15 Times Mitchell And Cameron From 'Modern Family' Were #RelationshipGoals

Mitchell Pritchett and Cameron Tucker are without a doubt the most eccentric and dramatic couple on Modern Family, and that might be why they've always been our favorite. Finding someone who completes you is one of the most important goals you can set for yourself in life, and Mitchell and Cameron remind us every episode how rewarding it can be when you finally find the person who completes you. They bicker, laugh and flirt they way soul mates should, and while they have had their share of problems, they frequently melt our hearts and make us wish our real-life relationships could be more like theirs.

15 Mitchell and Cameron know each other so well

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There have been a few occasions where Mitchell or Cameron thought they knew what would make the other happy, only to find out that they were horribly mistaken (like that time Mitchell planned a Wizard of Oz–themed party for Cameron soon after Cam's family back home experienced a tornado). However, most of the time, the lovable couple can practically read each other's minds and can converse without ever speaking a word. Everyone wants a partner who can finish their sentences for them, and these two do that almost every episode. Their flair for drama might make them bicker a bit more than the average pair, but at the end of the day, they know exactly what to do or say to make their partner feel loved.

14 They set up each other's punchlines up perfectly

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It's not easy being hilarious. Even if you have a great sense of humor, if you don't have someone around who can set up your jokes, people may never realize how funny you truly are. Thank God Cameron and Mitchell have each other, because each of them knows how to perfectly set up the other's punchlines. Cam wouldn't be as humorous without Mitch's dry commentary setting up his flamboyantly fabulous jokes, and Mitch wouldn't be as amusing if he wasn't able to poke fun of his husband's eccentricities. Sometimes, their back-and-forth leading up to a perfect punchline is so flawless, it seems rehearsed (a fact which even their BFF Sal pointed out this season after the pair seemed a bit too in sync with their insults)!

13 They work together really well as parents

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Let's be real, Mitch and Cam are far from perfect parents. They've raised Lily to be the sassiest character on Modern Family, and Cameron basically used her as his own personal doll when she was a baby. Still, they're definite #DadGoals because they work together extremely well and always do their absolute best to make sure Lily shares their moral code and is as happy and healthy as they can make her. Even if they can be a bit embarrassing at times, they're incredibly fun daddies to their adoptive daughter, without letting her feel like she lives in a home with no rules. Both Mitchell and Cameron grew up in households that didn't fully accept them for who they were, and they're doing a great job making sure Lily doesn't have to experience that and always feels loved exactly as she is.

12 Their mutual proposal was super simple, yet beautiful

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Immediately after same-sex marriage became legal in California, Mitch and Cam tried to race to propose to each other. Unfortunately, things didn't work out quite the way either of them had planned. Cam took Mitch to the restaurant where they had their first date to pop the question, but Mitch figured out what was happening and wanted to propose first to prove he could be romantic, and found an excuse to leave. On their way back home for Mitch's proposal, they got a flat tire on a street with a beautiful view of Los Angeles. They both got down on one knee to change the tire, looked in each other's eyes, and knowingly said "yes" at the same time. It wasn't a typical proposal, but since it was as beautifully imperfect as the couple themselves, it couldn't have been more appropriate.

11 Even though their wedding day was a mess, it was perfect because they were together

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Mitch and Cam's wedding day was as messy as their proposal. Their first wedding venue had to be evacuated due to an approaching forest fire, their second venue was actually reserved for a different couple's wedding and when they moved the location to their home, sprinklers went off and soaked the guests that couldn't fit inside. Cameron's belief that their union was cursed felt less and less ridiculous as the day went on, but then Jay Pritchett offered up his golf course and the couple had an absolutely beautiful ceremony that provided attendees with a view of the ocean at sunset. In the end, if you're with the person you're meant to be with, everything always works out. Jay was always a bit awkward about accepting his son's sexuality, but seeing how much Mitch loved Cam encouraged Jay to send him off at a golf club filled with his friends and to even walk him down the aisle.

10 They know how to help each other mature emotionally

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Cameron and Mitchell definitely aren't without their personality flaws. Cam is super emotional about pretty much everything, and Mitch has some serious struggles showing any emotion at all (like the rest of the Pritchett's). They accept each other's flaws the way a good couple should, but they also try to help each other work through their respective issues so they can each grow as people and lovers. Cameron's continual affection over the past eight seasons has helped Mitchell open up and start to accept himself more, and Mitch frequently goes above and beyond to help Cam with his insecurities. Most people would be too jealous to see their partner with a former flame, but when Mitch had a chance to give Cam some closure with an ex who left him heartbroken, he invited that ex (well, hired as a concierge) over to his home so they could have a chance to talk and work things out. Now that's trust.

9 Mitch and Cam know how to settle their problems

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Mitch and Cam argue fairly frequently, so they've come up with a variety of amusing ways to settle their conflicts. Sometimes, they'll simply use lies and manipulation to trick each other into seeing things their way, and sometimes, they'll find a neutral party and force them to make their decisions for them. Neither of those options would be considered particularly healthy if you asked a relationship expert, but they seem to work really well for the Tucker-Pritchetts. What better way to decide who gets to wear a fabulous outfit on a night out than asking your daughter to judge a "who wore it better?" beauty pageant?! And if you have to deliver bad news to your spouse, why not do something super nice for them first to soften the blow and trick them into forgiving you? Maturity can be overrated.

8 They support each other, no matter what

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Both Cam and Mitch have a slightly unhealthy obsession with manipulation, but at the end of the day, they almost always support each other's goals and hobbies no matter how much they wish they could trick each other into wanting different things. Mitchell has a (completely understandable) distaste for his husband's (creepy) clown alter ego Thisbo, but he still lets Cam throw on the wig and face paint whenever he wants. Same goes for when Cam wants to throw a ridiculous farm-themed Thanksgiving or birthday party or spend their life savings trying to flip an old house—Mitch doesn't love all of Cam's quirky ideas and schemes, but he still stands by his side during all of them and is ready to give him a celebratory hug or a shoulder to cry on when either is needed.

7 They match outfits the way you wish you could with your S.O.

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Be honest, you always wished you and your significant other were more like one of those celebrity couples that try to match each other whenever they go out. Wearing matching outfits tells the world "we're together," and doing so is a great way to prove that you're proud to be with the one you're with. Mitch and Cam seemingly try to match all the time, whether they're going to a restaurant with family or friends, or simply at home on Halloween. One year, the duo took a page from Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka's book and dressed up as Batman and Robin, with Lily dressed up as their Batgirl. It's impossible to decide which adorable family wore it better!

6 They're old souls, no matter how much they want to stay young

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Being in constant "dad mode" during Lily's toddler stage made Cameron and Mitchell pretty excited to have a grown-up night out with their wild friend Sal, but the pair was immediately reminded that they're not as young as they pretend to be. When Sal proposed they kill Lily and go on a vacation together, Cam and Mitch told her they have to hang up their shot glasses and settle down into parenthood. Sal has made several attempts since then to reawaken their wild sides, but each of her appearances end with the couple accepting that they're old souls who would prefer a quiet evening at home over a night out on the town.

5 They can always see through each other's crap

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Being so skilled at lying and manipulation has made Mitch and Cam equally skilled at seeing through each other's lies and manipulations. They still try to trick each other all the time, but Cam frequently sees through Mitch's baloney, and Mitch sees through Cam's. This leads to each of them challenging each other as they try to up their games and out-manipulate the other in unique and unidentifiable ways. Again, relationship experts probably wouldn't consider that sort of behavior healthy, but it's become their way with playing with each other. You never have to worry about conflict if you're able to trick your partner into doing or thinking whatever you want, and you never have to keep secrets if your partner is able to figure out what you're up to before things get too crazy!

4 Even their arguments are, somehow, super endearing

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When some couples fight, it can be downright scary. Voices get raised, veins pop out from reddened foreheads, things can get violent... unless you're Cam and Mitch. Even their most serious arguments are adorable. At worst, Cam will storm out of the room in a humorously eccentric fashion. Most of the time, they'll just sing about their frustrations to keep things from becoming too tense, or make funny passive aggressive jokes to get their points across in a light-hearted way. Having a number of mini arguments every day keeps them from ever having any major arguments, so while some may see their frequent bickering as one of Mitchell and Cameron's biggest weakness as a couple, it might actually be their biggest strength.

3 They both have a shared love for gossip

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Mitchell and Cameron don't always like to admit when they're fulfilling gay stereotypes, but they both have a hard time denying that they love to gossip. Whenever anyone on Modern Family has a juicy secret to share, Cameron is one of the first people in the know, and he struggles with keeping the dirt to himself. One time, Mitch asked him to keep a secret about their mutual friend Brett and his calf implants, and Cam only lasted a minute before he texted the news to everyone he knew. Mitch tries to act like he's above gossiping, but he always ends up telling his husband things that he learned in confidence even though he knows about Cam's difficulties with keeping secrets. Everyone needs a BFF to gossip with and a partner to love, and Mitch and Cam perfectly fulfill both roles for each other.

2 Mitch lets Cam be Cam, and Cam lets Mitch be Mitch

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Living in a household with Jay growing up made Mitchell develop a bit of a complex when it comes to expressing emotions and "seeming too gay." Even after years of dating and marriage, viewers can tell that he's not always comfortable with how flamboyant Cam can be, but he never tries to discourage his partner from being his eccentric and emotional self. Cameron, similarly, isn't too fond of how unromantic and rigid his husband can be, but he understands why Mitch is the way he is, and doesn't ever push him too hard to change. Sure, they do their best to help each other grow when possible, but the fact that they accept some things will never change and love each other despite those problems is incredibly important.

1 Cameron and Mitchell just complete each other

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In many ways, Mitchell and Cameron are polar opposites. Mitchell is a logical, rigid and unemotional realist, whereas Cameron is a flamboyantly optimistic dreamer who wears his emotions on his sleeve and thinks with his heart rather than his brain. You'd think that's why they shouldn't be together, but both Mitch and Cam would argue that their differences are what make them a perfect match. Cam needs Mitch to tame his wide-eyed enthusiasm and help him mature, and Mitch needs Cam to help him accept his sexuality and live outside of the box every now and then. They balance and complete each other beautifully, and despite their many imperfections, they are one of the most inspirational and adorable couples on television today. Talk about your #RelationshipGoals!

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