15 Times Meredith and Cristina Were The Real Love Story Of ‘Grey’s Anatomy

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15 Times Meredith and Cristina Were The Real Love Story Of ‘Grey’s Anatomy

I love Grey’s Anatomy for so many reasons, but above all else, what I really enjoy watching is all the relationship drama. Of course, my two favorite couples — Meredith and Derek and Callie and Arizona, obvs — are no more, but there’s one who will never break up, no matter what Shonda Rhimes tries to pull next: Meredith and Cristina.

I know, I know. Cristina moved to Switzerland and she and Meredith are forced to do the long distance thing now. But after all they’ve been through together, I don’t doubt that the Grey’s universe has them being friends forever. In fact, their friendship has me convinced that theirs is the real love story on the show.

Here are 15 times Meredith and Cristina’s friendship was honestly true love, in its purest form. May we all find our person!

15. When Meredith Said Cristina Is Her Soulmate

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She’s totally right. Her romantic love is Derek, but I think Cristina is definitely the other half of Meredith’s soul. There are parts of Meredith that Derek was never able to understand — like when she went to the execution of the murderer they treated at the hospital — but Cristina does. When there’s a real emergency, she needs Cristina to help her through it, and everyone should have a friend like that in their lives.

I love the idea that you can have a love of your life and a soulmate who doesn’t necessarily have to be your partner or your spouse. And with all the dark and twisty disasters Meredith keeps having to go through, it’s probably good that for a long time, she had both.

14. When They Declared That They Are Each Other’s Person

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The concept of having a “person” is something to come out of Grey’s that I will never forget. Meredith and Cristina may not have been the first to coin the term, but they definitely brought real meaning to it. Regardless of what was happening, these two always had each other… and working in a place like Seattle Grace meant that having a close knit circle of friends was kind of necessary, with all the dying and plane crashes and stuff.

When the show first began, I wouldn’t have called Meredith and Cristina becoming best friends because they were so different, but somehow, it works, and I can’t imagine the show any other way. I’m more of a Meredith, and now, I just need my Cristina!

13. When Cristina Forced Meredith To Get Out Of Bed

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In a Season 2 episode, Meredith woke up one day feeling like she might die that day, so she just decided to stay in bed. No particular reason — she just had a feeling. When Izzy and George were unable to convince her to go to work (she’s an intern!) they pulled out the big guns: Cristina. Isn’t that what best friends are for? They push you to do the things you should do, even if they don’t happen to be the things that you want to do.

Of course, Meredith was totally right and that day, she ended up almost getting killed while holding a live explosive in a patient’s chest, so maybe she should have just stayed in bed. Still, it’s not like Cristina knew that!

12. When They Were Still Each Other’s Person In An Alternate Universe

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In the episode of Grey’s where Meredith imagines what her life would have been like if Ellis and Richard were married and she’d been raised by happy parents, her best friend is April and her boyfriend is Alex… and none of them so much as speak to Cristina. That is, until she catches April and Alex sleeping with each other behind her back.

The episode ends with Meredith and Cristina, unlikely friends, sitting together in a bar, bonding over how difficult life is — the exact way everything should be. I love that even in a different world, these two still would have found each other.

11. When Cristina Shared The True Meaning Of Her Person

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Being each other’s person isn’t just a vow to always stay best friends — it’s the promise that the other person will be there for you, even when shit hits the fan. Like Cristina says, Meredith’s the one she’d call if she killed someone. There aren’t a lot of people who you can trust with that information, after all. Owen would probably call the police instead of keeping it a secret. But Meredith? She’d come armed with rubber gloves and a plan.

Even though basically everyone who works at that damn hospital died a painful and tragic death, it never really came down to a situation that serious. But knowing Shonda, there’s always the chance for that opportunity down the line!

10. When Meredith Helped Cristina After Burke Stood Her Up

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One of the most heartbreaking scenes in Grey’s is when Burke refuses to marry Cristina on their wedding day because he thinks she doesn’t want to be married — and even though he’s technically right, his decision kills her. It’s not that often that Cristina cries, so to see her completely fall apart made me cry. It’s like when your mom is upset or something. It’s just not supposed to happen!

But the good news? Meredith was there, and she totally took control. She told the guests the wedding wasn’t happening, went back to Cristina’s apartment with her and helped her take off her wedding dress when she started having a panic attack. Just thinking about it is making me emotional!

9. When They Got Drunk Instead Of Playing Baseball

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While the rest of doctors were gearing up for a baseball game against another hospital, Meredith and Cristina were doing the exact opposite. They were supposed to be playing the outfield and instead, they brought a flask and used the time to drink and chat about life — two of the things these BFFs do best. Of course, Owen was a little pissed that they weren’t paying attention to the game, but really, what did he expect?

A best friend isn’t just the person who takes care of you after your fiancé leaves you at the altar — she’s someone you have fun with, too, and these two have always seemed to enjoy their time together. I want to go drink booze in a field with someone I love!

8. When Cristina Revealed The Real Truth

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When Meredith found out she was pregnant with baby Bailey, she asked Cristina to be in the delivery room so she could boss around the nurses and make sure everyone stuck to her birth plan. Cristina’s answer? Absolutely not. This woman might operate on hearts for a living, but there was no way she was going to witness her best friend poop on a table while she was in labor… you know, for the good of their friendship.

Although having the people you love by your side at a time like that is important, I’m with Cristina on this one. Once you’ve seen something like that, It can’t be unseen. Who wants to live that experience?!

7. How Much Cristina Loves Zola

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Over the seasons, Cristina has made it pretty clear that she doesn’t want to have her own kids, and she isn’t really a fan of other people’s — except when it comes to Meredith’s. Anytime she’s been around Zola, she’s been the perfect aunt, and you’d never know that she wasn’t naturally good with children. Anytime Meredith needs her help, she is there, and the love definitely seems to be mutual between them.

I also love the arrangement they have if Meredith dies before her kids are grown — Cristina gets to take them for two weeks each year so they can travel and do fun aunt things. The kids are so lucky to have her!

6. When Cristina Literally Saved Derek’s Life

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After Derek was shot by Gary Clark during the hospital shooting, Cristina was the one to hold Meredith back so she wouldn’t get hurt by the gunman, and what she had to do next was an even bigger show of their friendship. She had to operate on Derek to save his life while the shooter was still active, and even had to continue working on him while Gary held a gun to her head. It gave her PTSD afterward, but she was so brave.

That’s real friendship, everyone. Yes, Cristina is clearly a brilliant surgeon, but it takes a lot more than skills to survive a situation like that. Their friendship is so strong. Who else would have been able to do that for Meredith?

5. When Cristina Dropped This Truth Bomb

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Right before she left to move to Switzerland and take over Burke’s hospital, Cristina imparted some serious wisdom to Meredith at a time she was struggling with living in Derek’s shadow. Despite the fact that he was obviously McDreamy AF and insisted that his career (and his project with the president) take the spotlight, Cristina pointed out that Meredith deserves to be in the sun, too. Who else would have been able to remind her of that?

Because of what Cristina told her, Meredith was able to take charge of her career and really make headway in her portal vein project. The fact that they are always able to cheer each other on, in both their professional and personal lives, is amazing.

4. This Important Moment

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When everyone is pissed at Cristina for lying for Burke and doing his operations while he was secretly still struggling with his tremor, Meredith was the first to stick up for her. And honestly, why wouldn’t she? That class of interns made mistakes all the time! Do I need to bring up Izzie’s LVAD wire incident? Anyway, it was really sweet that Meredith didn’t think twice about taking her side, but then again, that’s what being someone’s person is all about.

And when Cristina didn’t get why Meredith insisted on defending her, she explained it in pretty simple terms: Cristina is her family, and that’s what you do for family. Guys, these two are the sweetest!

3. Anytime Cristina Was Willing To Hug Meredith

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Cristina Yang is not a very touchy-feely person. Anytime a patient gets excited that she was able to help them and wants to hug her, she looks absolutely miserable the entire time. But when it comes to Meredith, she always makes an exception. If there’s good news, bad news, or anything in between. Cristina will hug her person… but it’s always a little weird, because like I said, she’s really not a hugger.

The love between Meredith and Cristina is so strong it can overcome this badass surgeon’s hatred of physical contact. She lets someone in her personal space. I don’t know about you, but that spells true love to me.

2. When Meredith Surprised Cristina At The Harper Avery Award Ceremony

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When Cristina was up for her Harper Avery award, she insisted that nobody come with her — even Owen and Meredith. Her plan was to fly in, attend the ceremony, and then fly home, in and out in 24 hours. But even though she was acting like this was no big deal, Meredith knew better, and as soon as Cristina realized she’d made a mistake in going alone, there were Meredith and Owen, waiting for her at her table.

It was even better that they were there when she lost, although she didn’t exactly feel like talking to anyone by the time the ceremony was over. By the way, my opinion that it was a totally unfair loss still stands. Who could blame her for moving to another country after that!?

1. Every Time They Danced It Out

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One of my favorite traditions of Meredith and Cristina’s — you know, besides sharing a bed with Derek and drinking all the tequila they could get their hands on — is when they danced it out. Anytime either of them had to deal with a difficult situation in their lives or had a tough decision to make, dancing it out was always their solution. And not only was it adorable, but it always looked like so much fun!

Even more appropriate was the fact that the last thing Meredith and Cristina did together before she left for Switzerland was dancing it out in the on call room. I don’t care how close Meredith and Alex get — there’s no replacing the OG BFFs of Grey’s Anatomy.

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