15 Times Mindy Lahiri Was The Cool Aunt We All Wish We Had

When I think of New York, the first thing that pops into my head is street food. Bagels! Bear-claws! Kababs! The second thing is Mindy Lahiri (from The Mindy Project incase you live under a rock). This is mostly because of her abnormal passion for eating massive amounts of food - bear-claws included. She's no "it girl," Serena van der Woodsen, nor is she a "Queen B" Blair Waldorf. But to food truck owners and women across the state she might as well be. Why? Because she's a loyal customer and kick-ass gynecologist.

Her loud outfits and even louder personality, make her the perfect cool aunt. Just think of how interesting family gatherings would be if we all had someone like Mindy in our lives. She'd be dealing smuggled homemade breadsticks under the dinner table. "Psst hey kid...I know your mom said not to fill up on these bread sticks, but here, take it!" I can see it all now so vividly. Even if you already have a cool aunt, here are 15 Mindy moments that make us wish she was a part of our family.

15 When She Curved The Conversation About Her Weight

Tell em' Mindy! Whether denial or simply a different perspective on body image, this logic makes it almost impossible to call someone overweight ever again. Mindy Lahiri does not stand for body shaming nor will she let us do so. Hell to the no! This girl loves to eat and isn't afraid to admit it.

We should all take a lesson from Mindy when it comes to food and body weight. Seriously, who needs Jenny Craig? The portions are way too small and the food looks good on TV but it's probably a disappointment once you have it sitting in front of you. So ladies, how about you hang up that phone! Don't call Jenny-20 today, Call Mindy Lahiri, the hip gynecologist/anti-body shaming - shamer of body shamers. 

14 When Her Love For Cake Was Greater Than Her Love For Life Itself

Like I said, to Mindy Lahiri, food is life. Especially if that food takes on the form of cake. If she were our cool aunt, Mindy would not only bring us tons and tons of cake - but variations of it, too. Cupcakes, angel cakes, fruit cakes...okay probably not fruit cake. I don't think I've ever seen Mindy Lahiri eat so much as an apple and I’m pretty sure she once spat out a grape on the show while yelling obscenities. Although there might be a limit to the type of cake devoured, there would NOT be a limit to the amount of cake devoured. Key word, amount.

So here's my question, what are cool aunts if not people who bring us cake and goodies? There are lame aunts with a capital 'L' and are definitely not Mindy Lahiri. That's right. 

13 When She Diagnosed Someone With "Mindy Fever"

Someone call the CDC! A Mindy Fever outbreak has originated in New York City. Little did we know that this was the original diseased conceptualized for the outbreak in the movie Contagion starring Matt Damon.

If you catch Mindy Fever, it means spending entire paychecks at the mall on clothing with crazy patterns and designs on it that you’ll only wear once. It means speaking unnecessarily loudly and constantly making references to socialites and hot Hollywood celebs. If you already do this, you better get yourself to the doctor because you, my friend, have caught a case of the Mindy Fever. And guess what, better hope they prescribe some medication that minimizes your symptoms because there ain’t no cure for that. Mindy Fever: great for your closet, but not for your wallet.

12 When She Made It Clear That Love Is Not Real If It's Not Posted On Instagram

Duh. If people in a "relationship" don't post cute couple photos on Instagram, is it even a real relationship? How else does one prove their love? Flowers and meaningful convos are out, lovey dovey Instagram posts, long captions about how much you love each other, and casual heart-eye emoji face comments are in, people. It's 2017! GOSH, get with the program.

In all seriousness, is this truly what the world has come to? Validation and approval of one's relationship status through a smartphone application? Unfortunately, in all seriousness, yes, this is indeed what the world has come to. Are we really okay with it? I guess so, because all you couples out there keep posting, commenting, and being cute on social media! I don't know whether to support or despise it.

11 When Her Pop Culture References Were On Point

If you have an aunt you can talk pop culture with - why are you not hanging out with her 24/7? Most aunts try too hard when it comes to pop culture but their references are always off point instead of on point if you know what I mean. They'll say something and it won't really make much sense but being the wonderful niece/nephew that you are - you nod your head and go along with it anyways. Whether they forget the Kardashian sister’s names or aren’t up to date with Beyonce’s latest baby news, let’s give them an "A" for effort, okay?

If Mindy were your aunt you’d be the one getting the references wrong and she’d be correcting you with a slap across the head telling you to "get a grip man! " but not every auntie can be someone like Mindy Lahiri.

10 When She Combatted Lateness With An A+ Argument

It's obvious that Mindy is the type of person who says she has left her house when she's actually still at home trying to pick out an outfit to wear while her hair is still wrapped in a soaking wet towel from a shower she took 10 minutes prior to receiving your, "where are you?" text.

No matter the family function, outing or important event; for example, a wedding or a funeral. If she were our aunt, this would be her response every time your mother or father blamed her for being tardy. Perhaps we should take a lesson from Mindy when we’re late for class or work. Just remember, 9:18 is basically 9:15 which is basically 9:00. Apply this to any hour of the day and you’re all set. 

9 When Her Sass Mouth Held Her Back

She couldn't marry rich so she became a doctor with a sass mouth instead. Not to mention a doctor who has her own fertility practice and snazzy New York City apartment. I mean, you wouldn't have a super cool uncle if Mindy was a part of your family, unless she finally marries someone way better than Danny (he’s kind of the worst person ever - no offense), but having a doctor in the family with an incredible apartment is not a bad trade off if I do say so myself.

Sorry old guys, not marrying this fine piece of sASS mouth was your loss entirely! No enjoying city apartment views for you. Also, if Mindy knows plastic surgeons, all of you old guys won’t get the friends and family discount for your crows feet and smile lines. Nuh-uh, sir, no way, not anymore. 

8 When She Related To New York Through Her Cinematic Experiences

Like every impressionable New Yorker, Mindy Lahiri was all over The Wolf of Wall Street when it first came out. Being a businesswoman herself, Mindy had something to learn from the film. Clearly, she picked out the wrong message. No Mindy, you shouldn't have learned about doing drugs, you should have learned about doing business.

As the head of her own OB/GYN fertility practice, it’s important that she knows all of Jordan Belfort’s (Leonardo DiCaprio’s character) secrets to success. I mean Mindy, if you can sell a pen as well as you can sell the idea about freezing young women's eggs for the right guy, then you’ve got yourself a practice. However, with Mindy’s incredible talking skills, we must ask. Does she really need Jordan Belfort? Probably not. 

7 When She Insisted On Having A Chocolate Fountain In Her Office

Umm, can it be "take your kid/niece/nephew to work day," everyday? If I were Mindy's staff, I would never object to meetings. Basically, if you’re on the, “I sleep, eat, and breathe chocolate” team (yes, there’s a team, okay?) then you’d probably be in Mindy’s office stuffing your face everyday. She’s right, chocolate fountains are amazing and people do love them. Not only are they delicious but they liven up the room with the smell of chocolate itself and the tasty dippables that pair well with it.

Perhaps Mindy should have thought of opening an "all you can eat chocolate buffet" instead of her own fertility practice? Then again, would that still have the same cool factor as being a, as she would say, curvy ethnic single doctor looking for love in New York City? 

6 When She Reached Out To Potential Boyfriends Via The Internet

If you suspect that your potential life-partners are serial killers—it is not okay. If they are serial killers who only kill other serial killers—it is okay…? To Mindy Lahiri there is no definite question mark at the end of the previous sentence. 

We all know online dating can be sketchy AF, but Mindy is willing to take the risk (which is part of the reason we love her so much). Like any cool aunt would, she makes her decisions freely without much in depth thought. Thinking about the consequences of one's actions is a mom's job anyways. Mindy Lahiri just goes where the wind takes her and wants to bring you with her. Making the trip with her is up to you but if you want to spice up your life, I say go!

5 When She Described Her Desired Halloween Look

Being witty is no easy task. If you're wearing a clever Halloween costume you'll stand out like a sore thumb—but in a good way. You'll become known as that "cool witty girl" and when that happens, you'll have it all; including incredible skills in bed ? . Witty should be the look we all go for in life - not just on Halloween. And let's be honest here, cat ears and lingerie is overdone.

On Halloween, Mindy would be the person inviting you to her Halloween party in her amazing apartment! If she was your aunt, you better bet she’d be buying booze for you to sip on all night long. Unfortunately, Mindy is also known for drinking a little too much. Flashback to episode one of the series when she got too drunk and harassed her soon-to-be married ex boyfriend at his own wedding.

4 When Not Keeping Up With Television Raised Her Frustration Through The Roof

It can be very frustrating when the person you want to talk about television with absolutely SUCKS at keeping up with all of your favorite shows. In this era of Netflix and Hulu, discussing the TV shows you like with other people is how friendships are made. It's a sacred bond you can't break by slacking. Think of it as a job, people! No wonder the Kardashians called their show Keeping Up With The Kardashians. It all makes so much sense now! #Realizingthings.

This is how weeknights with your cool aunt Mindy would go. Wine, ice cream, candy, cake, and binge watching the greatest shows known to mankind for hours on end. How badly do you want to escape all adulthood responsibilities to do this right now?

3 When She Went To The Club And Insisted On Accessing The Wifi Password

If you wanna take a cute Instagram picture at a club with the girls, cool aunt Mindy has got your back. If you meet a cute guy and want to creep him on Facebook to see if he's single, cool aunt Mindy has got your back!

Getting the wifi passwords at clubs is usually not a common scenario with the other distractions around you like listening to loud music, dancing, and drinking (for example), but to Mindy, going somewhere without access to wifi is unheard of. If anyone can get the wifi password out of the club owner or even the big scary bouncers, it's Mindy Lahiri. Out of sheer threat of non-stop chatter, I guarantee you she will walk out of a club with the password to their wifi. She is 100% the person you want to have around at a club. You go girl!

2 When She Bought A Pumpable Wine Bra

This is a perfect example of one of the crazy things Mindy has done at a party. Judging from the rose petal heart and red decor in the background, this seems to be a Valentine's Day party. On this day full of affection, Mindy did not fill her heart with love but instead filled the general area located around her heart with wine.

Though the day of romance has recently passed us by, a wine bra is a great idea for next year whether you are single or not. As a precaution, the only thing I'd recommend is not wearing white. Just in case a red wine bra explosion occurs. This could potentially turn your Valentine's Day outing into a pseudo bloody murder crime scene ordeal.

1 Mirror Mirror On The Wall Who's The Fiercest Of Them All?

After chopping all of her hair off and rockin’ a short do’ - there she was taking a flammable shot on a date. It doesn’t get more badass than this. Look at the flames reflecting in her eyes!

This final Mindy moment proves that if she were our aunt, she would hands-down be the coolest aunt we could ever have. With Mindy, we would be fully covered in clubs for all the data-free social media usage in the world. We would always have an awesome apartment to party in, hangout in, and eat unlimited amounts of junk food in. AND would have someone crazy enough to do flaming shots with us on weekends and weekdays. Day in day out, Mindy would be there for us in a way our moms never could be and friends never are. Simply because she’d do the job of being our “cool aunt” so damn well.

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