15 Times Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher Made Us Believe In Love Again

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher may have started out as Jackie Burkhart and Michael Kelso on That '70s Show, but today, they are just two normal spouses, parents, and human beings. Sure, they have appeared in big films such as Bad Moms (her) and Jobs (him) and in series like Family Guy (her) and The Ranch (him), but the 15 examples below prove they're a lot like us!

The couple began dating in April 2012, became engaged in February 2014, and married in July 2015. They have two children together: daughter Wyatt Isabelle Kutcher (born October 2014) and son Dimitri Portwood Kutcher (born November 2016). Together, Mila and Ashton try to save money while shopping, goof around together, wear matching clothing items, and enjoy sneaking kisses as often as possible... because they are total #couplegoals!

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15 When They Won At Parenting

Via Twitter

Mila and Ashton are considered big names in Hollywood, so we know some pretty big deposits have been made into their bank account(s). Despite their fame and fortune, they have a tradition for their children, Wyatt and Dimitri: no presents.

According to Mila, when the kids are really young, they are not even really aware of what they are receiving anyway. Therefore, she and Ashton have begged their own parents to at least limit holidays to just one gift or a charitable donation to the Children's Hospital or something. And why would these celebrity parents choose to do this? They don’t want to raise A-holes, of course. They think there are already enough of those in the world!

Their children may not understand this tradition now, but they will surely be appreciative as they get older.

14 When They Worked Together As Parents

Via Glamour

Stars have busy schedules, with movies to film, lines to rehearse, events to attend, and normal lifestyles to maintain. Despite any chaos, though, Mila and Ashton reportedly do not have a nanny — and their reasoning is pure perfection: They want to actually know their kids. They don’t want Wyatt and Dimitri to get used to always seeing another face.

They want to be the ones that are there when their kids are happy, when they are crying, when they are hungry, and when they are ready to play. Physically, emotionally, and beyond, they want to truly be there for their children, and they want to do so equally. They both play with their kids, push strollers, change diapers... Ashton even started a petition asking Target and Costco to provide universally accessible changing tables in their stores!

13 When They Watched Baseball Together

Via InStyle

In 2016, at the Major League Baseball’s National League Championship Series game between the Chicago Cubs and the Los Angeles Dodgers, Mila and Ashton announced the Dodgers’ starting lineup together. They then announced that it was time for Dodger baseball, in their matching jeans and personalized jerseys. They went on to meet some players from their favorite team, snapped some selfies, stood next to the players during the National Anthem, and, of course, stole some kisses during the game.

And they just seemed so normal!

I know that “normal” people don’t get to go down onto the field before games or get their photos snapped by everyone in the stadium, but the two were dressed like everyone else, hanging out like everyone else, cheering like everyone else... And it was just too adorable!

12 When They Had A Secret Wedding

Via Angara

As mentioned, Mila and Ashton finally tied the knot during the summer of 2015. They had been dating officially for a couple of years, had been engaged for over a year, and had known each other since meeting on That ‘70s Show, which premiered in 1998! In fact, Mila’s first real kiss was with Ashton. Or, I should say, with Kelso. And since their characters went to prom together on the show, too, they can say they went to prom with their spouses (even though, in that episode, Jackie went home with someone else — which they just don’t talk about!).

When stars get married—especially stars like these, that fans had been wanting together forever—everyone wants to know every little detail, but these two pulled off a secret wedding at the Secret Garden at Parrish Ranch in Oak Glen, California, which Ashton said was “a ninja effort.

11 When They Got All Dolled Up

Night out with the wife

A post shared by Ashton Kutcher (@aplusk) on

Mila and Ashton did not attend the 90th Academy Awards, but that does not mean that they did not enjoy themselves that evening. This year and that night, Ashton shared a photo on Instagram, which showed him in a tuxedo and her in a black gown. They looked even more dazzling than usual, and since they did look so glamorous, they probably did attend some luxurious after-party.

However, we like to think that they just got that dolled up just for an evening and a date night in; they just lounged on the couch, watching people win Oscars (or watching something else completely) and getting up to check on the kids when needed. No matter how they spent the night, though, they looked hot and definitely equaled #goals!

10 When They Were On The Kiss Cam

Via People

Okay, any couple that shows some love and some personality on the kiss cam is adorable. In fact, it is one of the best parts of sporting events, when a camera features a heart-themed filter and zooms in on couples who are at the game, all so that they can kiss in front of everyone. Well, this happened to Mila and Ashton, and of course it was adorable AF and had everyone jealous of their love.

At a Los Angeles Kings game in February, the two were shocked to see themselves on the jumbotron, and Ashton, being a total jokester, licked his lips and went in for a smooch. He tried to keep the joke and the kiss going, which threw Mila into a fit of giggles. Seeing these two poke fun with one another made the whole thing even cuter.

Gosh, can can everyone be this lucky in love!?

9 When They Went On A Normal Date

Via People

A few months after these two co-stars started dating, they went to another Dodgers’ game. They wore fan apparel, they sat in the front row, they enjoyed a hot dog (her) and a pretzel (him). And they were “very chill” and “very normal.”

There is definitely a pattern here... At this game, like at any event these two attend, fans were definitely calling out to them, taking their photos, wanting their autographs, and generally just freaking out over them. But look at them: Ashton is just chowing down, oblivious to the fact that everyone is watching him eat and waiting for some excitement. And Mila is looking lovingly at him — her long-time crush, her boyfriend, her future husband. It’s a romantic love story, and it looks like a super fun date night!

8 When They Obsessed Over Reality TV

Via YouTube

As we have learned, Mila and Ashton are fans of the Dodgers, but they are like us normal folk in another way, too; they enjoy guilty pleasures like reality TV, and they specifically love The Bachelorette.

In fact, they like the show so much that they called the producers and asked if they could help Rachel Lindsay find a husband.

Just think about this: This celebrity couple sits at home, soaking in trashy television just like us. But because they are rich, famous, and influential, they just called up the show, asked to be on it and instantly had a cameo on their favorite show with one of their favorite stars. That bond, that shared interest, that dedication... That is so freakin’ cute and the definition of #CoupleGoals.

7 When They Saved Vs. Splurged

Via Mirror

The whole world knows that Jackie and Kelso ended up together IRL, but these two are pretty private. They married in secret. They urge photographers not to snap pictures of their kids. And they got their wedding rings from Etsy. Some celebrity couples make a whole big production of picking out a ring, as they visit Tiffany’s or Harry Winston’s together to pick out a huge rock. But Mila just wanted a thin platinum band and didn’t want to spend too much on that, so she found one for $90 on the popular e-commerce site, and then she “splurged” on Ashton’s, finding him an Etsy band for $100.

The rings are perfection. The couple is beyond. The price is something we can get behind. And the entire thing is further proof that they are the dream couple.

6 When They Showed Off Their Friendship And Love

Via Us Magazine

There are plenty of specific moments within the life of Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher that cause us to realize how fab they are. But in general, they are pretty great, too. Look at this photo, for instance. They seem to be at another sporting event, which is cute within itself. But specifically, I want to point out how they are looking at each other. They are both funny and talented, and beyond that, together, they are both compatible and in love. The fact that they started out as friends and then grew that into what they have now is so sweet, and it seems to be working wonderfully for them! Their smiles... Their eyes... Their body language... I can see the friendship, the respect, the love, and the simple joy for life and for each other. Sighhh*

5 When They Walked The Red Carpet

Via Hollywood Life

Here, Mila and Ashton are seen at the Sixth Annual Breakthrough Prize Ceremony at the NASA Ames Research Center. This event, which took place at the end of last year, was one of many star-studded and glamorous events that this couple had been invited to. But once again, they are going over and beyond our expectations. They are not just walking in and holding hands. They are winning this red carpet!

First of all, look at what they're wearing: That suit was made for Ashton and that dress is pure perfection on her — with its corset bodice and full, floral skirt. Then, to show off their ways of being #CoupleGoals even more, they are doing that thing again, where they are fun and flirty and fully in love. It is so evident, and it's so adorable!

4 When They Snapped A Selfie 

Via PopSugar

This list has covered a couple of ways that prove Mila and Ashton are just like us — only cuter. And here is another perfect example of that. They don’t post a ton of photos to their personal social media accounts and especially not a ton together, but when they do, fans are all over it. We break down each photo and just stare at it in awe. They just have marriage figured out.

My jaw dropped open as I asked myself how they can be that cute, how they can be so perfect, and how we can all find our own Mila or Ashton. They just seem so down-to-earth, so real, so goofy, and so focused on just living that best life together. And as they inspire us, they also leave us awe-struck.

3 When They Were Twinning

Via Glamour

Apparently, Mila and Ashton don’t just like the Dodgers and The Bachelorette. They are also apparent fans of the Chicago Bears, as they wore matching shirts that supported the team. This could honestly be a photo of anyone, though. These normal people are wearing a ponytail and a cap, respectively, which we have all done. They are wearing basic T-shirts and denim, which we have all done. They are wearing bright tennis shoes, which we have all done. They are just strolling along, smiling, as they are enjoying the weather, the moment, and the company, which we have all done, as well. And these people are normal, for the most part, but they are also super talented, super cute, and super good at making us envy all that they have going on — which we have NOT all done!

2 When They Dressed Their Son In This

Yes,this Is my son's outfit today. #that70sshow #kelsoandjackieforever

A post shared by Ashton Kutcher (@aplusk) on

We love a full circle, and this is an amazing display of one! Mila and Ashton met on That '70s Show, and people hoped that they would end up together in all areas of life, but who would have ever thought that it would actually happen? Who would have guessed that 20 years later, the two would have two kids together? And who could have ever imagined that Mila and Ashton's son would be rocking this outfit? He is too young to know what his shirt represents and what it is all about, but someday, both of the Kunis-Kutcher children will be be in awe—just like us—that their famous parents are actually so in love. After all this time and after meeting as kids themselves, they brought two babies into the world.

1 When They Gave Us Some PDA

Via Explore Talent

After grabbing a workout or just rolling out of bed, Mila wanted some frozen yogurt it seems, so she and her man, Ashton, grabbed some. And in that moment—another simple and human moment—he wanted to kiss his wife. She wanted to kiss him back. They wanted to stay sort of incognito and out of the spotlight, but, of course, they were spotted. But in that moment, they did not care about the paparazzi or the fact that they were not all dolled up. All they cared about was each other. Because they are real, in-love humans who, we know, are not perfect... but who seem like they have it all down. And we love that, and we love them, and we definitely consider Mila and Ashton to be the ultimate form of #CoupleGoals.

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