15 Times Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner Were #SquadGoals

On screen, they play sisters Arya and Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones, but off-screen, Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner are even closer than sisters. Although their characters aren't too fond of each other on the show, they adore one another in real life. Only a year apart despite their height difference, these two have practically grown up together, so it's no surprise they've become so close.

Ever since they first met in 2009, Maisie and Sophie have been pretty much inseparable. They hang out on the red carpet together, party together, have sleepovers and go on road trips together. They made hilarious Vine videos with each other and even got matching tattoos cementing their bond forever.

In short, these two budding starlets inspire us all not just with their incredible talent, but their hardcore love for one another. They give us major girl envy with their impressive BFF status. These are just a few of the times Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner were the epitome of #squadgoals.

15 When Sophie fixed Maisie's dress at the Golden Globes

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Even as recent as January, the world saw just how tight Maisie and Sophie really are. While they’re frequently seen on the red carpet together, they took their concern for each other to another level at The Golden Globes award ceremony.

In a beautiful display of friendship, Sophie adjusted the train on Maisie’s Ong-Oaj Pairam dress as she posed for photographers and even carried it while she walked. Aside from being two of the best-dressed women in attendance that night, they captured the hearts of the public, press and even their fellow celebrities with their sisterly gestures.

Aside from all the official photos floating around the internet, Anna Kendrick posted a photo she took of the pair on Instagram that night. For the caption, she described the encounter as follows: “Sophie was carrying Maisie's train down the red carpet and when they introduced themselves to me I made them let me take a photo because my heart couldn't take how bananas cute it was.” If they could inspire a snap from a fellow celeb, you know they’ve truly got something special going on.

14 When they played carpool karaoke on a road trip

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In 2014, Maisie took to Twitter to show off her practical driving test. “I did it,” she posted prompting the following response back from Sophie: “Road trip??!!!” Both girls took their driving test in between filming for Game of Thrones about a year apart. “I was really scared leading up to it as it’s not something you can go out and practice on your own and due to my schedule I haven’t been able to get out driving much recently,” Maisie told the Daily Mail. According to Maisie, she missed out on a few opportunities because she hadn’t been able to drive before. However now that she passed, it seems her and Sophie did, in fact, go on that road trip after all.

Soon after her test, Maisie posted a short video on Instagram of her driving with Sophie in the backseat. As if on their own version of Carpool Karaoke, Sophie grooved and sang along with Chris Brown’s “With You” while Maisie giggled in the driver’s seat. It’s captured moments like these that make them both so relatable. Any of us could be doing the very same with our BFFs.

13 When they were all cuddled up for a Game of Thrones viewing party

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Again, how can we not aspire to the greatness of their friendship when they’re clearly just like us? Despite being celebrities, Maisie and Sophie get together and watch Game of Thrones too—although any fan would kill to be at their viewing party. Emilia Clarke, who plays Daenerys Targaryen, posted this photo on Instagram a few months after they wrapped season five. She captioned the photo in adoration of the pair: "Sisters from other misters. #ourbabieshavegrownupsofast #wrappingitupwithaview #doesthismakemeagoldenoldie?" 

Maisie and Sophie are laughing and cuddled up together under a blanket like true friends do, about to watch themselves on TV. A lot of celebrities refuse to watch themselves, either due to embarrassment or because they have some sort of body dysmorphic disorder that makes them hypercritical of themselves. It says a lot about the pair of them that they can laugh about and praise each other’s performances together. What are friends for otherwise?

12 When Maisie asked Twitter for old photos of her and Sophie

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Both Maisie and Sophie are extremely active on social media, constantly posting photos of themselves and what they’re doing. As a result, pretty much everyone is aware of how much they adore each other. Nevertheless, it doesn't hurt to be reminded of it and reminisce on just how far they’ve come.

A few weeks ago, Maisie felt like taking herself (and the rest of the world) on a trip down memory lane of her and Sophie’s friendship. “Can u pretty please send me funny pictures of Sophie and I when we were well young? They make me laugh so much,” she posted on Twitter. The resulting response was a slew of gems from both before and after 2009 when their time on Game of Thrones first began. Although they’re only a year apart, Maisie looks remarkably younger than Sophie, which has to be a constant source of amusement for the two.

11 When they made a bunch of hilarious Vine videos of themselves

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If you’re still not sold that these two are the definition of #squadgoals, you need only to take a look at their Vine videos. Some lovely person strung them all together in one single YouTube video for your viewing convenience. From singing “Wrecking Ball” together awkwardly to making crazy faces and doubling over in laughter, these two have had the time of their lives making ridiculous videos of each other.

One of the best ones involves Sophie going after Maisie, who’s currently in the shower. When Sophie enters the bathroom, her face takes on a look of a surprise for a very good reason: Maisie is sitting in the bathtub, fully clothed, with the showerhead in her hand while she laps up the water like a cat. Sophie then takes the showerhead from her and proceeds to spray her with a very evil look on her face. It’s pretty much the best thing on the internet.

10 When they shared their FaceTime screenshot with the world

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Just like every other teenager in the western world, Maisie and Sophie love video-chatting with each other via FaceTime. There’s nothing better than getting to see your best friend’s face when you’re thousands of miles away or even if they’re just down the hall from you. Sometimes, it’s just more fun to mess around over the phone, where you can watch each other’s faces and take screenshots of your ridiculous facial expressions.

In 2014, Maisie shared this screenshot of her and Sophie mid-conversation on Twitter, looking very silly indeed. Aside from the cross-eyes and derpy faces, you’ll also notice that Maisie’s phone only had 2% battery life. “@Maisie_Williams FaceTime with 2% battery left... I see you like to live on the risky side,” Twitter user @LordShribz commented. A slew of other Twitter users also replied back to her about charging her phone, as if it were the end of the world. It must be nice to have fans who can’t stand the thought of your call to your number one bae dropping in the middle of a sentence.

9 When they post pictures of their epic nights out

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Some of the best photos of Maisie and Sophie involve them dressed up for a night out clubbing or doing whatever it is they do. The two have mad style for girls so young and always look on point no matter what. They’ve got their hair done, their makeup on, their nails did and you can’t help but envy their seemingly perfect lives. There’s nothing better than hitting the town with your soul sister, ready to take on the world.

They look particularly fierce in this photo from Maisie’s Instagram. They’re practically twins, with their black jeans and revealing tank tops. Judging from the photo’s caption, they probably did some club hopping with a few friends and got into a bit of mischief. “I'll remember this noooorrrrty weekend for the rest of my life,” Maisie posted. We think ‘nooooorrrrty’ means naughty, which is especially appropriate since the photo was dated sometime around Halloween. If only there was footage somewhere of the girls getting totally wasted and dancing on tables together. One can only hope.

8 When they proved that women rule in Game of Thrones

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Fans of the show may be familiar with the saying "valar morghulis," which translates to "all men must die," in High Valyrian. Judging by the characters who are left on the show, the Game of Thrones creator, George R. R. Martin, seems to have meant that quite literally. Along with Daenerys Targaryen and Cersei Lannister, both Maisie and Sophie’s characters (Arya and Sansa Stark) have also managed to survive thus far.

Seeing as the show has already surpassed the books in content (since George is still working on book six), no one knows for sure who will make it out alive at the end of the series. Nevertheless, fans love to speculate about everything under the sun, including if Arya and Sansa will reunite or if one of them will end up on the Iron Throne. This photo from Comic-Con is like a fan theory come to life as both actresses sit together on the Iron Throne. It just goes to show they have no problem showing their love for Game of Thrones and pleasing their fans in the process.

7 When they almost made out with each other and it was adorable

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Maisie’s Instagram is full of gems like this one of the two girls being super affectionate with one another. Sometimes, you just realize how much you love your best friend and jokingly pretend to kiss them. It’s not like you want to kiss them in a romantic way, it’s more of an “Oh my god, I’m so happy I know you” type moment. These two are so close they could probably make out and it wouldn’t even be weird.

This is the kind of female behavior that bewilders guys and makes other girls extremely jealous. Guys just don’t get it because they wouldn’t do that with their friends and girls want that kind of bestie closeness that’s often hard to find. What makes this photo all the more adorable, though, is the caption “there were never such devoted sisters.” Although it’s a bit of a joke since their characters kind of despise each other, it’s pretty evident that Maisie and Sophie themselves are even closer than sisters.

6 When they dressed up as hash brownies for Halloween

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Like Miley Cyrus and a host of other twenty-something celebrities, Maisie and Sophie aren’t afraid to voice their opinions on marijuana. Last Halloween, the two donned one of the cutest pot-friendly costumes we’ve ever seen: a pair of ‘hash brownies.’ Basically a mashup of the Girl Scout designation and the THC-infused baked goods, they pulled off a genius-level pun that deserves an award for sheer cleverness.

It looks like they even used actual Brownie uniforms and sewed on their own pothead merit badges. Who do you think is the bigger pothead, Maisie or Sophie? Judging by the mischievous look on Maisie’s face, it’s pretty clear the outfits were her idea. They’ve probably done hash brownies together in real life. If only there were Vine videos of their drug-induced shenanigans. For a couple of friends that seem so high on life already, that’s gotta be a hilarious sight to behold.

5 When Sophie copped a feel on the red carpet

Via: The Mirror

You know two girls are BFFs when they grab each other's boobs like it ain't no thang. Everyone's boobs are slightly different, like snowflakes, so you can't help but have that sense of curiosity about someone else's. You know what yours feel like, but what about your best friend’s?

Those are exactly the thoughts that must have been running through Sophie Turner’s head last April, when this photo was taken. Her and Maisie showed up to the season six premiere of Game of Thrones, looking very glamorous for their Hollywood screening. Upon seeing Maisie in a bandeau top, Sophie came up to Maisie and pushed her boobs together. When your best friend is head of the itty-bitty-titty-committee, it’s pretty normal to freak out when she’s sporting a bit of cleavage. Judging from the playful way they joked about it, this probably wasn’t the first time Sophie copped a feel either.

4 When they revealed each other's most embarrassing secrets

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When you feel comfortable enough to share embarrassing stories about each other on the radio, that’s when you know you’ve found your bestie. BBC Radio 1 host, Nick Grimshaw spoke to both Maisie and Sophie on separate occasions and asked them each what the other’s most cringeworthy secret was.

Maisie revealed that Sophie had an imaginary friend named Angelbert Wilson who wasn’t exactly a childhood creation. "This was like, when she was at secondary school—like 14, 15 years old," Maisie told the DJ. "[She] created a Facebook page and everything...She even just invited him to her birthday party event that she's going to have for her 21st."

While that’s pretty embarrassing, it’s not nearly as bad as what Sophie revealed about Maisie. After scoring tickets and backstage passes to a U2 concert in Belfast, the girls had a run-in with Bono. "I'd had a drink, and he goes, 'Hi, what's your name?'" Maisie recalled. "I said, 'I'm Maisie'—and I went to say, 'What's your name?' which you can't say to Bono.'" Yikes! At least she can laugh about it now.

3 When they rocked out together during a photoshoot

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You know how you have spontaneous photoshoots with your girlfriends when you're having a good hair day and your makeup is on point? Well, imagine if you were getting paid for that and the photos were appearing in some of the most well-known publications in the world. It has to be pretty amazing to work with someone you consider your best friend, especially when work consists of acting in one of the most popular TV shows ever.

Maisie and Sophie have it made and they know it. Consider this photo from 2015 from Maisie's Instagram, where the two are just having the most awesome time. They clearly know how to have fun and bring out the best in each other. A photographer couldn't ask for anything better in a pair of subjects, unless of course, they wanted a serious shot. There's no doubt Maisie and Sophie would try everything in their power to make the other laugh, which is what makes them both so perfect for each other.

2 When they nicknamed themselves 'Mophie'

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Every major fandom has their share of ‘shipped’ characters who are put into relationships. Although there are some people who actually do ship Arya with Sansa (Um, gross...incest), Maisie and Sophie have been given their own special, joint name: Mophie. Like Brangelina and TomKat before them, Mophie represents an ideal for us mere mortals to strive to. Although they’re not in a romantic relationship (as far as we know), their obviously strong bond is very much the stuff of #squadgoals.

While it’s not clear exactly when they came up with the name, it was likely sometime around Comic-Con in 2015. Maisie briefly refers to them as Mophie in a TV interview with E! Online and also first captioned one of her Instagram photos around that time with #mophie. It’s possible that it was entirely a fan creation and they just liked it so much that it stuck. Nevertheless, Mophie has captured the hearts of many for their adorableness and charm.

1 When they got matching tattoos of the date they became on-screen sisters

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There's no greater dedication of the bond you share with someone than getting matching tattoos. It takes a lot of confidence in the relationship and the tattoo's significance to go through with something like that. For Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner, there was no doubt in their minds about getting tattoos together.

The two friends made their way to Belfast City Skinworks in northern Ireland to get their ink done by tattoo artist, Kat Paine. After the deed was done, she posted a photo on her Instagram of herself, Maisie and Sophie looking very happy and radiant.

During the Emmy Awards, Sophie explained, "We've always kind of said we wanted matching tattoos." Although they debated a few different designs, including a direwolf for house Stark, they ultimately decided on the day they became on-screen sisters on Game of Thrones (August 7, 2009). "We don't know if we’re going to make it, so Maisie and I were like, ‘Let's get these ones before anyone kills us,’" she told E! on the red carpet. Let’s hope Arya and Sansa make it to the end of the series so we can see more of Mophie!

Sources: The Mirror, Instagram, E! Online, The Daily Mail, Twitter

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