he's doing the right thing before he jumps into something like that. As Haley storms off, he says "does that mean you're happy for me?" Even though Haley was mad at him in this scene, it was still a great moment in their friendship because Haley was looking out for her friend and making sure he was doing the right thing. Haley was never afraid to call Lucas out on his crap and that's what made them such great friends.

1 When Lucas tells Haley he's always there for her

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When Haley is on tour with Chris Keller in season 2, Lucas goes to visit her. Her marriage to Nathan is on the rocks at this point and towards the end of the episode, she hands the signed divorce papers to Lucas and tells him she's not coming home. Lucas, disappointed, stands up and gives her a hug and tells her "I will always be there for you, Haley. You'll always be my best friend." Haley fights back tears as he says this.

This scene proved that Lucas' love for Haley was unconditional. He tried to get her to leave the tour and come back home, but she was going after her dream and didn't want to. Even though he was disappointed in what she was doing, he showed that he loved her anyway by telling her that he will always be there for her no matter what. If those two weren't friendship goals, then we don't know who is.

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