15 Times Marnie The Dog Was The Most Fabulous Pet On Instagram

Meet Marnie, the cutest 14-year-old Shih Tzu from New York, that just so happens to be the most popular rescue dog on Instagram. Marnie was found by Animal Control on the streets of Connecticut when she was 10-years-old. Soon after, she was adopted, and her life completely changed. Marnie's most famous trademarks are her head-tilt and her little cute tongue that sticks out in pretty much every photo. I can promise you that after going through this list, you will definitely fall in love with her. Her photos are hilarious, heart-warming and simply fabulous.

Here are 15 times Marnie completely slayed us with her Insta-game.

15 This is Marnie, the cutie that's been stealing hearts for 14 years.

I'm in a blue shed haha so funny

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Look at how adorable she is! The fact that her head is tilted just a bit and her tongue is sticking out only makes here more unique and adds to her cuteness. While Marnie's signature head tilt is cute, the reason her head is tilted is because she briefly suffered from an illness called Vestibular Syndrome. But hey, who doesn't love a good ol' dog head tilt? As for her tongue, it sticks out simply because she had 14 of her teeth removed. Regardless of what Marnie's been through, she's a very happy and loving dog and we are just so lucky that her owner (shout out to Shirley Braha for saving Marnie and giving her everything she ever wanted and much more) decided to share her daily adventures with us.

14 Here she is frolicking around Paris.

Yes wee wee it's such a gr8 arc

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Marnie is such a jet-setter. She has traveled the world, and has been to more places than all of us combined. She's basically a local in Paris – she knows all the best bakeries and she loves getting herself some fresh Parisian baguette. Just look at her posing with one in front of the Arc de Triomphe! Also, I have to point out that her fashion sense in on fleek. Would you just look at that adorable little beret?! Marnie is honestly such a fashioninsta, she fits perfectly into the Parisian crowd. I'm sure if I ever met her, she'd be able to give me one or two tips on what spots to check out, and what to wear while in Paris. After I give her a treat, that is.

13 Look at her ready to dance the night away at Coachella.


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Of course, an important event, such as Coachella, wouldn't be something Marnie would miss out on. You can always find her taking selfies in front of the big ferris wheel in the desert (because let's face it, she has perfected the art of music festival poses better than any of us ever will), also backstage, chilling with the artists, and at fabulous Coachella parties together with other popular celebs. You can just see on her face that she's having a great time, and you can bet that she will attend the festival next year as well! And let's be honest, we would all love to switch places with Marnie for a day, because going to festivals and hanging out with celebs sounds like an actual dream come true.

12 Here she is just hanging out with her bestie TSwift.

Let's go take a nap 2gether @taylorswift

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What did I tell you? She literally knows them all. She's been a member of Taylor Swift's squad since day one. She's actually pretty much one of the founding members of that squad and a bunch of Taylor Swift songs are actually about Marnie (everyone thinks that “I Knew You Were Trouble” is about Harry Styles, but it’s actually about Marnie because she’s a real life badass). Here, you can see the two just chilling backstage at the Grammys, because that's what A-list celebs do on their Sunday evenings. She also took pictures with Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith, but I don't want to make you explode from jealousy, so I’ll just include this one celeb pic with Taylor Swift. But let’s be real, you're probably already super jealous so the damage has been done.

11 Isn't she the cutest little cheerleader ever?

g'mornin yall

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Like I already mentioned, Marnie is very a fashionable dog. She dares to wear clothes that most of us would never even consider wearing. And she pulls it off. Here, you can see her wearing a cheerleading uniform, even though she doesn’t even go to school! Let's be honest, if they were to make a movie about Marnie, she would most definitely play the main role (that would, of course, be a high school cheerleader). She would be the prettiest girl in the school that all of the boys like and all of the girls are jealous of. Why? Because she has it all! The looks? Check. Confidence? Check. Charisma? Check. Yup, that would be one hell of a cheerleader. Go Marnie, go Marnie!

10  She's crazy about Christmas, just like all of us.

Bringing home snax (thanks reddit)

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Everybody loves ho-ho-holiday season, and so does our furry little friend over here. If you were wondering whether Marnie is on the nice or the naughty list, well let me tell you —Marnie is always on the nice list. Well, most years, anyways. Here she is helping Santa bring gifts to humans and puppies all over the world. Aw, isn't she the best?! Just look at how adorable she looks wearing that adorable little Santa suit! And let's be honest, she wears it better than the big man himself. And when it comes to Marnie's wish list, it is probably the same as it is every year — a year's supply of treats, and a full wardrobe of the latest outfits (to be honest, her wish list is the same as mine).

9 Here is Marnie just enjoying summer.

I learned how 2 float

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Just like all of us, Marnie is a sucker for sizzling hot summer days. Lazy days at the beach, swimming in the pool, cooling herself down with some yummy ice cream, and staring into the beautiful cloudless sky is what fills her tiny little summer-loving heart with pure happiness and makes summer her absolute favorite season. You can just tell by her face that she enjoys chilling on this pool float, because Marnie is all about that summer lazy life. Obviously, Marnie doesn’t float on any pool – you can only find her relaxing in stunning 5-star hotel pools that us, puny mortals, could only dream of. Next time when someone asks me who my role model is, I won’t even have to think twice. It is 100% Marnie.

8 Marnie is all about "Netflix and chill"

Taking it easy 2nite

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The jet setter life isn't as easy as it seems. Sure, it's as glamorous as it can get, but sometimes all the crowds and flashing lights of cameras wear you out. After all, Marnie is just a dog, and sometimes a cozy night in with Netflix and a drink is all she really needs. Marnie is a single gal, so she loves watching The Notebook, and often ends up hoping that one day, she will find that perfect bae to Netflix and chill with. In the meantime, that drink will just have to do. Did I mention that Marnie is sometimes very relatable? I'm not sure, but now I'm throwing it out there, Marnie may be a celeb, but at the end of the day she isn't that so different from us.

7 And her selfie game is on point.

Ready 4 the weekend

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Obviously, as one of Instagram's biggest and most followed stars, Marnie is the ultimate queen of selfies. She has it down to a science – the perfect angles, the killer outfits, the best lighting, and the top model smize... she does it all to perfection. Here she took a quick snap of herself in the mirror of a bathroom while getting ready for an exciting weekend full of fun and glamorous adventures. A 'mirror selfie,' as the hip youth would call it, if I recall correctly. Of course, she made sure her outfit was on point as usual, and I have to say, this shade of pink suits her personality very well. Marnie is a star, and we peasants are just lucky enough that we happen to be living at the same time as her.

6 Here she is just casually reading her own book.

Besides being an Instagram celebrity, and fashionista (just look at those hot pink glasses and that fluffy robe – her outfit is on point, as per usual), Marnie is also an author. She wrote a book called, Marnie the Dog: I'm a Book!, which is full of amazing Marnie photos and quotes, but also includes some never-before-seen pics of her fabulousness. The book basically shows Marnie's transformation from being a shelter dog to being an internationally acclaimed superstar. Judging by how everything she does turns out very successfully, I am pretty sure that her book will follow in those footsteps and become a New York Times bestseller. Also, can we take a moment to appreciate how she looks absolutely flawless on that book cover?

5 And she's all about the politics.

While Marnie may not be endorsing any candidates specifically, she is friends with all of them and she is most definitely collecting those tips on how to run for President in 2020. Her campaign will mostly focus on making sure that there are more snacks for the middle class, and making sure everyone has a pool in their backyard because, duh, pools are of essential importance and everyone deserves them. And, as if that wasn't amazing in itself, Marnie is also planning to lower the price of dog and cat food besides the usual free education and free health care proposals. I don't know about you, but that sounds like the best candidate America has ever had. You can bet that I will vote for her.

4 Here she is participating in the annual Puppy Bowl.

Got vip seats #puppybowl

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Of course, being the athletic dog that as Marnie is, she wouldn’t have missed out on the amazing opportunity to participate in one of the dog world’s biggest sporting events — the Puppy Bowl. In her free time, Marnie loves to play many sports, but football is obviously her ultimate favorite. She loves watching all the action of the ball passing back and forth, it's always so intense. That Kitty Half-Time Show is also pretty exciting. All those flashing lights, the amazing choreographies, as well as music bangers get Marnie so hyped! Marnie usually doesn't like to brag about her amazing athletic skills, but trust me, she is one of the brightest sports stars, and you bet she will win some type of sports trophy soon. Good job, Marnie, for being such an amazing role model! Keep showing the world that physical activity is extremely important!

3 Look at her enjoying her day off in nature.

Ahoy mateys lol

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Look at Marnie enjoying a lovely day in nature. As a celeb, sometimes going back to mother nature is necessary. All the glitz and glam can be very overwhelming, and nothing calms Marnie down than a boat ride in picture-perfect nature. Here she is, on a little boat on a river, enjoying some vitamin D and great company. Of course, she wouldn't let such a wonderful day pass by undocumented, so she had to take that perfect Instagram pic. Marnie is such a poser – just look at her crossed lady-like legs! Is it sad that I feel like this dog has more personality than I will ever have? It's just that she's so sassy and laid back, but also incredibly glamorous and diva-like... I just feel like I'll never be able to reach that level.

2 And of course, Marnie was one of the celebs chosen to promote Justin Bieber's single.

I'm on the street team #whatdoyoumean @justinbieber

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Of course, Marnie knows Justin Bieber, he is one of her biggest fans. He had a crush on her since the day they met, and one time, he even asked her out, but you know Marnie, she's all about that strong, independent woman life – she don’t need no man! But jokes aside, can we just look at how amazingly hilarious her promotional poster is? Her sense of humor is priceless. Just look at that “Wut dat mean?” joke! I AM CRYING FROM LAUGHTER. Also, as you can see, she’s wearing a purple backpack and you can bet that all of those will be sold out in a day, because that’s how much of a trend-setter she is. I’m not gonna lie, I may or may not order one myself.

1 Marnie even has her own app.

Another interesting fact about Marnie is that she is also an app developer. Yup, you heard right – Marnie has her very own app! How amazing is that? Her app is called “Marnie Pro” and it is a must-have app for all Marnie fans who are trying to become Insta-famous like her. Why is that, you wonder? Well, you can use this app to add photos of Marnie into your own photos and once you post those on Instagram, new likes and followers will start pouring in and you’ll be on your way to the Instagram stardom. The app has 5 out of 5 stars and they call it “the most professional solution ever invented”. Is there anything she can’t do?

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